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CNN Video: Bernie Sanders speaks on Trump's possible SCOTUS nominee

Bernie Sanders speaks on Trump's possible SCOTUS nominee

Kim Jong Un has played Trump like a Stradivarius

Kethledge is at home in Michigan. So he will not be nominated for the Supreme Cout

2019 KY Governors Race/2020 KY US Senate Race- Andy Beshear-D

Patagonia will be closed on Election Day 2018 so workers can vote

The Unspeakable Joy of Not Knowing

Stephen Miller and his sushi - The Value of Public Shame

The most encouraging thing I have seen in months. Voter registration in Florida!

Promote the Vote effort will be on Michigan ballot

Disneyland just had its hottest day ever. 113 degrees.

It's getting harder to pay attention to the news.

Things to do other than watch MSNBC or CNN at 9:00 pm

The tomatoes are starting to blush!

We live in scary times

What if the Trump SCOTUS reverses Griswold ? Lawrence ? Brown ? Miranda ? Gideon ?

At the movies today they gave me a senior ticket I'm under 50

Federal judge dismisses Trump administration claim that US law trumps California law on immigration

It never ends!!!! (Breast feeding resolution quashed by U.S.)

Photos, Live from the Supreme Court

As a question, I wonder if Justice Kennedy is surprised by the reaction to his leaving the court?

At 8 central time I'll be watching a Law and Order rerun

The only real way to eat 👌

Here are ten things I would rather do than watch Trump's announcement:

I won't be watching. Just wonder how long he'll drag it out.

The only real way to eat 👌

I know who it will be

The person who gave the order to separate children from parents, belongs in jail.

September 8th is a free concert! At Lambeau Field in Green Bay!

Brett Kavanaugh, will you accept this rose?

Childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Independence Day!

KC Boogie Man

Disgusting. A croney of Ken Starr's is going to be placed on the court.

VOX: Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump's Supreme Court finalist, explained


Remember when Obama walked down that hall to the east wing to announce he got bin Laden?

Howard Dean: We will treat the nominee with all the courtesy McConnell gave Merrick Garland.

I was gifted today

Law suit against Kessler and militias to continue.

President Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court


#SAVE THE SCOTUS events all week! RESIST!


Equal justice, what a fucking joke.

Six people cannot dismantle the USA and send us back to the dark ages. 35% can't rule over 100%

I'm planning to volunteer. Put my time into keeping this country from sliding back.

Trump: "This incredibly qualified nominee deserves a swift confirmation & robust bipartisan support"

This human interest speech is cover

Speculation: Did Trump just make the dumbest decision of his life?

The biggest surprise for me tonight was finding out that Satan hasn't yet taken Ed Meese home...

Trump: "He's Still a Scared Child."

Maddow is talking about how remarkable it is that only 18 months into his

Those who think Kavanaugh "may not be so bad" are the same folks

Schumer: "I will oppose Judge Kavanaugh's nomination with everything I have"

Facebook LIVE: Bernie responds to Trump's Supreme Court pick. Leave your questions for him ...

Rep Jordan defended by former Ohio State Univ Wrestling Coach

A view of what would happen if Kavanaugh is confirmed

This night goes out to Jill Stein and Susan Sarandon and others who warned us about Hillary

Federal Judge Rules that Trump Administration Cannot Hold Migrant Families in Long-Term Detention

Does the new SCOTUS pick even believe in the constitution? He says presidents should not be

Zelda D'Aprano remembered

Man found dead with face half eaten by his dog, Cujo

What, me worry?

Brett Kavanaugh has argued "presidents should not be bothered by probes and lawsuits"

Federal judge denies Trump's request to allow long term detention of children of 'illegal' immigrant

Cuomo signs executive order to protect women's reproductive rights

Trump received warm welcome...

Weirdest Thing About Today's News is Stephen Miller Ever Imagining His Food HASN'T Been Spit In

I'm going to immediately lose my mind on anybody who talks about "spine" or "fight"

Pregnant Women Say They Miscarried In Immigration Detention And Didn't Get The Care They Needed

Giants newcomer accuses TSA of spilling mom's ashes

The Repubican litmus test looks more like ash.

Kamala Harris: Kavanaugh represents "a direct and fundamental threat" to rights and health care

Sanders Statement on Supreme Court Nominee

Remember the undocumented pregnant minor who was denied access to an abortion?

Trump and Putin's 'convergence of interests' on destroying NATO

Don't be this guy....

Trump tells Putin his 'stupid' staff didn't want the two leaders to speak

Like a clock....twice a day....definitely not more

Statement from former VA Governor Terry McAuiliff on SCOTUS nomination

Woman on oxygen dies after power cut off to her home

When Deviant behaviors are written off, We are in serious Trouble....with a capital T...

