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Three Republicans Who Opposed Sandy Relief Now Demand Disaster Aid For Arizona

68th anniversary of VJ Day

Cops arrest California man for filming them and then kill his dog (VIDEO)

For Diabetics, a New Insulin Inhaler Could Replace Shots as Early as 2014

For Diabetics, a New Insulin Inhaler Could Replace Shots as Early as 2014

Peanuts + The Smiths:

FYI: is back up

A hedge fund buys over a half billion dollars of stock in the company you work for

Woman charged in attack on California singer who dedicated song to Trayvon Martin

U.S. asks Mexico to detain freed drug lord so can be extradited

New research finds more sex equals higher wages

Chad suspends China firm CNPC over oil spill

Dozens Die in North Asia Heat Wave as Power Supply Strained

Kongar-ol Ondar, Tuvan master of throat singing, dies at 51

Rick Santorum Illegally Directed $1 Million Contribution To Super PAC: FEC Complaint

Cisco to cut 4,000 jobs despite strong profits

Help to save the Drive-in Theater.....Project

If Patience is a Virtue, then...

Cops accidentally record themselves admitting they harassed activist at rodeo owners' request

"Economic Inequality and Political Inequality are Mutually Reinforcing"

Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi supporters torch Egyptian churches Jerusalem Post

Damn, I'm going to miss Current TV.

Harvey Firestein is on Chris Hayes. My wife is crying and grateful Harvey is speaking about

Congressman who Attacked ‘Fit’ Couple on Food Stamps Took $370,000 In Stimulus

Gen. David C. Jones, Ex-Joint Chiefs Chair, Dies

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night!!! Putin and the Evangelists

Greg Abbott, Texas AG, Acknowledges GOP Redistricting Decisions Made 'At Expense Of The Democrats'

Sure he talks to God, Pope Francis Caught Eating a Booger

What if everything we’ve come to think of as American is predicated on freak coincidence?( R.Gordon)

Oh, Bosnia and Herzogovina, did you learn nothing from Operation Deliberate Force?


Seattle teachers hold rally at Franklin High School to protest class sizes

Why do the words, "senator mccain & graham" make me gag and barf?!1 n/t

OK, who broke the dog?

Allen Lanier, Blue Oyster Cult - RIP

Children of the Sun Foundation ~ News Update: Syria and Egypt

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 16, 2013 -- Summer Under The Stars -- Ann Blyth

Blame employers, not workers

Today, Bradley Manning Apologized. In a Just World, the U.S. Would Be Apologizing to Manning.

About the brain-eating amoeba.

Do the Rights of Straight People Need Defending?

Good Lawd!Orson Scott is taking another lap around the crazy track:

Hey Family ...

If you had a daughter?

Creationist explains why dragons are actually real creatures

Gay couple assaulted, beaten in Chelsea (NYC)

Edward Snowden Had No Way Out

Time is money.

A "greatest" most bestist Classical (useless without links)

Here's a good definition of "Narcissist"

Nigerian troops 'kill Boko Haram commander Momodu Bama'

"It Was Epic" Vid of PBO and Peeps Who Just Happen to be Vacaying on Martha's Vineyard~ 8-13-2013

Another pet food recall

Huckabee asks Nugent to turn his hunting dog ‘loose on some Democrats’

Bluesbassman has changed his image to give those damn punk kids on his lawn what they wanna hear.

Marijuana makes TexasTowelie horny... AND hungry... AND a little confused.

GOOD NEWS!!! Shark Week isn't over!!! Here's tonight's line-up:

Cartoons can certainly be learning experiences.

I hear that boy MFM, he's a bad mother (HUSH YER MOUTH!) I'm just talkin' 'bouT M - WHOA-OMFG-WTF!!!

There was a pivotal moment where MFM lost his innocence & learned the world is a cruel CRUEL place

I remember people here telling me that the military coup in Egypt wasn't really a coup...

Forbes: Dallas Cowboys, at $2.3 billion, are most valuable NFL team

GOP congressman wants more Obama rodeo clown

I've been thinking about other social justice movements in comparison to feminism

Rejected Florida License Plate: I H8 GOP

Ran into an "All in the Family" rerun on TV.

