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Kali doesn't spend near as much time on the computer as people th... oh, hell - actually, it's worse

TexasTowelie gets fucking profound.

Babyfarts --there's NOTHING more dangerous.

There's something the Fundies won't tell young Christian males about abstinence 'til marriage.

MFM was part of a combat infantry battalion but as a medic, he was kind of a crappy killin' machine.

How to deal with a control freak boss?

MiddleFingerMom was never really good with dress codes.

Wikileaks Just Released A Massive 'Insurance' File That No One Can Open

Steve's not about race.

Heatstroke deaths shut out radiation 85-0 as Japan swelters without air conditioning

44 Years Ago ~ Woodstock

California discourages needy from signing up for food stamps (LA Times)

Zatoichi The Last - Full Movie

Change in Japanese apples blamed on global warming (LA Times)

Music and cooking - Bobbie McFerrin edition

The Hillary TV-minseries or documentary is a stupid idea.

41 and 8

Obamacare Repeal: Sillier and More Expensive Every Time

Oldest North American Rock Art May Be 14,800 Years Old

What was the last really GOOD documentary you've seen?

Detroit need couple signatures.

What are you reading the week of August 18, 2013?

Spies Are Reading My Blog

The Drone Industrialists: 'Don't Watch Us, We'll Watch You'

Debunking the Myth! There Is No Real Oversight Of The NSA's Surveillance

Fifteen Springsteen songs never released...

TIME Journalist: I Can't Wait To Write About The Drone Strike That Kills Julian Assange

Mexico Gulf Cartel leader Mario Ramirez Trevino captured

Find the word "DOG"

Mark Sanchez every other teams favorite player

Could you have a relationship with someone that you were not strongly attracted to?

Bolivia records: Aymara herder is 123 years old

Officer shot in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Move to ghost job and back gives Capitol Police chief Erwin big raises (Xpost inLBN)

"How American Hopes for a Deal in Egypt Were Undercut"


Any email that you send from your work place computer is the property of your employer.

I am so happy and so sad at the same time!

Move to ghost job and back gives (Wis) Capitol Police chief big raises

Obama to be Greeted by Anti Fracking Protesters In Upstate New York

Maybe the United States won't boycott the Sochi Olympics, but I will.

17 Colorado Voters Accused Of Voter Fraud Cleared Of Wrongdoing

TIME Magazine's Senior Nat'l Correspondent Just Advocated for the U.S. to Drone Julian Assange

More crews arrive to help battle Idaho wildfire

I just checked for the best selling book on Amazon...


never thought I would see the day...

Penn State reaches settlement with Sandusky victim

Security forces storm protester-held Egypt mosque

First cut of Carly Fiorina's Demon Sheep ad

Colorado releases insurance exchange rates

Institutionalized US Spying: More Than NSA Involved

Hiring in China By JPMorgan Under Scrutiny

Colorado releases insurance exchange rates

AP Preseason Poll

"Five Things Republicans Have Repealed" (LOL!)

Soda drinking linked to violent behavior in kids, study finds

Bavarian Finger Wrestling

US worker productivity up modestly in April-June

OMFG - there is now an H Mart about 3 miles from my work.

Alligator found in Westchester pond

BUY AMERICAN Picking tires is more than just the tread (Buy American Mention of the Week, 8-17-13)

Einstein's Circle of Compassion | Brainwash Update

Sorry guys, we've had to scrap the Constitution because the Guardian uses cookies.

Closeout Sale on Obama Java Collector Mugs! (MADE in USA!)

Eating slaw at night. Lost 4 pounds. I think I'm on to something. Plus it tastes good.

Whatever Happened to August?

Watch the trailer for Baby Sellers, a new movie from @lifetimetv featuring ICE agents fighting human

What w/all the flooding in Russia, maybe "god" is angry w/the anti-LGBT policies?

Dumb Criminals: Man Arrested After Dressing Up Like Dog And Having Sex With Cat

Yankees challenge Alex Rodriguez

Why are there so many hints that Klobuchar is considering running in 2016?

Tell the GOP: Violence against Women is not a Game

Egypt: Islamists hit Christian churches

And a few weekend toons…

"Hillary Clinton May Pass the Time Until 2016 in Academia"

Study: Drought will cut flow from Lake Powell

Church in Wales to vote on women bishops

Why an Iraqi Single Mom Is Suing George W. Bush for War Crimes

How did Iraq not take all the credibility off the table?

Going to show you my special place.

progress on incredibly slow-going covers project.

