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820 Children Under 6 in Public Housing Have High Lead Levels, City Says

Good ol' New York Times eggs on a Democratic civil war ahead of the midterms.

LeBron James signs with Lakers, report says

60 Minutes on the border

60 Minutes on the border

Leaked Trump bill would abandon key WTO rules: Axios

Lebron James now a L.A. Laker n/t

"[L]et's blast #CadetBoneSpurs into outer space."

See you in jail.

"Families Belong Together" - Montgomery AL

Canada's Governor General, Julie Payette, on stage for Canada Day, just got a cell phone call

So has Lopez Obrador won the election in Mexico?

Maine doctor announces likely challenge against Susan Collins in 2020

We are now the enemy

Remember this:


North East Cities currently being slapped with 100 degree

Chavista boss "sports shoes" cost $800, while Venezuelans eat garbage, slowly starve.

Stabbing Suspect Attacked Victims During A 3-Year-Old's Birthday Party

Trump: "I hope the other side realizes..."


NYT Charles Blow "Trump's Rage Junkies"

Natural-Build Tiny House For Family With Separate Office and Kids Bedroom

The great firewall of China: Xi Jinping's internet shutdown

Brexit biggest campaign donor investigated by National Crime Agency (G. Br.)

Trump seems extra cocky these last few days.

Ominous* tweet from Michael Cohen

Mexico elects left-leaning populist as president to chart a new course

More electrical failure in Venezuela. But this time it is blamed on rains... during a drought!

Mexico elects left-leaning populist as president to chart a new course

Rep. Priscilla Giddings (R ID) shows she's a monster just like the rest of the GOP

if you're a camper, support Camping World:

Yelp becomes weapon in online political war

Kam Chancellor announces retirement from football

As Bolton Says North Korea Could Disarm in a Year, Reality Lags Promises

U.S. has plan to dismantle North Korea nuclear program in year, Bolton says

States act on their own to fill holes Washington is knocking in Affordable Care Act

Pollsters: Dems will take back House

So I'm reading the next things SHitler will yank the US out of is NATO and the WTO.

How to fix an election....on MSNBC now.....

WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? - Official Trailer [HD]

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a real Progressive wins Mexican Presidency

Heading into Putin meeting, Trump again bashes allies and avoids election-meddling issue

Alex Jones tweets that Dems are planning a Civil War on July 4, hilarity ensues

'Gaming disorder' is only a symptom of a much larger problem

Draft admin proposal would allow Trump to ignore key WTO principles

Wouldn't it be embarrassing if it was a crime to oppose Trump and your case

Watching United Shades on CNN. About Hawaii.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver up. HBO

Bolton: Trump may recognize Crimea as part of Russia

Great sign tweet:

NY mag,: The other Russia collusion scandal is breaking wide open

Believe it or not, this campaign activity actually works.

Is there a moment when a fanatical leader can be stopped before he takes a nation into the abyss?

Controversial Philippines mayor shot dead by sniper

Avenatti has a new client.

California man charged in stabbing attack on refugee families in Idaho

Mexico City elects first-ever Jewish mayor, exit poll shows

Well advised

Question about July 4th on a Wednesday... is this normal?

Should the GOP actually WANT to delay SCOTUS hearings until after the election?

This is what trump and miller's immigration policy really looks like...

This is an interesting article about SCOTUS.


Double Bass'in

Democrats and supposed left vs right tensions

Sarah Silverman tweet:

Gabriel Faure: "Impromptu" for Harp in D flat major-Catrin Finch, harp/Georgs Pelecis:


Meet the Economist Behind the One Percent's Stealth Takeover of America...

American companies have never owed this much

Email I got: Clickbait spam, but it is a perfect example of antonyms...

Did you hear the name of the Act that Trump proposes?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Gene Editing

Seal Island, Maine: Atlantic Puffin Burrow Webcam


NYT: Trump embodies REAL American family values.

Biden joins Maryland Democrats to rally behind Ben Jealous' campaign for governor

'Thank you to the thousands of people turning out today to protest Trump's cruel policy ... '

'Thank you to the city of Newport for the kind invitation and warm reception.'

Video: Newport Vermont Centennial Parade

Newport Vermont Centennial Parade

Trump Has Lied And Twisted Facts To Justify His Harsh Immigration FACT-CHECK...

The Unknown Soldier

A way of monetizing poor people': How private equity firms make money offering loans to cash-strappe

The 4th of July is hell.

