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Ukraine Understood Biden Probe Was Condition for Call

Elise Stefanik, Rep, NY says she does not support Impeachment and has read Whistleblower Report but

Disney World workers endure tourists who scream, punch and even grope them

Campaigning in Iowa, Bernie Sanders lets supporters take center stage

15 Things About Life In The U.S. That Are Super Not-Normal

Texas officials flag over 1,000 birth records for potential fraud

What is today's headline of your local paper?

Temps dropping, snow falling in the Cascades this weekend, says Cliff Mass, NWS

Rachel Maddow says Trump strong-armed Ukraine in the past

Elizabeth Holtzman, former Congresswoman from NY, said it would be a mistake...


ADNI Maguire to appear at an open House hearing Thursday, 9 a.m. Eastern

Al Franken Lands Weekly Talk Show on SiriusXM

Jonathan Pie - Boris the Criminal

The Murderer's Brain

Did Zelensky do what trump asked of him?

Evers casts doubt on Fitzgerald's call for new tax cuts

Luckovich-trump needs to get help

Kaiser Permanente, Unions Reach Tentative Labor Agreement


"Time to impeach" peach

White House accidentally sends anti-impeachment talking points to Democrats

The damning transcript. Why isn't it obvious it means that the WB

Donald Trump Actually Has 2 Whistleblowers To Worry About

Trump's global trade war comes to Alabama

Our message to the billionaire class: you cannot have it all.

Folk Art For Our Times

The Trump administration weakened Endangered Species Act rules. Today 17 state attorneys general sue

GOP senator says holding Trump accountable for crimes is 'a total distraction'

Trump: 'China is paying us millions of dollars in traiffs'

'This Is The Absolute Breaking Point' -- How Democrats Finally Came Around on Impeachment

Ukrainians understood Biden probe was condition for Trump-Zelenskiy phone call: Ukrainian adviser

I have a question. If Rudy is just a private citizen, why doesn't Hunter Biden sue his ass for what

Folsom Prison Blues, Live At San Quentin: Johnny Cash

Trump Answers Ukraine Question By Attacking Hillary Clinton For Not Visiting Wisconsin

Conservative Erick Erickson: Republican source says whistleblower paints a path to Impeachment

What You Need to Know About Trump's Crowdstrike Conspiracy Theory

Not how it works: GOP lawmaker hopes to prevent Trump's impeachment by toppling Nadler

Impeachment: All of us here should remember this certain truth. I think you will like it.

As Legal Pot Rolls Out, Boston Cannabis Week Focuses on Social Justice

Trump claims Pelosi is 'no longer speaker' because he's mad about impeachment

Workers, car owners, dealers and GM feel pinch from strike

Not just the crime but the cover-up

Just some gossip about the talking heads shows.....

Biden will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight

Texas Dems gain a huge pickup opportunity.

Went by Free Republic. Seems they're mostly ignoring it.

Everything old is new again!

#ResignMotherfuckers. Trump and Pence

BREAKING: Trump LOSES IT as Impeachment Begins

Tennessee Ernie Ford: 16 Tons ..I Owe My Soul To The Company Store

Clinton impeachment manager Lindsey Graham calls Trump Ukraine scandal 'nothing burger'

Steve Bannon is being served a civil subpoena by the FTC over Cambridge Analytica.

🐦 OCT 1 at 6:30PM - Las Vegas Grassroots Fundraiser with Bernie Sanders

Nancy Sinatra: He said @SpeakerPelosi wouldn't be Speaker anymore, maybe because she will be Pres

New York Prosecutors REJECT Trump's Argument That He's Above The Law

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Kathy's Story!

Sen. Warren is up 1% on DU

Amazon's Alexa has a new celebrity voice...Samuel L. Jackson.

Found: three black holes on collision course

Missouri man charged with flying to California and setting Milpitas grass fires

Black hole seeds missing in cosmic garden

230 Years Ago Today; Congress sent Bill of Rights and 2 other proposed amendments to the states

AOC coming up in a minute on CNN n/t

You can always tell when Rachel comes on after a huge news day...

I Walk The Line: Johnny Cash

Down memory lane with Lindsey Graham:

Beverages with the Pizza!

Our message to the billionaire class: you cannot have it all.

Whistleblower tentatively agrees to testify, attorneys say, as long as they get appropriate clearanc

The climate crisis is also our single greatest opportunity to build a more just and equitable future

Politico asked 8 legal experts if phone call summary shows impeachable offense. 6 said yes, 2 maybe

"Shut Up Moron:" Giuliani Loses it on TV as Impeachment Explodes

What is Crowd Strike/what does it mean? nt

The Ultimate Meme for I have you by the balls!

Even if Senate doesn't convict Trump he would be severely weakened if...

Go Rest High On That Mountain: Vince Gill

Pentagon Letter Undercuts Trump Assertion On Delaying Aid To Ukraine Over Corruption

Phone Call Showed Only a Slice of Trump's Obsession With Ukraine

Florida woman ...

That moment when Trump suggests you get together with Putin and hug it out...

Is This Spider Brooch a Secret Message or a Simple Fall Goth Accessory?

Take Me Home, Country Roads: John Denver

I feel like it's Thanksgiving Day

For all f Hockey Fans ( Cammi Granato of Downers Grove is hired by the Seattle

The Dam is Busting--New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Now Support Impeachment

Gollum J Trump speaks!

Why Was Ukraine's Top Prosecutor Fired? The Issue At The Heart Of The Dispute Gripping Washington

2022 US Senate Election with a Democratic President.

If he had not been caught 2020 would be 2016 all over again.

SPEIR says whisleblower complaint: "Explosive, stunning, more than the summary of phone call"

Trump's global trade war comes to Alabama

Justice Dept.'s Dismissal of Ukraine Call Raises New Questions About Barr.

Got to join in! Rocky Mountain High

'I thought it was dead': Donald Trump says he thought he had escaped impeachment after Mueller repor

Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller's show today:

Whistle-Blower Is Said to Allege Concerns About White House Handling of Ukraine Call

Whistle-Blower Is Said to Allege Concerns About White House Handling of Ukraine Call

Historically speaking, impeachment may not be good for a president...

'It's spectacular': Climate activists paint stunning mural on two blocks of Montgomery St.


Hacked Seattle road sign says 'Impeach the Bastard'

Laurence Tribe: Donald Trump's call with Ukrainian president drips with impeachable crimes

Lawrence O'Donnell: "Donald Trump CAN be impeached, and he can be impeached by Christmas."

Bannon is being served a civil subpoena by the FTC over Cambridge Analytica.

