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Archives: August 16, 2013

Area 51 officially acknowledged, mapped in newly released documents

Officials Announce Rockaway Beach Restoration Project

I win!

If you still need a reason to dislike the robber barrons (hyper-capitalists)

Wonder why you haven't seen much of Jesse Ventura on TV lately?...

NY expands ash tree quarantine across 42 counties

48 years ago today - (pic heavy)

48 years ago today - (pic heavy)

Philippino Farmers Uproot, Destroy GMO Rice Test Field

Exclusive: Edward Snowden Says Media Being Misled 'About My Situation'

Oh man ... snakes can bite themselves after their head is chopped off?!?!?

Rockefeller imposter Christian Gerhartsreiter jailed

"BOOKS ARE DEAD!" (I say BAH...The Internet Cacophany of Sound..will DIE Before)

Jailed for 14 months in Iran, supports Bradley Manning

Wheat Roast

"Mo’ money, mo’ research: How 11 states attracted the smartest scientists"

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Walk Like an Egyptian & a new Kittehs gif

I never realized I liked Garth Brooks

Report: U.S. nuclear plants remain vulnerable to terrorists

Gay combat vet who lost leg in Iraq booed by anti-gay protesters in San Antonio

Here we go again.

Scotch Eggs (Lots of pics)

I have found a mascot for the Lounge and it is not a cat.

NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds

Check out this World Clock

The limits of Google’s openness

A Single Mom's Rant:

Snowden's dad's legal team claims Greenwald's shopping a Snowden interview at a 7 figure price.

Military Parade

After canceled nuclear plant, Florida legislator seeks repeal of advance fee law

Israel govt. paying students to be on-line propagandists.

Man Exonerated In Manhattan Rape Case Plans Lawsuit

Alex Salmond told nuclear ban out of line with being in Nato

A Day in the Life of the Ku Klux Klan, Uncensored

The NSA turned its biggest spy program into a game—literally

Bert Lance, confidant of Jimmy Carter, dead at 82

NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds

North Carolinians Fear the End of a Middle Way

Luckovich Toon- So you think you can vote?

US scraps military drills with Egypt _ but not aid

Is It True That Both The Repug Party And Tea Party Have Been Infiltrated By Progressives......

Al Lanier of Blue Oyster Cult died yesterday.

SpaceX Grasshopper Successfully Flies Sideways Before Returning To Landing Pad [VIDEO]

Egyptian Military Backed Out Of Prisoner-Release Deal That Could Have Averted Killings: Sources

My dioramas (picture heavy)

Faces of the Dead, Children 0-14

Deathtoll in Egypt 580 killed, 40000 wounded (CNN)

The Truth about Amazon and Job Creation

Totally Responsible Tea Partying Gun Nut Threatens To Kill Wife, Kid, Obama

Texas deputy accused of raping mother in front of her children resigns

"Southern Discomfort" By David Weigel at Slate

When you hear about something shocking that Obama supposedly did or said 5 years ago,

Smell of death lingers in Cairo's Iman mosque

"Hearts and Minds" (Vietnam documentary)

Bill de Blasio, Christine Quinn in dead heat for New York mayorship

Report: Freehold Raceway Mall installs license plate readers

Lisa Robin Kelly Dead: 'That '70s Show' Star Dies At Age 43

The Chief Judge of Secret FISA Court Admits In Written Statement That It Cannot Properly Oversee NSA

If you were to build your dreamhome, what would it look like? Show us a picture.

Something sweet from Stanley Turrentine (1990)

You might be interested in this response to yet another shocking Obama thing.

Question about military parades

Does Anyone Know Where!!!

A couple of shots from Sequoia-Kings Canyon (4 pics, not small)

Casey at the Bat

Venezuela's economic, political woes knock its currency to its knees

"Inequality is hindering economic growth"

Report Says 97 Percent of New US Jobs Are Part Time

How many rounds before you trust your life to a SD firearm?

It's our last night in Maryland...

Venezuela Not Invited For Paraguay's Pres Inauguration

ACLU: NSA Legislation Since the Leaks Began

Stench of death hangs over Cairo

Paraguay snub adds to Maduro's problems

Why do we keep thinking the RW are stupid?