A cretin who is attacking the FBI, DOJ and

Twitter Will Show Who Pays for Ads and How Much They Spend

A bad week for Democrats gives rise to a big problem: Outrage could become an obstacle in midterms

Crash and burn. Watch Japanese entrepreneur's unmanned rocket launch end in a huge fireball

The boog and digging

I would get spitting mad at Reagan and his gang. But that never persuaded anyone.

Mike Pence : don't forget about me, I'm an...

Charlottesville judge awards Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler $5 for activist cursing at him

Michael Cohen says family and country, not President Trump, is his 'first loyalty'

Have you changed your position on impeachment?

New budget year brings boost in Florida spending

Is Trump using ICE as his own "personal army"?

Scoop: Trump may hold Round 2 with Kim Jong-un in NYC

Monday TOONs - 2018 BC Edition

Give us equal time when trump goes around the country lying?

Need a little humor to start your week? Read some of the replies to this tweet.



Satellite Images Show North Korea Is Expanding a Missile-Manufacturing Plant, a Report Finds

When Trump makes a point, ...

Exclusive: Largest U.S. business group attacks Trump on tariffs

Amlo's victory speech crowd size???

Top GOP Fundraiser - Elliott Broidy, to Stop Hush Payments to Playboy centerfold

Joy Reid shares some of Trump's greatest moments of civility where he is not inciting violence

These threads

How to End the Judicial Confirmation Wars

Take Your Pick - or Pick All

He's the President - There's nothing anyone can do...

Migrant daughter doesn't want to let go after finally being reunited with her mother after 60 days

I suspect some of the toads here in my neighborhood are really stupid

I never said that! High-tech deception of 'deepfake' videos

Trump Privately Grumbled That 'Fake News' Would Blame Him for Annapolis Newsroom Shooting

Senator Collins will not back anti-abortion Supreme Court nominee

When Does the American Government Become the Trump Regime?

Ivanka 'Feels The Trumps Are The US Equivalent Of UK's Royal Family, And She Wanted Her 'Princess Mo

Anthony Kennedy, You Are a Total Disgrace to America

Focus on 2018, because if we allow ourselves to fly off the handle at every nuance or utterence some

Trump's Newsprint Tariff Is a Tax on America's Free Press

Trump Judicial Pick Who Blogged Favorably About the KKK Had to Withdraw. Now He's at the Justice Dep

The Army Finally Honors 10 Vietnam Veterans After A Half-Century Spent Unrecognized

Trump Stands Firm as Tariffs Kick In

Police Seize Bright Orange Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills

Trump Congratulates Leftist President-Elect of Mexico: 'There is Much to be Done'

Cartoon: Civility! by: Tom Tomorrow

I discovered THE ANSWER to what's gone wrong for the past three years!!!!

UPDATE 1-US Commerce chief Ross says 'premature' to talk WTO withdrawal -CNBC

EU warns U.S. of major hit if car tariffs imposed

Trump says Saudis must compensate for drop in Iran oil supply

Scoop: Trump may hold Round 2 with Kim Jong-un in NYC

Holy Effin' Shite - the US Chamber of Commerce has finally

Trumps incompetence is starting to take hold, the world is starting to turn away from him.

Legal experts say Mueller team likely gained access to NRA tax filings: report

Trump congratulates Mexico's new president

Authorities Foil Planned Fourth of July Attack in Cleveland, FBI Says

The Rundown: June 29, 2018

Scarborough: Trump Was Lying About North Korea Nuclear Threat and Now We Have Proof

Deadpool Artist Ty "Bong" Dazo Passes Away

Ocasio-Cortez discusses 'Democratic Socialist' label

Bolton downplays North Korea weapons report

In Recent Drug Bust, Indiana Police Seized Ecstasy Pills Shaped Like Donald Trump

Immigration storm bears down on Republicans


This is what you call a slow day in oppo research (pathetic Ocasio-Cortez hit piece)

Behind the secret U.S. war in Africa

"It was miraculous."

DOJ Tries to Blame CNN For Losing AT&T Merger Case

Help, I need a pep talk.

When Trump talked to Xi Jinping

No water in major VZ cities. People resort to rain water collected in streets.

On this day in 1964.....

Broidy Breaks Off Hush Money Payments, Claims Breach Of Contract


Treat each day as your last;

Woman met man on 'Farmers Only', then killed him

'Or Whatever': Trump Officials' Nonchalance On Family Separations

About this 'Civil War' Alex Jones reported Democrats be launching on July 4

The Daily 202: One Republican senator has the power to defeat Trump's Supreme Court nominee

No, Mr. Trump. Not everyone who bought a Harley voted for you.