Election 2019: Democrats' push to win Virginia legislature could mean Fairfax County goes all blue

No one seems to talk about Trump using his *personal* lawyer to deal with a foreign government.

if Spkr Pelosi becomes POTUS Pelosi through succession, should she run for re(?)-election in 2020?


Fact check: Trump made false claim to Ukrainian president to justify his Biden request

Lawrence: "like so many countries, (Ukraine prez) said 'I stayed at (a SHITLER) hotel' "

Texas Ranger says ex-Dallas cop who killed Botham Jean was reasonable to feel threatened, but a jury

Did you ever forget where you put the

One simple thought:


I GOT IT !!! Pollsters should start doing polls of dems vs PENCE !!!!!!!!!!

A Shout Out to the Dems like Maxine Waters Who Backed Impeachment from the Start.

Just came across this: DOJ spokesperson says Barr never spoke to LOSER45/Giuliani about Biden

GOP senators float Biden probe as Ukraine controversy escalates

1 word Lawrence O'Donnell and the exposure of Donald Trumps deeds - Treason.

Here's some good advice from Samantha Bee.

Uncle John's Band

"People Have the Power" (Today - Right Now)

Has anyone yet logged in to Free Republic to post ...

Did Trump Just Impeach Himself?

Whistleblower Had Concerns About White House Records

In The Sweet By And By: Elizabeth Cotten

Murphy, Heilmann, O'Donnell.........yeah, we are at the Nixon moment.

If America is to move forward, we must get rid of 1) Trump; 2) Mitch McConnell.

50 Years Ago Today; Abbey Road Released in the UK (Oct 1 in the US)

Deflection and diversion....

Steve Cox for U.S. Senate

Trump was looking for a pretext & political cover to pardon Manafort: The Ukraine Scheme

Tulsi Gabbard's congressional district voted 61-30 against Trump in 2016 #HI02

Revealed: Trump's Wildlife Service pick has ties to anti-animal protection groups

DUers I need your advice!

Jonathan Edwards - Sunshine

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Faces Impeachment Proceedings

The lungs of the world at work

Hello, Mother.

How do you think I would look in yoga pants?

This one would be funnier if it weren't so close to what actually happened.

Is Steve Kornacki Going to be Hosting The 11th Hour All week?

Chet Atkins, Leo Kottke, Doc Watson: Last Steam Engine Train

Alex Jones is suing The Young Turks and has demanded a "jury trail"

Ted Lieu: "This is in the Washington Examiner, a conservative publication."

Alice in Chains - Sunshine

Republican source to Erickson: whistleblower report is "credible" and significantly worse than the

FBI, Texas Rangers raid Precinct 2 constable's office, seize county vehicle

Madonna - Borderline

Netanyahu said to have agreed Rivlin's proposed power share deal, Gantz refused

Quin Hillyer (Repub from AL) wrote in right wing Washington Examiner. Impeach him!

You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley: Mississippi John Hurt

Never again will I second guess Nancy Pelosi.

Tame Impala - Borderline

World Bank's Georgieva becomes first IMF chief from emerging economy

9 a.m. tomorrow morning!

Which is worse? Trump / Ukraine or Watergate?

Rep. Speier on Rachel - whistleblower complaint "Nothing short of explosive"

Danzig - Mother

Twins win the AL Central. First time since 2010!!

Hey Donnie: YOU'RE FIRED.

Trump Pressures Ukraine to Investigate Biden & Impeachment Looms The Daily Show

The whistleblower report has just been declassified!

Samantha Bee-America: Where a woman can be president but only if two men get impeached first.


Are there any whispers of Pence resigning?

Greta Thunberg - Inspiring Others to Take a Stand Against Climate Change The Daily Show

Who has the power to de-classify documents/testimony? n/t

Impeachment will now happen rapidly for two simple reasons

Pet hamster for sale. $479,900

Echoes of Watergate...our modern day Deep Throat...

The Daily Show: Trump's Ukraine Call Released

AH ha ha ha ha...Mark Levin has a mad

Video of 5 yr old child threatened by coyote in suburban Chicago.

The Daily Show: Guests Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey - "She Said" & Breaking the Harvey Weinstein Story

Next year's rally...

Poor, low energy Trump. He was reading the words (maybe), but no passion.

Lock Him Up!

Trump's campaign rallies are going to be utter madness.

Ukraine Scheme Began as Effort to Pardon Manafort

Seth Meyers - Nancy Pelosi Opens a Formal Impeachment Inquiry Against Trump - Monologue - 9/24/19

Question for DU Legal Minds: What law did Trump break?

Seth Meyers - Trump Releases Damning Ukraine Memo Amid Impeachment Inquiry: A Closer Look

So you got a cat or a dog?

Where Dem House Members stand and other neat graphs on Impeachment 9/25

MURRAY WAAS: Ukranian Initiatve begun to formulate rationale for Potus to pardon Manafort

Joe on Kimmel's show. He is such a good man. He is the exact opposite

Campaign turns impeachment inquiry into fundraising bonanza

Forgotten History: Violent Jewish Resistance to the Holocaust

Gofundme for whistleblower

Imho Team Trump now trying to make Dems rush

Why Trump's Ukraine Call Meets The Founders' Impeachment Standard - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Listen to "Shiva" by my Grammy friend, Ricky Kej...

Biden says Trump should be impeached if he doesn't comply with Congress

Gulf Coast Health Care Fraud Law Enforcement Action Results in Charges Against 33 Individuals

Where does the DOJ get the policy that a president can't be charged with a crime

President Donald Trump Shifts Explanation For Withholding Ukraine Aid Morning Joe MSNBC

(Jewish Group) 'Why is it that I can't say something against the Jews?' Malaysia's leader asks

Gregory Hines & Mikhail Baryshnikov: "Duo Dance" (White Nights 1985)

So who will read aloud the long list of high crimes and misdemeanors?

(Jewish Group) Why these Jewish lawmakers' calls for impeachment are a big deal

What does 'Jew down' mean, and why do people find it offensive?

Florida & Georgia Health Care Fraud Law Enforcement Action Results in Charges against 67 Individuals

Holocaust survivors reunited in Israel after 75 years

Same-sex domestic violence explored in powerful new music video

I heard Lindsey Graham define "Quid Pro Quo" today.

Five Hundred Days of Injustice: On the Imprisonment of Luiz Incio Lula da Silva

Carl Perkins, George Harrison, Ringo, Eric Clapton & More: RnR Medley

i've responded to several threads tonite to "rest, replinesh and regroup"

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 26, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: James Bond

Texas District Judge Sentenced to Prison

Today summarized:

Former Owner and Operator of Jannah Healthcare Charged with Tax Evasion

While tRump and the KGOP eat their own, someone else is settling in

anyone guessing who whistle blower is?

