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Archives: July 26, 2018

Right-wing Congressmen file articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Alex Jones: Rep. Matt Gaetz Turned On Me Because He's 'Licking Globalist Booty'

If Don the Con was so sure he was going to lose the elections

Pro-Confederate Birther Introduced Maria Butina's Handler to NRA Chief

a silly kitty video for your pleasure...

Triple Crown winner Justify retired

Chris Hayes reporting the Teabaggers have filed articles of impeachment against Rosenstein.

NJ, Woman Strangles RABID FOX That Attacked Her in Backyard

Meadows and the wrestler Jordan have filed articles of impeachment against

Cheez-Its Christ - The One True Communion Snack

Police Dog getting used to booties for protection from hot pavement

As Iowa farmers worry, Trump to be greeted by business leaders, protesters in Dubuque County

Chris Hardwick to Return as 'Talking Dead' Host Following Investigation

FREE STICKERS: Need to Impeach

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku Instrumental Summit Vol.15 Ladies Night / Live Digest

Officer helps homeless man shave before job interview at McDonald's (he got the job)

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku Instrumental Summit Vol.15 Ladies Night / Live Digest

Which one of these is not like the other?

RiViNi / Resistance Music Video

Trump's bad week continues...

The #2 lawyer at the WH to resign.

WSJ: Michael Cohen recorded conversation about Stormy Daniels' payment with news anchor.

House Republicans introduce articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein

Anyone know where I can get an inexpensive ass whoopin'? n/t

Guests for Tonight's WH Protest: 10 sharks to torment shark-phobic Trump during Shark Week

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TREASON!



Joe Pera

The walls are closing in on the Trump. And there are many, with new ones being built every week.

Protests at the WH for Shark Week

One Of These Days I'm Going To Cut You Into Little Pieces

Whistleblower: Emails Show Police Lied About Stormy Daniels Strip Club Arrest

OK, come clean people

Michelle Obama voter registration PSA

The silver lining to Ivanka Trump shutting down her fashion line is...

Trump's green hat for his supporters Very appropriate.

White House bans network pool reporter from Rose Garden event

Let's hear it for Kaitlin Collins!!!

Rethugs have actually filed articles of impeachment for Rosenstein! Crazy!!!

What, no bleach music?

The US House of Representatives is leaving Washington FOR FIVE WEEKS????

Skyscraper planned where Showbox operates near Pike Place Market

OH-01 Goes from Lean Republican to Toss-up

We Might See Trump's Tax Returns After All

Look at this guy's title page.......he's NOT LEADER YET IS HE.??

Oregon official leaves GOP over 'racism,' 'misogyny' of Trump administration

Betsy DeVos' New Proposal Aligns Her With For-Profit Colleges Over Debt-Saddled Students

Is it safe to mix the bleach with Minoxidil? n/t

On Full Frontal tonight:

Washington cherry, apple growers to receive little help from Trump's $12 billion farm bailout

The Greedy Odious Posteriors File Articles Of Impeachment

Trump tweets photo of top EU official kissing his cheek: We obviously 'love' each other!


Today: Thai boys from cave rescue

Rachel just reported

TX-SEN: Ted Cruz proposes 5 debates with Beto O'Rourke in U.S. Senate race

Dozens heard Amelia Earhart's final, chilling pleas for help, researchers say

ATTN: Big Lebowski Fans!

Mattel is laying off more than 2,200 workers after Toys 'R' Us went bankrupt

100 tapes !!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope Ted Lieu is right.

Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill to End Money Bail (7.25.2018)

OH-12: Dying Progressive Activist Films Ad For Ohio Democrat In Close Election

2020 Democrats Band Together to Call for Puerto Rico Debt Cancellation (7.25.2018)

3rd most important thing to preserve democracy

'Trump 2020' campaign banners are being proudly produced in . . . China?

Paul Ryan Is Holding the Farm Bill Hostage Over Food Stamps (7.25.2018)

Has anybody else noticed that the Snapple Apples look

Keith Olbermann nailed it!

Newest Hollywood Star

#CouponingWhileBlack (Again): Dollar General Employee Calls Cops on Black Woman Using Digital Coupon

Don the Con will never forgive Putin for admitting to the world

Cohen says he won't be a 'punching bag' for Trump anymore

OMG: Dr. Pimple Popper......

Richard Nixon's Checkers Speech (9/23/1952)

The Deadwood movie is expected to start shooting this fall.