The only solution for the Supreme Court

I am going to vomit.

WH has sent out talking points memo that repeatedly calls Kavanaugh a "mainstream judge"

Lex Luther or Darth Vader....?

Hate to say it but this is a done deal

How Brett Kavanaugh Will Gut Roe v. Wade

What's next?

Acosta: Trump intentionally chose Kavanaugh to save himself from a criminal investigation.

My thoughts tonight in two songs:

WH to have Pence give local TV/radio interviews pressuring red state Dems to support Kavanaugh

The Justice Anthony Kennedy retirement, as re-enacted by Marsellus Wallace and Butch Coolidge

We need to convey why taking the House is important

Mueller needs to make sure he goes after the DT kids too.


Elizabeth Warren is destroying them on Lawrence

Who's a good boy!!

Queen Victoria chocolate bar ... emerges for sale

The SCOTUS is lost for a generation. The only remedy is...

NYT: Nomination is Trump's finest hour, his classiest move.

The Progressive Populist Who Wants to Help Democrats Win Back the Rust Belt

This diagram from 538 demonstrates the problem with tonight's news

Hundreds protest at the Supreme Court after Trump nominates Kavanaugh

BREAKING: Judge in Flores case rejects Trump administration proposal to detain children with their p

Insurers scramble after Trump suspends billions in ObamaCare payments

Jeffery Toobin: Gorsuch & Kavanaugh were "swampy" SCOTUS selections

"We've Never Experienced This Kind Of Rain Before" - Japan Meteorological Agency On Deadly Floods

Kavanaugh helped steal the 2000 election

Rescuers gear up for final push to save remaining five from Thai cave

Former Clinton Strategist Mark Penn: Hillary is Not Running in 2020

US National Climate Assessment - Expect 5-Day Heatwaves By 2050 That Are 12F Hotter Than Now

A reminder -

CA Hate Group Tours Europe, Ukraine, Germany For Neo Nazi Allies; *Rise Above Movement* On the Road

Federal judge rejects Trump administration's bid to alter rules on detaining minors

In Wisconsin, a Democratic star finds himself in a primary brawl-First debate between Bryce/Meyers

Del Monte Vegetables Linked to Outbreak That Has Sickened More Than 200

Have you checked your email?

Emery County, UT, Wants A National Monument, With Lots And Lots And Lots Of ATV Trails

Kavanaugh "checks all the boxes" as a true-believer tea bagging Trumpster.

White officer seen tasing black man sitting on curb won't be suspended

Trump to "encourage" Putin to change behavior

Protestors Prepare To March Under Shadow Of 'Trump Baby' Blimp The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

"A sitting president can not be indicted or sued". That's all you need to know about Brett Kavanaugh

Some conservatives are disappointed that Trump picked Kavanaugh - too mainstream!!

Why 'Orphan' Oil And Gas Wells Are A Growing Problem For States

Kevin Swanson: This Is The Battle Of Gettysburg To Outlaw Abortion

Democratic senator open to voting for any one of the SCOTUS finalists

The biggest reason Kavanaugh was chosen.

Kavanaugh: Net neutrality violates free speech rights of ISPs

The Yamato Colony

So what are our options to try to stop Kavanaugh? Are there any viable ones?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 12, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Steve McQueen

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 13, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Women in Medicine

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 14, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Maximillian Schell

Will NATO be the next alliance broken by Trump?

Remember when the ACLU vetted all SCOTUS candidates and handed a list to Obama who choose a

First Responders back in the day

Remember when 50 senators weren't enough to confirm a SCOTUS appointment?

Slow down, ya move too fast

FFRF warns Kavanaugh would tilt court to religious right

Trump chose corporations over the health of your babies and those around the world

Please stop sending me fundraising emails over Trump's SCOTUS pick

So a traitor who is an illegitimate POTUS

Tim Ryan weighs new challenge to Pelosi amid Democratic unrest

GOP Senators In Russia To Seal The Deal As Russian Agents.

I agree that if indicted, the pres. might find it difficult to do his job

I can't with the coping humor. Americans have got to get ready AF.

EASILY the most insane, WTF, entertaining response to Trump's Kavanaugh's victory lap tweet.

A possible way to stop Trump's nominee is ...

Now for some good news: Michigan resistants turn in signatures to expand ballot access.

Trump's big supreme court moment marred by his scalp escaping its golden nest

Kavanaugh's nomination will not be stopped

Tonight's announcement underscores the urgency of STATE elections in 2018

Thai Cave Rescue: Update - Final mission underway

How fitting would it be if Mueller releases his findings.....