Visiting the Big Island

Many NSA scandal stories are probably somewhat exaggerated

he loves her…yeah yeah yeah.

Dodgers are 42-8 in the best 50 game stretch since 1942

Chronicles of the Continued Egyptian Revolution of 25 January 2011

What exactly did Wikileaks release, and why?

Reaganomics Has Been Hugely Successful Since 1980. It Will Be More Successful In The Future.

Thought for the day

Water is life

What was the result of the CDC study on guns that Pres. Obama commissioned?

Oooooo, have another hit!

Hitchcock charts

Rick Santorum: "Middle Class" is "Marxism Talk!"

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday August 18th

Russia Outlaws Gays

Gotta love Doonesbury :)

Moon Hoax NOT

Come snorkeling with me - it's my first time - so it's a lot of photos

Had to reject printing an image today at work...

While watching Nova on HS football, IMO it's time to scrap football or change it to a non contact

SF fire chief bans helmet cameras in wake of crash

Britain to reopen embassy in Yemen on Sunday

what are your awesome simple pleasures?

Here's the thing.

Why would you rather see two men holding guns than....

August 18: National Soft Ice Cream Day!

Have Republicans/Tea Party Members gotten worse in the last few years?

Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, The Far Side, or Doonesbury?

"Elections are for chumps; get your AK-47"

Jamie And Leryn Richaud, Same-Sex Couple Wed In Bora Bora, Inspire Marketing Campaign (VIDEO)

Off on my camping trip, I think.

Just a reminder: Desmond Tutu salutes Manning (and thank Hank, I am on the right side of history.)

Had a bit of a blowup with my parents but I think it's ok...

It Could Have Been My Next Addiction: Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos Now Exist

This is BG (Big Guy). He's not feeling good. (A few pics)

Explain the appeal of Duck Dynasty to me in 20 words or less.

Vigilantes emerge as menacing force in Egypt as mosque siege ends

Syria refugees pour into Iraqi Kurdistan in thousands

US Arms Industry Would Lose Big from Egypt Aid Cut-Off

4 Cases of the U.S. Sheltering Vicious Criminals that Reveal Total Hypocrisy on Snowden

How Libertarian-Style Capitalism Killed My Father and My Best Friends

7 Idiotic and Dangerous Statements From Right-Wing Nut-Jobs Just Last Week

Twitter trolls Al-Qaeda: Extremist hashtag flooded with jihad ‘PR advice’

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Melon Collie Edition

Spying on Its Own: The NSA's Deep Bag of Tricks

Beauty can come in very small packages!

Of the 433 members of Congress listed on Roll Call, only 143 of them were even in Congress when the

Boeing secretly testing 777X work automation

Hamas supporters rally against Sisi in Jerusalem

Helicopter Attacking a Fire Tornado

A page from history: Paul Robeson appears before HUAC

Don't Use Dallas Compounding Pharmacy Products..FDA Warns : NBC News

Scott Brown tests the waters in Iowa

'member Mancow?

The Iroquois Are Not Giving Up

This is Dr. Spock from Star Wars

Pushback Against Safety Net Cuts During August Recess

Bill Clinton Responds to the NYT's 'Unease' About Foundation's Finances

Mindanao nun tags US military use of drones ‘killer program’

The AFL-CIO Is Exploring New Investments in Alt-Labor and Texas Organizing

Dore Abbey Landscape Painting

Weekly Tebow report--- 1 for 7--- minus one yard-one INT

**Help a DUer** Sunday, 8/18/13 (Please K&R for visibility. Thanks)

Unbelievable! Florida sets rapists and child molesters free to strike again...

Koch Brothers' - Fooling Gullible Journalists, Readers into Thinking It's Real News...

CREDO Petitions Amazon's Jeff Bezos to Have WaPo Stop Using 'Redskins'

Understand your cat ?

Cancer and Quacks: A long sad history

Two ASAHers are part of today's Help a DUer thread in GD...

Death of 2-year-old points to lack of accountability

Hi, fellow Pet Lovers...

Dilbert on Internet Surveillance

Wisconsin Democrat who infiltrated ALEC: ‘They don’t want people involved in the political process’

Operation Orange Fingers=greatest name ever?

The Tyranny of Buffness

Iran says it has about 18,000 nuclear centrifuges

A sincere wish for our DU gun owners: visit Norway!

The leak was an attempt to bolster the libertarian brand.

What qualities should we look for in the next President??