Unasur Bloc Lifts Suspension On Paraguay For Aug 15

"Eve of Destruction" at Politico (The GOP has reasons to panic)

Billboard: "You can't cover up 61 years of success with honor...Joe Paterno, 409 wins"

Gingrich: Hillary Clinton to pursue 'left-wing ideas'

The Truth About Angels in the Bible

Harris County deputy sues family who called 911 for help with man using bath salts

Egypt chaos: Not everyone in Cairo is unhappy with the violence

FUCK THE LGBT PEOPLE! It's all about the atheletes!

M 6.8 Earthquake, 27km SSW of Blenheim, New Zealand

5+ hour road trip that accomplished nothing...

Thermonuclear war continues between PA's largest health care system and 2nd largest health insurer

Jerrah has big-screen envy.

I saw that one coming, Rachel!

Remember when Obama said the NSA wasn’t “actually abusing” its powers? He was wrong.

Rockstar games poke fun at republicans / democrats

Glenn Beck officially declares himself to be a rodeo clown.

Egypt crisis: Defiant Muslim Brotherhood plans marches (after Friday prayers, sun rising now)

Obama Is A ‘Dictator’ Militarizing ‘Young Thugs’ Into His Own ‘National Police’

Icarus Interstellar's Starship Congress underway

State law could be trouble for brokers in Manziel case

State law could be trouble for brokers in Manziel case

Performer Injured During "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" Show

Texas Defends Voting Laws: "We Don't Want Democrats To Vote"

Arcade Fire fans - looks like a Sept 9 announcement - and Oct 29 new album release

Obamacare, immigration hot topics in Neugebauer's town hall meeting

Planning on attending the A&M-Alabama game? Ordinance lays out rules renting out homes on game days

Perry Under Investigation For Possible Abuse Of Office

TxDOT denies $1.6 million for El Paso bicycle-sharing program

Day 39: CA Prison Hunger Strike Negotiate, Gov. Brown! How many more prisoners must die?

In celebration of Hillary Clinton

Is Stephen Colbert the Mark Twain of this age...

Has anyone here ever had to expand their company's operations very quickly?

Ricky Williams begins life as college coach

Ricky Williams begins life as college coach

North Carolina Governor Vetoes Bill Mandating Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

Texas Police Hit Organic Farm With Massive SWAT Raid

Ken Ham, head of Kentucky's "creation museum" admits science and logic can't help him...

EPA issues new pesticide labels to warn about hazards to bees

John Oliver Reflects on ‘Crazy’ Summer, Gets Scorched by Daily Show Crew in Final Episode as Host

WI Walker's Capitol Police Arrest Teenager, Grannies, & Sitting Councilman for Being in Same Place

The Republicans Plan is to DELAY Obamacare's implementation...

Right-Wingers Think Fox News Has Gone Pro-Gay

Coincidence? . . . I think not.

I feel for the people of Egypt and fear the situation is devolving

Friday Night Math Problem

Andy Cohen Drops Out of Hosting Miss Universe — Because of Russia

The Dodgers' 'Magical' Rise From The Cellar | NPR

Cop Leaves K-9 Dog In Hot Car – Dog Dies

What is the best way to get a screen shot from MPG video?

I have an enmeshed personality with my father.

NSA statements to The Post

"If they can make it, maybe I can make it."

Rachel Maddow's report on voter suppression in North Carolina makes me so angry.

Not Just A Novelty Item: Get to Know the Americans You'd Least Expect to Fancy the Firearm

Gov. Perry Unable to Find Vagina on Anatomical Doll

North Colombia neo-paramilitary group sends death threat ahead of strike

Colbert Takes On Out-Mayor Johnny Cummings In Amazing 'People Who Are Destroying America' Segment

Colombia’s peasants unified and ready to dig in against government

A couple songs for California

Financial-Industry Group to SEC: This Letter We Ghostwrote for House Dems Proves We're Right

Is the button for RSS feed, found on Journals, the 'favorite people' function?

DOE Announces Plans For Three More Career Technical Education High Schools

Took a Viagra. Didn't work. Ask me anything, motherfuckers.

A song for Mr. Scorpio

Nobody tells the truth

Chomsky: The U.S. Behaves Nothing Like a Democracy, But You'll Never Hear About It in Our 'Free Pres

Been busy. Looking after Mom.

N.S.A. Often Broke Rules on Privacy, Audit Shows

Latest dumb non story: Obama PLAYED CARDS during the bin Laden raid!

I admit, I loved this...

New Scam going around

Colombian Connection: Canadian Neocolonialism in the Global South

Hannity gets owned by Williams and Buchanan on his own show!

