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Nigel Farage flies under radar to support Trump-backed Senate candidate

Renewable energy brings California emissions below 1990 levels

Trump Wants To Weaken *Coal Miner Protections As Black Lung* Makes A Comeback

FL-07: Justice Democrats endangering Democratic freshman in 50-50 seat.

Democratic progressives, and black Democrats. The problem.

Jonathan Pie: *Putin's America*

Concord Management, the company accused of funding Russia's Internet Research Agency, filed a motion

Trump wants govt to be run like in Middle Ages --3 main points

We have ONE opponent in the mid-terms. trump/gop, yes they are one.

For your consideration. Cori Bush - MO 01

NJ state lawmaker warns of 'sex toys and oils with marijuana' if recreational cannabis is legalized

Went to a Bredesen rally last night in Marsha Blackburn's home town

Trump privately frustrated over lack of progress with North Korea: report

NRA President Offered to Work With Accused Russian Spy's Group in Moscow

'Family Guy' to mock Trump and 'fake news' in upcoming episode

A second Trump-Putin meeting would be madness

If Dems could just pull in 3 to 5% more in rural areas we would be invincible

Smithfield Foods closes the only smokehouse making genuine Smithfield ham

Did you, or anyone you know, vote based on polling in 2016?

Adam Schiff: Trump is 'gravest threat to American democracy' he's ever seen

NE-SEN: New ad hits Deb Fischer where it hurts.

Rep Stephanie Murphy

How many musicians from this old clip can you identify?

Terminally ill dog gets free cheeseburgers for life at Burger King

ABC - FBI believed Trump campaign aide Carter Page was recruited by Russians

Currency War Threatens to Ripple Across Global Markets

If ghosts exist and billions of people occupy the earth currently,

The Carter Page FISA Application was released yesterday --

I looked up something and surprised myself about

OH-12: Danny O'Connor responds to Trump's attack.

Inflatable 'Trump Chicken' dressed like a prisoner to sail off coast of San Francisco

I'm going to tell you something you do know...

Here is where I say something to get you to watch a video of one of the most underated guitarists.

What Was Maria Butina Doing at the National Prayer Breakfast?

New Cuban parliament draws up constitutional changes as cabinet named

Why does John Kelly, a retired USMC general, participate in this shit

Trump Lines Up Powell as Scapegoat If Tax and Trade Moves Sour

Why hasn't Carter Page been indicted yet? Four times the FBI has renewed a FISA on him.

OR-GOV: New poll has Kate Brown tied with Republican opponent

So what damage was done? (Three Identical Strangers)

A thought: Could Melanie (sic) be a version of Maria Butina?

@FBI: In the Enemy's House: Venona (Counterintelligence)

A little help please about the periodic table and more.

Alabama sheriff who supported Roy Moore accused of sex with underage girls

Is Mitch LANDRIEU the one? Pro & con. He says no, pick BIDEN but never-say-never

Mueller probe targets Roger Stone with subpoena of 'Manhattan Madam'

COMIC CON 2018 ReZisters

Has anyone here noticed an increased amount of TCP and UDP port scanning attacks?

Are all natural born children American citizens?

Cohen dismisses as 'innuendo' report he questioned Trump's fitness as president

Mr. Trump - With All The Accusations Leveled At You - You Claim No Wrongdoing....

No cream. No sugar.

Trump's Tax Cut Hasn't Done Anything for Workers

Chicago detention facility under investigation following allegations of abuse of migrant children

Los Angeles Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold dies at 57

Garry Kasparov scary tweet on Trump:

Tonight's Moon!

Family, home still unfamiliar to Honduran baby

Trying to Flip the House, ZIP Code by ZIP Code

Schiff: Surveillance warrant docs show that Nunes memo 'misrepresented and distorted these applicati

Sorry Trump Humpers, No Matter How Hard You Try..

Memphistian's a little help please.

Tip of the iceberg.

Guess Who.."No Sugar"

ProPublica: In New York, Intolerance Has Become Routine, Says Human Rights Commission

This heat is killing me!!!

Republicans Have an Alger Hiss Problem Named Mariia

Reestablishing Democracy


Calling all Malcolm Nance fans!