Trayvon Martin Slammed On Facebook By Federal Prosecutor John Craft

If you have any doubt as to whether the rodeo incident was racist

You make a legitimate comment

NC Governor Sued for Voter Suppression Bill | NC NAACP

6 family members dead! Enough with these freaking car chases already....

proud racists....GOP congressman invites controversial Obama-mask rodeo clown to perform in Texas

So I love this .gif

Lawrence has Sam Stein coming on now...

It was 10 years ago today -

10 years ago today -

LOL! Wal*Mart has met their match!

SNAP recipients doubled in 254 counties from 2007 to 2011, Romney won in 213 of them

That was a long trip (made it to Mumbai)

Aerial footage shows Cairo burning (BBC)

Nov 2012: Egypt President Mohamed Morsi Seizes New Powers, Called 'Pharaoh'

Today's Food Porn: Fish & Chips

Syria's war has exposed the hypocrisy of western powers

Right-Wing push poll accidentally finds Obamacare popular

Maybe I learned something today, or received a very strong reminder.

Venezuela gov't lawmaker hurls gay slurs at foes

MY two favorite Doctors meet... glorious!

Study: Climate Change At Its Fastest Since Extinction Of Dinosaurs

Just How stupid does Heritage think Republican politicians Are?

Posicionarte tells about doing the Devil's Nose!

Cleaning the Smears Off PFC Manning

Great explainin' from a small town American

The real reason republicons want to repeal Obamacare. How awful.

Rep. Steve Stockman invites rodeo clown who mocked Obama to Texas

Boko Haram attacks Muslims and kids, puzzling everyone

Panama likely to release crew of detained ship to North Korea: official

How many jobs has this fat cat created?

Feature: Cuba sees budding housing boom

AH!!!!!!!! I took Naproxen the day before the Drug test and now I find out it can casuse a False ...

Venezuela's Maduro pledges action on women's hair thieves

Day 38 CA Prisoners Hunger strike; Voices from the inside

The Casualties of War:

Did I blow the job before I even got it?????????

Guatemala urged to investigate trade unionist murders

The latest wingnut response to the ACA - Federal Agents Will Come To Your House!!

Peggy Noonan...... You are a slimy piece of shit.....

O'Hare's grass gives burros, llamas, goats and sheep something to chew on (includes videos)

Earth orbit changes were key to Antarctic warming that ended last ice age

Oregon's Governor signs bill to legalize & regulate marijuana dispensaries

A dynamic that would thwart democracy taking hold (or remaining in place)

State offers Kaitlyn Hunt plea deal that would keep her out of jail

Organizing For Action gave Congressional GOPeas a climate change award:

U.S. Seeks Arrest of Mexican Kingpin Who Was Freed in American’s Murder

Giant Teabagger Sign In My Neighborhood

Don't fear the Reaper songwriter has died.

The American Love Affair With Military Coups

Evangelical pastor to stand trial in Massachusetts for alleged crimes against humanity

The American Love Affair With Military Coups

Special prosecutor expected in complaint against Perry

Gary, Indiana to sell its abandoned homes for $1

What's for Dinner ~Thursday August 15th

So is Egypt going to be the next Lebanon? :(

Abbott raises privacy concern with Affordable Care Act grants

Egypt's General Al-Sisi: Following Pinochet’s Steps

August 15: Lemon Meringue Pie Day

Cahokia Mounds receives 10 millionth visitor

Suggestions flow as Missouri legislators weigh options for Medicaid

Isolated Amazon tribe captured for the first time on video before vanishing into the woods after enc

"it was a vast environmental crime scene" - NY Times; I could SEE this landfill from my window....

Paraguay's new president was targeted by the DEA

On to fall semester.

Angela Merkel supports Tory plan to 'give back' EU powers to member states

Russia accused of trade war against Ukraine

Is this a general DU glitch tonight, or is my computer at fault somehow?

Calif. coastal panel takes up offshore fracking

The Wall Street Ties of Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner

Poll: Many Americans Believe President Obama is No Different Than a Killer Whale

Baghdad bomb attacks kill at least 28 - police

Bright New Nova In Delphinus — You can See it Tonight With Binoculars

Confessions of an Egyptian infidel

Papers: Man called teen 13 times before abduction

Pope Opens Unprecedented Dialogue with Afro-Brazilian Religions

Would you pay $38.32 for a fast food burger?