Click this link to be insulted by Martin Luther:

WWI Centennial: The Archduke and Arch-Conspirator Take Their Places

Navy concerned about exhumation plans in Hawaii (Pearl Harbor Attack KIA's)

Disability and Obamacare: New freedom to return to work

Crews rush to clean up former California nuke lab

Pasta perfect: This Italian family grows heirloom grains

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challege and THANKS to my DU art diehards!

Dissent of Justice Brandeis, Olmstead v. United States:

Beyond its deplorable beliefs and goals, why do so many Egyptians support the MB

Paul Ryan Doesn't Really Want Your Opinion

The NSA review only covered Ft. Meade headquarters

Of COURSE the Paulites are riding high on the Spy State maelstrom--

Did we just find a big effing hole in the 1%er's tax policy??? Read this ...

We’ve doused the world in pesticides. Is that a problem?

So God made a dog

Don’t 'Lean' on Me, Hospital Workers Say

Question about questionable ads

China’s Young Workers Fight Back at Foxconn

The General Electric University: Not Wisconsin’s Brightest Idea

New York job opportunity working for Labor Notes

"Four Years of College" by Ben Grosscup

Wisconsin: "License to Dream" Tour for Humane Immigration Reform Event in Fondy August 20

A sincere wish for our DU gun owners: visit Norway!

GREAT IDEA: 23-year music collection donated to hospital for music therapy

How many guesses who's guesting on Face the Nation?!1

Do NOT let the libertarian wing of the GOP lead the cause to rein in the surveillance state!

Never so finely balanced, never so fair. . . . Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Employee-owned WinCo grocery stores set excellent example

So, how important am I, really?

Advancing army kills jihadist emir in Syria's Latakia: Activists

"Equality" American Style

Warren Buffet explains why you can't beat the market

UPDATE 2-China seen probing IBM, Oracle, EMC after Snowden leaks

Marty, we HAVE to go back...

How to get a groundhog to move its burrow

Neighbors watch as military kills two homeless (Spanish)

"I told you so"

Republicans Knowingly Ignorant To Climate Change

Islamists cancel Cairo rallies for 'security reasons'

Pop quiz

15 Legendary Comedians Performing Before They Were Famous (funny)

I am getting sick and fucking tired of hearing that anyone opposed to NSA domestic . . . .

5 Companies That Make Money By Keeping Americans Terrified of Terror Attacks

Does anyone have a handy link to wages at walmart vs wages at Costco, etc?

Dad, Rush Limbaugh and me

Former CIA and NSA head Gen. Michael Hayden - "A Despicable Character!"

Maduro: Primaries would've left Chavismo in pieces


A Piazza on Every Block: How DIY Placemaking Is Transforming Communities

Man Arrested for Attempting to Drive Over Union Demonstrators on a Picket Line (video too)


What did you expect from the Obama administration that has not yet been accomplished?

Kick and rec if you support the proposed NSA reforms.

Very cool protest at World Track and Field Championship in Russia!

K & R if you think Greenwald and Snowden have helped to pressure the govt. wrt spying

NSA confused international code "20" with area code "202"? America's Hidden History of Battling for Worker's Rights

Straw pool

The Rape of Harriet Tubman

Rokinon FE8M-C 8mm F3.5 Fisheye Lens on sale for $199

In your opinion, what responsibility, if any, does Congress and SCOTUS

Free Adorama VIP membership, 20gb of cloud storage

Obama's second term: A productive six months.

Sunnyside’s Papa John’s pizza mogul charged for failing to pay state taxes

Florida men busted for making hooch. Sounds like gourmet quality.


Subway Stations With Amazing Art

Close but no cigar - yet (Helllllp!)

I've decided to become a Demotarian

The NSA leaks are all hype from the conspiritorial rightwing Hydra

Quinn, De Blasio Talk Stop-And-Frisk On Campaign Trail

BwaHAH Frank RICH calls "suicide" on RNC's extending debate boycott to Telemundo and CNN Espanol

Walt is in the Empire business (Breaking Bad)

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 18, 1920

Master’s Degree Is New Frontier of Study Online

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 18, 1920

The World is not divided between East and West

Any concerns yet about Erin?

Arrest Made In Connection With SI Woman's Death

Should DU have a GOSSIP and personal attack about public figures forum?

Why won't our security state stop the telemarketers?

Like OMG I am posting on DU from a smartphone

I just got done watching "How evil are you?"

Why is the DOJ attempting to scuttle a merger supported and engineered by UNIONS?

MoJo: There is No Such Thing As NSA-Proof Email - Just ask ultra-secure email providers.

