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Archives: July 31, 2018

Cruise ship guards' killing of polar bear sparks international outrage

- MORE LIES! _ Trump Has Now Broken Every One of His Economic Populist Promises

GOP leaders hope to circumvent Trump on shutdown

Indication of Manafort turning to cooperate?

Gay Couple Bumped From Airline Seats To Make Room For Straight Couple

Koch organization won't support GOP Senate candidate Cramer

Dem senator 'fixes' Trump tweet on immigration

OH-12: Troy Balderson embarrasse himself in front of Mike Pence by telling cowd to vote August 8

Koch-Funded Hit Piece Backfires: Shows *Medicare For All* Would Save $2Trill Over 10 Yrs

Sessions announces 'religious liberty task force'

internet search on ipad suddenly only showing all ads and no actual content.

It's Alright Now (Parody of Rickey Nelson's 'Garden Party' - Parody Project)

Bear rips top off Shelby Cobra to get box of Fig Newtons

Lili Marlene

Cathy Myers for Congress

***BREAKING*** Punking Trump , North Korea is working on new missiles, U.S. spy agencies say

15th consecutive day of protests in front of WH

It's just math.

(Jewish Group) Vandals paint Nazi symbols on Jewish temple in Indiana

(Jewish Group) Labour suspends councillor over Jew execution post

Randy Bryce for Congress.

(Jewish Group) Labour NEC member dodges formal investigation for inflammatory antisemitism remarks

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TREASON!

and Rachel is off again???

(Jewish Group) Labour member suspended over 'Jews control the media' tweet

Reposting from 2015 - Veracruz Commemorates 100 yeas of Jewish Immigration

Cowboys Jerry Jones.Typical right wing fake patriot.Do as I say...not as I do.

(Jewish Group) Turning Point USA Courts Activist Who Said Jews Want the 'Destruction of the Black Co

Any Orange Is the New Black fans

Attempt to receive stolen goods

Tiger Woods for Prez

History of election interferance before Trump:

Did the Russians advance the Hillary email scare?

The latest Tweet from Dolt 45 proves he is the, Arsonist Fireman.

Even the Koch bros don't like Drumph! Wild and krazy days we are living in.

A LITTLE LOOK Bullshit Mountain with Jon Stewart ..

Jeff Sessions creates 'religious liberty task force' to protect bigots

The Assault on Democracy in North Carolina

Why am I supposed to care about a study by a "university-based libertarian policy center"

Bumper Sticker of the DAY!

California wild fires

Anglo Saxon ring on fb

Uber To Stop Developing Self-Driving Trucks

Why is any mention of God met with condescension?

Good news!! We are 37.5% through this horror!

Cooper quickly vetoes both bills lawmakers passed in special session

With Friends Like Rudy Giuliani, Who Needs Special Counsels? (Ferret/ShowerCap)

North and South Korea Discuss Changes in the DMZ

What is Jill Wine-Banks Brooch?

Jill's Pins fans--I need help!

Awkward for Giuliani...

Carr wildfire spawns 'firenado' in California Guardian News Guardian News

Oregon Far- Right Protest Moved To Location That Could Allow Carrying Guns

Don Lemon's last question to Lebron James in the first segment tonight:

Don Lemon- "LeBron, what would you say if you were sitting across from the president ?"

Trump's Lose-the-House Strategy - WSJ Editorial

Carr wildfire spawns 'firenado' in California Guardian News Guardian News

Anderson Cooper dissects Giuliani's new Trump defense

The hardest thing about driving 150mph is keeping the martini in the glass...

Just got my cats back from the vet

Why is Giuliani representing the cheeto?

Soda, Motorcycle Prices Rise as Tariffs Hit Home for Consumers

No Charges Against Officers in Black Man's Death

Man catches 6-foot Great White shark off coast of Rhode Island

Just saw this in my neighborhood this afternoon

I'm not a big Nina Turner fan but love her tonight.

Polar bear killed after attacking cruise ship worker

Why is Paul Manafort risking it all to face Mueller charges in court?

Do republicans travel?

How about a Biden-Obama ticket? It can be done

Mars closest to Earth in 15 years

98 days. Can't wait to read his November 7th tweets.

Despite federal ruling, Jacksonville college campuses won't have early voting this year

Homeless Bay Area Web Developer Goes Viral For Handing Out Resumes At An Intersection TIME

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! (minus another 20,000...thanks to Trump)

The Economist: Donald Trump's attacks on the media may have backfired

I am a "CENTRIST" Democrat, have been for 46 years, and am proud to be so!

Giuliani cracks me up!

Trump is mad being president 'isn't as fun as it should be'

I know my net worth to the penny.

Bryce Harper on the trading block

And Mallard Fillmore turns on Trump

Math is difficult for some..and the headline is screaming, We can't afford it? BS

America's housing market is raising a 'large red flag' for the economy

BFFs Obama and Biden spotted at D.C. bakery

One thing I haven't seen addressed in regard to single payer

Beach nourishment bingo?