A simplistic observation - but fascinating - from our trip to the dog park this afternoon

You know that joke I shared about Trump followers speaking Russian?

Soybean Farmers still Support Trump

Trump calls 'fake news' media 'the real enemy of the people'. He has it wrong.

The Band with the Staples Singers

Don't get above your raisin'

'Bach to Bach' Bach 😊 Mark Farago, Andras Schiff, Samuel Grodin play

G20 finance ministers meet in Argentina as trade dominates agenda

G20 finance ministers meet in Argentina as trade dominates agenda

The Sorites paradox (Trump's news cycle)

Pence, Bolton, Kelly confronted Trump in Oval Office about Russia comments

KS-03: Grandmother of transgendered child thanks Sharice Davids for standing up.

Cyril Scott: "Symphony No. 1"-I., II., III., IV., IV.-BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Brabbins conductor

The *blatancy* of Putin & Shitler, they can't win, what's their game?

Tabloid Company, Aiding Trump Campaign, May Have Crossed Line Into Politics (NYT)

Remember that time a German submarine shelled Massachusetts?

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Tom Gallagher, Foreign Service officer who quit to live as openly gay, dies at 77

I'd like to see a change as to which states lead off the primary.

Wabash Cannonball

#CloneWarsSaved: 'Star Wars' announces 'The Clone Wars' return with a new trailer

Michael Drejka (FL stand your ground killer) used racial slurs, threatened to kill black man before

Microsoft: Russian Hackers *Are* Targeting The Midterms

FBI releases Carter Page surveillance warrant documents

Governor candidate Bob Krist says state should spend more on Nebraska job training

"Conservative columnist: I would take Obama back in a nanosecond."

Nearly naked demonstrators at 72nd and Dodge Streets in Omaha draw police response

Debate over debates begins in Ricketts-Krist race for governor

Democrat challenging Sen. Deb Fischer releases TV ad

Nebraska niobium mine's quest to raise a billion dollars gets boost from Trump administration

Nazi propaganda found in several Little Free Libraries around Lincoln

Conservative singles have a sad bc evil, hateful, extremist liberals refuse to date them.

Joe Ricketts finishes expensive Nebraska religious retreat

Do you think he uses 1984 as his how to be a dictator instruction manual?

Gage County will appeal Beatrice 6 ruling to US Supreme Court

Trump Wants To Weaken *Coal Miner Protections As Black Lung* Makes A Comeback

Trump Wants To Weaken *Coal Miner Protections As Black Lung* Makes A Comeback

Trump Wants To Weaken *Coal Miner Protections As Black Lung* Makes A Comeback

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Summertime Squeeefest Edition

Omaha labor federation endorses Bob Krist's gubernatorial bid

Analysis: Original Leviticus only outlawed incestuous homosexuality. Non-incestuous was okay.

Anti-LGBTQ Activist Hotze Compares Drag Queen Storytime to Pedophilia, Calls on Houston to Ban It

China is waging a 'quiet kind of cold war' against US, top CIA expert says

The definition of unpatriotic gets to the heart of the contradiction that is America

Anybody else having trouble with MSNBC?

Monty Python tune tops funeral songs

Already fed a bottle to the Grandson

For Edna, Texas, Walmart Leaving Is A Turning Point

Too early for springsteen?

Chick-fil-A opening in Dallas' Oak Lawn gayborhood

Trump: Carter Page surveillance applications 'confirm' officials 'misled the courts'

I think ohiogal is correct

Fire Union Files Federal Free Speech Lawsuit Against San Antonio

Americans give Trump negative marks for Helsinki performance, poll finds

One woman's plan to keep her GOP husband from voting in midterms.

How Pete Sessions Lives the High Life on Corporate Donors' Dime

Will Cohen be a "Bud"?

Le Maire tells Trump to stop 'law of the jungle' trade war

'Brett was involved': Inside Supreme Court nominee's work for Bill Clinton probe

Trump Orders New Air Force One Planes to Be Built in San Antonio

'It's alarming on many, many levels': Clinton rips Trump over Putin summit

Dependent on trade, Mike Pence's hometown takes a hit due to Trump's tariffs

No, your Trump-is-gay-for-Putin jokes aren't funny

What to Make of the Carter Page FISA Applications

Exclusive: Accused Russian agent Butina met with U.S. Treasury, Fed officials

Eritrea appoints first ambassador to Ethiopia since 1998

Atlantic Ocean circulation is not collapsing - but as it shifts gears, global warming will ...