Skeptic Presents: You Can't Handle the Truther

A leader wanting to consolidate power through religious oppression vs 638 murdered in one day.

2500 yr old Tomb of the Mayan Vulture King discovered

Is 'nothing' sacred?

The homophobic ceremonial Mayor of the Olympic Village in Sochi:

Lane hogging and tailgating on-the-spot fines in force

August 16: National Rum Day

The Navy's Hilarious(?) 'Terrorist Dating Site' Commercial Pairs Jihad With Web Security

Today's LGBT phobic thread:

Revolutionary Disillusionment, from 1789 to 2013

Fewest Americans since 2007 seek jobless benefits

The Seattle Police Department Will Be Handing Out Doritos At A Pot Festival:

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood calls for 'day of rage'

Reluctance to suspend Egyptian aid exposes White House rudderlessness.

Righties put their paranoia on display with report that Fox News has 'gone gay'

Whoa! Instructions from the Bible on how to perform an abortion:

When The Country Is Broke

The Prophets Of Oak Ridge (Fascinating story about break-in & people on both sides)

Miner's lifeguard

NSA Broke Privacy Rules Thousands of Times...

Three miles down

Dump the bosses

NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds

Churches torched across Egypt in anti-Coptic violence by Morsi loyalists

Exploratorium cuts 18% of staff as attendance lags

Banks of marble

Friday TOON Roundup 1: Egypt

Friday TOON Roundup 2: Politics

Friday TOON Roundup 3: The Rest

The Massacres in Egypt Are Precursor to a Wider Global Conflict Between the Elites and World’s Poor

5 Ways States Are Screwing the Poor By Making Welfare Almost Impossible to Get

Egypt army deploys forces before Islamist protests

Good morning, Lounge! (Racing towards the weekend edition)

Across the Jerusalem divide, a life saved

McDuped: Why Fast Food Chains Are Inhumane

Amazon CEO's Newspaper Calls Obama 'Passive.' Demands More Wars.

No Tanks: Let's Not Kid About It, the Government Is Afraid of Its Own Citizens

The people are hungry: The link between food and revolution

A Life-Changing Video (if you want to be healthier and happier).

Australian floods lowered worldwide sea levels

Equifax loses $18.6 million in lawsuit over credit report mix-up disaster

"Bikers Against Child Abuse"

My beloved Ramona passed away last night

The immigration reform can't be bad if Indian IT companies are fighting it

Seriously Petty: New rules ban charitably paying tolls for other drivers on Ga. highway

Woke up to see a good friend naked

de Blasio, Quinn tied in new Wall Street Journal-NBC-Marist College Poll

Pictured up close for the first time, Scientology's 'alien space cathedral and spaceship landing pad

How Can We Keep from Singing

Deputy files civil lawsuit against 9-1-1 caller after he was injured during assault at her home

Bill de Blasio Insists He’s Not Too Nice to Be Mayor

Women suicide bombers hide explosives in their BREAST IMPLANTS as terror experts fear al-Qaida will

The Tea Party Targets Public Libraries

Republican Criticizes Obama's 1 Week Vacation During His 5 Week Recess

Kepler: Nasa retires prolific telescope from planet-hunting duties

Craig Ferguson explains why "Everything Sucks"

Fracking boom could lead to housing bust

Hightower: The Trans-Pacific Partnership is not about free trade. It's a corporate coup d'etat

David Sirota: Our Gilded Age Education System

God Did It: Republican Explains Climate Change

Florida Pain Victims Trapped by Prescription Crackdown: Health

China announces end date for taking prisoners' organs

Sordid details spill out in rare court-martial of a general on sex charges

Broncos QB Zac Dysert playing too well to be put on practice squad

NSA Lies - An Art Retrospective

West Virginia judge accused of framing former lover's husband

McDonnell on Star Scientific scandal: 'I know who my friends are'

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 16, 1963

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 16, 1963

Intergalactic Collision Imaged Using X-ray Telescope

Yelena Isinbayeva says anti-gay remarks were 'misunderstood'

Suiggly font / missing pixels / anytime download updates from microsoft Any ideas?

Ex-official: Obama should've pegged Egypt as coup at once

Cost Of College Eclipses Inflation By 27 Percent in Last Five Years

The UAE Reporter Killed in the Cairo Massacre Was a Former Student of Mine


Cost Of College Eclipses Inflation By 27 Percent in Last Five Years

Test your geography knowledge

Lawbreaking at the NSA: Bring On a New Church Committee

Priebus throws Romney under the bus: Policies were ‘racist’ and ‘horrific’

Papantonio: Progressives Taking Action Against GOP Obstruction

Let's Give Every NSA Employee an Anonymous Whistleblowing Opportunity

The Government Now Admits There's an 'Area 51'

Today is the start of Hempfest!