Paul Ryan Is Holding the Farm Bill Hostage Over Food Stamps

It's a blues rock night....

Cohen transcript released by DT team LEAVES OUT the name PAM, which is, curiously,

New Seattle Streetcars Too Big for Current Tracks

Robert Reich: Should You Vote for a Third Party?

It's a blues rock night....2

British Journalists Get Trumped for the First Time - Between the Scenes The Daily Show

Ronna Romney McDaniel whines about "hatred that exists on the Left for Trump." Twitter responds.

WaPo - Is centrism dead?

It's a blues rock night....3

This is so spot on

CNN Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo

Coca-Cola says it's raising soda prices after Trump tariffs

It's a blues rock night....4

N.J. Radio Hosts Refer to Sikh Attorney General.....

I lurk on this right-wingers facebook page

Veterans Of Foreign Wars Defends Press After Rally, But Quiet On Trump

Free Parking July 25 2018 Are Americans being brainwashed?

It's a blues rock night....5

11 worst republicans in America's history...

Mark Zuckerberg just lost $16.8 billion

Guess Who?

I actually get some satisfaction out of watching this...

It's a blues rock night....6

Seth Meyers - Russian Election Meddling, Cannabis Beer - Monologue - 7/24, Late Night Press Briefing

Ranked Choice Voting vs The Corrupt Establishment

Watchdog group issues dire warning: Portland Patriot Prayer rally could become 'the next Charlottesv

It's a blues rock night....7

Seth Meyers - Michael Cohen Releases His Secret Trump Tape: A Closer Look, Really? with Seth and Amy

It's a blues rock night....8

Secretary Pompous Ass got his comeuppance...

Okay, My FB Feed Is Cracking Me Up Tonight

New Zealand to grant paid leave for domestic violence victims

It's a blues rock night....9

No, Mars will not be as big as the moon

Avenatti has info on the 100 "tapes"

applicants are not showing for interviews, not showing for 1st day on job in strong job market

It's a blues rock night....10 (This one's for you hair band fans)

President Newsom for 2020....

A Trailblazer to the End: Rear Admiral, Alene B. Duerk

The Daily Show: The Trump PP (Playboy Payoff) Tape is OUT!, First Joke Trevor Ever Heard

An extremely detailed map of the 2016 Election

YouTube deletes four Alex Jones videos and gives him one strike

CA-SEN: Feinstein leads de Leon 46% - 24%


America Is Running Out of Family Caregivers, Just When It Needs Them Most

It's a blues rock night....11

President Donald Trump lies to everyone; his supporters lie to themselves

CA-GOV: Newsom leads Cox 55% to 31%

mac56 explains it all

It's a blues rock night....12

Trump is 100% correct about Fake News.

Booze, Drugs, Sex Addicted.... brothers?

Norman Goldman said there could be as many as 20 Democratic Presidential Candidates

It's a blues rock night....13

It's a blues rock night....14

It's a blues rock night....15

let's Dubstep ! AC/DC Back In Black Dubstep Remix

tweet of the day

In the spirit of "it's a blues rock night" I humbly submit...

It's a blues rock night....16

A New Possible

Kitteh really, truly does not like the movie, "Total Recall"

Trump looks horrible

It's a blues rock night....17

So...with all the cord cutting threads as of late...what service do you sub?

KS-03: Indivisible KS3 endorse Sharice Davids and Tom Niermann for Congress

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez told Nielsen she is committing crimes against humanity!

How Jordan Peterson Repackages Alt-Right Ideas As Self-Help

It's a blues rock night....18

WV-SEN: Sabato moves the race from Tossup to Lean Democrat

32-Year-Old Arrested, Accused of Setting Destructive Cranston Fire in Idyllwild

It's a blues rock night....19

Ten more reasons for a blue tsunami....

Mexican news director shot dead weeks after colleague's murder

It's a blues rock night....20

G'night DU!

KS-03: "Can you beat Kevin Yoder?"

MO-01: Cori Bush's challenge

Sam Bee: The Spy Who Loved the NRA; Watergate; Comedians in Cars with Dissidents Getting Coffee

What are the chances Putin will show up for Chump's silly-military parade?

Happy Birthday FBI ! 110 years old today. Never has it been as tested as it is right no

CNN Reporter: White House Called My Questions Inappropriate, Banned Me From Event

No, This is NOT Who We Are

Fox News announces support of CNN after White House bans reporter.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/25/18

Here I am, you coward. I'm naturalized. Come after me first.