Whistle-Blower Is Said to Allege Concerns About White House Handling of Ukraine Call (NYT)

Two Kazakh Cybercriminals Plead Guilty in Global Digital Advertising Fraud Involving Tens Of Million

Hot in Colombia: trolling Uribe rallies

Blue Suede Shoes: John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Toronto

Orthodox Church in America/'Depression'

Former DOJ IG; Asst US Attorney, SDNY, has some advise about transcripts

Chief Inspector Murphy and his Dad talk about cases

Ithaca-Area CPA Sentenced to 87 Months for Bankruptcy Fraud, Mail Fraud, and Money Laundering

Dionne Warwick - Heartbreaker


man in Dallas admitted that he followed a transgender woman to a bus stop before shooting her

🚨🚨🚨🚨 REPUBLICAN SOURCE: "[The whistleblower] paints a clear path to impeachment."

Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud as Part of an Investment Fraud Scheme Involving Baton Rouge

Ex-lawmaker Issa to launch a bid for return to Congress

Think America's fate hinges on the 2020 presidential race? You're forgetting something

Pelosi may be right about a quick, narrowly focussed impeachment

RW rat John Ratcliffe resigned from the Committee on Homeland Security tonight

Pharmacy Owners Agree to Pay $1.1 Million and Abide by 10-Year Federal Healthcare Exclusion to

Trident USA Health Services LLC to Pay $8.5 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Liability for

Charles P. Pierce: Trump's UN Presser Was Hilarious Until It Was Horrifying

State party leaders to get first look at venues, hotels for 2020 DNC in Milwaukee

Latin American Leader Flouts History With Bid to Step Down Early

VIDEO: Biden on Jimmy Kimmel Live - complete interview

Mexico's Oaxaca state legalises abortion in historic move for Catholic nation

Mexico's Oaxaca state legalises abortion in historic move for Catholic nation

Joe Biden on Ukraine Transcript, Impeachment & Defeating Trump (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

2nd whistleblower waiting in the wings...trickle, rain, flood

Rachel Maddow historic context to 46 y.o. today.

Miami man who says he's rightful owner of Havana's airport sues American Airlines

Miami man who says he's rightful owner of Havana's airport sues American Airlines

Rep. Jackie Speier: Whistleblower Complaint "Nothing Short Of Explosive" - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Absolute Club ZETTAI CLUB [Dream Thriller] (Official Music Video)

"It's almost like you and President Obama left the door to the WH open, and a bear got in." Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Joe Biden on Ukraine Transcript, Impeachment & Defeating Trump

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/25/19

Mike Pence called Ukraine's president to praise fight against "corruption" days after US sent aid

Fidel Castro's secret love affair with NYC

Greta Thunberg Wins "Alternative Nobel Prize" For Climate Change Activism

Greta Thunberg One Of 4 Winners of The 2019 Right Livelihood Award

Does anyone think that Trump might be driven to suicide?

So what is Tom Steyer going to talk about now.

Whistleblower complaint alleges communications stored on a SEPARATE network from normal records!!

I really wish we could come up with a workable MFA plan

[Flashback] "Trump: If I say I should be on Mt. Rushmore, 'I will end up with such bad publicity'"

Who saw the NZ PM on Colbert last night?

To prevent suicide by firearm, Wisconsin lawmakers want gun shop owners to take control

A slightly different translation of the Trump-Zelensky call (if true, it could change things!)

Cracks emerge among Senate Republicans over Trump urging Ukrainian leader to investigate Biden

Former French president Jacques Chirac dies

City slicker Trump is no friend to Wisconsin farmers

We are going to end homelessness and build millions of new affordable housing units

The Godfather IV (with subtitles)

'I hope to run again': Ted Cruz eyes another presidential race -- in 2024

We are all in this together!!!!

The last few days reminds me of this:

Democrats should start calling for trump to resign

Beto O'Rourke pushes gun control, health care, immigration reform in Pittsburgh

Beto O'Rourke pushes gun control, health care, immigration reform in Pittsburgh

State Sanctioned Murder?

Jonathan Chait: The Ukraine Scandal Is Not One Phone Call. It's a Massive Plot.

Border wall construction in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is a travesty

The creator of the labradoodle says he made 'Frankenstein's monster'

Breakfast, Thursday 26 September 2019

Digital noticeboards in 3,000 primary schools have been beaming pro-government propaganda to kids...

GOP in repeat form

He believes the U.S. treasury is his checking account, the U.S. military his chattle

Trump's plan to make Biden into Clinton

It's 2019. Let's check in with the Trump Train...

New TWU residence halls draw student concerns


I'm an old liberal

On Twitter this morning, Donald Trump tells the truth for a change.

Company storing radioactive waste in Denton asks court for more time

Whistleblower alleges Trump White House moved records onto separate network: report

Whistleblower complaint accuses Trump administration of pattern of obfuscation: report

"More Impeaches than Anyone!"; New Scandal-Naming Convention Announced

Romney out front of GOP with criticisms of Trump's Ukraine call, but signs emerge that he's not alon

Miss Piggy, AG Barr, better lawyer up.

Uh, folks. Hell froze over. For once, I agree with tRump. No. Seriously. I do.

Rudy Giuliani -- World's Worst Best Friend

All the president's loyalists: Impeachment net snares Trump's top advisers

Just imagine if the Prophet George Carlin were here to testify!

It Has Begun

Thursday TOONs - Loose Lips Trip Drips

This is my new nickname for Pelosi.

Oy. Zelensky's face is all of us since 2016:

The Trump-Zelensky readout is a devastating indictment of our president

The Rundown: September 25, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 9/25/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 9/25/2019

Will these attacks, mainly rumors and innuendo, hurt Joe Biden?

The White House's Ukraine memo destroys Giuliani's attempts to frame the State Department

I am feeling rather cross..

Cream drummer Ginger Baker critically ill in hospital

Trump is pushing a fake scandal once again. Don't buy it.

Plenty Of Talk Of Carbon Cuts From US Utilities, But Decades Of Coal Use Still Await

New Poll Shows Majority Support Trump Impeachment if President Suspended Ukraine Aid Over Biden

far right newspaper calls for trump to go

Who the hell mows their grass at 8:00 am??

60 Countries Promise Zero Emissions By 2050 - They Collectively Represent 11% Of Emissions

Boris Johnson's links to Jennifer Arcuri - Oh My!

At Least 500 Jaguars Have Died Or Had Habitats Destroyed In Amazon Fires

I ike the sound of it: MSNBC's Morning Joe caes Trumps mess the "Ukraine cnspiracy"!