Al Franken's 1st Sit-Down Interview Since Senate Resignation

Why is it ok for people to believe in some fake things and not others?


Macedonia sets date for name-change referendum

More than interesting...

Consumer debt is at an all-time high. Should banks be worried?

Layoffs ramping up as tariffs increase...winning again

The last thing

Wages aren't growing when adjusted for inflation, new data finds

Black civil rights champion who helped desegregate UNC dies at 94

Land O'Lakes CEO First Openly Gay Woman To Head A Fortune 500 Company

Our baby is growing!

Not my tweet, but I agree

Seth Meyers - Rudy Giuliani Says Collusion Is Not a Crime: A Closer Look

Santa Monica Police Defend Pulling A Gun On Ving Rhames At His Home

Trump Intelligence

Most Canadians back total ban on guns in urban areas, poll suggests

Letter to the Editor: Dump Trump before it's too late for us all

Love yourself first, times ridiculous

NC's newest ACA health insurer serves the neediest, but faces fines and lawsuits

Rudy's jacked...

Inquisition Act 2

Canada Dry sued over lack of ginger in ginger ale

Puerto Rico reaches deal to restructure $3B of power debt

Kochtopus getting edgy about losing business thru recession...

RIP Mark Shelton

Trump Wants To Give the Wealthy Another Tax Cut, With No Vote In Congress

Hillary Clinton steps up her involvement in the midterms

Keep this in mind.....

Greensboro rocked by another shooting at City Hall

(Jewish Group) What is a "real" antisemite?

South Colombia mayor arrested over social leader's murder

MI-09: Fight for Sander Levin's seat turns into progressive battle

Avenatti files to prevent Broidy complaint from remaining sealed...

Uribe vows to combat death squad claims 'in freedom or from jail'

When Is Enough Wealth Enough Wealth? Vicious Pathological Greed Is Killing The US.

The goalposts, they are a-movin'

New political party sues over NC over candidate restriction law, says it is unconstitutional

G'night DU!

The Rich Shall Inherit The Earth Once They Make Sure Most Of The Takers Die Off.

2 from Hummel/Sibelius: "Swanwhite,Op. 54"/Stenhammar:

How Companies Are Making Customers Pay for Trump's Trade War (NYT)

KS-03: Melissa Ethridge endorses Sharice Davids for Congress

Giant bees tualang honey - 150 feet up with a go-pro, a cheap rope, six inch nails and a hammer.

Paraguay calls in UK envoy over tweet on freed peasants

Lopez Obrador looks to tree planting to create Mexico jobs

Trump campaign flag on NC ferry triggers social media squabble, DOT investigation

Spanish Taxis Block Roads In 'Anti-Uber' Protest

Chile's rock art llamas divulge secrets of ancient desert culture

Higher Oil Prices Turn Texas Main Road Into The 'Death Highway'

This guy is my hero.

Chile's rock art llamas divulge secrets of ancient desert culture

Dictatorship Was A 'Very Good' Period, Says Brazil's Aspiring President

Dictatorship Was A 'Very Good' Period, Says Brazil's Aspiring President

Road lawsuits could cost North Carolina hundreds of millions

Rep. Joe Wilson and his colleagues will support your cause if you ring the right bell

S.C. Rep. Joe Wilson duped by Sacha Baron Cohen in sketch highlighting political obsession with guns

France shocked by video of woman being slapped by harasser

Leaked private Twitter message shows WikiLeaks wanted Republicans to win 2016 election

Krugman: Trump's Supreme Betrayal

Mike Pompeo Indo-Pacific Strategy: US To Spend $113M In Asia

It's only Monday and:

Parkland shooting survivors will host a town hall Tuesday at the College of Charleston

Cleaning out my closets. Found a gorgeous pair of sandals I have no

Landing of US Military Planes in the Amazon Intrigues Residents

I've lost 13 pounds. Doing a sort of keto paleo diet. I can live this diet.

Rare Opportunity to Watch Mars Through Giant Telescope in Sri Lanka

Another South Carolina politician falls for Sacha Baron Cohen prank

'Law and Order' Trump Is Soft on Corporate Crime and Wrongdoing

Can there be a definitive history of magic in India? This book tells the mesmerising story

Layoffs from Trump tariffs are piling up. So are calls for more bailouts.