Stephen Colbert - Guest John Dickerson: It's A Big Deal That Donald Trump Lies

Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle Reportedly Engaged: See Her Huge Diamond Ring

Pakistan election in disarray as incumbent rejects result

Two Members of Billion-Dollar Venezuelan Money Laundering Scheme Arrested

Betsy DeVos yacht was untied and set adrift by vandals!!!!!!

Owner of Durable Medical Equipment Company Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Medicaid of More Than $9 Mill

What Republicans say about Rod Rosenstein

Conservative Naval professor explains the futility of trying to reach Trump voters:

Sam Kane Agrees to Repay Nearly $38 Million to Local Ranchers

BBC Anchor SKEWERS Sean Spicer On Live TV

47% of CA Republican voters won't vote in the senate race in the dem vs dem senate contest in nov.

House Conservatives File Impeachment Articles Against Rod Rosenstein

Sorry. There's nothing we can do. We are going on vacation. See you in September.

Michael Cohen Donald Trump Tape Offers Bevy Of New Leads For Investigators - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

"Papa, Can You Hear Me?" Republicans tell Daddy they want Rosenstein impeached.

"Someday this war is going to end..."

Serious people have brought serious charges that the NRA was used extensively by the Russian Governm

GOP Tax Cut Exploding the Deficit

They Want Trump's Liquor License Yanked--and They Just Might Win

Dennis and Judi off 101.5 - bigots

They thought this was Trump country. Hell no

Thursday TOONs - Amazing Work Edition

poll: older white men looove Trump, young white women, all afri americans, all hispanics hate him,

Betsy DeVos's $40 million yacht set adrift by vandals

The cowboy hat does Nothing for lumpy trumpy...

Paul Ryan Addresses Environmental Issues, Uh, I Mean, The Proper Use Of GOP Talking Points

Now Available Online From Outside Magazine - The Ryan Zinke Scandal-Tracker!

NJ 101.5 suspends hosts Dennis & Judi for calling N.J. attorney general 'turban man'

Christy Noem (R)SD - professional weasel

Would it be possible?

Columbia University Hires Trump Climate Hack Who Hosted Lone US Event At UN Climate Summit

30 Years Ago: A Look Back at 1988 (Photos)

So I had a crazy, random thought this morning

So, all the bailout for the farmers, is....

Check your registration?

Senator demands Pompeo answer the differences between Trump's Twitter rants and actual US policy

Inside Google's Shadow Workforce

America First

JMO Declares Heatwave A Natural Disaster As Japan Death Toll Hits 80

Arctic Melt Directly Impacts Norfolk Flooding; City Exploring Mitigation To The Tune Of $1.8 Billion

Iranian general warns Trump: 'War will destroy everything you own'

How Catholic Bishops Are Shaping Health Care In Rural America

Cleanup of Pence family gas stations cost Indiana more than $20 million

Suggested replacement Star

Watchdog says U.S. wasted more than $15 billion in past 11 years in Afghanistan

I wish her well

Man explodes small device outside US Embassy in Beijing

"Thanks, Pam."

Federal Flood Insurance Rates Spiking For Miami Residents, And It's Only The Beginning

I have a political riddle for you.

Art of the Week: Week of 7/25/18

The Rundown: July 25, 2018

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 7/25/2018

Michael Avenatti Claims New Info Cohen and Trump Were 'Concerned About a Pregnancy' and Cohen Has...


Where is the 12 billion dollar bailout for Puerto Rico?

Chris Cuomo Brings On Audio Forensic Expert to Analyze the Trump-Cohen Tape

Kim Jong Un Suckered Trump With a Fake De-Nuke 'Breakthrough'

EXCLUSIVE Henry Kissinger Pushed Trump to Work With Russia to Box In China

These six species are about to be sacrificed for the oil and gas industry

The Latest Generic Congressional Ballot Polls

Are all the children reunited today, mr. trump?

"Mind-boggling cowardly & dumb"

Yacht Owned by DeVos Set Adrift by Vandals

Democratic Group Will Spend Big In Red States

The White House cabinet has become "The Island of Misfit Toys", populated by

Separating children from parents, is the meanest, most vicious thing one could do.

Nevada appealing killer's twice-delayed execution

House Freedom Caucus Reacts on Schedule

Gaslighting: Trump "Concerned" Russia Will Meddle to Help Dems

HUMILIATED: Putin Rejects Trump Invite to White House

Most deported migrants were not asked about leaving children behind, Trump official says

If we're lucky the Freedom Caucus will try to impeach Rosenstein tomorrow.