MSNBC - whistlerblower complaint has been declassified

More Freedumb From Shitstain's EPA - No Need For Utilities To Have $$ For Coal Ash Cleanup

Something New - Rapid Apple Decline; 80% Of North Carolina Orchards Already Infected

Happy impeachment Day!

Why republicon scum will go along with this impeachment

What need to be done now, if not sooner;

In Michigan steel towns, tariffs meant to revive industry cost jobs

Whistleblower In Tentative Agreement To Meet With Congress

Gun bill "dead": White House says impeachment killed "chances of legislative progress"

My guess: Gordon was the primary whistleblower, assisted by Coats. **UPDATE**

Whistleblower complaint released!!!

Less Than 20% Of Worlds's 3,000 Biggest Companies Have Any Chance Of Hitting 1.5C Paris Targets

Tesla police car nearly runs out of power during chase in California

A key thing to keep in mind about Ukrainegate is that Ukraine is at war

It is an impeachment inquiry - not a formal impeachment proceeding.

Please remember that FACTS don't MATTER to Trump Chumps

Man found guilty of hate crimes for taunting woman over her Puerto Rico flag T-shirt

IPCC Oceans Report - Links To Sections, Summaries, Full Text, Graphics

Read the full declassified whistleblower complaint linked to a phone call between President Donald T

The House doesn't need an impeachment inquiry to confirm Trump's wrongdoing. Just look at his hotel.

Impeachment Day 3

Leonardo DiCaprio urged to end support for Indian river project

I have learned to not get my hopes up

The republicans are in lock step with Trump. They pukes are going to try to make this political,

Two big questions -does this formulation work.

Panicked much?? twitler tweets

This whistleblower's report is a BOMBSHELL!

Whistleblower: WH officials with direct knowledge of call were ones who said Trump abused his office

Tweet of the week?

My prediction: It will be just like Watergate.

Woah. WH officials told the WB "this was 'not the first time' under this admin that a transcript

Now We See The Anatomy Of.....

Calls for Resignation Must Begin Now

Live Feed of the House Intelligence Committee Meeting

Jeffrey Toobin: "Who Is Going To Be John Dean"?

Continental to close by 2024 (Newport News, VA)

Word of the Day: "stramash" - uproar, chaos, turmoil (Scots; satisfyingly onomatopoeic).

Zelensky from playing president

Adam Schiff should start the House Intel Committee meeting reminding Joseph Maguire...

House Intel Committee Hearing Livethread...

Dear Donald

I fear he's going to do something big and terrible to try and distract from this.

Trump in panic mode! All CAPS!!!

Stop for just a moment and consider: where in hell would we be if we had not taken the

Nunes sitting there ready to spew nonsense. I'm not sure I can take that today...

House Intel Committee meeting now starting on C-SPAN

The NSC "codeword level" computer system

I love Adam Schiff.

Spectacular Adam Schiff. His statement will be enshrined in history.

Get your streaming DNI/House Intelligence Hearing link here!

September 26 - Happy Birthday Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D) TX-16th(former)

Schiff nailed it with his paraphrasing of what Trump said in that phone call. Devastating!

September 26 - Happy Birthday Beto O'Rourke (D) TX presidential hopeful

A. Secret. Fucking. Server.

Joseph Maguire's eyes.

Nunes is such a twit.

Fuck you, Nunes.

So who wrote widdle Numnuz statement? Any bets?

That phone call transcript sounds like MF45 is a mafia boss shaking down a subordinate

If Trump goes...

Nude pictures!

Listen to this cockroach Nunes. THIS arrogant hate and ignorance is what will remain AFTER

And now links to the 2016 elections by Ukrainian operatives

"I'm sorry, but I don't want to be involved to democratic, open elections of U.S.A.

Watergate Redux: All broadcast networks covering the Maguire Hearing

Fredo Nunes...

DNI Maguire

Maguire is giving himself lot's of cudos.

BREAKING: Trump LOSES IT as Impeachment Begins

Visibly Confused Trump Implodes at UN

**********Whistle blower Thread 1************

This is where we are as a country.

Executive Privilege does not cover Whistleblower complaints

Anyone in Trinidad?

I want the truth, not Nunes' false opening statement!

He's saying since it's not an intelligence matter...

President Obama Signs H.R. 553, The Reducing Over-Classification Act

Maguire is getting squirrelly and evasive.

Poor Maguire..frantically searching for his ass...Schiff has it.

Do you think Giuliani has figured out yet that he has been picked to play the role of Paul Manafort

"skip to my lou, Donnie"?

Jacques Chirac died overnight

Honestly, Adam Schiff is much better at questioning than Nadler is...

Answer the fucking question smarmy bastard!

Maguire just admitted his team went to the White House FIRST to ask if the complaint should

Biden will almost certainly benefit from this impeachment

Rep Schiff is fucking killing it right now in questioning

Mr. Maguire, here is the oath you violated...

We need an independent prosecutor established in the House.

Impeachment must not be too "narrow" in scope

Roundup of many (28) current articles on the Trump/Ukraine Scandal with links to all

John Dean says Giuliani is not Trump's lawyer, but rather his co-conspirator:

Mitch Mcconnell statement

I love Adam Schiff's questions!

Pelosi's patience on impeachment pays off -- so far

It might be a good time to post this video ...

Read the full Trump whistleblower complaint

Anyone here live in a nice city? I'm interested in moving.

Executive Privledge does not apply for 2 reasons

There is no Privilege for illegal acts!

Nunes "it's a pleasure for you to be here"?

Remember how petty, hypocritical and maddening Gowdy and Issa were??

Remembering Donald's: Next time we'll win the old fashioned way

I hope the Congressional Dems and Senate Dems know that Trumpism is a cult

Nunes having a rough time in the hearing...

You are not denying that you spoke to the Con about this

Captain Queeg: "There is no high crimes or misdemeanors, no treason, no extortion, no treason"

*************Whistle-blower Hearing THREAD 2********************

Does anybody think this is crossing the mind of GOP senators...

Piano playing dog and a dancing girl to entertain you

Notice the difference in Maguire's facial expression when being questioned by one

Names of members of Intelligence Committee, in case anyone else

Just an important reminder

Mango Jicama Slaw Recipe

Well, I have an appointment......

Whistle-Blower's Complaint Says White House Tried to 'Lock Down' Ukraine Call Records

Anglique Kidjo, Once In A Lifetime

Rep. Turner just called Schiff a liar in open Congress

Tweet of the Day

Rahsaan Roland Kirk-Watergate blues

Julian Castro tweet, a few minutes ago:

What will Mitt Romney do?

How much longer do you think Chumpy will last?

OK, Old Timers, I gotta say this:

Are you CONCERNED yet, Susan Collins????

This can't be the only time

Joseph Maguire is done...stick a fork in him...