How an ancient stone money system works like cryptocurrency

Montane pine forests reached the northeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula 50,000 years ago

Feds examining suspicious money movements linked to Russian Maria Butina, associates

Cultural survey by tribes for Enbridge pipeline could be largest effort of its kind

Mexico: Funeral finery of ancient 'Red Queen' restored

MI-13: Brenda Jones, Rashida Tlaib and Bill Wild lead race to replace John Conyers

Study reveals the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy

Evangelicals' embrace of Donald Trump may cost them the future

Shareholders of troubled South Carolina utility to vote on merger plan

Research into cell-to-cell signalling mechanism may lead to new cancer treatments

NASA study dashes dreams of terraforming Mars

AZ-SOS: Democrat Katie Hobbs running neck and neck with incumbent Michele Reagan

SC woman's $2 million healthcare fraud included speech therapy for the dead, prosecutor says

Nevada Democrats lead in two key statewide races

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/30/18

The World's Largest King Penguin Colony Has Dramatically Collapsed, And Scientists Don't Know Why

First-of-its-kind clinical trial will use reprogrammed adult stem cells to treat Parkinson's

Sheriff's deputy was having sex with high school student he was hired to protect, SC prosecutor says

How Desert Birds Can Survive With Very Little Water

Juvenile justice practices in Europe can inform practices in the US

Lawyer: SCANA set aside $110M for execs while charging customers for failed nuclear project

Science Closes In on Big-Scale Fish Poachers in the "Wild Wet"

Brown Crabs Are Attracted to Undersea Power Cables

Only 13 percent of the world's oceans are still wild

Planned Parenthood, patient sue over SC Gov. McMaster Medicaid order

Just might as well keep this handy...

$810,000 embezzlement in North Charleston nets 5-year behind bars

Charleston Democrats launching first-ever Hispanic voter outreach

North Korea Reportedly Building More ICBMs

"Zatoichi: On The Road" the Movie (Adventures of Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman) Japanese w/Eng subs

Anybody else sick of these articles? "White, and in the minority"

2020 is the year Democrats regain control of the US Senate after losing seats in 2018.

Miss Helen, shark stolen in a pram, recovering in US aquarium

Levin appears to have sizable lead on Lipton in 9th district race

Trump Blasts 'Globalist' Koch Brothers as 'Total Joke': 'I Don't Need Their Money'

Trump bitterly attacks top GOP donors after they threaten to pull funds:'My tax cut made them richer

Today's Cheeto tweet is throwing a hissy fit regarding the Koch Brothers.

Trump attacks "total joke" Koch boys: "They love my Tax & Regulation Cuts! I'm a puppet for no one!"

Trump: "Rush Limbaugh is a great guy who truly gets it!"

PA Court Ruling A Blow To Oil & Gas Industry's Assumptions On Rule Of Capture: "This Ain't Texas"

Layoffs from Trump tariffs are piling up. So are calls for more bailouts.

Smoke From West Coast Fires Has Already Blown To Colorado, Texas (JPG)

Midterm Outlook Darkens for Republicans

Sessions announces "Religious Liberty Task Force"

Al Franken

NYT Opinion: In My Iowa Town, We Need Immigrants

The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy. I love it when the obscenely rich rage against each other

Anthony Bourdain's un-published interview: 45 will resign

Keep tweeting, asshat. Comeon-what do you really know? Spill it ALL.

Republicans are cheats and underhanded

Should Democrats Bother Fighting Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation? History Suggests Yes

Good news!

The Rundown: July 30, 2018

Over/under on the following things happening at the Manafort trial:

100 Flowers Movement redux: Venezuela's Chavistas takes a page from Mao handbook

The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Paul Manafort

Fired Haitian dishwashers at a South Beach hotel to get $2.5M after discrimination suit

Trump parrots Rudy's "Collusion is not a crime, but there was No Collusion" talking point

J & M: Nearly As Bad

Sanders Institute has little to show for first year and $500K

What would be the charges against Don Jr??

donnie's railing on the koch brothers shows one thing:

We Can Thank Trump for One Very Important Thing:

Can we stop saying 3D guns are "untraceble?"

Rudy Giuliani on His Odd Cable News Blitz: I Was Trying to Kill a New York Times Story

Pentagon to Start Creating Space Force

I was in a boat yesterday for the first time in years.

I know the man was shot & came close to dying, but......

Fox News Host: Trump Wants Best Immigrants, Not 'Some Guy's Uncle From Zimbabwe'

A thought about the West Coast fires that is not wanted to even be entertained

Morning Joe openly laughs at 'pathetic' Rudy Giuliani's trainwreck TV interviews

Venezuelan woman with breast cancer gets treatment in Colombia. Chavismo sez, "Fake news"

Here's how cops actually trace a gun.

The single worst idea to defend abortion rights from Brett Kavanaugh

Cuomo Holds Massive Lead In Democratic Primary

Just found out I have a special skill.

Are you an unhyphenated Democrat ?

Scott Has Edge In Florida Senate Race

Trump administration must stop giving psychotropic drugs to migrant children without consent, judge

Tom Steyer's $110 million plan to redefine the Democrats

Think tank in the 'king of the red states' assumes power in Trump's Washington

'It's a significant shift in our thinking': Business takes fresh look at Democrats

Trump says collusion is not a crime as first Russia probe trial begins

The GOP Motto Needs Editing to "Cheating to Win Makes America Great Again"

My new exercise plan is really building my stamina.