China's Xi says world must 'reject protectionism outright'

Farm groups go on anti-tariff blitz after Trump offers trade aid

Happy National Bagelfest Day! 😋


Clock ticks toward reuniting families separated at border

How big of a story would it be if Trump paid for one of his paramours to have an abortion ?

State trooper caught on camera kicking handcuffed Black man in the chest keeps his job

Surprise! GOP Carbon Tax Plan A Scam To Eliminate Liability, Destroy Authority To Regulate Carbon

The Daily 202: Trump moves to punt three political problems until after the midterms

We need ideas for the title of the movie about Trump's presidency:

Why is he showing this protuberance?

Trump Claims Twitter Engaged in 'Illegal Practice' of 'Shadow Banning' Republicans

Trump Biographer: There Are 'Brand-Name Women' Hoping They Don't Get Outed For Trump Affairs

Fox analyst Andrew Napolitano slams move to impeach Rosenstein

The Federal Bureau of investigation was founded 110 years ago, today...

Max Boot/Washington Post: The evidence doesn't prove collusion. But it sure suggests it.

Breitbart News editor slams House Republicans who filed articles of impeachment against Rosenstein

New York Magazine: Twitter Is Not 'Shadow Banning' Republicans

U.S. trade deficit in goods widens in June as exports fall

An Heir to Brazil's Monarchy Enters the Political Ring

Venezuela to remove five zeroes from ailing currency

Malcolm Nance discusses Konstantin Rykov's confession on Rick Unger's Pod Complex

U.S. law enforcement agencies have arrested at least 1.4 million people for drug violations annually

Can we put it to rest that Hillary was a "bad candidate"

Amazon's Face Recognition Falsely Matched 28 Members of Congress With Mugshots

Malcolm Nance discussing Konstantin Rykov's confession on Rick Ungar's podcast

Who Is Trump's Fixer Now That Cohen Is On....

Brock Turner's sexual assault appeal: He intended 'outercourse,' not intercourse

MI-GOV: Another poll shows a big lead for Whitmer

White House corrects official transcript to reflect Putin saying he wanted Trump to win

'Congress has never heard a voice like mine': Native American woman seeks to make history

"If Pres. Obama did what Pres. Trump did in Helsinki, I'd be peeling you off the Capitol ceiling."

A year after GOP measure's demise, Democrats see health care as a winning issue

Update: The White House has now corrected its official transcript of the Helsinki presser

Bernie Sanders endorses anti-establishment Democrat for governor in Michigan

Dems on track to win up to forty House seats

We are already well on the path to fascism. Please listen to this:

When Paul Ryan leaves government, the fed deficit will be $1.2 trillion higher than when he arrived

Love This!

American Racists Look for Allies in Russia

Is Jim Jordan Out Of The Woods In The Sexual Assault Scandal .....

Super simple sesame-crusted salmon

Toxic masculinity in the heartland

Emails suggest Republicans gerrymandered Michigan to weaken 'Dem garbage'

White House corrects official transcript to reflect Putin saying he wanted Trump to win

Humans. Not aliens. Not illegals. Not criminals. Not rapists. Not murderers. *Humans* are being...

How did the hipster burn his tongue?

** Dems making double digit gains in governors races not outside the realm of possibility **

I'm OK, but I got my ass whooped last night.

Right-wing talk show host Joe Walsh tells Salon: Donald Trump "betrayed his country"

Trump is surrounded with no way out.

These six species are about to be sacrificed for the oil and gas industry

'Stark pattern of discrimination': Judge makes it easier for college students to vote

Facebook stock is tanking-Largest loss of value in Wall St. history

Egypt zoo accused of painting donkey to look like a zebra

"Whenever I'm outside Maddie never lets me go unsupervised. Here's proof"

Emails show former Sheriff David Clarke's tense and protracted process to retain master's degree

Pence Warns U.S. Will Sanction Turkey Unless American Pastor Freed: AP

Trump may lose his liquor license in DC:

Kudos to all of our hard-working, honest journalists!

Judge Lets Lawsuit Challenging Census Citizenship Question Move Forward

Facebook Takes Historic Plunge as Scandals Finally Take a Toll

RUH ROH- I found this convo at POLITICO

Hell hath no fury like a Reality TV contestant scorned.....

The religious right say RUMP is a born again Christian? (ABORTIONS??)

