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Wed Apr 29, 2020, 06:52 AM Apr 2020

The (Almost) Worst Case Coronavirus Scenario Is On The Way

The nonstop efforts of Trump and conservative propaganda to downplay Covid-19 are leading us to disaster.


Four months ago, if you would have told me that white Republican voters were literally suicidal, I would have scoffed at you. Homicidal? Sure. The right wing produces domestic terrorists like rotting meat produces maggots. But suicidal? Not so much. I would have thought the MAGA Moron Mob was far too self-centered to throw their lives away on the word of Donald Trump and Fox News. But I forgot how much power a cult has over its victims.

That’s a beach in a red-leaning California county and, presumably, most of the people there are of the opinion that the coronavirus that has killed over 50,000 Americans is not a big deal. Or at least it’s less important than their Gawd-given right to get some sun. This was the same scene at Florida beaches last weekend where Republican governor Ron DeSantis has been treating Covid-19 like a minor nuisance to be ignored whenever possible. It’s not like his state is filled with retired senior citizens or anything. Hundreds of thousands of (mostly) Republicans are delighted to rush back out into public right when we’re still in the middle of the first peak of a pandemic. And now it’s going to get so much worse.

The Suicide Squad

Countries all across the globe that are much better prepared than the United States are finding out how difficult it is to ease their lockdowns without setting off new waves of infections. This goes for countries like China, which did an extremely poor job handling their initial outbreaks as well as countries like Germany, which did an astonishingly good job. But those countries are aggressively combatting the virus with testing and tracking on a national level. When they find an outbreak, they do something to keep it from spreading to the rest of the population. By contrast, the United States is doing literally nothing on a national level because Trump and his Republican regime of corrupt lackeys refuse to take any kind of responsibility.

Therefore, it is up to each individual state to do its own testing and tracking which is akin to having 50 people build a boat to escape a flood knowing that several of them will use cardboard for the hull. Even if the rest of the boat is solid, you’re all going to drown because of the idiots you’ve been forced to work with. Take idiot Georgia Republican governor Brian Kemp. Reports CNN:

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