Canals Filled, Wetlands Drained & Built, Groundwater Mined; IOW, Kolkata's Natural Defenses Are Gone

Trump asserts dominance over Florida GOP with rally for DeSantis

Great response to David Brooks.

U.S. spy agencies: North Korea is working on new missiles

World's Largest King Penguin Colony Collapses By 90%; Crozet Island Population1/3 Of World's Kings

Trump blocked push for limited Medicaid expansion

The Case Against Paul Manafort You Won't Hear at His Trial

How Russia Persecutes Its Dissidents Using U.S. Courts

Witness For The Prosecution: How Rick Gates Went From Paul Manafort's Protg To His Greatest Nemesi

'Bigfoot Erotica' Becomes an Issue in Virginia Congressional Campaign.

'Excruciating': GOP desperately fights to pad Senate majority

The account of how immigrant children are being treated in detention centers was just

Extremely Rare Tropical Fish Caught Off Maryland

CNN: Manafort Trial Tracker

Arguing in the alternative

Rudy is a mouthpiece for Trump and the GOP!

Trump Unleashes Unhinged Attack on Robert Mueller

Sacha Baron Cohen Calls Roy Moore Pedophile to His Face

Somebody needs to be watching Donald Trump at all time.

House Republicans Are In Total Disarray

"3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public ... doesn't seem to make much sense!"

Still building missles!

Trump Pardons Benedict Arnold: "Collusion is not a Crime".

Well, Well: The Economist Suddenly Finds Prospect Of A Burning, Melting World "Worrying"

Flynn, Comey, and Mueller: What Trump Knew and When He Knew It

Here's how Trump could still build the border-wall.

How Soybeans Explain What's Wrong With Trump's Claim The Economy Is Booming

More bricks for the wall...

Can we ban the use of the word collusion ? It's conspiracy

Crocodilian tears bring fellow sunbathers together

Nat Turner, John Africa

We Found a New Batch of Trump Administration Appointees

Trump/Fox Animal Farm legal "strategy" and public opinion propaganda is doomed...

I tightened up the Ron DeSantis (FL-GOV) campaign ad just a touch...

2018 midterm battleground is not what was expected

Outrage after Aloha Poke Co tells Hawaiians to stop using 'Aloha' in business names

Fox & Friends Tackles News North Korea May Not Be Denuclearizing: 'Hmm'

Carter Page May Have Been Subject to FISA Warrants as Early as 2013

Sessions 'Religious Liberty' Panel Tied To Extremist Group

More Than California Is Burning. Look At Sweden, Arctic Circle, Siberia, Europe.

NY-GOV: Cuomo Holds Massive Lead In Democratic Primary

What is QAnon? Explaining the bizarre rightwing conspiracy theory

Trump Tariffs Impose $350M 'Tax' On Your Beer

Virginia House candidate says there's nothing sexual about his interest in Bigfoot

More Americans are forced to "reside" in their vehicles

Almost 80% of US workers live from paycheck to paycheck. Here's why

NY-AG: James leads Maloney 25-16. Teachout trails at 13%

What did Al Gore do when an anonymous source sent him materials from inside the Bush campaign?

One explanation for Manafort's refusal to flip on Trump has been his alleged fear

Adviser to GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart used expletive to describe majority-black cities

WCCO Exclusive: Al Franken's 1st Sit-Down Interview Since Senate Resignation

Oh, no: 'M*A*S*H' Actor (and tremendous progressive) Alan Alda Says He Has Parkinson's Disease

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Slavic March

Cory Booker on Krista Tippett show "On Being" gives an amazing interview

Why We're Sharing 3 Million Russian Troll Tweets

Nazi-looted art to remain in California museum

Iran rejects Trump offer of talks as 'humiliation', without value #ArtOfTheDeal

Anyone do a DNA test? Any surprises?

Has there ever been an explanation for how Trump chose Manafort as his campaign chair?

"Collusion is not a crime!"

Is there a certain psychotype that makes one especially susceptible to repeating propoganda online?

Alan Alda of 'M.A.S.H.' reveals Parkinson's diagnosis

Iran rejects Trump offer of talks as 'humiliation', without value

People Are Asking Why Trump Jr. Didn't Contact The FBI....

Double rainbow over the National Mall Monday night.

Flynn, Comey, and Mueller: What Trump Knew and When He Knew It

2,800-year-old 'gold jewelry' stash found in a burial mound in Kazakhstan mountains

Donkey herds are dwindling as hungry Venezuelans slaughter them for food

Sad, Ron Dellums isn't with us anymore

Just got a call from a military recruiter and needed some place to vent a bit

Prosecutors advise witnesses in Manafort trial: Avoid the T-word (Trump)

Here's why Trump wouldn't have won without Russia

Trump Says He Told NRA 3-D Printable Guns Don't 'Seem To Make Much Sense'

DHS To Launch New Anti-Cyberattack Center Amid Russian Hacker Concerns

Why Is the Trump Campaign Attacking Senator Kirsten Gillibrand?