Deplorable Maryland man with underground bunker of guns and child porn sentenced to 16 years

Beto's first campaign ad

Is this Rockefeller heir the 2nd unnamed American who helped Maria Butina infiltrate the NRA?

Turning the big 7-5, someone named Mick Jagger, whoever that is.

YouTube hits Alex Jones with yet another strike--but he's still not banned

Gotta say it. Iran, and no "spokesperson" there, is threatening war with America.

Oregon official leaves GOP over 'racism,' 'misogyny' of Trump administration

Prepare to be amazed - Baby Hummingbirds!

Stockholmie On Ocasio-Cortez:"I saw something truly children deserve healthcare..."

Michael Avenatti---Oh yeah!

Mercer/Bannon's Cambridge Analytica tested "Drain the Swamp!" & "Build the Wall!" in 2014

Trump is as useless in the mid terms.

What are your opinions on Malcolm Nance?

Republican 'racism' spurs GOP official to become Democrat

White House offers inane defense for barring CNN reporter from public event

Flint's death toll could be nearly ten times higher than the official count

Sources: Jim Jordan announcing bid for Speaker today

Climbing the stairs in style

New Emails Show Michigan Republicans Plotting to Gerrymander Maps

***BREAKING NEWS POLL-CA GOV (Democrat) 55% Cox (All Russia People's Front) 31%

Things a cat HAS TO put up with

***BREAKING NEWS POLL-CA SEN Feinstein (Democrat) 46% de Leon (Democrat ) 24%

Damn, even going to the movies is getting outta reach

U.S. Submarines Will Soon Carry Tactical Nuclear Weapons

"Come back, Mark!" Headlines again.

Jason Kessler Is Having A Really Bad Time Right About Now

***OKLAHOMA SHOCKER *** GOV- Edmondson (Democrat) 40% Stitt (All Russia People's Front) 39%

A Broken Gear Hobbled the Navy's New Aircraft Carrier. And It's Going to Cost $30 Million to Fix

Have you seen my blue pills?

Made in China: Trump re-election flags may get burned by his tariffs

Stephanie Ruhle slams corporation low wages putting their employees on welfare (VIDEO)

Progressives can't let tactical differences cause defeat: The Beto O'Rourke example

"Cram all the Dem garbage into four districts"

Trump Effect: 2 Police Officers beat Latino man to a pulp for wearing military T-shirt

Trump tariffs tear Republicans apart

TX-SEN: Beto O'Rourke just came out with his 1st ad. Please watch and share!

Question about this "Tariff Aid" package Trump is supposedly preparing for Farmers/AG Industry

"I've literally seen on CT-GOV poll and it had Lamont +10 in the general... Take that fwiw."-

Rep Swalwell does a great job on Fox News re Mueller Investigation and bogus impeachment

YouTube comes down on Alex Jones for hate speech, child endangerment content

When I get reincarnated, I want to come back as this elephant on a hot, summer day

The youth of the world can redeem us all if we follow their lead sometimes.

Pic Of The Moment: Trade War Racks Up American Casualties

A new bill aims to send masked Antifa activists to jail for 15 years

DeVos' $40 million yacht vandalized at Huron dock

Trump Has No Idea What His Tariffs Have Unleashed for Farmers

Mueller Examining Trump's Tweets in Wide-Ranging Obstruction Inquiry

What lies will the media feed us to explain why the Blue Wave didn't happen?

"... political insiders across the land are asking: Has the Democratic Party become too extreme?"

deplorable. "Sessions Sheepishly Tries To Clean Up 'Lock Her Up' Chant Controversy" TPM

Dem lawmaker: Trump officials lied to migrant child, said mother 'abandoned' her

Photo: ''I met with some of Vermont's smart and talented young people ... ''

msnbc showing protesters in Iowa as Trump passes by

Woodard moves to drop Kessler as a client in permit case

Peach Mojitos

Trump Organization Finance Chief Called to Testify Before Federal Grand Jury

I had a visit from a Hummingbird Moth, today

Paul Paulson resigns as GOP Orange state committeeman

Jim Jefferies Show - Diversity At Comic Con Makes Bigots Mad

When you partied too hard last night, now you gotta clean up the litter the next morning

Preet Bharara will not run for NY Attorney General

Senior NRA figures met with wife of billionaire tied to alleged Russian agent: report

Trump Organization Finance Chief Called to Testify Before Federal Grand Jury

Why So Many Republicans Are Retiring: NRA Quiet On Their Role As Russian Conduit In Butina Charges

Bill Shine latest sexual harassment employee in the white house said he didn't use the word 'ban'

Meadows backs off impeaching Rosenstein after leadership talks

Well lookie here.......Ivanka is traveling with the orange blob to Iowa.......