Rep Mike Turner-I want to say to Trump "This is not ok-think it's disappointing to American public"

Just your daily reminder that Hillary Clinton was right... About *EVERYTHING*

Best Buy to cut $1B in costs citing impact of U.S tariffs..

Maguire is either more corrupt than I imagined or is more obtuse than I thought

The Hearing; Their whole defense, Trump, barr is based on a technicality.

"Netanyahu clutches political lifeline"

Remember all the time you wasted

Oxymoron - Rep. Chris Stewart is on the "Intelligence" Committee!!!

I've said this here before. Now I'm shouting it. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION.

Actual transcript of call exists


Laurence Tribe: Barr is up to his eyebrows in this criminal conspiracy. He's Trump's John Mitchell.

Wendy Sherman tweet -

I loves me some Jackie Speier

Acting DNI just denigrated Catholic faith practice

I see many posts saying "it's over. He's done"

Who Would Be Best To Clean Up The Corruption That Led to Trump?

Cuomo signs law making it easier to vote in primary elections

I'm just a bureaucrat--I know nothing

Mr. Maguire is out of his depth.

The acting DNI was backed into a corner by Trump , Barr. However,

So, when do the resignations begin? I think there should be a number

George Gershwin was born on this date

Hearing: after Mr. Hurd, there is only one other Republican to question Maguire, Mr. Ratcliffe.

Question for moms and dads of daughters in the 12 YO age range.

I think I know what Joseph Maguire's problem is.

Maguire knew what he was doing...

** Must See ** MSNBC wraps up all the various news events of 09/25/19

Pic Of The Moment: Well Wouldya Look At That

The NY Fed's rescue is working. But it hasn't fixed the market

Here's a list of some of the people who've left their positions since the phone call.

Trump, Netanyahu, and Boris Johnson are all on the ropes politically.

Let's face it: Maguire did nothing wrong.

Roger Stone motion to suppress the evidence against him fails

Tim Ryan tweet, minutes ago:

It sounds like the whistleblower is high up in the chain of command of their agency

I keep stumbling over the term "executive privilege"

The most hilarious thing about this hearing is to watch ReTHUGs pander to Maguire's military

Pattern and practice

Raw Story just noticed something I pointed out here a week ago. Trump called Zelensky the same day

Marty Robbins was born on this date-


Julie London was born on this date.

Ratcliffe said * was allowed to strong arm Ukraine because it was part of an ongoing investigation.

All of the rules and operating procedures of the Executive Branch

Giuliani is even more vile that I could imagine. 'Enemies of 45 are enemies of the United States?'

Rep Swalwell NAILED Maguire on how he should have followed the law (mandatory)

Bookmark - A Timeline of the Trump-Ukraine Scandal (LawFare)

Off-Duty Cop Won't Be Charged After Deadly Costco Shooting Of Man With Schizophrenia

Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos has a birthday today.

Trump without strategy in fast-moving impeachment inquiry

There are not enough buses

The problem is the concept that the president is the "boss"...

Anyone else tune in late this morning? Why are we having this hearing now?

A Note About Classified Information

This is what happens when everyone in DC is "Acting" and the administration is not prepared to rule

Womp,'s the list of Republicans who agreed to release the Ukraine call readout

We're in uncharted territory...when the POTUS *is* the National Security Threat

At least Maguire

I want Guiliani scheduled on every network.

Pic Of The Moment: Susan Collins Formulates Her Response To Trump's Unprecedented Abuse Of Power

For reference, a timeline of Ukraine/Trump scandal from Lawfareblog

EPA tells California it is 'failing to meet its obligations' to protect the environment

Just so you know...

BREAKING: Corey Lewandowski discussing a WH roll on Impeachment

Trump's Death by Self-Regard

Republicans believe Trump made a 'huge mistake' releasing transcript

NY Grassroots activists and Bernie Sanders score another big victory for the people.

Giuliani denies charges in whistleblower complaint, says details are 'total nonsense'

Otherwise, you're fucked.

Trump is demonstrably quite capable of exerting executive privilege

Nancy Pelosi: "This is s cover-up-This is a cover-up"

'Trump dispatched Pence with thinly veiled messages about heeding his demands' - USA Today & others

I hope Berke gets a shot at this evasive DNI

The Dems are killing it

McCain (R-AZ) says "I can see us going Democrat"

I lived through Watergate and hated Nixon. There are 2 similarities in my opinion:

So, is Trump discussing a pardon with Pence yet? "Mike, you know I've always respected you---" nt

Maguire just slipped up:

McCain (R-AZ) says "I can see us going Democrat"

You raised $160.00 on September 25, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Kurt Eichenwald thread (6 tweets): Timeline is devastating.

Nunes apologizes to Maguire and scolds Dems over "proper impeachment procedures."

U.S. Senator Warren's liberal plans fuel rise in Democratic presidential field

GM reverses decision, will pay striking union workers' healthcare coverage

Scott calls impeachment inquiry 'appropriate'

Barr is a nightmare, his grubby little hands are all over this, he is completely compromised and is,

Devin Nunes Claims Democrats Are Trying To Get Naked Pictures of Trump

I think what Maguire is missing, Rep. Schiff is affirming and reaffirming precedence.

Florida Man tries to kill estranged wife and step-daughter, ends up paralyzed.

Dan Coats says acting intelligence chief Maguire "caught in a squeeze"

Mr. Maguire is losing it.

The Zelensky Memo Suggests There Might Be Tapes

Giuliani: "I did my job & now all these people are torturing me"

Naomi Oreskes: 'The House Is Burning Down and We're Just Sitting Around Discussing It'

New Beatles Video released for "Here Comes The Sun" on 50th anniversary of Abbey Road release

This poor guy is so clueless and hapless. What is he doing in this position???

Naomi Oreskes: 'The House Is Burning Down and We're Just Sitting Around Discussing It'

Howlin' Wolf sings "The Watergate Blues."

Is anyone concerned

Soooo, basically Maquire is telling congress he'll withhold complaints again if they involve Trump?!

Strong ending

Wow! Great closing statement by Adam Schiff! (VIDEO added, & transcript)

Adam Schiff appreciation thread. Man, he's good.

Rush flipping out claiming Schiff "made up" call transcript

** BREAKING ** Former Ukraine prosecutor says Hunter Biden 'did not violate anything'

Kamala Harris to Barr, May 1: "Has the president or anyone at the White House ever asked..."

Trump needs to be impeached ASAP

BBC : White House 'tried to cover up details of Trump-Ukraine call'

Resign MoFo

Could Rudy Giuliani be charged under the Logan Act?

How often do we hear about some local county commissioner or town councilperson who goes to jail....