Same think tank that arranged this Treasury & Fed meet w/ Butina & Torshin also hosted the Mayflower

M. Night Shyamalan's epic sequel "Glass" is coming!

What percentage of Cable News has been about Don the Con

I was canvassed yesterday on Prop A (RTW)

RNC Largely Avoids Weighing In On Trump's Performance With Putin

He he, he thinks this is a win for him!

Iran's Rouhani warns Trump about 'mother of all wars'

Some hard truths for Trump Republicans:

What it's going to take to break the spell of Non-Trump legislators to part with him:

Leonard Pitts Jr: Democrats don't need a new slogan, they need a pair of brass, er, knuckles

Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Trump leaving lasting legacy throughout judiciary

WATCH: Trump voters defend president's botched Putin summit but admit 'he's an embarrassment'

Manila's 'Golden Gays' sing for their supper

What do you see?

Trump: "Carter Page was just the foot to surveil the Trump campaign. ILLEGAL!" Er...HUH?

The Heartbreak of Raising a Black Daughter in a Red State

Coming soon to America, if McConnell continues to stack courts

Elon Musk is a total fraud

Say YOU were Vladimir Putin, and you had masterminded an amazing plot to put your boy into the Oval

The FISA documents of Carter Page clearly shows

Trump: "So bad for our country" that "Fake News" is "disparaging" his "GREAT meeting with Putin"

IMO, A skill that will make a person free from automation, glass blower.

A story about my favorite hometown restaurant

Hillary Clinton talks Trump-Putin summit, immigration to cheering NYC crowd

Watching "Sunday Morning". half an hour in....I've seen 3 political advertisements.

I just read vets protest march

US Envoy To Russia Won't Resign -- But Won't Defend Trump

The mystery of Russia's missing wealth shows how Putin retains his power

We have to be nice to Trump to avoid war, says the Nation

Russian billionaire with U.S. investments backed alleged agent Maria Butina


Letter: "There is a deep state, but it's not what they think."

White House Targets Home Healthcare Workers

Carter Page

Alcatraz is reopening for a very special prisoner!

Rubio pushes back on Trump: DOJ didn't do anything wrong with Carter Page surveillance

Trump: 'Fake news' tried to 'disparage' a 'great' meeting with Putin

First Test Drive of the Tesla Model 3 Performance: A Thrilling, Modern Marvel

Austin's Gay Film Festival Drops the 'Gay'

I betcha

Austin's Gay Film Festival Drops the 'Gay'

UPDATED - Gowdy: Trump 'missed a good opportunity' to stand up to Putin

Just saw this on a FB page......sounds so repubspeak eh? *gag*

Trump's favorite pastor: "We're not under any illusion that we were voting for an altar boy"


Jake Tapper Grills Carter Page on FISA Application: 'You Did Advise the Kremlin'

Trump's Tariff War Is The Final Act Of A Broken System

County failed repeatedly to stop sexual abuse of foster children

It's only 10:20 am and I'm already yelling at the computer...

Adam Schiff: "If the president isn't compromised, why does he continue to act this way?"

Trump is a chicken, yes; the pin-stripes are coming.

Ms Red Sparrow had some kind of travel budget, but was not "professional"...

Caregiver sources website

"Tiger, Tiger, burning bright!"

The Trump Administration Is Hiding a Crucial Report on NSA Spying Practices

Gods are nothing more than excuses for our inability to

Pete Souza: For the record, this is our "favorite President."

People have tried to make sense of Putin's behavior at Helsinki.

Amy Siskind tweet that sums it up well

Gavin Newsom says he won't run for president ...

Why is the Bible So Badly Written?

About that sucker ball Vlad gave him.....

This is what TRULY troubles me:

Face the Nation Web Extra: Who is the leader of the Democratic party?