New Zealand nurses reject union-backed sellout, prepare nationwide strike

KEY RACE: Justin Nelson for Texas Attorney General

Democrats need to grind government to a standstill until ALL of the detained children are retuned

Miss Massachusetts Contestant Returns Crown After Pageant Mocks #MeToo Movement

Jonathan Pie: Benefits in Britain, Poor People Are The Problem

Florida cops: 'This may be the largest gator we've ever responded to'

Even Kavanaugh took a moment to stroke Trump's ego.

"I missed you so much...i followed you." Oran Juice jones. ("The Rain")

THIS is how we go after Kavanaugh

Boca's Private-Prison Giant GEO Group Gets More Money From ICE Than Any Other Company

Trump SCOTUS Nominee's Record On Presidential Investigations And Abortion - The Last Word - MSNBC

Politico - Beto-mania Sweeps Texas

Monsanto bullied scientists and hid weedkiller cancer risks, lawyer tells court

Klamathon Fire burns 35,250 acres, destroys 81 structures

Can anyone explain how Clarence Thomas got confirmed?

Trump knew who exactly who he wanted for sometime!

The Thai people simply own me now.

Foster the People Pumped up Kicks

Scientists discover world's oldest colors

Let me get this straight: Kavanaugh was on the Ken Starr investigation team

Beryl causes power outages, flooding in Puerto Rico

if this SCOTUS pick is really just to protect Trump, then

CA-49: Mike Levin has initial edge in Congressional District poll

In Trump's Universe, Everyone Loves "Space Force" The Daily Show

Talking Points Memo: President Donald Trump's former personal driver has sued the Trump Organization

3 A.M.

Everything You Need to Know About David Beckham's Latest $1 Billion Stadium Pitch

Record heat put thousands of Californians in the dark Friday. Scientists predicted this from climate

AP FACT CHECK: Trump off base on energy, court case, more

Kavanaugh wrote POTUS should have "absolute discretion" to appoint and fire a special counsel

Jeff Greene says Democratic opponents 'not electable,' generate 'no excitement'

Activists Who Secretly Took Rainbow Photos In Russia

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/9/18

A thread about WTH is going on in the UK government:

New Jersey woman on oxygen dies after the power company shuts off her electricity

Jehovah's Witnesses destroying evidence of child sex abuse "because Satan is coming."

Sen. Merkley Decries President Trump's Supreme Court Pick: "Everything We Feared Is On the Line"

Bernie Sanders on Trump's SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh: Are You Ready For A Fight!

Bernie Sanders on Trump's SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh: Are You Ready For A Fight!

As far as the Supreme Court goes...

Kah-Nee-Ta Resort & Spa to close, all 146 employees to be laid off

Reports: 'ninth boy rescued' (Thai Cave) CONFIRMED

Thailand cave rescue: operation under way to free last four boys and coach - live

This is the reason why we needed a President Hillary Clinton

You literally could not make this shit up

Pressure builds for Nathan Boddie to quit Oregon House race

NHS hoping to recover after removal of malignant lump

How Conservative Trolls Lost Their Mojo

Investigators say Eric Robinson duped in international scam targeting Jacksonville mayor's committee


Rich Land Poor Land

Russian Caucus Sen. Jerry Moran:"None of the meetings were enjoyable."

The STUPID* republican staff in the White House assumes the position. Again.

'god emperor trump' ...fucking hell

In honor of Trump visit, Brits launch campaign to lift 'American Idiot' to top of the charts

Fox News Host Cancels Live Show From SCOTUS Steps Due to 'Volatile' Protests: I Felt 'Threatened'

Apparently, "Elections have consequences" should have been dumbed down.

Tuesday TOONs - Taking a Pick-Axe to... Edition

Donald Tusk tweets at Donald Trump

What a week of neglect will do!

The Jets are gonna have their way tonight ♫

Trump hoping to play golf with Prince Andrew at Turnberry

About Voting...

Kennedy Helped Trump Decide on Kavanaugh

Outside Magazine Punches Back On Zinke And His Lying Bullshit

A round up of conservative reaction to AOC

Brett Kavanaugh Once Argued That a Sitting President Is Above the Law & that should be disqualifying

Collins And Murkowski Hedge Their Bets After Kavanaugh Announcement

Brexit : Fintan O'Toole: Britain has gone to huge trouble to humiliate itself

They're all out! Great news from Thailand.

Whomp Whomp! $80 Billion WV Petrochemical Deal W. China Craters On Corruption, Trade War

All rescued???

He was a 'predator': BBC reveals more evidence that Trump is a giant, gross perv

That Carbon Dividend Plan? It Would End Liability For Energy Cos, Regulatory Authority Over GHGs

BREAKING: All 12 Thai boys rescued

Dog takes "wait 30 minutes after eating" rule seriously.