Power failure during closing of Chavista party meeting a fitting ending to Venezuela's disaster

Collusion is not a crime.

so my doctor says my kidneys are doing very poorly

Man sentenced to shovel manure for knocking over port-a-potty

rudy inadvertently told the truth...'there was a meeting before the trump tower meeting'

No, the Manafort-trial will not make or break Mueller's investigation.

Was that a nice thing to say about Jesse Watters?

Just an aside: Funny how Roger Stone and Vladimir Putin used to look similar years ago.

The phrase "drain the swamp"

WAAS: "All but inevitable" Mueller will deliver report that will make case that Trump broke the law.

I agree. Collusion is not a crime

At IT security-conference, it took hackers 2 MINUTES to hack a voting-machine.

I'm still pissed.

My mom said I'm special......

Leggett not ready to endorse Jealous; some other Democrats are tepid.

TYT: Stop Smearing Black Victims

Entire police department abruptly resigns

In defense of Kristen Gillibrand, vis-a-vis Al Franken

These two reporters will be tweeting from Manafort trial as they are able:

Facing a hella day in clinic. Stop by and say 'hi'. I could use a little Lounger pick-me-up...

"IT'S ALRIGHT NOW "- Parody of Garden Party Rick Nelson Don Caron

Trump admits that his tax cuts are for the rich.

Police in suburban Denver kill resident who shot intruder

TPM "Conway Emphasizes Manafort Trial Has 'Nothing To Do With The Campaign' (more fake news conjob)

Police in suburban Denver kill resident who shot intruder

On this day in 1964, there was yet another country music-related fatal plane crash.

Red Don says he'll meet with Iran - Iran says, yeah, I don't think so

France bans smartphones from schools

How to Go to the Manafort Trial in Person

More than 1,000 people have already downloaded plans to 3-D print an AR-15

"FIFTY WAYS WE CAN RECOVER" (Parody of) Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover Don Caron

The old slip and slide - Fox viewers have no memory of past

A real TRAITOR!!!! Let's DO something about it!!!!!

"Crossing the Swamp"

Yet another tax cut for the wealthy

"Battle Hymn of the Republic" - Modified for Relevance Don Caron

China has a lock on upcoming Olympic event

Jeff Sessions' 'religious liberty task force' part of a dangerous Christian nationalist campaign

Danny O'Connor Closing in On Troy Balderson in Preview of Ohio CD 12

Sign at a coffee shop

Avenatti on Dershowitz...

Koch network snubs key GOP Senate candidate

Conway Emphasizes Manafort Trial Has 'Nothing To Do With The Campaign'

Koch network snubs key GOP Senate candidate

Check Your Voter Registration Status

State Department draft says Keystone XL would have little effect on Nebraska's water, land

Amtrak audit faults D.C. station project

Smart move....

Amtrak to invest $370 million in Northeast Corridor

Fox Journo: US Wants 'Best' Immigrants, Not 'Some Guy's Uncle From Zimbabwe'

Jeff Flake essentially ices out judicial confirmations!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: An open letter to the NFL's owners

Shark-In-A-Stroller Heist Ends With Animal's Safe Return To San Antonio Aquarium

Has Kirsten Gillibrand ever named names of her harassers in Congress?

Found on twitter from "The Hoarse Whisperer"....

Funeral Homes Posing the Dead Like They're Still Alive

Bark is worse than the bite...

Hillary on the vote...

White, and in the minority

GOP Georgia Governor Candidate Purged Voter Rolls

Georgia Jet Fuel Tax Halted, Months After NRA, Delta Squabble

No need to worry about holiday shopping this year. I found the perfect gift!

Facebook Has Identified Ongoing Political Influence Campaign

Judge Sides with Anti-Pipeline Protesters in Appalachia, July 30, 2018

***BREAKING*** FACEBOOK reports foreign actors, presumably Trump's Russian pals, are at it again.*

Judge Sides with Anti-Pipeline Protesters in Appalachia, July 30, 2018

Judge Sides with Anti-Pipeline Protesters in Appalachia, July 30, 2018

Butina probe predated Mueller; tied to suspicious money transfers.

Slovakia alarmed by pro-Putin Night Wolves bikers' base

Rudy's "You" lights up the internet

Need a good laugh? New painting: Crossing the Swamp with George Washington Trump

thinking of the firefighters who have died this year--I was reminded of the Storm King smoke jumpers

The Eerie Parallels Between Trump's America And Ukraine Under Yanukovych

John Kelly intends to remain as Trump's chief of staff through 2020 reelection

As the World Burns

Charles P. Pierce: Trump v. Koch Brothers Is a Battle from Citizens United Hell

Cage fight between the Kochs & Trump and his minions:

Stuff that needs to be said.....