N.H. girl, 5, found asleep with loaded gun on her chest

List the most damning of Don the Con's projections during the campaign

Syrian 'White Helmets' flee to Jordan with Israeli, Western help - officials

N.H. girl, 5, found asleep with loaded gun on her chest

John Kerry will be on Face the Nation today nt

There are 3 theories that explain why Trump sucks up to Putin -- but which one makes the most sense?

George W. Bush and Paul Ryan looking "reasonable" tells us we are doing something wrong.

I can't say I disagree

But, jokes (meme)

What media?

New dog breed cloned in Russia

A summary of how the GOP served Russia last week

Fishing in early morning mist

Oh, the irony: Watching the 1966 Batman episode "Hizzonner the Penguin"...

"How dare anybody!!!" . . . Please come CAPTION Alan Dershowitz!!!

Oklahoma medical board lawyer charged with making threats

It is now fair to ask all Trump voters this question.

This is fun: What Red Hen could have done instead of kicking Sanders out

Open letter to the thug jackboots-on-the-ground at the border

Babushka Droll

Blueberry Pie

Yeah, but what's IN the FISA warrant?

DU GD help looking for a thread / post about why trump supporters still support him

Over the past few weeks Trump voters have proven they are on a death march.

I still don't get it

"Moment of Maxine" due up on MSNBC Joy Reid.

Free will: Should the law be based on luck?

Whiteness is one hell of a drug

Sen. Schumer: "Mr. President, what secret deals did you make with Putin?"

I would bet good money Michael McFaul's name is in the redactions for the FISA for Carter Page

DU Golf fans

eBay & Alibaba Scam: Old Video Cards with BIOS Flashed to Appear as Newer Models, some old as 2012.

The Right doesn't care about Russian collusion because Russia helped them win. And they are hoping

That moment when you're so busy lying, you don't realize you just incriminated yourself again.

Syria conflict: White Helmets evacuated by Israel

Radosh: Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez are losing the way home

"Putin's Apprentice"

*Generation Wealth*: New Documentary on American Money and Success

Newsmax shit head on CNN now

Lily and Madeline

Conspiracy to Commit Espionage.

The Trump "chicken balloon".

Gov. Walker Political Operation Snagged $250,000 Days After Meeting With Accused Russian Spy

John Kerry defends Obama administration's warnings on Russian meddling

Supermarket "rags" and "Catch and Kill".

As Trump Struggles With Helsinki's Fallout, Congress Faces a New Charge: Complicity (NYT)

How do other countries do it?

Exclusive: U.S. open to lifting sanctions off aluminum giant Rusal - Mnuchin

Trump Demands That N.F.L. Players Stand During Russian National Anthem

Pete Souza poses an interesting question.

Has anybody ever done anything like a parking hog protest? It might be practical at


ABC adds third hour to 'Good Morning America'


Avenatti on ABC: Michael Cohen is going to assist us...

Home Depot rehires black worker who defended himself against customer's racist tirade

Now Liddle Marco on CNN

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on their progressive push in deep-red states

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on their progressive push in deep-red states

Good news Cuba's draft constitution opens path to gay marriage

Hillary Clinton to help with travel arrangements for immigrants reuniting with children

Who the Hell knows how the Mueller investigation will end ?

Congress, contain Trump: We cannot let him continue to bend to Vladimir Putin

'Don't interrupt me': Avenatti wipes the floor with Alan Dershowitz and his poor record of accuracy

Russia, Accused of Faking News, Unfurls Its Own 'Fake News' Bill

If anyone here is at the V.A. Shiva rally protesting, be careful

'Don't interrupt me': Michael Avenatti wipes the floor with Alan Dershowitz and

What are the chances of the Trump Baby Blimp flying in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade?

"Ham" Porter Cannonball!

Hold on! Butina met with Obama admin Fed and Treasury officials.

I'm thinking that Putin may have instructed Trump

Cheeky buggers!

We once had a President

Spicer maintains Trump inauguration had biggest audience in history

Who was @ fault for a Russian Agent, Carter Page, being connected to the Trump Campaign?

Trump's Two Hours Alone With Putin Still Rattling Washington

Madam Medusa..