Arkansas, 2016: 60.6% voted Trump. Arkansas, 2018: "Thousands fear losing their Medicaid benefits"

Thailand rescue - Good thing they have Universal Health Care!

Former Saipan senator "Kiyu" implicated as 'big boss' of prostitution ring

Kavanagh routinely violated federal rules while working for Ken Starr (leaking leaker)

Seth Grossman (republican candidate for NJ-2) is a racist and xenophobe. DROP OUT!

Still waiting for the list of Brett Kanvanaugh's

.....and in the USA, Day 92.....................and counting....................

San Bernadino Racist Prosecutor Suspended....

Two college students from Saudi Arabia drown while trying to rescue children

We Can't Live With These Evil MAGATS. There Is No Way One Can Have Civil Relationships.

Eleanor Clift: Will Obama Ever 'Fess Up to His Merrick Garland Mess?

California Prosecutor Suspended After Vile Attack On Maxine Waters

Vast Majority of Trump's Claims at Rally Were False

Let us remember Saman Gunan.

What? Morning Joe loves this pick!

All 12 Boys And Their Coach Are Rescued From Thai Cave, After 2 Weeks

Former Putin adviser has secret investment in US energy firm praised by Trump

Yale law professor makes liberal's case for Kavanaugh

NBC: Justice Kennedy & Trump were in negotiations for months re. Kavanaugh pick to replace

Susan Collins Has Been a Very Reliable 'Yes' Vote

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy agreed to retire if Trump promised Kavanagh

'America: appreciate your allies. After all you don't have that many'- EU Council Pres. Donald Tusk

100-year-old environmental law at center of lawsuit against Trump administration

GOPPERS Losing Their Health Care Deserve Their Fate. Rest Of Us Don't

As He Leaves for Belgium, Trump Takes One More Shot at NATO Over Money

Question: How much of the rise of Brexit had to do with Russian meddling?


TODAY is the Deadline for reunification of children under FIVE...hello media, anyone home?

How is this any different than the tarmac meeting?

The Rundown: July 9, 2018

Giuliani works for foreign clients while serving as Trump's attorney

The 10 Best Comics of 2018 So Far

'Statehood, independence only way to avoid constitution being trampled'

Rick Santorum on Kavanaugh Nomination: Trump 'Bowed to the Elite in Washington'

Entergy Under Fire For Pocketing Maintenance Funds, Hiring Actors For Hearings, Renewable Faceplant

Japan floods: 141 killed after torrential rain and landslides

Morning Joe slams Republicans for surrendering to Putin in exchange for tax cuts and conservative...

interesting, to me

We Are The Character In "Clockwork Orange" Forced To View Evil Ad Infinitum

since the gene pool

The 10 Commandments in the time of Trump...

CNN panel appalled by Trump's 'jaw-dropping' declaration; meeting Putin will be easier...

since the amerikan gene pool

10 Billion Tons Of Ice From Greenland's Helheim Glacier Drop Into The Sea In 30 Minutes - Video

Driver of F**k Trump pickup arrested for resisting arrest in Sugar Land

Republicans intentionally destroy EVERYTHING they touch. 2000 to 2018

I've read that the famous AK47 is a "spray" gun: cheap to make, simple to operate

Kavanaugh could drastically shift the court to the right. The Senate should take care. - WaPo Edit.

Goodby Birth Control. Kavanaugh Is Catholic. Catholics Prohibit Any Form Of BC.

There's So Much You Don't Know About Brett Kavanaugh - by the NYT Editorial Board

So, Kennedy was in cahoots with Trumpass to appoint Kavanaugh??

Trump Will Destroy The European Union & NATO. Side With Putin.

Who's kidding who?

Mitch McConnell to Democrats. ......"Treat Trump's Supreme Court pick FAIRLY".....

How a private meeting with Kennedy helped Trump get to 'yes' on Kavanaugh

Right-Wing Media Dishonesty Hits New Low

Unhinged Trump Spends Weekend Tweeting About Hillary's Emails

George Clooney reportedly hurt in motorcycle crash in Italy

Kennedy was 'negotiating' with Donnie while major SC case was pending (Trump v Hawaii)

Swiss file WTO case against Trump tariffs

EU Chief Hits Back at Trump: 'Appreciate Your Allies, You Don't Have Many'

Ethics? naw....Rudy Giuliani advises foreign clients while working for Trump

Another story about Dear Leader that I heard from a friend who now lives in DC.

A nondescript dirt parking lot

BMW to shift some SUV production overseas in response to tariffs

Don't you hate it when people answer their own questions?