I finally heard a recording of MiddleFingerMom's favorite performer!

Elvis permanently left the building 36 years ago today:

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams tells ‘persecuted’ western Christians to grow up

Help! How long do my roasted potatoes need?

Is Obama retreating on clean water for Iowa?

Hannity Getting DUMPED

Audit: NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year - Can we stop the bullshit denials now?

FDA approves new HIV drug

Repukes In Disarray

Why secrecy may be impossible in the modern work culture

Many Americans are confused by 401(k) retirement plans

Action meeting in Durham: The Monster Voting Law

M, F or Blank: 'Third Gender' Official in Germany from November

Good News: ACLU Coordinating Ed Snowden's Defense

The utter absence of human space. Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

Tonight 8PM: Chris Hayes MSNBC Climate Documentary "The Politics of Power”

Ecuador's president abandons no-drilling plan

The “Bankization” of America

Where Food Injustice Wanders Next: South Africa

i went to see 'five dances' last night.

At least 17 killed across country in Egypt clashes

This cloud might startle you:

Horrifying: Jared Remy, released on Wednesday for assaulting girlfriend, now charged with murder

NSA Slide Tells Agents NOT To Worry About 'Incidental' Collection Of Info On Americans

Elizabeth Warren op-ed slams attempt to roll back CFPB mortgage rules.

Texas DOT denies $1.6 million for El Paso bicycle-sharing program

The New New Evil Empire

While You’re Bashing Russia for its Homophobic Laws, Remember…

Why We Should Ditch the Sochi Olympics

Ads covering up reply boxes

I am boned.. Stuck in Phoenix until Sunday morning.

Stories of war and peace

Question on Voter ID in the US

Forever 21 letter to all full time/non-management employees

Hannah Anderson letters found at kidnap suspect's home

New package, same Fox: Ailes courts the non-elderly

Observations From A Tipless Restaurant

Walker's police force now arresting journalists

The left and right are not similar: Another reality check

What have liberals done for us?

Bert Lance, Ga. Banker and Carter Ally, Railroaded by GOP, Dies at 82

Guy commits suicide last night and buries $200k in forest near Kansas City, leaves GPS coordinates

NSA Broke Privacy Rules Thousands of Times Per Year (Washington Post)

FOOD PORN FRIDAY: Veggie Pizza, Fish Tacos, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Crispy Pata (Pork Leg)

about cantor + Palestine/Israel peace talks:

West Virginia mine disaster

China gets $1 trillion boost from dodgy data: Report

One big union

New rechargeable flow battery enables cheaper, large-scale energy storage

At Paris 'Beach', a Restaurant Embraces France's Diversity

What can you do with the perfect egg?

Farm family wins a fight vs. big utility

Has WFP endorsed anyone for NYC Mayor?

Paint her red

Nikon D3200 24.2 MP Digital SLR w/18-55mm Lens -Refurbished by Nikon USA $400

A message from Charles Bukowski on his birthday

One Of The 2,133 Teachers Fired By Rahm Emanuel, Xian Barrett, Discusses The Fight For Pubic Schools

Image - If you cannot afford a lawyer ...

Joke: Little Johnny in the Science class

"Go Eat a Dick": Budding Politician Thor Lund's Foray into Public Misogyny

Owner Of Snowden Email Service, Lavabit, Not Allowed To Discuss Case With His Own Lawyer

Manifest Station: A Transparent Utility Box Painted by Mona Caron

Guardian takes latest NSA audit story a step further rubbing the egg on Clapper's face onto his tie

Murder Trial May Force Kentucky to Drop Same Sex Marriage Ban

Mingo County Magistrate Cleared, County Commissioner and Circuit Judge Charged

Papantonio: Wall Street's Commodity Manipulation

Another wheel falls off the nuclear revival bandwagon

Krugman- Moment of Truthiness

Why we're Massholes

Waiting for CTyankee's Friday Afternoon Challenge

Earthquake Shakes Mexican Capital.

"Opportunities Look A lot Like Work"

South Texas Teen Charged With Murder of Six After DPS Pursuit

Sometimes its all about the angle

Don’t take my pension!: The looming public worker nightmare

livescience: 300-Year Drought Was Downfall of Ancient Greece

Could Electric Cars Threaten the Grid?