Need one person for DU fantasy football keeper league

Religious issues show Malaysians ignorant in faith matters, Soi Lek says - See more at: http://www.t

I need just a few of your vibes, please.

Infused With Faith: Ritual and Conflict

Large coal power plants getting life extensions (Midwest US)

GD just vanished. Is that a good thing?

Good morning!

How to be a Better Conversationalist

What's Going On With the General Discussion Forum Today?

No Sex, No Drugs, and Jesus? Inside the Biggest Christian Rock Festival in America

Why I Find It Hard to be Friends With White People

Hacker "shouts abuse" via baby monitor system

Wisconsin: We'll all fight for Freedom 'till we're Free

Oldest known gaming tokens dug up in Bronze Age Turkish graves

Gun debate comes to Akron -- No More Names: National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence

Larry Summers and Jeff Bezos Get Virtually No Scrutiny by the Media, Just Awe and Praise

Two uplifting bride stories

P&G Voluntarily Recalls Limited Quantity of Dry Pet Food Due to Possible Health Risk

Newt Gingrich: Republicans Rip Obamacare, but Have ‘Zero Answer’ for Alternatives

Rep. Steve Stockman Invites ‘Obama’ Rodeo Clown to Texas

A Guide to the Deceptions, Misinformation, Word Games Used to Mislead the Public About Surveillance

Amend or Repeal the Espionage Act To Protect Journalists and Whistle-blowers

I'm sure mine is only one of many, GD offline...

DNA scientists map origins of cancer

Not to worry. GD is just down because Agent Mike needed some sleep.

Swedes make fashion statement at Moscow World Championships

Code Name 'Kid': American Stasi Spy Tells His Story

OH LORD!! it's Gallup

Defense contractor: Climate change could create “business opportunities”

The Hard Life of Celebrity Elephants

To GD's kidnapper - I will find you

Helen Thomas, pioneering reporter, to be remembered at service today

Charter Schools Asking Corbett to Divert ANOTHER $150 Million to Them from Public Schools

Cairo official death toll passes 500

Venezuela gov't lawmaker hurls gay slurs at foes

Need advice on HP 5514 printer on an HP Pavillion running windows 8

Omaha World Herald: Vote to legalize alcohol on Pine Ridge Reservation passes

NC Legislator caught telling the truth. Immediately reverts to lying his ass off.

Has anyone been having weird issues with Firefox in the last few days?

Watch out! Florida is a dangerous place to live

Omaha World Herald: ATF agents target smuggled cigarettes

So I'm guessing everyone in GD reached an amiable consensus..

GD is gone?! What are we supposed to do now man?! Game over man! Game over!

Kasich the Krooked

"Texas deserves a Governor who is not a punchline."

The Lowdown on Hezbollah’s Ambush in South Lebanon

"My dream? We're in a giant blender and someone pushes puree." Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!!

Dying dolphins keep washing up on the Atlantic. Here’s what could be killing them

The Killing Machines How to think about drones

See you in court, Gibraltar chief tells Spain over fishing spat

Meet the new GD Moderator, Johnny.

I have lost my faith in GD

Did an 8-Year-Old Spy for America?

Russian, Chinese leaders to hold talks in September

GD off line for me too.

To GD or not GD. What a silly question.

Republican Doesn't Understand or Lies About Minimum Wage Math

GD Forum "You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!"

Mouth bacteria may trigger bowel cancer

Republican Rep Calls Global Warming a 'Total Fraud'

Texas cops raid farm commune when mistaking tomato plants for marijuana

President Obama To Deliver Statement On Egypt At 10:15 A.M. ET

Former Marine Colonel To Town Council: 'You're Building A Domestic Army, Are You Blind?'

DON’T SAY ‘DRONES,’ Beg Drone Makers

not a read, BUT a really cool graph!

Are your "bee-friendly"garden plants actually killing bees?

I've got it. GD is taken away because we're all being told to go sit in our corners!