This morning trump said working with putin will be easier than meeting with NATO

Fingerprint of ancient abrupt climate change (Younger Dryas) found in Arctic

Sinclair forces local news stations to air "must-runs" featuring former Trump aide Boris Epshteyn

New Sacha Baron Cohen TV series, "Who is America," takes aim at Trump, Cheney, others

Just another battle in the "cultural revolution"...

A few tweets from Guy Verhofstadt, Former Belgium PM

Is Trump a Perversion or an Extension of what the United States really is?

ASG and Amata argue they "should thus be allowed to intervene"

Near death, seeing dead people may be neither rare nor eerie

Near death, seeing dead people may be neither rare nor eerie

Jordan Hires 'Crisis' Firm In Sex Abuse Scandal

Guam Speaker's cost-cut plan draws mixed reactions

Georgia GOP governor candiates trying to out-crazy each other

Happy National Pina Colada 🍹 Day!

Trump Must Be Fuming at Being Upstaged by Thai Children

Investigate Kennedy now, he sold his SC vote to Trump in order to name Kavanaugh!

Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's Supreme Court pick, has sided with broad views of presidential powers

Trump: "I actually do have a little gift for him, you'll find out what that gift is when I give it."

I really wanted to see Ringo Starr

Donald Tusk tweet to Trump . It's priceless ! Tusk is the President of EU Council

White House does not dispute report that Trump struck a secret, corrupt deal with Justice Kennedy

DOD Says It Won't Foot Bill For Housing Detained Immigrant Families On Bases

Rudy: London's mayor should be "ashamed" for allowing Baby Trump Blimp

Secret tape recordings rock Georgia governor race

Joint EU-NATO declaration

House Ratings Changes: 10 Districts Move, Mostly in Democrats' Direction

Trump: "I have the UK, I have NATO, and I have Putin. Putin may be the easiest of them all."

Tesla Plans China Plant With 500,000 Vehicle Capacity

Trump: Solution to reuniting immigrant families is 'don't come to our country illegally'

Trump: Still unable to reunite 50 children with their parents, with no tricky cave rescues required

Japan floods: 155 killed after torrential rain and landslides

Woman who confronted Pruitt at restaurant: Conservatives want 'civility' because their stances are..

In 2011, Giuliani was a paid lobbyist for terrorists. And the investigation was never finished.

Pic Of The Moment: Mitch McConnell On SCOTUS Pick

Faith Healer Parents Plead Guilty in the Death of Baby After They Chose Prayer Over Medical Help

David Corn: "If it is true that Kennedy negotiated the Kavanaugh pick with Trump..."

Man arrested after harassing woman as un-American for wearing Puerto Rico flag shirt

We, the People, are caught in a political Ponzi scheme of horrific magnitude and consequences.

Another former OSU wrestler says Jim Jordan knew about alleged abuse

Maybe Trump was correct?

"I remember saying (to Jordan) 'Strauss held my balls longer than normal.' He just snickered"

It should be apparent now that the right doesn't think things through

That the SCOTUS seat was bargained for so as to have it filled prior to the midterm elections is

Malcolm Nance: We're 'on the Cusp' of 'Losing the American Constitutional

Can Andy Byford Save the Subways?

Old journals still inaccessible

U.S. Embassy Tells Americans in London: 'Keep a Low Profile' for Trump Visit

Potus issues full pardons for Bundy/compound ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond

Trump confirms he plans to give Kim Jong Un a copy of 'Rocket Man' CD

So let me get this straight...

Stockton, California to give $500 in basic income to some residents

Smucker is saying goodbye to Pillsbury and its doughboy

Michael Flynn is in DC this morning at the Prettyman Courthouse

Trump pardons ranchers in case that inspired 2016 occupation of national wildlife refuge in Oregon

Pardons and lies! Oh my!

How Buddhist meditation kept the Thai boys calm in the cave

Rodney Howard-Browne Saved America By Issuing A 'Restraining Order' To The Antichrist

Cat interrupts interview

Immigration could be a fatal Achilles heel for Progressives in 2018

deGrasse Tyson: Trump's 'Space Force' not a weird idea

When we hear his bombastic lines of bull...

Conway snaps at Fox anchor for grilling her about Trump cowering from Putin on election meddling

Attention Freedom Lovers: Vote while you can still enjoy the privilege.