American woman posing with dead 'rare' giraffe she shot in South Africa sparks outrage

Michelle Wolf's Mind Your Manners: "HEY TIFFANY!"

Google Is Building a City of the Future in Toronto. Would Anyone Want to Live There?

Anthony Kennedy, You Are a Total Disgrace to America

Looking for recommendations

***BREAKING*** CNN - Michael Cohen, long Trump time fixer, to sing

Trump administration set to abandon fundamental WTO rules after devising bill called FART Act

Elizabeth Warren welcomes a new member of the family:

Small and volatile samples but Trump is cratering among African Americans & Hispanics

Democratic Apathy Edition for July 2: "Massive' turnout increase in California primary.

Joni Ernst's script for SCOTUS appointment arrived last week. She's onboard. duh!!

What's this I hear about the thug president using his cult followers to threaten his opponents ?

OMG! WATCH: Raging Maryland priest boots grieving black family out of funeral for chalice mishap -- t

Florida private schools' curriculum downplays slavery, says humans and dinosaurs lived together

Michael Avenatti coming up on MSNBC.

Tweety ain't got nothing on me! . . . Please come CAPTION Michael Cohen!!!

James Comey Condemns NRA in New Interview: 'It Sells Fear in the Wake' of Mass Shootings

Hard work has a future payoff, but laziness pays off now

Mueller or Avenatti: Who would you pick as your lawyer?

Keep the focus on Trump's cruelty and incompetence

The view from our living room has taken on a disgusting aspect.

Regarding Crimea & Ukraine: there is an area of deep south Texas,

Some wars are worse than others

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Weekend (Civility Edition)

Happy 84th birthday, Dionysius P. A. O'Brien, aka Dion O'Brien, aka Tom Springfield.

Master negotiator? MASTER NEGOTIATOR??? Is that what he calls himself? REALLY?

Bad News: Priest Throws Mourning Family out of Funeral Service

Who wants some potentially good news?

Federal judge says students have no right to literacy, dismisses lawsuit

Every time I hear it read out loud, it gets me, every time.

Trump isn't going to change his mind on trade even if the stock market keeps falling: Wilbur Ross

The Preamble of the Constitution of the United States

Hebrides Overture Felix Mendelssohn

OMG - This is what we're up against

Deplorable who yelled 'womp womp' and allegedly pulled gun on protesters arrested

AP fact check: Trump's tax 'miracle,' immigration claims

I was watching a video clip of Trump's interview on Fox yesterday. He looks different.

Official Sidewalk Review

When Michelle Obama spoke going low and high she referred to how a family

Bevin cuts dental, vision benefits to nearly 500K Medicaid recipients

'Hero' dog bitten by rattlesnake while protecting owner

Democracy requires a connection to the "will of the people

Had your fill yet of half-assed Ocasio hot takes? No, you haven't...

I wonder how many idiots don't realize that this was the last weekend they would have all of

Definition of Democracy

Favorite TV game show?

Mcclatchydc: Russia probe likely got access to NRA tax filings, secret donors.

The Weirdest Statues of the American Presidents From the weirdly sexy to the outright terrifying

Missing Thai boys 'found alive' in caves

Anthony Kennedy, You Are a Total Disgrace to America

I think this whole Supreme Court thing was coordinated by McConnell to help twitler

"The first nominee on Trump's shortlist that Dems are going after by name..."

BTRTN: America Has Made Up Its Mind on Trump

BTRTN: America Has Made Up Its Mind on Trump

GOP: The Party of Sodomites


Golden retriever puppy saves owner from rattlesnake bite

It used to be guys like this were put in padded cells...

'I want to thank all the supporters, volunteers, and Vermonters who joined us Sat. in Waterbury ...

Delivering Amazon Packages to the Top of the World

Conversation between me and a friend who has devolved into a racist (VIDEO)

Chuck Schumer: Our Rights Hang in the Balance

Let's all go Viking

"Wow. I'm only 75% certain this is fake."

"He once defended the poor in court. Now he defends white supremacists."

Justin Trudeau 'does not remember' groping reporter at festival

'Really happening': Saudi women mark first day of driving with road trips and calls for wider change

The Effects of Medicaid Expansion

Mitch McConnell: Drug Warrior, CBD Champion?