Chris Hedges: Murdering the Wretched of the Earth

Morsi supporters torch government offices in Egypt

Tom Baker - Doctor Who Interview (Audio)

Minnesota vendors queue up for gay-wedding business

Papantonio: Ignorance Is Bliss For Conservatives

Luckovich: Send in the clown


Wha...what just happened?

Support Your Local Foodbanks

Watch out! Living in Florida is dangerous.

Whew, so glad GD is back.....I need a place to whine and cry about the DOW Jones today....

Pres. Obama to address situation in Egypt

Your Pennsylvania Meme of the Week

The Emergent Academic Proletariat and its Shortchanged Students

A Song For All Seasons

Taking money away from the poor really helps them. Slavery was a great job creator.

how to post a you tube embed?

Plants vs Zombies 2. I'm traumitized!!! It is not available for PC. You get it on iPad or iPhone.

Pres. Obama to address situation in Egypt

GOP congressman invites Obama-mask rodeo clown to perform in Texas

"I dreamed we're all one big viscid paste with arms & legs & genitals." Come CAPTION Bill-O!!!!

Death Toll in Egypt: Edited to reflect newest numbers: official # now 638

Next "Call of Duty" game adds female soldier option to multiplayer for first time

Anyone Else Notice How Booz Allen Has Flown Under the Radar for all of this?

Mitch McConnell Seeks Delay For Obamacare Insurance Exchanges

I walked past Jesse Jackson at NY Penn Station today ..

Where is the discussion?

Papantonio: Citizens United On Steroids

When people come to the rescue....

Ailing Marion Bartoli retires after loss

Mr. Fish Toon: I am NOT Bradley Manning

Not Just A Novelty Item: Get to Know the Americans You'd Least Expect to Fancy the Firearm

So is UncleRush a racist?

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Prison

But they're not really racist. Really. Not racist at all. Nope. Not racist! THEY'RE NOT RACIST!

Lost in Egypt: President Obama has no influence with Egypt’s generals.

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- TP and GOP

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

"Former conservative talk show host charged in gun incident" ....

The Newspaper Owned By Amazon's CEO Calls Obama 'Worse Than Nixon.'

Stuntman who played James Bond during London 2012 ceremony dies in wing-diving accident

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 15, 1967

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 15, 1967

SEC settles fraud case against Anchor BanCorp, former CFO

Peggy Noonan: Obama Should Defend Missouri Rodeo Clown

For the next round of Republican Primaries ( late 2015 and in 2016) guess who they want to moderate.

Chris Hedges: Murdering the Wretched of the Earth

Lonegan: National Republicans Support My Special Election Campaign

He'd carve his name into the culture's frontal lobe if he could. Please come CAPTION The Donald!!!!

Child dies at a battered woman's shelter from eating a detergent pod.

What Papa John's doesn't want you to know about their food

Report: Florida textbook called pro-Islam will get $400,000 supplement

gmail is now delivering ads to your inbox

Obama's comments on Egypt:

Smithsonian Scientists Discover New Species of Carnivore

Baby Panda Meets Mom For The First Time

"Chair builds itself" stop-motion video

A Zoo in China Tried to Pass Off This Dog as an African Lion

Did anyone see yesterday's Dilbert NSA-related strip?

Chart: 2/3rds of Global Solar PV Has Been Installed in the Last 2.5 Years

Watch Harvey Fierstein well be Harvey Fierstein. Of course topic Russia.

Stop blaming the teachers

Climate Activists Use Civil Disobedience As Law Enforcement

Hell Freezes Over; Chinese Scrap Coal Plant Over Air Pollution Concerns


WWE Wrestler Announces He's Gay

Update: Death toll in Egypt now 700

Microsoft Outlook 2010

A Simple Device to Detect Concussions (Wow!)

Adorable new mammal species found 'in plain sight'

The calling

Kasich the Krooked (Cross-posted from Politics 2013)

U.S. mission in Jordan could last years as Syria war rages: Dempsey

Victor Stenger; Showing God Does Not Exist

New Saudi-supplied missiles boost rebels in south Syria

Obama cancels U.S. military exercise with Egypt in wake of violence

My sweet banana peppers are almost too hot to eat

Minimum wage hikes as good corporate strategy

Police militarization

Thom Hartmann: Should we have any expectation of privacy?