Terracatta pot

A poll made for Lounge: "Arrested Development" or "Sex in the City"?!1

These are the activists in Egypt that I support

India Day Parade Marching Through Manhattan

How Whitey Bulger Smuggled 7 Tons Of Weapons To The IRA In Coffins

Russian Athletes Kiss — or Was It 'Propaganda'?

American Rail Traffic Is Gaining Momentum

4 Cases of the U.S. Sheltering Vicious Criminals that Reveal Total Hypocrisy on Snowden

The GOP wants to ensure that Fox carries all of their primary debates

THIS TAKES COURAGE! Russian Athletes Kiss on Winner's Podium to Protest Anti-Gay Laws

Implementation Of Obamacare May Destroy The GOP

This Map says a lot about America

5 Companies That Make Money By Keeping Americans Terrified of Terror Attacks

Driver speeds away from traffic stop in Queens, dragging police officer behind

“It is the nation’s time”: How women won the vote

Guantanamo prosecutors want 2014 trial for 9/11 case

So, what are you, really?

European forests near 'carbon saturation point'

Endorse Governor O'Malley's Climate Change Plan.

Senate’s pivotal 2014 races take shape

Fracking boom could lead to housing bust

JP Morgan faces US probe over alleged hiring of Chinese princelings

ICE agents raid Arizona car wash chain

Fracking protesters march in British rural idyll

Santiago -- a little dancing for a drowsy Sunday afternoon :)

Finding common ground. If you promise not to use the NSA scandal

Snowden leaks: the real take-home

He is everywhere....

The Immigration Hustle: A New Class War on the Besieged Middle Class

Now this would be embarrassing......

BREAKING: Glenn Greenwald's partner detained at Heathrow airport for nine hours

Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry. Nothing makes me happier today.

Glenn Greenwald's Partner Detained at Heathrow Airport for Nine Hours

BOOM! Russian Runners Share Kiss On Winner's Podium

How Testicular Cancer Convinced A Former Republican Staffer To Leave His Party

Why all the focus on Rand Paul in recent days? Who gives a damn what he thinks?

The Pro NSA / Obama people are setting a bad precedent, they want to deny accountability

Right Wing smears the Clintons

Glenn Greenwald: "Detaining My Partner: A Failed Attempt at Intimidation"

Wind power will return to Kahuku

John Nichols: Constitution will vindicate the singers

Poverty's Reality and Red Wagon Fiction

Muslim Brotherhood prisoners killed in Egypt

Government Lawyers Advocate For Atheism As A Religion

What’s Lost When Everything Is Recorded

The Brutality of ‘Corrective Rape’

Rochester Man To Reach Milestone In Fundraising Effort On Cyclone Roller Coaster

Greenwald responds to a family members abduction

I Am Beyond Sick/Tired Of Being Called An "Authoritarian NSA Apologist".

Days of Rage (Egypt)

Fall foliage is occurring all ready in Pleasanton, CA. Seasonal color changes


What is the equivalent of the british "joint venture"concept in American justice?

Report: Rules skirted to give police chief raise

‘Egypt to sign int'l document acknowledging Armenian genocide,’ interim President tweets

remember this?

More interesting poll results...

7 Musical Artists Who Are Sparking Religious Debate

Catholic priest forms unlikely bond with Death Row inmate

Rainbow Connection: Bird Soars Near Sundog in Majestic Photo

Just watched "Good night and Good luck"

Question: Did British authorities really think Greenwald's partner was a terrorist, or likely to be?

Without Our Land, We Cease to Be a People: Defending Indigenous Territory and Resources in Honduras

You guys who are so concerned about Obama’s role in the NSA illegal spying story?

Quite Possibly the most Eye Opening Six Minutes Ever on Film

Of libertarians and liberals

your game could use a little work

Usain Bolt is kicking butt in Russia....

Colombia’s peso changes course again, drops to 1,901 against dollar

Why living in Shannon, Quebec, is bad for your health

European forests near 'carbon saturation point'

JPMorgan hit by U.S. bribery probe into Chinese hiring: report

Evidence Indicates Human Presence in Cuba 8,000 Years Ago

Was Princess Diana Murdered by the British Military? (Daily Beast)

To enhance communication between health care and patient they have developed micro-chipped pills...

This image says it all, courtesy of Facebook:

Your Sunday Night Movie; Death Or Love FULL MOVIE (with English subtitles)

What needs to be fixed with America??

Ever work in fast food?