TxDOT: Interstate 20 near Ranger to be closed later this month

How Carbon Dioxide Regs Could Actually Hurt Renewables

Column: Mass Flourishing-How It Was Won, and Then Lost

Egypt’s Nightmare Scenario Draws Nearer

Another Traffic Delay Report: Cesar Chavez in Austin this weekend

This Chart Shows Why Right-Wing Media And The GOP Are Doomed

DNC On Debate Resolution: GOP Wants To ‘Speak To Even Fewer Voters’ (after they bar NBC and CNN)

Thom Hartmann: How Rich is Too Rich?

"Here's what now should be taken as an operating procedure in any discussion of the NSA..."

Israeli envoy panned for comparing Palestinian and Norwegian terrorists

Mountaintop Mining Pollution Has Distinct Isotopic Fingerprint

K-9 Officer Dies After Being Left in Hot Car

Policemen Come to the Rescue on First Day of School

In Russia, Giant Owls Rely on Giant Trees

Boy Bands and Sexism: Can We Stop Hating Teenage Girls?

Nutty things we say to our pets

Washington County Jury Sentences Man to 725 Years on Child Sex Charges

Pic Of The Moment: RNC Chairman: Obviously, I'm A Racist

My Fondness For 'Saki' ( H H Monro ) Should Come As No Surprise....

The Missouri NAACP claims the Obama rodeo clown act was a hate crime

Vietnam activists 'to form multi-party democracy'

Nasrallah not looking quite so smart now

You have GOT to be kidding

O'Hare Airport Uses Barnyard Animals for Earth-friendly Mowing

After a rough allergy season, MFM finally figured how to clear out the mucus.

Star Of "Duck Dynasty" Kicked Out Of Hotel After Being Mistaken For Homeless Man

Palestinians protest Egypt’s bloody crackdown

Going Outside The Bubble

One Direction fans are right to be outraged by GQ

On the NSA, this is what happens when reports conflate the Bush and Obama administrations.

A 4th Estate Situation-There Is A FAILURE Of the Media To Tell The American People What Is Going On"

Breaking: Fired lesbian teacher Carla Hale won’t get job back in deal with diocese

Help for a friend, please? Wife of an alcoholic.

Egypt's 'Day of Rage' turns violent, dozens of protesters killed

Feinstein Is Head Of Intelligence Committee for Christ's sake & I knew about this before she did.

Senator Patrick Leahy...On Reports of Unauthorized Surveillance by the National Security Agency

Show time is in fifteen minutes

The Misremembering of ‘I Have a Dream’

Powerex settles California energy crisis case for $750 million

The Grid Of The Future Could Be Brought To You By ... You

Smoking ban at American University will now cover outdoors, too

"What if the president lied to us?" (Salon)

Even little kids have a wage gap

The Republicans will not partner with CNN & NBC! - They prefer FOX where facts are not necessary.

"Our great nation can no longer afford compromise and bipartisanship""

San Antonio councilwoman caught on tape making anti-gay rant

San Antonio councilwoman caught on tape making anti-gay rant


California grapples with inmate illness as hunger strike drags on

Larry Summers will be picked because he is perceived as our Christie by

26 Years of Growth: Shanghai Then and Now

Moment of Truthiness Krugman

Ferry sinks after collision in Philippines; 5 dead

Obama Family Outing

Of course all men don’t hate women. But all men must know they benefit from sexism

Republicans vote to boycott CNN, NBC debates if Clinton specials air

‘Sprites’ captured exploding in the upper atmosphere

Judge clears way for Chicago to close 50 schools

Ex-State Department Spokesperson P.J. Crowley on Democracy Now (Fri 16 Aug)

The NSA's Oversight Arguments Have Fallen Apart:

Ecuador approves Yasuni national park oil drilling in Amazon rainforest

If you or anyone you know shops at Forever 21, read this immediately.

Martin Luther King: the story behind his 'I have a dream' speech. "Aw, shit. He's using the dream."

2013 Egyptian coup d'état

Congratulations are in order...

Oregon Citizens Alliance man to be tried for crimes against humanity

Orson Scott Card: A Whole Lot of Crazy

7-year-old Boston bombing victim dancing with new leg

Tour de Martha’s Vineyard

The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare

Sending out some vibes to everybody!