UK government under pressure to halt Egypt aid

Gas explosion at Kyoto fireworks show:

Feldman: There's no chance of restoring Egyptian democracy

Arkansas Carry plans ‘open carry’ protest walk (Updated)

White House solar panels being installed this week

No to killer drones: UN chief calls for UAV surveillance use only.

WAPO Hacked

Feminists Launch Model for Online Learning

An African lion at a Chinese zoo was exposed as a fraud - when the creature started barking

Paul Broun's Ridiculous Remarks on Immigration Reform

Egypt, How Crude...We Have Far Subtler Tactics For Suppressing Democracy Here In America...

BLM approves new solar, geothermal development plan in Calif. desert

Here's the real reason the power grid is in trouble

Multifold increase in heat extremes by 2040

Are your "bee-friendly"garden plants actually killing bees?

Deadly Lebanon blast in Beirut stronghold of Hezbollah

Egypt May Not Need Fighter Jets, But The U.S. Keeps Sending Them Anyway (Why?)

New Study Says That Budweiser Most Commonly Linked To ER Injury Patients

YELP has joined ALEC - let them know what you think!

How Big Box Going Solar Could Impact Utiliies

BBC aerial footage of Cairo burning:

China wins a deal for one of the world’s biggest solar power plants, and it’s in the US

New mammal species! - NOT about zoo in China.

Man steals computer from a church and caught after asking to have the porn filter removed

Dog to recover after eating 2 pounds of rocks

Juan Cole: Egypt’s Transition Has Failed: New Age of Military Dictatorship in Wake of Massacre

Vt. utility wants to limit customers' solar power

Report: Global offshore wind market to grow 32 per cent year-on-year

My Egyptian neighbors, and their conspiratorial view of this conflict ...

Egypt After Morsi- real reporting from both sides in Egypt

Yea, keep praying everyone..Pray away the gay, Pray away the illness, Pray away everything....


Worst. Zoo. Ever.

Sordid details spill out in rare court-martial of a general on sex charges

This West Harlem-Built Battery Could Overthrow Lithium Ion

RNC eyeing Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin as possible 2016 debate moderators

The cruel trick played by history on Milton Friedman

How to make the perfect egg

WWE Wrestler Darren Young Announces He’s Gay

Intermittent Nature of Green Power Is Challenge for Utilities

Chinese Zoo Tries To Pass Off Large, Furry Dog As "African Lion"

Battery charge on Orkney (2 MW Li-ion battery)

Car bomb kills 17 in Beirut southern suburb

Pic Of The Moment: Newt Gingrich: Republican Party Has No Alternative To Obamacare

An Ohio Prescription for GOP: Lower Taxes, More Aid for Poor

Glorious take-down of Jennifer Rubin

Baghdad Bombings: More Than 30 Killed, Dozens Wounded In New Wave Of Attacks

NFL to prohibit all opaque packages from entering stadiums

Need to introduce my shy cat to a dog household

Just your average 5-2 double play >>

The Priebus Ultimatum

Foreclosure activity down 32% year over year

Report: Ex-NFL players eyed for HGH tests

Obama: 'Cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed, rights rolled back'

Newly released emails... Walker Was Part of the O’Donnell Park Coverup

Private government was the logical next step, of course

Gold Gone? Germany baffled as Fed bars access to bullion

Mike Michaud makes run for Maine governor official

New Lounge rule

I would like to encourage you to watch a documentary, available on

Having a clear moral sense of the Egyptian situation...

Dumb Criminals: Man Steals Computer From Church, Caught After Asking To Remove Porn Filter

Community meeting- St. Paul tonight Aug, 15

What is one supposed to do when one's LBN is closed as being an "opinion"

who owns/operates transmission lines? This article has me thinking..

Why doesn’t the GOP just change its name to the KKK?

Packing Peanuts

Middle East Sectarianism Defies Western Influence

Leahy: our law is clear: aid to the Egyptian military should cease unless they restore democracy.

In terms of African American issues - who has the right to shape the debate?

So very NOT COOL....

Blake's 7 cult BBC classic 'to be remade for Xbox Live'

Lawsuit Alleges that State Farm Stacks Illinois Court Against Individuals

Navy sailor's health melted down after exposure to Fukushima fallout

Why a man should always let the woman speak first....

