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Wed Nov 23, 2022, 08:14 PM Nov 2022

Murkowski wins reelection in Alaska Senate race

Source: AP

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska Republican U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has won reelection, defeating Donald Trump-endorsed GOP rival Kelly Tshibaka. Murkowski beat Tshibaka in the Nov. 8 ranked choice election. The results were announced Wednesday, when elections officials tabulated the ranked choice results after neither candidate won more than 50% of first-choice votes.

The race also included Democrat Pat Chesbro and Republican Buzz Kelley, who suspended his campaign after the August primary and endorsed Tshibaka.

Murkowski was the only Senate Republican who voted to convict Trump at his impeachment trial last year who was on the ballot this year. Trump was not convicted. But her vote was a sore point for the former president, who vowed to campaign against her.

In 2020, before that year’s election and far before Tshibaka jumped into the Senate race, Trump announced plans to campaign against Murkowski after she criticized him: “Get any candidate ready, good or bad, I don’t care, I’m endorsing. If you have a pulse, I’m with you!”

Read more: https://apnews.com/article/2022-midterm-elections-donald-trump-alaska-223ea5a590c1b9c4f7905ab4b7849e6f

Murkowski wins reelection in Alaska Senate race (Original Post) BumRushDaShow Nov 2022 OP
More importantly, Peltola held on to her seat over Palin Arthur_Frain Nov 2022 #1
Just posted that since it was a separate AP story! BumRushDaShow Nov 2022 #2
Saw that seconds later. Arthur_Frain Nov 2022 #3
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Oh wow, that's excellent LeftishBrit Nov 2022 #13
Good she beat Tshibaka rpannier Nov 2022 #4
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This is amazing. Haven't followed this but she was way behind in the beginning. The_Casual_Observer Nov 2022 #6
It certainly is helpful to have your dad appoint you US Senator Simeon Salus Nov 2022 #8
Well you might also recall that she was primaried BumRushDaShow Nov 2022 #9
Mahalo for explaining all that, BRDS! Cha Nov 2022 #11
Sen Lisa Murkowski beat Dt!!! Cha Nov 2022 #10
Good. LeftishBrit Nov 2022 #12


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3. Saw that seconds later.
Wed Nov 23, 2022, 08:20 PM
Nov 2022

Thrilled to have a dem finally take a seat away from these lifer republicans up here.

I expect big things from her. If she can walk the line of responsible development that is our holy grail up here, she might be the first of a few more.

We could use some diversity up here.


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4. Good she beat Tshibaka
Wed Nov 23, 2022, 08:20 PM
Nov 2022

Tshibaka made Lake seem semi-normal
Buzz Kelley can go f**k himself for endorsing that nut

Simeon Salus

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8. It certainly is helpful to have your dad appoint you US Senator
Thu Nov 24, 2022, 01:03 PM
Nov 2022

Once you are a US Senator, it is hard to vote you out. Kinda like first-mover advantage.

The lady was a member of the AK State House when papa Frank was the US Senator but won the governor's race. He resigned his seat, took his oath, then appointed his child to his former position.

Nepotism, pure and simple.

Alaskans liked the appointment so little they changed the rules to prevent it happening ever again. But incumbency is a stubborn thing.


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9. Well you might also recall that she was primaried
Thu Nov 24, 2022, 01:52 PM
Nov 2022

and ran in the general as a write-in Republican, where in order to get the vote to count, voters had to spell her name correctly. Enough people did and the rest of history. Her "base" has been the Native Alaskans there and she has pushed for things on their behalf.

Of course now the at-large member of Congress there is Peltola who is a Native, so times are slowly changing. This was all made possible thanks to ranked-choice.

She really needs to just run as an Independent and call it a day in any case.


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11. Mahalo for explaining all that, BRDS!
Thu Nov 24, 2022, 02:46 PM
Nov 2022

And, Sen Murkowski Beat Dt.. she voted to Impeach him!

I don't care about any previous "nepotism".. she earned it with being a write in candidate.

Sen Murkowski has a lot of nerve being the only R to vote to Impeach the Obvious Impeachable POS.

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