Is it only okay to violate Olympic Committee principles if you're anti-gay? Why not ban Russia?

Court-sanctioned terrorism by anti-choice extremists

Josh Weathers

The Olinguito addresses the World.

The Stupidest Anti-ObamaCare Campaign Ever

The House of Lies is collapsing.

NSA Spying: The Three Pillars of Government Trust Have Fallen

Burns eyes run for Davis’ Senate seat

Burns eyes run for Davis’ Senate seat

Jobs, Reviewed by Steve Wozniak

Some Celeb Pics

The cases for and against cutting U.S. aid to Egypt, explained

How backwards is this?

Researchers Say Texans' Drinking Costs America $16 Billion a Year, Should Have a Drink and Chill

Budweiser is the King of Beers... in the ER!

Has anyone else seen something like this: my dog is super sleepy

a machine for spying on americans. oh, ok, yeah, and foreign terrorists, too.

The Nation - Scott Walker Goes All 1798: Arrests Elected Official, Editor in Wisconsin

Churches Want To Politic From Pulpit & Keep Tax Exempt Status. The Answer Should Be NO

WTF?? Did an 8-Year-Old Spy for America?

ALEC: "You don’t need people to do this... just control over the legislature & money & we have both"

Council Member Takes a Stand on Conservative Commentator’s Hate Speech

RNC Officially Votes to Exclude CNN & NBC from Debates. What WILL We DO???

Nuclear Wind

Larry Summers the odds-on favorite in bets for Fed chair; Yellen lags

Who knew that Oregon hosts a Romanian Princess who loves to watch cocks fight?

Make planets spin

Seder: The DOJ's New Stance on Low Level Drug Offenses

Red Pill Dudes: Marriage is worse than rape, but the feminist attack on marriage is even worser

Governor Davis?

Again, the Democrats are undoing the work of past Republican presidents

Truck Fire Causes Delays Along Queensboro Bridge

This is NOT a kitty pic

Final Day To Register For City Primary Elections

When Jen sends Tobin to the store, he has decisions to make. HE feels he always makes the right one.

It's EERIE! Kali ALWAYS gets the same fortune cookie... and it ALWAYS comes true.

"Breaking Bad" -- the Saturday morning cartoon version:

Mommies with infant babies? DO... NOT... FUCK... WITH... THEM!!!

"Poet" MFM, using his nom-de-plume of "MichaelFingerMom" shows up for "Open Mike Night" every week.

The very first word out of Li'l Tiny MiddleFingerMom's mouth?... ... ... ... ... ... "CANNONBALL!!!"

America’s Descent Into Madness

Conan O'Brien quote on equal pay

National Grid fined for giving meals and rounds of golf to state regulators; three regulators fined

Snowden Not Interrogated by Russians: Assange

44-inch receipt from CVS

What I say in a torture debate.

Trying to get by...

GOP to Boycott Presidential Debates Over Clinton Programs (by unanimous voice vote)

Forgot to move the house

What's for Dinner ~ Friday August 16th

Newspapers say their stories about same-sex marriage disappear from Facebook

Bust up the spider web

Priebus' Plan B

***Public Service Announcement*** "Brunch with Bernie" starts at 2PM Central.

The lies from Bull shit Mountain

This November...

Silence is Golden. And now...

Five Months After: President Obama tacitly condones lying to Congress

HIV patients told by Pentecostal pastors 'to rely on God'

'Open' Google blocks You Tube from Windows Phones.

LA Times: South L.A. student finds a different world at Cal

To all the people linking to The Hill - you do know that they are owned by the moonies?

At Least One Member of Congress Saw That NSA Oversight Memo

People, It's Time For Yet Another Lesson In Concert Etiquette

Port Arthur ISD Bans Hoodies, Cargo Pants...What's Next, Jorts?

Judge: Manning sentence likely to come next week

Anybody see the story in the Good News Group? About what some Phoenix cops did?

$2 A Day International Poverty Standard. With No Minimum Wage That Is The GOP

Key Takeaways From the Washington Post Report Detailing Thousands of Privacy Violations by the NSA

Thom Hartmann: Will Washington DC be Renamed Reaganville?

Just scratchin' a living these days.

New 2016 Rankings: Christie Jumps Into 'Top Tier,' Elizabeth Warren Challenges Hillary

So Cumulus Radio would replace one blowhard (Hannity) with a BIGGER Blowhard (Savage)

Remember Grayson's Intelligence Hearing cancelation because of the Obama meeting?