'Ukraine was just the beginning. It seems that there is much more to come.'

Devin Nunes' Mother just asked her doctor if 2,437 weeks would be too late to abort Devin Nunes.

"Should we investigate?"

Is There Any Chance That Now That We Are Under A Formal Impeachment Inquiry That We Will.....

Giuliani claims he has text messages proving State Dept sent him to Ukraine. '

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

(Jewish Group) New list of white supremacist memes, symbols, slogans added to ADL guide

You know why this was deemed urgent by the ICIG, right?

Former Ukraine prosecutor exonerates Hunter Biden

Finally just freaking finally..

Was MaGuire asked if he would do it next time?

Area 52

(Jewish Group) Some history: The Myth of the Vampire Jew and Blood Libels

"I'm always flattered when I'm attacked by a person of the president's character"

"I'm always flattered when I'm attacked by someone of Trump's character." Adam Schiff just now

Adam Schiff just said, when asked about Trump's latest tweet

Hell Bound Train........................

Hope Zelensky is the same kind of comedian as Al Franken became

The "secret server" is the equivalent of the Nixon tapes.

I'm sick of politics, sick of Trump, we should be talking about what IS really important!

Mafia Organization Chart:

The Secret Server versus Hillary's emails

Just heard Andrea Mitchell say "The Vice President was involved!" OOOOOOH! I betcha the VP is

Trump Whistleblower ......

The secret server will bring him down

I'm waiting for #SecretServer to trend...

Can we all agree that Rudy Giuliani is the biggest Conservative Idiot of all time?

Trump on the tube now - he's angry

He's really shouting now - at the top of his voice

Since when it is the job of the Justice Department

***Breaking*** Report: Ukraine Dirt Scandal Began As Search For Manafort Pardon Rationale

Trump Attacks Whistle-Blower's Sources and Alludes to Punishment for Spies

Trump is mad!

OK, show of hands.

There is an orange man having a meltdown on my tv.

So, remember when Trump cancelled his trip to Poland?

Sounds Like Trump Is Losing His Cool.....

Trump is pissed! Watching him on MSNBC but

The media will amplify Trumps lies & smears just like they did with the Mueller report.

Trump: Schiff is holding up Infrastructure Week, Nancy Pelosi has been hijacked

Trump just went nuts on live TV. Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, the radical left, Mexico is helping..

Our best ally.....Trump's mouth!

Trump to diplomats: Whistleblower sources "close to" spies & spies used to be dealt with differently

Nikey Haley seems to be the only Trump appointee to get out,

Trump attacks whisleblower's sources, aides to punishment for spies

William Barr must resign as AG!

Lewandowski may lead White House impeachment team

Ukraine lawmaker says new probe won't involve Biden or his son

He's raging. Wants to find the "spy" who gave the info to the whistleblower.

Does Maguire understand that it's not appropriate to ask the accusees whether he should go

Trump Attacks Whistle-Blower's Sources and Alludes to Punishment for "Spies"

Born on this day, September 26, 1945: Bryan Ferry

Stubborn husky protests when the family vacation is over

The original Never-Truther. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Trump: Investigation "shouldn't be allowed. There should be a way of stopping it." VIDEO

Congress Gives Final Approval to Spending Measure That Would Stave Off Shutdown

Trump's motivation...

Ukrainegate is Trump's homage to Watergate

Will Trump have his "Code Red" moment?

So if Trump is close to leaving office...

Pence and Trump should have to be prison cell mates.

Richard Painter - we have a president who is

Kamala Harris On Impeachment: Trump Is Least Patriotic President In History

Korea-Japan and the End of the '65 System - Part VI: Taking Stock

Kamala Harris On Impeachment: Trump Is Least Patriotic President In History

Treason does not mean what Trump thinks it does.

Trump threatens retaliation against whistleblower

Kudos to CNN for fact-check graphics on screen DURING Trump's unhinged rant at Andrews AFB

Statewide Vote by Key California Union Delivers Presidential Endorsement to Warren and Sanders

Well played,

Rep. Schrader, D-OR, finally in support of impeachment inquiry

Our votes are vulnerable to being (and have been) shunted through a "secret server" to rig elections

It's DimwitGate or DumbassGate this time.

Hillary was right. Nancy was right.

Wall Street Dem donors: We'll back Trump if you nominate Warren.

Jackie Speier on whistleblower complaint:trump withholds money to coax Ukraine 2 cede land to Russia

History doesn't repeat, but it sure as hell rhymes.

Julia Ioffe, re Trump's threats: That feeling when Tony Soprano is leader of the free world

Snitches get stitches

Intelligencer: The Ukraine Scandal Is Not One Phone Call. It's a Massive Plot.

getting way ahead of things, but... who is this generation's gerald ford?

It's a little early, but

Schiff: "I'm always flattered when I'm attacked by someone of the President's character."

He is now making death threats

Trump is facing the biggest firestorm of his presidency because his own staffers blew the whistle on

Dear Congress, could you please bring Giuliani in for an open hearing? I would like to see him

Trump: "There should be a way of stopping (impeachment) -- maybe legally, through the courts."

NYT: Whistle-Blower Is a C.I.A. Officer Who Was Detailed to the White House

Trump needs something big to

BREAKING: NYT has identified the whistleblower...

Whistle-Blower Is a C.I.A. Officer Who Was Detailed to the White House

Here is the Whistleblower complaint

The Abyss is Gazing Back

Abramson....BREAKING NEWS: The Whistleblower Complaint Is Here:

Prediction: tRump will sue to try to stop impeachment

NYT: Trump says whistleblower 'close to a spy,' suggests punishment

I've decided to take tea on the veranda today

Beyond the Spin and the Smoke

Whistle blower atty. Mark S. Zaid responds: "Publishing details about the whistleblower will only

Whistleblower: White House tried to 'lock down' call details


"Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?" Not Wallstreet,

Something to think about as the Trump/Ukraine investigation continues

Donald Trump's Ukraine Phone Call 'Made Me Sick,' Republican Former Governor John Kasich Says

The Con is the smoking gun...

Nunes rips Democrats and their 'media assets'

Democrats call for House leadership to cancel recess and focus on impeachment

The Latest: El Salvador's leader starts speech with selfie

This bugged the hell out me when Maguire said the following....

Dan Rather asks the $64,000,000,000 question:

Rudy is delusional....caught trying to board a flight to Russia

Trump's impeachment is the only option after Ukraine call transcript

Busted and red-faced...

YouGov poll. 32% of Republicans support impeachment

A thought about the whistle-blower

Trump and his thugs had no problem putting an entire country in danger (Ukraine) so why

Dynasty patriarch facing charges after exposing 'the system' behind Colombia's democracy

Just had a chat with an Iowa Senate candidate who gave me perspective on the Caucus ground games...