Why the Dodgers will probably win the pennant:

Rand Paul and Patrick Leahy: Join Us to Do Away With Mandatory Minimums

WWE wrestler Darren Young: ‘I’m gay and I’m happy’

Obama condemns Egyptian violence and cancels joint military drills

America’s new progressive revolution

Cat Uses Human’s Hands To Open a Box

Gingrich: "Republicans have 'zero' health care ideas"

Just replace "children under 16" w/ "fetuses under 9 mo" and this is just about where we're at today

Thr Rude Pundit - Rude Pundit Vacation Rerun #3: Debt Despair from the Not-Too-Distant Past

In the midst of turmoil in Egypt,

Evangelical pastor to stand trial in Massachusetts for alleged crimes against humanity

Major Nikon's egg quest got me thinking...

Headline you never could have imagined: Russell Simmons sorry for Harriet Tubman ‘sex tape’

Tell Mitch McConnell: Expand Social Security

Toon: US air force nuclear missile unit fails safety and security test

Raging Grannies arrested for singing in Wisconsin State Capitol... along with a Madison Alderman

Ask a Puke why 'Obamacare' is bad, the answer could be amazing!

Presidential vacations as seen through the eyes of Republicans...

The Truth About Religion

South Korea Proposes Talks to Reunite War-Divided Families

Statistics for white males in America

What if the Hokey-Pokey really IS what it's all about? nt.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration recalls dry pet foods due to salmonella contamination

"Old Time" DUer PurityofEssence has passed

GOP sees rosy future in blue New England

South Korea Proposes Talks to Reunite War-Divided Families

Four Hiroshima bombs a second: How we imagine climate change

Republicans' big problem with crazy

The Meaning of Oaths and a Forgotten Man {calling civil war geeks}

not sure if this is the right place to put this. but there's this secretive group my dad joined

Former WaPo Ombudsman OBLITERATES Jennifer Rubin, Tells Bezos to Fire Her Immediately

"Turner & Hooch" is on Comedy Central right now

Today in Baseball History, August 15

check in, kids!

Fire this racist fuck: Federal prosecutor under fire for Obama, Trayvon rants

Firefighter says he waved at police and

Michelle Obama on the cover of Parade Magazine

Do y'all have any good tips about cooking short ribs?

TWO DOGS DINING At A Busy Restaurant

Cisco to slash 4,000 jobs in 'rebalancing' plan

‘Duck Dynasty’ Season Premiere Breaks Cable Records With 11.8 Million Viewers

Apple plunges to No. 79 on Forbes innovative companies ranking

New accuser steps forward, claims Filner groped her

SQUEE! New South American Mammal Species (Olinguito) Makes Debut

Limbaugh: ‘If You Believe In God, Then Intellectually You Cannot Believe In Manmade Global Warming’

Boy, 5, Injured After Jumping Off Coney Island Coaster

Talking Animals....

Former Drug Cop: "I cried for a year once I found out what I'd been involved in"

Oswego man accused of strangling his wife charged with murder

For your Thursday viewing pleasure: Issa vs. Cooper

OCD or the most heartbreaking reason to leave the door unlocked

TPP free trade deal threatens democracy, jobs

Macy's needs a wake-up call right now!

********Anti-gay Activist Accused of Crimes Against Humanity********

GOP's War On Women: Path To Supreme Court? - Imani Gandy Discusses

Google to challenge telecoms with fleet of solar-powered balloons

Watching a wonderful documentary about the Sudan.

Exclusive: Family claims dad dies in NYPD raid

Did you know Wendy Davis is possessed by demons and has to be prosecuted?

Fracking Lawsuit Bans 7 & 10 Year Old From Speaking About Fracking For The Rest Of Their Lives

Cool bookstore

Separating Fact from Fiction In Accounts of Germany’s Renewables Revolution

New study shows economic value of a good public transit system

Name a quarterback who's better than Tim Tebow

An important announcement about MrScorpio

(Russian) Pole Vault Great Condemns Homosexuality at Worlds (also she's honorary mayor

Ana Popovic - Can You Stand The Heat

"The Thing I Hate About Being A Veterinarian" - from a blog (not mine).