A Common Virus May Play Role in Alzheimer's Disease, Study Finds

So anyway, 1.3 million of Cohen's files have just been turned over to the government:

Russia investigators likely got access to NRA's tax filings, secret donors

Started the application process for our long stay visas for France today.

"A way of monetizing poor people"

"Steam Powered Aereoplane"

John Dean: cohen is signaling prosecutors he is ready to talk.

Jicks Selection Of The Day - Troubbble

Please stop stepping on the rake Democratic Party.

Broidy stops payments to 'mistress'.

Michael Cohen breaks his silence: Trump isn't my "first loyalty"

Corker warns Trump against recognizing Crimea annexation

3 Black U.S. Senators Introduce Bill to Make Lynching a Federal Hate Crime

Michael Cohen just made a move that Michael Flynn made days before sealing a deal with Mueller, and

Human rights activist: Candidates on Trump's Supreme Court shortlist cannot be viewed as independent

Collins voices skepticism that new Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade

Harvey Weinstein facing additional felony sex charges

Oh, so THAT'S how Melanie got the cash to buy that nice jacket! Good to know!

Ron Paul tweets racist cartoon, faces backlash

News media paid Melania Trump thousands for use of photos in 'positive stories only'

Dominionist Prayer Warriors: Amy Coney Barrett Has 'Endorsement Of Heaven' For SCOTUS

In case you haven't been keeping up with Ron Paul lately...

When do you think the good news will start for us again?

Senators To DeVos On TEACH Grant Debacle: 'Urgent That These Mistakes Are Fixed'

Farm group: There's 'a lot of anxiety' over Trump tariffs

Listening to Thom Hartmann. Apparently Bernie Sanders got elected President of Mexico.

Why are we burying history?

News media paid Melania Trump thousands for use of photos in 'positive stories only'

Ever re-watch movies after a long time and find future stars in small roles?

Up to $5 a pop: Signature gatherers cash in on petitions

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Message to the Democratic Party

Rodan + Fields fires white woman charged with assaulting black teen at pool

We need some bold ideas to cut through the bullshit. One Idea I have is Amber Alert

EU warns Trump: Auto tariffs could lead to $300B retaliation

And whatever became of DU's official rap artist Chuggo?

Remember the days when you'd call for customer serivce....

Here is fish storm #6 for the 2018 Eastern Pacific Season - Hurricane Fabio

Immigration debate is a defining moment for Amazon, Microsoft and T-Mobile

These Trump Staffers -- Including an ex-NRA Lobbyist -- Left Their Financial Disclosure Forms Blank

Boy Scouts sever ties with leader facing child porn charges

Richmond panel urges removal of 1 Confederate monument

Lyft Follows Uber Into Bike-Sharing Lane, Buying Owner of CitiBike

June 28, 2018 Tennessee Valley Derecho (

Liberal group launches $5 million push against Trump's SCOTUS pick

Is it HOT enough out there?

It is possible that the Broidy pregnant GF story might be enough to take DT down.

Barbuda sees a comeback of national bird after Hurricane Irma

Human Rights Abuses in Terrorism Prosecutions

Dena Grayson thinks Cohen is already cooperating.

Water infrastructure maintenance in Caracas, Venezuela could total $110 billion

Massachusetts top court upholds 20-day voter registration cut-off

Outclassed. Again.

Rhode Island sues major oil companies over climate change

What's your favorite adjective for the orange asshole?

Potomac Falls High grad wins $40K advocacy scholarship

The woman Broidy paid to keep silent about abortion keeps tweeting about NARCISSISM.

Thailand cave rescue: Boys found alive after nine days inide

Number One July 2, 1962

Don't forget to drink plenty of fluids.

Bush Ethics Lawyer Richard Painter Calls For Investigation If Kennedy Was Paid To Resign

Trump's Ancestral Village Abounds With His Relatives. Few Will Admit It.

EU : 2 things to win trade war. It will simultaneously hurt the US economy and infuriate Trump

"Unless the Dems play constitutional hardball and get Collins or Murkowski to join them...."

Abolish Trump!!

Russian charged with Trump's ex-campaign chief is key figure

Poland's supreme court constitutional crisis approaches a standoff

World Cup - spoiler

Harvey Weinstein Faces New Sex Assault Charges in Manhattan

How Can A Song About A Coach And A Basketball Player Talking Be So Amazing?