White House spokesman squirms when questioned about Trump-Kennedy deal for Kavanaugh

It's Not The 70s, Not Even 2014 - Major Green Group Endorsements Of GOP Candidates In 2018 - Zero

Whoops! NASA burned best evidence for life on Mars 40 years ago

Job openings (6.6 million) edge down; hires and separations little changed in May

Jimmy Kimmel responds to Trump's attack at rally: 'That never happened'

After unsuccessful talks regarding "fair prices", Chavismo decides that it wants 70% of everything

FUCK Trump

Game Show pResident

Dersch on The View, *giddy* - "I'm a fan of all of you, feel like I'm at home" - boosting KAVANAUGH

After Stealing SCOTUS Seat, GOP Blasts Dems for Partisan Opposition to Kavanaugh

phew. update on my son.

McConnell leaves Kentucky dinner amid more heckling over ICE

McConnell leaves Kentucky dinner amid more heckling over ICE

That Roe v. Wade movie filming in New Orleans just got more controversial

Stick to sports? Cardinals' support of Supreme Court nominee shows NFL's hypocrisy

The GOP is clearly willing to do anything to stay in power

Death Toll In Japan Floods Reaches More Than 155, With Dozens Still Missing

So trump issues full pardons to those who started the Bundy armed takeover of government

Wimbledon. Spoiler

White House doesn't deny report Trump made secret deal with Kennedy over retirement, replacement

Cook Political updated House ratings (8 +D, 2 +R)

BBC runs story days before presidential visit on whether Trump is 'sex pest'

Marine General Made His Aide Do His Laundry, Pick Up His Meals

They just get crazier and crazier...

Hell of a Finish

How The Mueller Probe Could Derail Kavanaugh's Confirmation

Southwest Airlines will stop serving peanuts; allergy concerns

AZ Abortion Ban still on the books

South Sudan government atrocities may constitute war crimes, UN says

Breaking News! Ronaldo to Juventus

Jimmy Kimmel talks about drumpf lies

Judge boots Green Party from Montana ballot in boost to Tester

Who do I ask about KGB agents posting here?

The man who would destroy the republic

O Lord please dont let anything bad happen to the Trumpster on his trip

WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR MOVIE REVIEW - Best documentary of the year?

The Hungry To Leave Power Games: Scott Pruitt --stephen Colbert

Statue of liberty in Pakistan

more children moved out

Kavanaugh's Record Doesn't Bode Well for Voting Rights

Found this on FB

Stephen Colbert Monologue 9/7/18: A Supreme Disappointment July 9, 2018

take Donald Trump's outrageous utterances "with a grain of salt" says chair of Republicans Overseas

NJ Republican Congressional candidate Loses Endorsement

Neighbors call cops on 12-year-old black kid for delivering newspapers

Trump's Brain Instrument Is On The Fritz Again

Autocrat Pardons Anarchists

So, apparently it's Kavanaugh's opinion that Trump could murder anybody he chooses in broad daylight

Manafort's packin his bag - don't forget your toothbrush, TRAITOR


You have to give Donald Trump some amount of credit here

I am so sick of hearing elections have consequences.

Wherein the US Embassy in London advises Americans to "keep a low profile"

Neighbors call cops on 12-year-old black kid for delivering newspapers

in response to all the people calling cops on people breathing while black, etc., do you think we

Why does Spanky always look like he's seating a toilet when sitting down?


@SenSanders speaking on Capital Hill in response to our offer to the admin. to pay $20m bail ...

Expected Trump Speech to NATO

Pub Owner's Response To A Dad Asking If His Disabled Son Can Enter Is Incredibly Heartwarming

They don't give a shit if millions demonstrate,

Service kitty:

In response to the trolls re Brett Kavanaugh not being so bad

Legal Experts Furious Over Trump Pardon of Arsonists Whose Actions Sparked Occupation of Federal...

I have to ask...

Stronger west winds blow ill wind for climate change

long fuse: 'The Population Bomb' is still ticking 50 years after its publication

Watch: White House Spox Refuses to Deny There Was a Corrupt Deal to Place Kavanaugh on Supreme Court

Global quadrupling of cooling appliances to 14 billion by 2050

Avenatti files to have Bechard complaint unsealed.

It wouldn't be a surprise if by the end....

Slow down, ya move too fast

Thunderstorms, Hail Possible Tuesday In Parts Of Hudson Valley

Rhode Island conservative Joe Trillo shipwrecked his yacht during a campaign stunt

Make these calls!

Ingenious millennial anti-theft device

Virginia GOP asks Supreme Court to delay redistricting deadline: report

Kavanaugh was on the legal team that helped stop the 2000 Florida recount

Trump's desperation reached the point where he had to retweet a "deplorable Scottish" !

In Conversation: Elizabeth Warren and Robert Reich

NFL players union files grievance challenging national anthem policy

Trump Refuses to Call Putin a Foe: 'I Really Can't Say Right Now'

Rocked with tariffs: Volvo may cancel 4,000 worker job expansion in Trump-friendly South Carolina...