Chicago Hiked the Cost of Vehicle City Sticker Violations to Boost Revenue. But It's Driven More ...

Live from Night 9 with special guest speaker @SFpelosi #OccupyLafayettePark (Wed night)

Saudi Arabia suspends oil shipments through Red Sea strait after Houthi attack

Airlines canceling flights because the air is too hot

So Mr Mueller is examining the Con's tweets to see if they meet the standards

And the award for 2018 Recording Artist of the Year goes to...

Sure, All Dogs Look Good in Sunglasses, But This One...


SDNY: Trump org. finance chief ordered to testify before a grand jury

If "someone" never practices safe sex

I know I'm impatient, but does anyone else have the same feeling?

Avenatti gets judge to bar media from bankruptcy testimony

Ryan is not going to impeach Rosenstein but

How to Protect the Urban Vote

Help unseat Devin Nunes!

Decomposed Body Found in Waters Off Trump NYC Golf

A Trump Single Appointee is Responsible for the mess

Sessions defends Rosenstein after impeachment threat

Nunes is at it again: Highly probable that many countries accessed Clinton's email server

RIP - Mary Wilkins Ellis - Spitfire pilot

Tweet of the Day

***BREAKING NEWS POLL- Trump (All Russia People's Front) 39% Approval 50% Disapproval

Warren Brown, Washington Post auto writer who chronicled his health struggle, dies at 70

Trump official: Most deported parents did NOT consent to leaving their children behind

Court affirms order blocking Indiana ultrasound abortion law

Done with my Certification exams.... So what'd the asshole do today?

The Republicans are committing suicide. It's fucking unbelievable.

NJ Hosts Taken Off Air After "Turban Man" Jabs at State (Sikh) AG - NY Post

Trump dodges reporters' questions by taking car, not helicopter, to Joint Base Andrews this a.m.

Trump's bogus use of cyber threats to prop up coal

Sleeping Beauty Suite Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Trump aide Conway: Media should show more 'respect' toward White House

Illinois Democratic County Chair's Association

In 2017, Maine exported nearly 2 million pounds of blueberries to China. The trade disputes have cha

I can't emphasize too much how fucked up this actually is. A recipe for a never-ending tragedy...

Jason Kander (Kansas City-Mayor) campaign intro video


House Democrat Katherine Clark launches leadership bid

Parker: Trump is not Putin's poodle; breed is better than that

ICYMI: The Bongfather's Greatest Invention Yet - (fritted disc) 2016 video

Pelosi: Jordan's push to impeach Rosenstein an effort to distract from OSU wrestling scandal

Nightmarish profit warnings have Detroit reliving bad old days

Vets' counter-protest planned against Trump's military parade.

Sanders Claims Playing Cohen Tape Backward Reveals Hidden Message Exonerating Trump From Wrongdoing

Spanky and Vanky in Dubuque - any updates?

Ryan rejects conservative push to impeach Rosenstein

Trump says U.S. will impose 'large sanctions' on Turkey for detaining American pastor for nearly two

WATCH: White man goes bonkers after spotting a Muslim family in public -- and threatens to kill them

GOP emails: Let's 'cram Dem garbage' into southeast Michigan districts

Trade war anxiety surges ahead of Trump's Midwest swing

Conservative Hard-Liner Rep. Jim Jordan To Run For House Speaker

West Virginia officials deny Blankenship a spot on Senate ballot

12 state AGs file lawsuit against Trump adm. for undermining the ACA.

TRUMP'S WOMEN ...... pregnancy ??? HERE IS WHAT Michael Avenatti says

Omarosa questioned by feds over Cohen ties to National Enquirer.

Trump Punts on Three Problems Until After Midterms

Nunes: Trump Calls To Revoke Security Clearances Not A 'Good Use Of Time'

How the fuck did we get here?

BTRTN's Complete List of Every Outrage Committed By Donald Trump Since His Inaugural

Jim Jordan for House Speaker?!?

BTRTN's Complete List of Every Outrage Committed By Donald Trump Since His Inaugural

Jeff Merkley slams Trump admin as "incompetent," "callous" in handling family separation

Oh brother...I'll bet he doesn't want this photo to become widespread, either.