SD-GOV: Democrat trailing by 4% in new poll

re: trumpbaby balloons (because they are kind of inconvenient to haul around)

It's Criminal Conspiracy, NOT collusion

We Love you Andrea Day on MSNBC...gag...

The Koch bros fire back at tRump! (video)

SEN WARNER dispenses w- Facebook hedging that it might NOT be Russia-Pins it directly on the Kremlin

UPDATE: Congress passes flood insurance extension, again punting reforms

Virginia sales tax holiday set for this weekend

NC's Blue Cross cutting 'Obamacare' prices despite changes

GA-GOV: Stacy Abrams takes small lead in post-runoff poll

"Go back to Africa"

2nd West Virginia Supreme Court justice faces fraud charge

"Everybody believes in accountability until it's their guy."

Piano Concerto #3 Sergei Rachmaninoff

Currently in San Diego (week vacation). Discovered something that makes me very sad.

MoviePass' latest survival plan: increase prices, gut first-run movie access

The Disturbing Evolution Of 'Lock Her Up'

Hand-out news an Article by Craig Medred

Kelly caved and going to kiss Trump's gold throne!

Facebook uncovers sophisticated attempts to influence 2018 elections on its platforms

Interesting take on Traitor Tot/Koch feud

Sara Dady

HHS Inspector General's Report Finds Flaws And Fraud In U.S. Hospice Care

Was Manafort deliberately inserted into Trump's campaign by the Kremlin?

Mueller Has Evidence Trump Obstructed Justice

Words We're Watching: New Adventures in 'Cli-Fi'. Taking the temperature of a literary genre.

Someone's aunts & uncles from Zimbabwe...

Prosecutors Update Their Exhibit List On Morning Of Manafort Virginia Trial

Or until I have to testify against you, whichever comes first...

Jill Wine-Banks says Mueller should indict Trump.

BREAKING: Trump and Sessions warned of "significant risk of harm" from zero-tolerance refugee policy

Trump administration must stop giving psychotropic drugs to migrant children without consent, judge

5-Star Corn Recipes to Make Right Now

The priest said it was ludicrous for me to pray for a new bicycle. So I

Detention centers for migrant families are like 'summer camp,' Trump official tells senators

Weaponizing Mob Mentality...

Not practicing what you preach.....

FBI: Collusion is most definitely a crime

Canada Frozen Out of Nafta Amid U.S.- Mexico Talks

So what happens when Trumpsters complain about Spanish-speaking

Russian Lawyer Admits To Repeatedly Informing Kremlin Of Trump Campaign's Ineptitude

Next on Collusion...

Facebook takes down suspected Russian network of pages

Someone should tell Trump that Obama

Bloomberg: Heirs of Heirs of Heirs of Heirs Love Dynasty Trusts

Manheisfucked Jury Seated

Arlo the Dark Lord could give You-Know-Who a run for his money 😈 #HappyBirthdayHarryPotter

Wow. Sad, but true.

Hero rescuing cat from tree. "shhhhh", "ahhhhh!"

Trump Doubles Down on Threat: I Don't Care About 'Political Ramifications' of a Shutdown

Positive aspect to immigrant detention...?

Trump officials refuse to answer whether they'd put their own kids in migrant family jails

Bernie Sanders Thanks the Koch Brothers For 'Accidentally' Supporting Healthcare For All


Dont get ur hopes up for a conviction of Manafort.........

NBC reporting jurors seated for Manafort trial: 6 men and 6 women

Trump's two-track strategy: The rich get richer, and the poor get distracted


Why am I receiving Chinese language robo calls!

Safeway calls cops on black mother for giving food to the homeless because they thought she was a

Death is not a crime, but murder is.

Jury seated in Manafort trial

Latino Voters Angry at Trump But Not Mobilized, Democratic Report Finds

Bristol Compressors to close Washington County plant, eliminating 470 jobs

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 31, 2018

Statute of limitations.

MI-GOV: Google trend shows greater interest for Whitmer in-state, El-Sayed out-of-state

Can anyone give me information on the benefits of a Keto Diet please?

Justifiably testy response from Mueller re: Manafort's request to delay things in DC case

It's easy to understand why Trump's base would be OK with Russian interference.

Columbus Dispatch: Conservative revolt in OH-12?

Watching old cooking shows on YouTube

MI-GOV: Schuette asked staffers to talk 'presidential politics' on state time

Gubernatorial debates on KSTP

North Carolina gov: Endangered wolf protection should stay

That moment when an alt-right genius argues with a bot that automatically "woofs" at racist tweets.

One of the gifts my wife gave me for my 73rd birthday was the book shown below.