Lavabit's owner threatened with arrest for shutting down rather than spying on customers

Phillies fire Charlie Manuel, name Ryne Sandberg manager

State aid formula brews new storm

Sharapova fires Jimmy Connors

Now Running Ads Against McConnell In Kentucky-The Senate Conservative Fund (Founded by DeMint (R))

UPS Driver Saves an Emaciated Great Dane

Assange/Wikileaks talk about who they admire…wait for it…& the answer is Ron/Rand Paul & Matt Drudge

Sunset last night as I was leaving my shoot area.

It Keeps Getting Cheaper to Install Solar Panels in the US

Now we know why Spongebob has that smile on his face.

Trolling Effects: Help EFF take on patent trolls

NSA Responds: You couldn't possibly understand it, and we're not about to explain it to you.

Christie agrees to ease some rules on medical marijuana for kids, but conditionally vetoes bill

Union Busting Doesn’t Pay Off for Boeing

Son of York! Richard III descendants allowed to challenge Leicester burial

University of Michigan rescinds invitation of Alice Walker over her anti-Israel position

Time Warner Cable Sued by Customers Fed Up With CBS Blackout

Crazy Conservatives on “Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?”

State drops ban on GA 400 toll gifting

Legalized Bribery (Citizens United v. FEC)

Whoa Nellie !.. Caymans will now report to IRS on accounts owned by Americans

East Texas We Have A Problem...And It's Making Us Look Racist

East Texas We Have A Problem...And It's Making Us Look Racist

State GOP Chair Wants to Sprinkle Nuclear Waste From Airplanes

Latest Furniture Projects..

Sens. Widen & Udall on Wash Post NSA Report:"This confirmation is just the tip of a larger iceberg."

Oktoberbest, Pumpkin Ale and IPA's Oh MY!

In light of the NSA and other national defense scandals I believe I have a solution

You get to wondering about one thing and it leads to another

Mayor Wants Fingerprint Access To NYCHA Buildings; Candidates Cry Foul


Obama administration sides with Republicans in defending legislative prayers


Police: Man threatened to kill Freebirds employees, blow up buildings

Wife says Michael Brown collects millions in complex 'sham'

ACLU Helping Coordinate Edward Snowden's Legal Defense

My home town is getting tough on drugs by whipping out their militarized dicks and slapping them

NSA Abuses Contradict Obama And Congressional Claims Of Oversight

Just Deny Teabaggers Public Health Care Services Even If They Are In Danger

Largest Federally-Owned Wind Farm to Open Near Amarillo

Largest Federally-Owned Wind Farm to Open Near Amarillo

Businessweek editorial: The NSA’s Alarming Misbehavior

Whatever you do, don't lose your cool...

About a large iguana and camouflage and a boat in honor of the upcoming contest

Feinstein Statement on NSA Compliance

Trigeneration Project Using Landfill Gas Powered Fuel Cells

The Friday Afternoon Challenge for your beautiful minds: The Art of the Altarpiece! Part I.

Nevada Republicans formally pitch Las Vegas for 2016 convention

Bill Maher- If more people spoke out our country would be a lot better off....

Federal Transportation Department Shuts Down a Staten Island Bus Company After It Strands 53 Passeng

Assange: 'I am a big admirer of Ron Paul'

The Bullshit Police

The College-Loan Scandal

XLNT! Wyden, Udall Statement on Reports of Compliance Violations Made Under NSA Collection Programs

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

Judge sides with abortion opponent over alleged threat:"Bomb threat is free speech"

US Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler and author of "War is a Racket"

Not to worry, there's a new fiesta in the making as we speak

Invisible Chains: Consumerism, Debt, and Consciousness

Remember those crazy "Orangina" ads?

Read this book!

Belonging to Multiple Religions? Or Owning Them?

Pa. judge bars ID enforcement in Nov. election

SENATE RESOLUTION 400---Members CAN Declassify NSA Docs ANYTIME They Want---They Just Don't

Eumir Deodato

Abortion protestors in front of local PP office today

Please, Mr President - no stinkin' Trans Pacific Plan!

Oh, And Let's Not Forget That The NSA Tried To 'Intercept' A Ton Of Phone Calls From Egypt

Beg*Borrow*or Steal* I don't care how you do it but, go see The Sapphires.