Editorial: ACA's pre-existing conditions protections at risk

Start talking about affordable housing solutions

2fer, KAVANAUGH questioned SCotUS Watergate decision; &p.r.firm CRC backing him repped SwiftBOT Vets

34 years ago, a KGB defector chillingly predicted modern America

Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul on C-SPAN2

What Fiction are you reading this week, July 22, 2018?

This is why religion is such a dangerous thing. WaPo article. "Judgment days"

Spicer: 'I have no desire' to work for Trump again

Where would the Trumpster be today if not,,,,,

Rubio warns of possible civil war in Nicaragua

No collusion, fake news ..... No collusion, fake news

UPDATED - Graham: Carter Page wiretap 'not at all' justified

Treason vs Betrayal

In First Lady's Hometown in Slovenia, the Business Is Melania


How does one say 'great job' in Italian?

The creature is still on the loose

Hillary Clinton to help with travel arrangements for immigrants reuniting with children

Brit Hume Flat Out Rejects Trump's Claim FISA Application Was 'Illegal'

any Midsomer Murders fans here?

I just realized something: Nicolle Wallace's show is DEADLINE: White House not DATELINE: White House

Piano Concerto #4 in G Minor, Op. 40 Sergei Rachmaninoff

Sara Haines is leaving 'The View'

I'm struck by the truth of this tweet from Andy Slavitt

Adam Schiff on Pres. Trump: "For whatever reason, this president acts like he's compromised...."

Harmonica used by Bob Dylan sells for $13.7K at auction

Bring back Air America

Russian billionaire provided financial support for Maria Butina's gun rights group.

SECRETARY JOHN KERRY: I found it shocking. I found it to be one of the most disgraceful, remarkable

More bad news for monarch butterflies -- study shows climate change's devastating effect

What happens when you add -ism or -ist to social?

This Canadian-born game show host turns 78 today.

States Aggressively Move to Purge Voter Rolls

Don't interrupt me': Michael Avenatti wipes the floor with Alan Dershowitz and his poor record of ac

Moms Demand Action founder pounds NRA for remaining silent on their Russia connection: 'Time to come

Imagine your child says, "hey mom nick's dad is here to pick me up" and then this car rolls up...

Moms Demand Action founder pounds NRA for remaining silent on their Russia connection: 'Time to come

Is Anybody As Suspicious As I Am About Some Of The Posts Here On DU?.....

We were warned how Russia would destroy the USA 62 years ago.

Pedestrian killed by Cheyenne Frontier Days Train in Adams County

Watching nat geo documentary getting ideas on a stronger marriage

Top Intel Democrat accuses GOP of running interference for Trump Organization over Russian money lau

Here is why Americans have come to hate their government -- even as it does more for them

Omg. Go to Netflix and access The Twilight Zone

After plastic straws, this entrepreneur wants plastic toothbrushes to disappear

Santorum: There's nothing 'particularly problematic' about tapes of Trump discussing paying off

Magnitsky Lawyer Falls From Moscow Window ... (March 2017)

North Idaho man hurls racial slurs, profanity at teenagers getting ice cream at McDonald's

Moms Demand Action founder pounds NRA for remaining silent on their Russia connection: 'Time to come

Transcript: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on "Face the Nation," July 22, 2018

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez: Trump Isn't Ready For A Girl From The Bronx

Aryan Knights, Severely Violent Criminals gang members indicted on drug, gun charges

NFL players should get off their knees in front of the flag, when...

'Brett was involved': Inside Supreme Court nominee's work for Bill Clinton probe

"There was to be a cross-burning in our neighborhood that night"....

Trump isolated in his push for tariffs on foreign cars

Democratic lawmaker calls for 'new generation' of leadership in party

Steve Bannon plans right-wing group in Brussels

If one believes that the only role a "Creator" played

Malcolm Nance/Nicolle Wallace: All answerable with Yes.

Wow! I got a DU Mail saying my Star Membership had expired.

In the beginning, there wasn't.