Conyers III to run for Congress as independent

News orgs paid Melania Trump for photos to be used in 'positive coverage': report

Just once I want to see those bloody sheepherders

First-ever image of baby planet being formed gives astronomers "new window"

People have started calling Trump's draft bill to abandon world trade rules the 'FART Act'

A modest proposal to end the Republican Party

My new answering machine message

Capital Gazette received death threats, emails celebrating shooting after attack

Cat-Con around my rubbish bin this morning!

We Need Non stop Protests Against Trump--and Here Are 20 New Ways to Do It

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 2, 2018

Trump's big North Korea deal is already turning out to be a sham

Trump likes to see err power in his parades

What has Trump done to US you ask? - Poll: Record low say they are 'extremely proud' to be Americans

A rant: Transition Lenses

Buying my own modem?

Cutting The Cable

Trump's KKK nominee for fed judge had to resign - is now working for the Justice Dept.

What's Your Pickle Pleasure?

Fox News Suddenly Questions Michael Cohen's 'Credibility'

Trade Tensions Threaten Trump's Base

AP: Kilimnik played bigger role formulating pro-Russia strategy with Manafort than thought.

Trump's Ancestral Village Abounds With His Relatives. Few Will Admit It.

Surmounting Trump Derangement Syndrome

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Full court press (SCOTUS)

FBI nabs man it says planned July 4 attacks on Cleveland, Philadelphia

Damn good Aussie series on Netflix! 📺

Jewish Woman Becomes Mayor of Mexico City

American hunter's images of her black giraffe 'trophy kill' spark outrage

US meddling machine boasts of 'laying the groundwork for insurrection' in Nicaragua

Priest Calls Cops on Black Funeral-Goers, Tells Them to 'Get the Hell Out' of Church

From top to bottom, Trump's White House churns through staff: report

Gulf's deep-sea coral granted new protections by federal regulators

Rudolf Hess edited Mein Kampf!

'We'll Fix This': Some Americans Celebrated Canada Day By Apologizing For Trump

Size Matters Study Nipped ...

Trump profits off the presidency . . .

Cuban delegation robbed in Venezuela. 152,000 USD

CLAP committees in Venezuela will now be in charge of gas distribution

Short thread here on the soul of America

'No!' Dutch Prime Minister smacks down Trump in the Oval Office for saying that tariffs are positive

Private School for Rich Kids Announces Plans to Segregate Students By Race

The mysterious disappearance of the phrase "climate change" from a CDC website

Belgium 3 Japan 2

Calgary Stampede: Pride Day Stampede 2018 (previously Gay Day)

Lit by the ballet dancers of Bolshoi !!

Trump Interviews Four Supreme Court Candidates, Temporarily Reorganizing White House Staff to Push a

Speaking of fireworks💥!

'We agree to disagree with Hitler's invasion of Poland" -- Winston Churchill

Laurence Tribe makes a great point on abortion issue...

Republican Capitalists Smell the Danger of Trump's 'FART Act'

If someone throws something at tRump does the SS yell

Some Third-Party Email Apps Like Edison Let Employees Read User Emails

Trump plans one-on-one meeting with Putin

Donald Trump attacks Elizabeth Warren from his OFFICIAL @Whitehouse account

Obrador Hopes to Restore Mexican Sovereignty

First picture/video of Thai Soccer team found in cave

Robert Reich has a plan to defeat the can be done!

The Bernie Sanders of Mexico was just Elected President

Jim Bakker: A Packet Of My Coffee Will Get You A New Car When The End Times Come

Colombia's losing candidate claims systematic death threats to former campaigners

Buzzfeed: Senate inteligence committee in regular contact with Chris Steele!

Is Trump's MS-13 rabble rousing backfiring - or going just as planned?

Neil Young Archives Website will have a free live stream of his concert tomorrow night in Detroit

What are your plans for the Fourth of July?

Sarah Sanders warns Trump is after Canada: 'We've been very nice to Canada for many years, they've..

nutri-bullet, etc. anybody used these to change their diet? results? which brands?

85-year-old rabbi arrested while protesting outside immigration office

Speaking of Trump getting a girl pregnant and then paying for an abortion....

Dumb Republicans Compilation

Alabama Boy Scouts hurled racial slurs and threw rocks at Ethiopian troop member

Neolithic Roadway, Possibly a Ritual Site, Discovered in England

Trump has embraced the big-money donor world he once shunned

Official White House Twitter account used to viciously attack Kamala Harris

Man who made death threat against Sen. Rand Paul has been arrested, lawmaker says

It's as simple as that...

Trump & Walker Foxconn job creation scam. cost in tax subsidies $346,153 to 1,500,000 PER JOB!!