Corbett's Privatization of PA. Lottery is too Big of a Gamble (Newspaper Board Editorial)

Right Before Snowden Leaks, President Obama Fired Nearly All Members On Key Intelligence Advisory Bo

White House Tried To Interfere With Washington Post's Report, And To Change Quotes From NSA

Americans consider the economy and jobs to be the top issues, not NSA surveillance

No special case for tolerating religion

Four Year Old’s First Job......(A little Friday humor)

"What to say, and not to say, to 'our overseers'"

Woof and others

New Sketches Released In Alleged Chelsea Bias Attack

"a frog placed in water that is brought to a boil...will make no attempt to escape"

OBAMA HUMOR...NSA SPYING (from Obama Supporters)

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Breaking News on Dental Health - What more do America's leaders need to hear?

If Only Charles Darwin Could See His Descendant Now

Krugman: Moment of Truthiness

Senator Wyden calls for FISC public advocate.

GOP Rep. David Camp will NOT run for the open U.S. Senate seat in Michigan

NASI Survey Shows Support for Increasing Social Security Benefits

Bloomberg endorses fingerprinting housing project residents for their own good

President Obama is sitting on the horns of a dilemma.

Univ of Mich Covers Up Rape by Star Kicker Brendan Gibbons: Teammates Threaten To RAPE Again

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No Exit from Afghanistan

What is it about Americans and their lawns?

This distills everything that is wrong with republicans.

Events of epic proportions are unfolding before our very eyes.

Question on broody hen -

Google is broken, can't search

trof's useless trivia: 'Green with envy' 'The green eyed monster'

15 Black Feminist Books Everyone Should Read

Housing Rebound Pauses as U.S. One-Family Starts Drop

The Atlantic: "Lawbreaking at the NSA: Bring On a New Church Committee"

Russian Olympian Slams Critics Of Anti-Gay Law

If you drive a BMW you're probably a jerk.

Running with the Virginia...on a Hot Rod 1/4 mile **COLD BEER**

Iraq Open to U.S. Drone Strikes on Terrorists

U.S. Consumer Confidence Falls From a Six-Year High

Weekend Economists and the Man in the Checkered Career August 16-18, 2013

In case you haven't seen this review of Blurred Lines...

Take A Bite: Roger Ebert’s Love Affair With Apple Computers

Let's see, a military coup installed government engaging in a brutal crackdown leaving hundreds dead

Dream Cruise guide: Our tips for navigating the world's biggest one-day car event

McCrory defends big salaries to ex-campaign staff (NC)

Fox TV Studios Pulls Out of Talks to Produce NBC’s Hillary Clinton Miniseries

In case you don't get 'any' tonight...

Iraq seeking US drones to curb al-Qaida threat

Cops handcuff, threaten with stun gun a Indiana firefighter. Reason- Waving While Black

Military judge finds Manning's WikiLeaks acts 'wanton and reckless'

Loose bull injures eight, one seriously at Dakota County Fair rodeo

Google encrypts cloud data to quell PRISM fears

I got nine lives, Cats eyes. Usin' every one of them and running wild!

UPDATE 2-China seen probing IBM, Oracle, EMC after Snowden leaks

New York City mayor says fingerprints should be used to access public housing

Mark Cuban's Philosophy About The Mavericks Should Be An Inspiration For Every Great Business Leader

Editorial: Gov. Christie should heed father's plea for medical marijuana for young patients

Harry Reid is the master of the Washington insult

Feinstein Statement on NSA Compliance

Simple Question: How Could President Obama Not Know That Ed Snowden Had The IG Report That Showed

Angela Merkel launches re-election bid amid cacophony of spying scandal.

To 3rd world countries:"Need a Constitution? We're Not Using This One"

Sounds for a summer's eve...somebody got a drum set and is learning to play...

Good guy with a gun shoots fellow employee in Walmart, Neenah Liquor department.

Branding Snowden: Chinese tech firm wants to trademark NSA leaker

Create an anagram from your user name...

Moral Mondays now more popular than NC General Assembly, in latest poll. :)

Jennifer Rubin Is the Writer the Washington Post Deserves

Julian Assange hearts Drudge + Ron & Rand Paul

Unarmed Egyptian protester cut down in hail of gunfire after standing ground in front of enemy tank

Chris Hayes documentary on Climate Change, Th ePolitics of Power starts at 8.oopm on

Some people have a Roomba floor-cleaning robot ...

Statement on Report NSA Violated Privacy Rules from Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4)

Another Side to Gun Extremists--Dick Cheney-Style Thrill Killing- a delish Friday night read