Why are some on the Left So Indifferent About Russian Sabotage of our Election?

Opening arguments start at 2:45 pm (edt). So already going on.

Minnesota's own Steve Sack.

Mountain lion reported at Prince George's Co. park

3 more Russian journalists killed while investigating a Kremlin private mercenary group

Peru: 2 trains crash near Incan citadel of Machu Picchu

The rooster at the Walker

HUD implements nationwide smoking ban in public housing

Bolsonaro Says Black Brazilians Aren't Owed Anything Over Slavery

In Cincinnati last nightJewell Porter (@jewelldporter) Tweeted: Last night's Community Action Meetin

What I don't understand about the techno anarchist, Cody Wilson and the 3D lawsuit.

Georgia candidates start new round of campaigning with talk of jobs, values

Independent conservative candidate calls Melania a "hoebag" prostitute

Odebrecht Spreadsheets Archived Without Being Investigated

WikiLeak & the apricot hellbeast

Ministry of Justice Re-Opens Investigation in Herzog Case

"They told my daughter that I did not want her...that I did not want to see her."

60% interest for payday loans

60%interest on payday loans in Ohio. xpost

August Premieres and Returning Favorites

60% interest for payday loans in Ohio. XPost

Ex-US, Israel Intel Agents Involved in 'Anti-Kirchner' Campaign in 2015 Election

Chevron Defeated in Ecuador's Constitutional Court

and on and on #6

Question....Can Trump Pardon Himself ? ...thanks for answers..appreciate your insite..!! nt

Dad works 3 jobs + extra shifts to buy dress

'Spectacular' ancient public library discovered in Germany

Don the Con is getting his wall

A piece of Alaskan paradise is at risk. Here's why we must save it

DOJ, Labor Dept to target employers that 'discriminate' against Americans by hiring foreign workers

Each State's Voter Registration Deadline for Mid-Term Elections

Live trial coverage: Manafort's lawyer just told jury that Rick Gates is responsible for the crimes

Mueller has "strong" evidence Trump obstructed justice!

How long is this Manafort trial expected to last?

What Are Republicans Hiding About Brett Kavanaugh?

TransCanada ordered to inspect part of Keystone pipeline in South Dakota

And This is Why Putin Will Never be Warm and Fuzzy

Poll: Majority backs ObamaCare, disapprove of Trump on health care

Chavismo says, "Free clinic facilities are AWESOME!" in fake tweets.

Canada's richest 87 families have same wealth as 12 million people, report says

Why did so many in Trump campaign lie about meeting with Russians?

Tuesday TOONs - Notorious Mike Drop Edition

***BREAKING GA GOV POLL*** Abrams (Democrat) 46% Kemp (All Russia People's Front) 44% *

What anthropologists can tell you about the US border immigration crisis

What anthropologists can tell you about the US border immigration crisis

(African-American Group) Virtual reality project to bring Black Wall Street history to life

ICE official: Family centers like summer camp. 👀

(Jewish Group) How one man's appetite fueled the founding of New Orleans' first Jewish congregation

***BREAKING GENERIC BALLOT POLL*** (Democrats) 52% (All Russia People's Front) 42%

We don't know if it was Russia that hacked Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Here's Why America's Constitution Won't Save Us from Trump

Mars Will Come Closer To Earth Tonight Than It Has Been In 15 Years - Here's How To See It

(Jewish Group) Drake - I'm a Jew and I Know It

Judge denies Trump & Cohen attempt to silence Avenatti.

(Jewish Group) Trump Keeps White Supremacist Donations To 2020 Campaign

Large Hadron Collider Accelerates First Atoms To Nearly Speed Of Light

(Jewish Group) The roots of Russian anti-Semitism

Tad Devine, Come On Down!!!

(Jewish Group) The Dilemma of Jewish Privilege

Argentine political prisoner Milagro Sala found unconscious

Argentine political prisoner Milagro Sala found unconscious

Feinstein: "Not an exaggeration to say Trump/Sessions essentially orphan 100s of immigrant children"

(Jewish Group) Labour's social media sickness is now endemic to the party

Reporter Reviewed WH Memo That Allegedly Implicates Trump In Obstruction

(Jewish Group) Norman Lear at 96: 'I've Loved Every Day I've Awakened'

DEAFENING SILENCE - Watch: Top Trump Officials Refuse to Raise Hands to Defend Family Separation

Trump debuts new, incoherent talking point about collusion with Russia

WTOP, Bethesda Doctor Identified As Victim in Fatal Del. Watercraft Crash

First witness in Manafort trial: Tad Devine

President Trump's power over politics and the Republican Party is growing

Trump debuts new, incoherent talking point about collusion with Russia

Zimbabwe election: tensions rise amid vote rigging fears

21 vehicles part of collapse of Texas parking garage floor

This is not due process.................