'It had to be very simple': Europeans used 'colorful cue cards' to explain trade to Trump

MI-GOV: Group tied to Michigan governor candidate Gretchen Whitmer reveals donors

Ryan: Trump willing to be patient on wall funding

Amazon's facial recognition matched 28 members of Congress to criminal mugshots

EU official used colorful, simplified cue cards in trade meeting with Trump

Luckovich-Taxpayers will pay for tariffs

Once again, 'fake news' decried by Trump turns out to be true

At Rockefeller Heir's Dinner, Accused Russian Butina Hobnobbed With D.C. Elites

Ex-Trump aide Omarosa Newman pens 'Unhinged' White House memoir

Claiming Trump Has 'Declared War,' Feds Rally to Fight Back Against Executive Orders

there is a need

"Putin is a megalomaniac" clip from 2014 of Condi Rice talking about Vladimir Putin

U.S. "most dangerous" place to give birth in developed world

Were votes changed? Check out this article.

Foreign Affairs chair says Trump is ignoring sanctions on Russia for former spy poisoning

Republicans Accuse Rosenstein of Secretly Plotting to Uphold Constitution

George W., Laura Bush to receive Liberty Medal on Veterans Day in Philly

The most important happening today

Rudy G claimw that because Trump's tweets were public, they're not obstruction....

'Basically, we opened up Europe,' Trump says -- despite no final trade deal

re: Jim Jordan, nuff said here

Give the people their children you fucking vile, racist, fascist

Stop trying to make everyone happy! What do you think you are,

Dollar General manager accusing black woman of 'abusing the system' fired

You Tube just shut down Alex Jones wonder if his death threats caused it?

Woodpecker Pecking Pole (updated with link)

Papa John's founder sues pizza chain

The Blue Wave Strengthens As Women Support Democrats By Massive 2-To-1 Margin

FreedomWorks pledges to spend half a million dollars to elect Jordan as Speaker

I'm buying Facebook and I'm sure there are others like me.

Trump ducks media, cites bad weather despite clear skies ...

Anyone else receive their "American Community Survey" in the mail yet?

It appears the people of Fresno are not so happy with Nunes

Bone Spurs (aka Traitor) blocks Vote Vets

Republicans Accuse Rosenstein of Secretly Plotting to Uphold Constitution (Borowitz)

White House-Ousted Omarosa To Release 'Unhinged' Memoir Next Month

Putin's favorite congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, met with alleged Russian agent Maria Butina in 2015

Amazon's Facial Recognition Wrongly Identifies 28 Lawmakers, A.C.L.U. Says

As we suspected, "Weisselberg...knows where all the bodies are buried" - Rucker, WaPo

Lavrov wants Butina turned over to Russia.

Photo: Great to meet today with a @CarterCenter delegation of brave human rights defenders ...

Crickets on the Chopping Block in Senate Spending Bill

How to pour cola without fizz!

ACLU tests Amazon face Rekognition software and finds it faulty, especially with people of color

218 monthly minimum wages to buy basic food basket in Venezuela

Russia may not be as effective on social media

States sue Trump administration over expansion of skimpy group insurance plans

I know things are bad when...

Mariia Butina, an heir to the Rockefeller fortune, the National Prayer Breakfast & a dinner days a

Plan 50: Chavismo unilaterally rolls out new "guaranteed prices" on basic goods.

GOP lawmaker dined with alleged Russian agent in DC: report

holy moly! Don't disrespect this employee's mother! Don't get a water cup and take soda

A public service announcement from brother Glamrock...

As seen in the Colorado State Capitol Hall of Presidential Portraits today...#putinpotus

Guards At A Family Detention Refused To Take Her Son To The Doctor. Then He Started Convulsing.

Guards At A Family Detention Refused To Take Her Son To The Doctor. Then He Started Convulsing.

Why the Allen Weisselberg subpoena is so dangerous for Trump

Nine years on from the coup, we still need to stand up for Honduras

Ever wonder what's under that dead thing on his head?

Trial postponed in Flint case as report finds that death toll could be much higher

Sanders, Democrats Raise Alarm Over Brazil's Jailing of Lula and Right-Wing 'Assault on Democracy a

Sanders, Democrats Raise Alarm Over Brazil's Jailing of Lula and Right-Wing 'Assault on Democracy a

"We are not in a trade war!!" Trump

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 27 July 2018

Got a letter from our family cemetery advising that their burial cost has gone up due to a

A Single Trump Appointee Was Responsible For Keeping Hundreds Of Kids Locked Up Longer


BREAKING: Russian government announces opening of a new criminal case against US officials

Trump porno saga......funny article

I am happy to see that MSNBC didn't air Trump's speech.