With the presidential election coming next year,,,

Rudy Giuliani: 'You Should Be Happy for Your Country That I Uncovered This'

Colombia's military never meant to spare hostages in Palace of Justice siege

Schiff: We will be working through the break

Editorial: President Trump needs to step down

"Will of the American People"

Difference between night and day

Colombia's ruling party organizing protests in support of Uribe on day he is expected in court

O.K. Hand Sign Added to Anti-Defamation League's List of Hate Symbols

WAIT...So Russian state TV told the truth?

Rudy: "I will be the hero! These morons--when this is over, I will be the hero!"

trump gets a 'History-ectomy'

Rule change could make 250,000 workers in Washington eligible for overtime

Be Very Careful in the Days Ahead of ANY Reporting Coming Out of the NYT's.....

4 Pinocchios for Trump's claims about Hunter Biden's China dealings

Golden Retrievers and Husky Welcomes Tiny Baby Kittens

Alleged White House 'lockdown' of transcript would be highly unusual

Early Autumn visitor

BWAHAHA! Eric steps on Don Jr's claim that Trump spawn stopped doing international business

Ukrainian prosecutor named by whistleblower says Hunter Biden did not violate any laws

Saudi Prince Says Khashoggi Murder Happened on His 'Watch': PBS

After 25 Years in 'Inadequate' Argentine Zoo, 33-Year-Old Orangutan Sandra Heads to Floridian Ape Sa

Beware of what Trump is prepared to do now and as things get worse for him.

In the Wake of All This News

There's a consistency to Trump's law-breaking.

House passes cannabis-banking bill, but getting Senate's OK still looks tricky

'The Patriarchy Is Going Down': Mexican Women Are Rising Up

FYI - Twitler rants that markets will crash if he's impeached. Checking Marketwatch....

As the Amazon burns, Colombia's forests decimated for cattle and coca

Giuliani rants in phone call to "The Atlantic" reporter:

City leaders march through Tacoma in effort to stem gun violence

I used to work for a sociopath.

Tracking Every Presidential Candidate's TV Ad Buys

Important point about how Mueller's investigation has set us up for proving current coverup...

WH started placing Trump call transcripts into NSC's codeword system in 2017...

Trump call transcripts have been concealed since sometime in 2017.

Are we about to see a

Oil palm, cattle and coca take a toll on Colombia's indigenous Jiw

Lindsey Graham is losing it...


A top charter school got California's first desegregation order in 50 years

Trump Implies Whistleblowers Should Be Executed, Which May Conflict With Rules Protecting Whistleblo

Great Thunberg help line

NFL owners reportedly now will push for 17-game schedule, not 18

Giuliani Claims He Kept Texts From State Dept. To 'Protect' Himself

On Wall Street, the fear is Trump's trade policies, not impeachment

Sen. Ernst.....she "didn't see anything" in the transcripts that warranted impeaching the president.

Are presidential phone call transcripts usually available to the intelligence committees?

Labradoodle Creator Says the Breed Is His Life's Regret

Hillary Clinton...

He admires and cozies up to dictators. Seems he's been acting like one in secret.

Privacy threat flying mostly under the radar...


Contact info for New York Times - shame on NYX for publishing info that could reveal whistleblower

Eric Garland slams NYT for story about whistleblower: Not just unethical, but nat'l security risk

Annual health insurance costs hit record high above $20,000

Jacques Chirac, flamboyant French president who opposed U.S. invasion of Iraq, dies at 86

Gavin Newsom...

Hey, Trump: You're FIRED!

Devin Nunes is losing it...

Trumpgate is Watergate redux...

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 26, 2019

Pompous Pompeo trying to change narrative to obvious...

What can I say? We did all we could

Yeats, sort of---

Immediately Nancy Pelosi Should Start Talking About All The House Bills That The Dems Passed And....

Democrats had no idea Trump would hand them so much ammo

LI Teacher Told Students To 'Write Something Funny' About Slavery

John Cornyn is losing it...

Gaslighting the nation...

These officials better lawyer up

There is one characteristic of Trump I truly hate: Trump is a classic bully.

Nunes is trying to cover his own corruption...

Justice Dept. rejected investigation of Trump phone call just weeks after it began examining

Eric Garland's "transcript" of this morning's Intelligence hearing. I'm in tears!

The records of government are the property of the people. It's time we reclaim them.

BREAKING: LA Timres has audio of Trump's whistleblower rant...

OK, now that things are getting serious.

Have A Subscription to the New York Times? Strongly Consider Cancelling It NOW.....

I went out and bought a good bottle of scotch.

Meanwhile....our elections are in jeopardy

Classified Materials Aren't Necessarily Classified to Prevent

Why does Trump think the 2016 election interference started in Ukraine?

Teenage Girls Are Leading The Climate Movement -- And Getting Attacked For It

Buttigieg expands campaign staff in Nevada

Marriage rates down due to a shortage of 'economically attractive' men

Do you think Barr will cancel his $35,000 party at Trump's hotel?

THE GRETA THUNBERG HELPLINE: For adults angry at a child.

If This Is Trump's Best Case, The Ukraine Scandal Is Looking Really Bad For Him

Biden holds double-digit lead in Democratic primary

Malignant narcissistic personality disorder....

Secretary of Navy: Jet noise issue 'top priority'

Poetic Justice

Wife & I celebrated 20 year Anniversary yesterday-tad bittersweet can't help it sometimes.....

Remember all the times Trump has disparaged and shit on the CIA and Intel community ?

Dog Was Alone In Shelter For 400 Days -- So Guy Moved Into Her Kennel

Where does Barr's son-in-law work, anyway?

Is Trump having a very long Captain Queeg moment?

Kentucky reporter Sara Rivest kissed on live TV says: 'This is not OK'

All the president's loyalists: Impeachment net snares Trump's top advisers

Warren and Sanders Share Union Endorsement

Work remains for Boeing, FAA on public trust

Struggling Farmers See Bright Spot in Solar

per Maddow, "Per this May 2018 report, this might not be the first time this has happened.

GOP, now's your chance to put country above party

Inspection discovers line dumping raw sewage into Lake Union

Trump just shot himself on 5th Avenue. (No he didn't)

The Nixon Impeachment Parade-National Lampoon Radio Hour

Alluding to having people killed, Mr. pResident* is NOT COOL. You and your cabal need to apologize

***Brand Spanking New Impeachment Polling***

Cartoons 9/26/19

Overly-Dramatic Pit Bull Tries To Faint To Avoid Having Her Nails Trimmed

Alright, let's talk about stuff that matters. What's your favorite album of the 70s?