Steve King refuses to say if he hates Latinos...

Democrats: Take Newt Gingrich and use him as a tool against the right-wing extremists.

Republican Sues to Keep Wife & Daughters From Accessing Birth Control

Number of frisks and murder chart

Ron Johnson -vs- The League of Conservation Voters

I am in BIG trouble...

'Not in Mulberry' Group Protests Planned Quran Burnings

If 96.45 is 15%

Greenwald & The Hamshers Release New Recording.

Fl Repubs didn't want the 2009 Sun Rail commuter line, but now that it's here,

Jobless claims improve, reach lowest point in nearly 6 years

Talking kitty. Scary as OK, funny as hell, too.

UM Scientists Use New Approach to Reveal Function of Greenland’s Ice Sheet

Hurricane App

Colombian Connection: Canadian Neocolonialism in the Global South

Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy...On Developments In Egypt

Higher Education Should Revert to the 1960s California Model

NYC Comptroller Report Calls for Taxation and Regulation of Marijuana for Adults

Decent People

The History of the LABOR Movement is being erased from our nation's History Books.

New possibilities for efficient biofuel production

my sister made my day

Colbert Takes On Out-Mayor Johnny Cummings

what is it about babies loving old Bee Gees recordings?

15 Historical Complaints About Young People Ruining Everything

EEEEEEEKS How will I ever cope!

Time magazine designs covers for four markets.-Witness these stunning dichotomies:

Public Advocate Hopefuls Face Off Tonight In NY1 Debate

'451' Error Would Tell Users When Governments Are Blocking Websites

Do You Eat Your Meals At The Table?

Shocking new Japan Tsunami Video found/released

The Evolution of Microsoft Windows: Found On Facebook.

The League of Conservation Voters: Senator Ron Johnson "Action" Ad

The Objectification Of Women By Axe Continues Unabated In 2013

The Un-Bloomberg-Why is Bill de Blasio’s New York mayoral campaign suddenly surging?

And all this time you thought you knew why they're called "bat boys"

Sen. Stacey Campfield pushing 'Merry Christmas' bill

An important fact about the Egyptian Military: It controls a HUGE chunk of the economy

The League of Conservation Voters: Representative Rodney Davis "Sixteen Years Ago" Ad

Should Rush Limbaugh moderate the GOP presidential debates? The RNC reportedly considering it>

The League of Conservation Voters: Representative Dan Benishek "Skeptical" ad

New species of mammal discovered

'The king of golf and vacations'

Bush daughter: Hillary Clinton should run

Avebury posted this earlier.. Its self explanatory and should be kicked all day

Why does anyone think we care that they got a job or that their cat died?

Army Releases Photo of Wikileaker Bradley Manning in Wig and Makeup (Corrected)

Missouri state rep. is suing for a personal family exemption from the Obamacare birth control

Dear David Gregory

Jerry Garcia - Tangled Up in Blue

Roger Federer went back to his usual, smaller raquet and...SPOILER

Is it true that the only way to use the PA turnpike now is with the EZ pass?

"Part of the problem is that Americans just plain do not want to do the work."

State Sen. Tony Avella drops out of Queens Borough President race

First thing I'm buying when I win the Lottery.

Celtics deal Fab Melo to Grizzlies

Don't Ignore the Trolls. Feed Them Until They Explode.

Let us know what you think


Another example of the American Christian Right intruding into England

Barbra Streisland falls on hard times

I don't care if Orson Card is a raging homophobe that funnels my money to oppress Gays

"Al Qaeda leader's 'I told you so' on Egypt"

? on getting ready to work wireless

Oops! Right-wing push poll accidentally finds Obamacare popular

What D & D Character am I?

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 17, 2013 -- The Essentials: Wallace Beery

Casino vote looks like a good wager-Gaming industry is upbeat as Cuomo stays on sidelines

Seder: Is Mitch McConnell's Number Up?

TCM Schedule for Sunday, August 18, 2013 - Essentials Jr.: Natalie Wood

HuffPost QuickRead... Rush Limbaugh: 'I'm Too Famous' To Moderate GOP Debate

Why do we send Egypt all that military aid?