David Corn: Why Michael Cohen Is a Triple Threat for Donald Trump

The people who #Walkedaway are actually cropped from Shutterstock-images.

The NYT just released a precinct-by-precint map of the 2016 presidential election

Remember then?


Russian Hackers' New Target: a Vulnerable Democratic Senator (Claire McCaskill)

Funny Trump Hollywood star meme

Donald Trump Is America's Greatest President

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 26, 2018

"Coin Flip" Cops fired.

7/26/2018 Forum - Democratic Primary for US Senator Town Meeting (Debate)

The Law doesn't give a crap about what Trump supporters might think.

I voted today for Ned Lamont who is running for CT governor...

Russian Hackers' New Target: a Vulnerable Democratic Senator

One of the fun things about gardening - plants are full of surprises

George Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue

Needed a politics break. Tuned to local news. Mistake.

Russian Hackers' New Target: a Vulnerable Democratic Senator

And now for something completely different...

Begala tweet:

PHOTO: "Workers make flags for Trump's Keep America Great! 2020 re-election campaign in China"

Rohrabacher dined with Butina in a ritzy French restaurant (in the US) -- part of Butina's plan to

Why So Many Reporters Are Missing the Political Story of the Decade

***BREAKING NEWS POLL***-WI GOV - Evers (Democrat) 54% Walker (All Russia People's Front) 41%

I couldn't

***BREAKING NEWS POLL***-WI SEN - Baldwin (Democrat) 55% Vukmir (All Russia People's Front) 38%

***BREAKING NEWS POLL***-MI SEN - Stabenow (Democrat) 55% James (All Russia People's Front) 37%

Seattle PD accepts Lip sync Challenge

**1 MORE BREAKING NEWS POLL**-MN SEN Smith (Democrat) 49% Housley (All Russia People's Front) 35%

Amazon just announced that they made $2.5 billion in profits last quarter. Why does Jeff Bezos...

Let this sink in for a moment.


Can The Chinese Distinguish Fake Goods? ASIAN BOSS

Apparently, Trump sees our country as "the big, fat, sloppy United States."

Hannity and 100s of tapes!

Scott Walker in Trouble in WI

I hope wypipo

I am a child?

AP, breaking: Lawyer who met Trump Jr. has ties to Russian officials:

Sean Hannity in 2008: "If you cheat on your wife, are you going to be honest with your country?"

All Tom Arnold's series is going to be

I wonder if Jay Goldberg (trump*'s former lawyer) is getting worried.

Facebook has eliminated 1.3 billion fake accounts in the past year!

ACLU: Amazon Face Recognition Falsely Matched 28 Congress Members with Others' Mugshots

Evidence suggests votes were changed

Allen Weisselberg is Trump's accountant, and has been subpoenaed.

MO-SEN: Russian hackers target Claire

Former Trump aide Omarosa has "explosive" book coming

SpankMe45 is hawking Dershowitz' new book:

A Toys R Us death blow: Mattel to lay off 2,200 workers

Betsy DeVos VANDALIZES student loan relief by an estimated $13 billion

Trump: "I would encourage all people with Trump Derangement Syndrome to read!" Dershowitz's book

***BREAKING NEWS POLL***-MN GOV - Walz (Democrat) 51% Pawlenty (All Russia People's Front) 40%

***BREAKING NEWS POLL***-MI GOV - Whitmer (Democrat) 47% Schuette (All Russia People's Front) 38%

GET WELL SOON Papa Nes...Michael Nesmith recovering from heart surgery


Things I don't give a big brown rat's ass about:

*Documenting Hate: Charlottesville* New Documentary by ProPublica, PBS Frontline Airs Aug. 7

"I'd like to say on national tv my LSATS were really high."

Wait! What? Tad Devine assisting Special Counsel Investigation in Manafort Case

What's the best choice to remove mold from a brick bedding wall?

If It Were Up To Trump Base Would Vote Putin For President Rather Than Any Democrat.

Trump's trade speech veers off script as he mocks the media for investigating his love of Russia

Kaine, Gardner, Reed, McCain Introduce Bill To Prevent The President From Leaving NATO

A meeting at work today.

Bernie Sanders Adviser Is Assisting Special Counsel Investigation In Manafort Case

Prepare yourself