Finding lost cities of the Maya

Gun-control bills advance in Sacramento

Income Inequality Per Se Is Not the Problem

1.7 mil.-year-old extinct human species fossil found in China

Tell PBS to Air Citizen Koch!

Roundup: You Won’t BELIEVE What’s Going On with Government Spying on Americans

When a cartoon cuts this close - laughing is all but impossible

Truth-O-Meter: Mark Kelly claims near-unanimous support in New Jersey for expanded background checks

I'm thinking about giving up blasphemy, god damn it!

The Shelf Life Of Your Knowledge:

Detroit's Emergency Manager Will Raid Detroit's Artwork

Oh FFS! If Rush Limbaugh saved our Constitution I'd thank him.

Rand Paul Doesn’t ‘Think Shutting Down The Government Is A Good Idea’ But He’ll Do It Anyway

It's 2013, and U.S. firms are still getting $84 million contracts to run Iraq's biggest air base.

Blogger commits suicide, tells his readers ahead of time.

More than 100 rally at only Miss abortion clinic

Cornyn campaign dips into tea party for another staffer

The underlying question seems to be: Is having an informed debate a threat to national security?

MEN - Stay Away From Kohl's!!! (crood warning!!!)

Words in the defense of...

Remember the Battle of Medina! (No, not Funky Cold Medina)

Laying bare the facts about world of gay Israel

Scott Brown Exploring Run For President

A little Country Joe which fits my attitude today.

Non-dirt road

Time Magazine's Michael Grunwald Wants to "Take Out" Julian Assange With Drone Strike

One of my cats just brought some prey and I am very sad.

So I went to Hempfest yesterday :)

Filner: From everywhere to nowhere

Thank you, Tennessee! (19th Amendment)

To Cut Fees, Public Funds Seek to Take Charge of Investing.

Are Manning and Snowden patriots? That depends on what we do next.

Dozens of MB prisoners killed

93 Years Ago Today, The 19th Amendment Gave Women The Right To Vote

The President should separate himself from this NSA debate.

Is Julian Assange that naive about what Ron Paul and his dedication to” Objectivism” actually means?

Jaded kitty is very wise

Snowden requests that the press stop trying to benefit from his father's vulnerable state.

How to Get Two More Votes Against "Big Brother"

How to braid your hair like the ladies of Game of Thrones

Since Snowden revelations, 19 bills have been introduced in Congress

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 19 August 2013

I am appalled at how we Third Way DUers are treated!

On Whistle blowers...

To DUers who are residing in the UK right now:

The Democratic Party is a Big Tent

British Prime Minister Under Pressure Over Olympics

The Almost Entirely Black Audience Of "The Butler" Had To Watch Film W-Armed Guards Facing Them

PHOTOS: Where Prague Pride Meets Putin

The polls saying 60% of Americans want to cut aid to Egypt really says a lot about people's

Dear Chic-Fil-Hate the Gay, I have replicated your recipe successfully

Part I of III on "Churchill" will be on PBS tonight at 8 p.m...n/t

Congress split on cutting off aid to Egypt

My Radio show is going live now!

My radio show is going live now!

Click to help build an elephant sanctuary in the elephants (no GOP here, I promise)

Venue change costly in Ga. baby shooting

Greg Abbott causes on-line stir by thanking name-calling tweeter

PLO Charges Israel With ‘War Crimes, Anti-Human, Racist Acts’

The toit shortage is becoming desperate

"Brazilian Citizen Held in London" (Statement from Brazilian government re: Greenwald's partner)

Noam Chomsky: Israel's West Bank Plans Will Leave Palestinians Very Little

OK, which DVD shall it be tonight? I'm in the mood for belly-laugh comedy.

New Zealand gay couples hold first weddings

Greg Abbott’s Privacy Hypocrisy

Conversing with certain people drives me up a wall sometimes

What is the worst tasting candy?

This needs some DU love

"Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing." *

Three People Shot and Killed In Oak Lawn (updated 10:40 p.m.)

Greece privatisation boss Stelios Stavridis dismissed

Taterguy and MFM go to the circus.

When applegrove reads, she gets really, REALLY focused.

Hey, calm down.

Last night, MiddleFingerMom was SO bored!!! ... ... ... How bored was he?

Victims Of Alleged Queens Beating Say It May Have Been Racially Motivated

MFM = a Bad memory? Here's how LOTR would have ended if it had been MiddleFrodoMom.

Cross-post: Poverty's Reality and Red Wagon Fiction