Russia investigators likely got access to NRA's tax filings, secret donors

Sanders: Trump 'didn't lie' when he tweeted he never supported immigration bill he urged Republicans

#MourningWhileBlack: Priest Calls Cops on Black Funeral-Goers, Tells Them to 'Get the Hell Out' of C

You think your sh*t don't stink? Viking sh*t don't stink ! (sorry, links to fb)

Anti-immigrant rhetoric: is it an echo of the 1930s?

BuzzFeed News has allegedly obtained Michael Cohen shredded docs:

Somewhere carved upon a tree ...

Fox news smears Cohen. He's not credible if he's willing to go against Trump.

Trump wants oil that the world doesn't have to give

Bob Hugin - GOP Senate Candidate for NJ (v. Menendez) - Intern Diversity (Well, sort of!)

Trump declines request to lower flags in memory of Capital Gazette shooting victims

Great twitter photo:

In Pointed Letters, Trump Demands More Defense Spending From NATO Allies

Trump's Tariffs Are Causing Cascading Layoffs in Missouri

Here Are The Documents Recovered From Michael Cohen's Shredder

#WeThePeople interviewed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2017

From the son of one of the journalists killed in Annapolis

Hillary Clinton-Meet the first 11 @OnwardTogether partner organizations.

Judge rules DHS must give asylum seekers individualized parole hearings

I found a gem : Trump G7 motorcade...

Panamanian monkeys have begun to pick up stones, use them as tools, enter their own mini Stone Age

Gov. Bevin Didn't Have Reason To Stop Protesters From Entering Statehouse, Attorney General Says

Juanita Jean- Dinesh D'Souza is the featured speaker for GOP fundraiser

Seattle becomes first major U.S. city to ban straws

Meet Alan Dershowitz. SHUNNED on Martha's Vineyard for defending Trump, a "discrimination victim"

The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words.

Brain stimulation decreases intent to commit physical, sexual assault

A winner of the "dirt bag of the year" goes to.......

We Might Finally Know What Smacked Uranus Sideways

They found the young football team and their coach alive in that cave

Dawn's latest orbit reveals dramatic new views of Occator crater

Lemur losses could threaten Madagascar's largest tree species

We should pass a constitutional amendment requiring US Senate confirmation vote on USSC nominees


Study: Future Teachers Are Already Biased Against Black Children

Luckovich-Toeing the Line

Wounded Students From Parkland School Shooting To Get $1.63M

Viking Archeological Site and Others Earn World Heritage Status

Are there active democratic political think-tanks working on long term strategies?

Trump's Delusions of Grandeur are now White House Policy

Merkel Reverses Long-Held Stance on Migrants in Bid to Save Her Government

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this meme I saw on twitter:

Hey Trump, you've got a message !

Court Orders Trump Admin To Give Asylum-Seekers Fair Parole Hearings

Kamala Harris smacks back!

Dogs just wanna have fun

Obama worried with foreign leaders about Trump. The president has proved them right.

Poor Alan Dershowitz

I'm a dog !

MS-13 is a product of the US prison system. It's an export of the US.

Fete the Fourth with Familar Falsehoods, a Flipping Fixer, and...the FART Act? (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Pruitt aides reveal new details of his spending and management at EPA

from Congressman John Delaney:

Racism Kept Connecticut's Beaches White Up Through the 1970s

Most CO US Senators have served no more than 2 terms

Dershowitz Mocked For Criticizing Anti-Trump 'McCarthyism' On Martha's Vineyard

Women workers take on MN restaurant lobby over tip penalty

Women workers take on MN restaurant lobby over tip penalty

My wife is always borrowing my shirts and sweaters...

Gallup: Record Low Percentage 'Extremely Proud' To Be American

Does Anyone Know Anything About Bamboo Bicycles....

Josephine Baker's speech at the 1963 March on Washington

US just doesn't care about children-'familyseparation', school shootings, cutting food stamps,,

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 3 July 2018

How much Does Trump Scare you?

Obamacare enrollment inches higher

Teacher, an American hero, confronts Pruitt and tells him he should resign

3-year-old birthday girl dies from injuries in Idaho stabbing

Charles Schwab Fined $2.8 Million Over Reporting Failures

2020 AZ US Senate Special Election.

GOOD NEWS: The Point, by Chris Cillizza and Saba Hamedy, CNN email

My guess for trumps SCOTUS choice

Under the new Fair And Reciprocal Tariffs Act, I understand France will ask