Harry Litman to debate Alan Dershowitz tomorrow

'Like a kidnapping': Harrowing video shows ICE snatch a 25-year Minnesota resident from his family

MI-GOV: El-Sayed tweets that Trump speaks to the issues facing Michigan

Republicans want to weaken role of states in review of fossil fuel applications

This Guy Could Get Rich

Pierce: We're in a Cybersecurity Crisis, Facebook Tells the White House. Hello? Anyone There?

Manafort Trial Updates

How one agency built a multi-million dollar business in migrant children (NY Times)

A group of "patriotic millionaires" thinks Democrats can run -- and win -- on taxes

Spectacular' ancient public library discovered in Germany

Manafort "live blog" of trial with UPDATES

Gillibrand taking on big pharma and prescription price gouging

Are you there yet? Long but delightful

Nikolai Volkoff, professional wrestler who played a Soviet villain, dies at 70.

So Manafort used to be a practicing attorney with a law degree from Georgetown

BTRTN: Unintended Consequences? Does Trump Have Any Intended Ones?

BTRTN: Unintended Consequences? Does Trump Have Any Intended Ones?

Down to the wire on house purchase.

BREAKING: 2018 Midterms Now Under Attack by Russians!

Trash Panda is not impressed with the outside world!

Speaking of Scotch 🥃

$300K in suspicious transactions between 2014 & 2017--much of it cash-- involving Butina & Erickson

man scoops baby Shark From San Antonio Aquarium for his home aquarium (shark ok)

Too good not to share: Trump has something named after him

Manafort's Attorneys : "Its not me its you" You is Gates who is 100% responsible

Judge Temporarily Halts Release of Downloadable Plans for 3D-Printed Guns

So how long before a 3D printer gun kills someone?

Oh, hey. Good question there.

Aeromexico Plane Crashes in Mexico

Uncle Sam Needs YOU!

Collusion is not a crime -- but colluding can be - WaPo

LeBron James' revolutionary new school could do for public education what he did for basketball

Someone posted info about a protest on DU and I fear

Guy who helps me w/ transpo tms me saying T just attacking corrupt press, not a free one

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 1 August 2018

*George Orwell, Traces on Letter Suggest He Caught TB From Spanish Hospital

Trump Administration Mulls a Unilateral Tax Cut for the Wealthy

BRING OUT YOUR DEAD ....and overdue library books

A group of "patriotic millionaires" thinks Democrats can run -- and win -- on taxes

BREAKING: We just got another shot at flipping the Virginia House of Delegates!!!!!

Franken on Running Again: 'Won't Rule it Out, Won't Rule it In'

Someone Actually Painted Trump Draining The Swamp

Democratic Intelligence Committee Senator Says He's Been Targeted By Hackers

Panic on Team Trump: Is Robert Mueller closing in on criminal conspiracy charges?

And down the tubes goes South Africa

Republican Rep DeSantis indoctrinating his own children in Trumpism

Robinson: Trauma inflicted on kids to make a political point

Russian "Agent" And A GOP Operator Left A Trail Of Cash, Documents Reveal

Russia will continue to attack our country through election interference via any digital path that

Chuck Grassley is a douche

Sen. Merkley goes there: "If you worked with a hostile foreign's called TREASON"

Momma with twins.

MN Teachers Get "Drop the Union" Calls following Janus Decision

Tad Devine worked with Trump's pollster in the Ukraine.

A Canadian province just killed one of the world's largest basic income pilot projects

MN Teachers Get "Drop the Union" Calls following Janus Decision

MN Teachers Get "Drop the Union" Calls following Janus Decision

Mexico: plane crashes near Durango but all 101 people survived, says governor

Fox Now Loves 'Meeting With Iran With No Preconditions'

How is it I never knew Tad Devine was a cohort of Paul Manafort?

I would love to see this guy share a cell with Martin Skrelli.

My Sister Is Working A Phone Bank Today

Heh. Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is a powerful song

Mueller refers former Obama White House Counsel to federal prosecutors

This could get people in trouble ...

Manafort had a $15,000 jacket made from an ostrich.

Powerful! Senate Judiciary hearing on immigrant family reunification (7.31.2018)

CNN Exclusive: Mueller refers foreign agent inquiries to New York prosecutors

2020 US Senate Election- If Democrats target every seat.

The Midterm Elections Are in Serious Danger of Being Hacked, Thanks to Trump

I think its true...

Trump, just now at Tampa "MAGA Rally"..."The days of plundering American wealth are over"

Ashes, ashes, all fall down...

Luckovich-Never mind-children lost in system

Ok, who's going to take one for the team........I really want to know how many ppl go to tRumps

It is now apparent to everyone except Trump and his disciples that Russia is doing all it can

My friend is a schizophrenic, but all and all she's

MI-GOV: Nina Turner and Bernie Sanders to campaign for El-Sayed in Michigan