FRONTLINE: Trump's Takeover {coming soon -- airs tonight on AL public television}

Calling Card

MT-SEN: Judge orders Green Party dropped from ballot

Is Collin Peterson at risk?

DOJ Threatens More Migrant Family Separations After Judge's Scathing Ruling

When will we know what Flynn's sentence is?

Is this a real picture?

The hard right is now in charge of the US Supreme Court

Reddit has a handy, one-stop-shopping subreddit for info about the midterms

Baby chicken rescue:

When away from home, what do you miss most about your own house?

Freepers don't seem to be overly joyed by the pick of Kavanaugh

W.Post Article states that most Trump Voters were not

I just got invited for jury duty (as has happened many times before), but

Gotta love millenials!

It's not going to stop being done

'7 Up' UK documentary series about to start filming its 9th edition

Kavanaugh starts off as a liar and an ass kisser

Sounds like Trump's Admin kidnapped a child who is an American citizen.

Have any of you seen CRTV you tube?

Michael Avenatti to join anti-Trump protest march in London: 'The cause is a global one'


Jim Jordan gets support from Steve Scalise, House majority whip

Breastfeeding, Known Scientific, Medical Benefits; UN Resolution, US Votes No

NYU Scientists Capture 4-mile Iceberg Breaking in Greenland

The Fast and Furious Michael Avenatt

I believe Elizabeth Warren is the best option for 2020.

Comic-Snips: Adamantium

The Finlandization of the United States

I'm a proud Belgian tonight. No King nor PM to welcome Trump... Not even the Foreign Minister !

Yokohama fires 5% of West Point workforce over counterfeit training certificates

German word order -verb last--2 theological comments, 1 business comment

I've been considering the possibility of Russ Feingold in 2020.

White House list of 34 quotes from people praising Kavanaugh, broken down by gender

Loser has to take Trump out to dinner

World Cup Semi-final game - I was ambivalent at first, don't know enough...

The government says if any of the children were granted asylum but their parents were deported,

Talk about a time warp - a door to door Kirby Vacuum salesman just knocked at my door

GOP Senators Tell Contradictory Stories About Moscow Trip

Don't you think Kavanaugh is the son Trump wishes he had????

Judge orders Manafort be moved to jail closer to DC

Protesters Confront Ivanka on Family Separations

HHS: By end of day, 38 migrant children will be reunited with parents

First look: Dems crush GOP in party registration

Kentucky big winner in Department of Labor grant awards

My "WTF?" of the day, "Christian" lunacy department...

It's OK to be "down" about the putrid politics we are forced to endure. But, please remember

I am old enough to remember "Impeach Earl Warren"signs

Two Bengal kittens saved in Maine after drunken woman repeatedly tosses them in pond

France to go to the final.

Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Are Starving and Disappearing.

Trump's Office of Refugee Resettlement Is Budgeting for a Surge in Child Separations

Happy 10th Anniversary, the iOS App Store

SPELL TO BIND tRump tonight 9:00 EST, 12:00 PST

Australia takes advice of far-right 'strong borders' advocate, kicks her out

The Greatest 'Unusual Articles' From Wikipedia

Schumer: Senate "quietly pushing a vote on Brian Benczkowski to head the DOJ Criminal Division..."

Speaking of vacuums, I think I'll get rid of mine. It's just

"Trump Is Too Chickenshit to Fire Kelly Himself": With Bill Shine Producing His West Wing Reality...

Washington Post Issues Correction After Falling For Clickhole Article on Green Day's 'American Idiot

World Cup - Delish

Seth Rich's Parents Release Statement As Conspiracy Theorists Stage Event on Anniversary of Murder

I can't believe I'm agreeing with the Turtle

GoFundMe account started for beaten 92-year-old grandfather

The Feds Are Locking Up Immigrant Kids--Who Have Committed No Crimes--In Juvie

(Jewish Group) California Democratic Candidate Praised Farrakhan On Facebook

(Jewish Group) The Inconvenient Truth About Jews From Arab Lands

Amber Alert

Before Smashing Pumpkins there was The Animals

Is it true? Does GOP now mean 'Government of Putin'?

Former Farmington Town Councilman arrested for harassment

Updated Manafort Scorecard

Golly, gee. Why do we keep losing?

You know what TRUMP will get in England, at least I hope? IGNORED, because football's coming home!

Social media campaign puts Green Day's "American Idiot" back on UK charts prior to Trump visit

Trump Brags About Supreme Court Pick Brett Kavanaugh

Florida and the Puerto Rican Vote

Doobie Brothers "Taking it to the Streets."