Kaitlyn Hunt could be heading back to jail for violations including intimate contact with victim

Citing anti-gay laws, O’Donnell says pension fund should divest from Russia

CIA Veteran: Snowden Did Everything Wrong And The Government Respects Your Privacy

Favorite name for Sarah Palin?

Did any of you have to watch those gory Ohio State Patrol movies in drivers ed?

Egypt Authorizes Police Use Of Deadly Force After 638 Killed

Have some Madeira, M'Dear.

I should know this one. What is it called when...

Just when we thought there was nothing new meet the Olinguito, the First New Carnivore in 35 years

State Desperate to Allow Repub Justice to Cast Deciding Vote to Preempt Local Fracking Regulation

McConnell digs a hole, falls in

What’s the matter with Egypt’s liberals?

Have some Madea, M'Dear.

Right now, I'm standing in one of New York's most crime-ridden neighborhoods

This Is Why Stop And Frisk Does Not Go Far Enough In New York (VIDEO)

Breaking Badass - "Crystal Blue Persuasion" - High Quality!

Yankee Doodle's headgear explained.

Israel Seeks Increase in Annual US Aid

Howard Dean returning to Iowa

Former Congressman Critz to run for Lt. Governor

S Carolina Teabagger calls Linsey Graham a "Nancy Boy."

Limpdick as a debate moderator?

The Pentagon's Transgender Problem

Snowden Downloaded NSA Secrets While Working For Dell, Sources Say

Finally a solution to rape in India.

Healthcare Reform Subsidy Calculator

Egypt’s Blood, America’s Complicity

Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, First Female Lutheran Bishop (ELCA) Elected

Rick Perry Veto To Be Reviewed By Special Prosecutor, Judge Says

US Warns Of Rising Threat From al-Qaida In Iraq, Demands That Iraq Stop Arms Going Into Syria

This is why I don't eat eggs in the morning.

MLB to expand instant replay in 2014

Michigan Court of Appeals rules 2-1 that right-to-work law applies to 35,000 state employees

They're getting damned blatant...

The Doublespeak of the Dirty Carbon Economy

Video of one of my cats getting petted

Gen. Martin Dempsey: Israel, U.S. Have ‘Better Military Options’ Against Iran

24 Undeniable Adult Truths

Hilarity Ensues

By not removing the 2014 Olympics from Russia, the IOC approves of violence against LGBT community.

"it was a vast environmental crime scene" - NY Times; I could SEE this landfill from my window....

Brazil Says U.S. Explanations On Espionage Case "Not Enough"

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences elects first black president

Family wants expungement law changed after 5 year old son killed by officers stray bullet

UN Security Council Starts Closed Meeting On Egypt

Today there were good job numbers. That worried the bond market that the Fed

City Moving To Appeal Ruling Against Stop-And-Frisk Policy

White House solar panels being installed this week

Study finds vast online marketplace for guns without background checks

Warning issued to 40,000 UK tourists as Cairo massacre death toll passes 500

Judge eliminates mail-in ballots from Colorado recall just weeks from election!

NC Voter Suppression: William J. Barber, II

New health insurance rules

If you have not seen this.. Its really freaking good...

"Food Stamp Cut Backed by Republicans With Voters on Rolls"

Need to talk to an Attorney

What a coincidence!!! I just read that it's hot enough in my butt to perfectly hardboil an egg.

Rolling Stone Interviews Wyden re: Snowden/NSA: '8 Weeks Ago We Would Not Have Had A Debate' (update

NYC Democratic Mayoral Race Shuffles Again as De Blasio, Quinn Battle for Lead: NBC 4 NY Poll

Remember all those pizza magnates who said 'Obamacare' was going to ruin them?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 16 August 2013

Wisconsin: Now they're arresting elected officials, Raging Grannies and 14 year old kids

Anatomy of an Al Qaeda “Conference Call”

Heat Fever Dreams

Who does this remind you of?


I rarely feel it's rude when others speak another language in front of me...

Obamacare is coming, and so are the scammers

The Cook and The Chef ~ (another show I found that you may already watch)

Chinese zoo tries to pass off dog as a lion

Apartment to let. Includes lighted balcony.