Afghan airport blast: VP Gen Dostum unhurt as Kabul bomb kills 11

'This is not the only tape': Michael Avenatti says there are more secret recordings of Trump

Friend: Trump's attacks on media an emotional response to negative coverage

Two Notable South Asian Atheists Face Blasphemy Charges in Their Countries

Iraq's protests in Iraq are not new, but these are different. Deutsche Welle

OH-12 special election: Danny O'Connor may be turning red voters blue.

Anthony Anderson Under Investigation For Allegedly Assaulting a Woman

Good Twitter

When you lose all your friends .......

Supporters: Trump's better cheaper healthcare "not worth the effort" "unworkable"

This Democrat shows how to force the message even when not asked by host (VIDEO)

Trump rewards his supporters by using tariffs to rip them off

Robert Reich's suggests a drastic act to GOP Senators in a striking letter

No! Democrats not moving too far left. Here's why they're doing the right thing (VIDEO)

Trump Effect: San Francisco Police called on black man for breaking into his own business

Let's pray that nothing like this ever happens again

Christine Todd Whitman: Calling my fellow Republicans: Trump is clearly unfit to remain in office

Hey @RandPaul -- you can explain this to the FBI.

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 22, 2018

James Comey: Democrats, please, please don't lose your minds and rush to the socialist left.

NRA Increasingly Using Untraceable Dollars to Influence US Elections (ie: Russia et al)

Do you like scented candles? I don't.

Robert Reich: We're Living a Constitutional Crisis

What did the complementary angle say to the isosceles triangle?

Photo of Spanky doing a Google search on his phone.

I know what it's going to take to turn this around and get the Congressional Republicans on board.

'Crying Nazi' Banned From Virginia for 5 Years

Senate intel had asked for financial docs on Butina.

Just another day in the USA

Sometimes you need to yell!

Was at bass pro shop this afternoon

If I were a political consultant...

Oh, How I love Bette Midler:

If something gets thrown at Der Twitler, does the Secret Service yell....

Treasury financial crimes unit collected SARs on Maria Butina PLUS ...

Audience bursts out laughing after GOP Senate candidate says Trump is 'standing up' to Russia

Maria Butina's Gun Rights Group Funded Ex-Sheriff David Clarke's Russia Trip, Docs Reveal

If we want to start winning we have to start looking at the future and quit fighting the last war.

Rand Paul spent over $17K of political contributions on Italian vacation, limo service, luxury hotel

The Dotard is upset that Kim is not returning his calls.. or honoring his handshake...

Jill Wine-Banks wore this pin on Larry O'Donnell's show,

This is so f*cked up. Now I'm a RWNJ...LOL

Hillary Clinton offers to help reunite families with the children Donald Trump abducted

Socialism vs Capitalism? Really?

Appeal to emotion:

Question posed by a 3 year old .......

What can I cook with cherry tomatoes?

Why can't we be better about branding? Why are some progressives so determined

The Assassinations of Indigenous Leaders in Guatemala Trigger Fear as Political Cycle Begins

Deal Finalized to Revive Notorious 1,000-Bed South Texas Immigrant Detention Facility

Ocasio-Cortez rallies for Cori Bush at The Ready Room

A Little Help From My Friends

A Thought Piece

Sperry Chalet now: Blackened forest, construction noise, but still 'its own particular beauty'

It's still amazing to me to live in a place where it is routinely over 100, and even 110 degrees,

Ecuador to boot Assange soon!

Rand Paul & Bernie Sanders Argue Over Trump's Helsinki Summit

There are more than 2 trillion galaxies.

Mickey Mantle and Dick "the Monster" Radatz

Violent Coup Fails In Nicaragua, US Continues Regime Change Efforts - OpEd

Violent Coup Fails In Nicaragua, US Continues Regime Change Efforts - OpEd

Any Church That Would Have THIS WOMAN Teach a Sunday School Class....

Just got a call to ask the likelihood of voting in the GOP primary in TN.

I think I've figured out how to explain current political discussions

Democratic socialism surging in the age of Trump, and a Maine candidate takes the leap

South Korean National Security Advisor's Visit to DC: A Mistake?

MLB pitcher gets standing ovation after racist, homophobic tweets went viral

Treason Week has been extended another week by popular demand.

Putin summit puts spotlight back on Trump's tax returns

Neil deGrasse Tyson - The greatest threat of extinction