U.S. Embassy in London warns Americans to keep a low profile during Trump's visit

🐦 July 15 at 1PM - GOTV Rally with John Fetterman and Bernie Sanders - Pittsburgh

Sarah Palin says she was duped into interview with Sacha Baron Cohen

Putin must be smiling now:

Trump Is Training His Base to Hate NATO and Like Putin

Coming Soon to a Grocery Near You

Who wants to go Viking

Judge will not extend deadlines for Trump administration to reunite families

🐦 July 15 - Sen. Sanders - American Federation of Teachers Conference - Pittsburgh

Israeli, Saudi, Emirati Officials Privately Pushed for Trump to Strike a "Grand Bargain" with Putin

Tom Petty guitar being auctioned on July 21, proceeds going to homeless and animal rescue charities

Speculation (part 17)

There's no going back...

Funny how Don, Jr. doesn't recall talking to Agalarov before Trump Tower meeting.

Get ready, Angela...

Senate Dems Rally To Save Women's Reproductive Rights & Vital Health Care Protections

Senator to Parkland teens: Kavanaugh 'is your worst nightmare' on guns

Mike Pence's lips are know what that means

Trump hits combative notes as he undermines May, praises Putin ahead of NATO summit

Republican Congressman Unveils Authoritarian Nightmare Bill Targeting Antifa

'This rally in stocks is a last hurrah!' warns Guggenheim's Minerd

Senators Key To Kavanaugh's Confirmation Keeping An 'Open Mind'

Trump Admin Dragging Feet On Reunification. No Intention Of Reuniting Families.

Stormy Daniels' Strip Club Act Bookends Trump's Court Reveal

An Exec Order..about Administrative Law Judges

Seems legit

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 11 July 2018

This Is the America White People Wished For. This Is the America White People Want

Nicole Maines, whose family won a Maine court case over transgender rights, will star in vampire fli

Luckovich-Four Feet Further to the Right

George Stephanopoulos interview with Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, who was behind Trump Tower mtg.

Collins and Murkowski signal comfort with Kavanaugh

White House doesn't deny report Trump made secret deal with Kennedy over retirement, replacement

White House doesn't deny report Trump made secret deal with Kennedy over retirement, replacement

Thai Cave successful rescue Operation for 12 boys and Coach

Just read story of 12 yr old boy delivering newspapers and white people called 911.

Liberal supreme court justices Ginsberg, Breyer, Sotomeyer, and Kagan replaced liberal justices.

teevee hook up question

Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh as 'barrier' to Russia inquiry - Schumer

Just a question I still can't get an answer to...why did Trump commute the sentences of those two?

Giuliani works for foreign clients while serving as Trump's attorney

Trump-Nato summit: EU's Tusk warns president to appreciate allies

HHS Czar Azar on CNN: Chasing Trump's Lying Record

The agony of defeat/The joy of victory

Mike Flynn joining lobbying firm after pleading guilty in Russia probe

If Trump meets Putin alone without a chaperone, we're the ones who'll get screwed. nt

Looks like Hurricane Chris will follow Don the Con across the pond

My, my, my !!! The video of the greatest "welcoming" ever !!!

Conor Lamb campaign volunteers will be registering voters

Trump's Supreme Court pick: ISPs have 1st Amendment right to block websites

Dersh said Trump could give AK back to Russia, be impeached, and SCOTUS could return him to office

There is no scenario in the Ohio State abuse scandal where Jim Jordan isn't a terrible leader

Man, this country is in chaos!

Neo-Nazi propaganda, anti-immigration signs left in Little Free Libraries

Charles P. Pierce: Someone Should Go to Jail for This

Police: Boy shoots his wrist with mom's gun as she drives

I have an idea about the Kavanaugh confirmation.

It's Mueller time?

British protesters want Green Day's "American Idiot" to top the charts for Trump's visit

DOJ Would Not Enforce Contempt Order By Judge Ordering Reunification. Don't Ya Think.

For All We Know Trump Would Turn Those European Socialists Over To Putin.

Fortunato in the Catacomb

Report blasts Georgia solitary confinement as 'draconian'

Pardons? Go for it.

Bill would release records from civil-rights cold cases

Trump administration threatens China with $200 billion in additional tariffs

Tweety: "Coat open, wide open. Tie ridiculously low below the belt. Is this part of his swagger?"

Ex-Panama President Martinelli hospitalized before hearing

Just a thought

A Press Conference About The Seth Rich Murder Went Even Worse Than You'd Expect

Tonight on @allinwithchris I'm wearing a double meaning #JillsPin. It's for the whale of a problem A

Brazil court inundated with habeas corpus requests for Lula

PBS Frontline: Trump takeover

Pill Withdrawal

Watching Salvation