*** More Brand Spanking New Impeachment Polling***

HuffPost headline: "Man Obsessed With Hillary Clinton's Private Server Hid Docs On A Secret System"

Could that phone call be trumps, Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes, moment from the

I think it's safe to say that this has been Trump's worst week ever...

I'm guessing threatening to murder ...your patriotic citizens not on the Nobel Peace Prize checklist

Luckovich-Do you swear to uphold the Constitution?

When Trump's cult had no problem with Trump inviting the Taliban to the United States

How about this strategy

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 27, 2019 -- TCM Spotlight: College Football

Happy Birthday Beto!

Happy Birthday Beto!

Boris Johnson refuses to apologise for language about Jo Cox

Sept. 25, 1789: Congress send Bill of Rights, other proposed Constitutional amendments to the states

At the beginning of the Watergate investigation only 19% of Americans wanted RMN removed from office

Trump headed for historic loss in California. 29% inclined to vote for him.

Ukrainian leader bristles at release of Trump transcript

BBC staff complain over Munchetty reprimand for Trump remark

My take? In the end, Trump didn't think Pelosi had the guts or the guns

Trump's firm wins permission for luxury homes development in Scotland

Trump's firm wins permission for luxury homes development in Scotland

Nancy Pelosi's quarter century of experience on intel may well have saved the USA

🐦 SEP 30 at 2PM - Medicare for All Small Business Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

I think the House should cancel the two week vacation.

Jason Johnson, just now on MSNBC, "Bravo to Nancy Pelosi!"

Been off the computer. Is fuckface threatening someone?

Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other:

Michigan Is Now A "No-Kill" Shelter State. Here's What That Means.

Trump on Fire

I'm now entering the 'Damn, I hope some near trump* has been given a taser' mode

Wednesday night poll shows big swing since April toward those favoring impeachment

Ted Olson to represent "dreamers" in the Supreme Court case challenging the Trump

Who else has proof of trump admin wrongdoing, and are any of them blackmailing him now?

Pelosi taps House Intel to lead narrow impeachment push over Ukraine scandal

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 28, 2019 -- The Essentials: Doctors in Love

Rescue Pittie Is Glowing In Her Very Own Maternity Shoot

[Flashback] Father of fallen soldier to Trump: "You have sacrificed nothing and no one!"

MEANWHILE, in my own city of Norfolk, Va...

Grandma Shark Nancy grabbed DT by his narcissism and never let go.

Adam Schiff's FULL opening statement this morning:

Dog Protests Coming Home From Walk In The Funniest Way

Partner: "You know we'll be watching a show about this in 5 years... House of Idiots."

Now is the time for a Warren New World Order

A first: Vermont GOP governor backs Trump impeachment probe

A large portion of the Republican voter base has been sheltered from the truth by Fox News

Sanders Rips 'Casual Cruelty That Motivates Trump and His Billionaire Friends' as White House Moves

Just want to make sure I have this right - Trump's solicitation for dirt on Biden

CNN: Pelosi tasks Intel committee to take lead on impeachment inquiry.

Ginger Baker, English Drummer for Cream Is In Hospital Critically Ill, Family Reveals

Bennet Leads Senate Democrats in Calling on Interior Secretary to Terminate Acting BLM Director's...

Voter Support for Impeachment Grows

Guy Rushes Into War Zone To Save Stranded Cats

God has sent a message to Republicans via St Roy Orbison

30 Republican Senators might vote to impeach Trump if the ballot were secret, GOP source says

How to take down a narcissist...


''I think treasonous activity is a president trying to undermine the Constitution ... ''

Flash drought declared in D.C.; historically hot, dry weather will get worse before it gets better

Trump would be the first president to be impeached and then found guilty by a Senate

Took a peek @ the freepers just before...

Bang him up!

David Corn: Trump's Intelligence Chief Offers a Timely Reminder: Trump Is a Liar

"It's Management Bedlam": Madness At Fox News As Trump Faces Impeachment

Trump and His Right-Wing Allies Are Losing Their Minds Over the Whistleblower Complaint

Amazon offers a way to delete Alexa recordings automatically

Dog Who Got Lost 4 Years Ago Can't Believe He's Seeing His Dad Again

New York Times blasted for outing whistleblower and 'putting his life in danger'

I hope that the committees will not take the two week break. If they do, that will

The Rude Pundit:That Trump/Zelensky Call Was Fucked Up for Even More Reasons Than Biden

Right wingers are offering $50K for whistleblower's identity. I have an announcement:

Are they trying to debase public schools so they can do charter schools?

85 Years Ago Today: RMS Queen Mary is launched at Clydebank, Scotland

Correct me if I'm wrong...

Hillary calls tRump a "corrupt human tornado" and a "clear & present danger to US"

Tweet to trumpty dumpty from Chelsea Clinton - spot on....

Thank you for your support, @jvn ! Shoulder to shoulder, we're going to fight for #MedicareForAll.

ABC has a very good report on today's proceedings

So now they know there is a full transcription of the phone call.

Acting DNI Does Not Know If Giuliani Has Security Clearance

Poll: the Green New Deal is popular in swing House districts

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 27 September 2019

The New York Times own attorneys advised against releasing information

Boeing 'misjudged 737 Max pilot reactions'

Pelosi leaves door open on Impeachment Inquiry scope.

The new cover of @TIME.

Even in his discomfort I imagine Zelensky must appreciate the irony.

Hillary Clinton: Trump is an 'illegitimate president'

The Whistleblower better not get on a small plane

Hillary Clinton: Trump is an "illegitimate president"

The audio of Trump from the LA Times.

A Nonsense QAnon Conspiracy Theory Ended Up In Donald Trump's Call To the Ukrainian President -- And

Tornado/tornadic thunderstorm warning for Marana and NE - Tortalita, Oro Vallery etc

"Acting" DNI Joseph Maguire is just another unamerican trump toady

McBath email re: impeachment

Rudy says he is a hero...?

Majority of Americans now support impeachment

How should the constitution be fixed?

Senator Harris is calling on the State Department to investigate ANY officials who worked with Rudy

🐦 SEP 30 at 3:45 - Nursing Home Workers Solidarity Action with SEA/SEIU and Bernie Sanders

Second highest gift ever to a University:

Ron Klain: "Yikes! Rudy is tweeting out his texts with the Plumbers!"

Pierce: The Director of National Intelligence Was Between the Jaws of a Nutcracker

Profiles in Cowardice:


NH Primary Source: Sanders campaign hires four top staffers, promotes veteran activist Baxley

Senator Harris is calling on the State Department to investigate ANY officials who worked with Rudy

Kellyanne yammering on PBS

Support for impeachment rises seven points to 43 percent in new poll

tRump is our Captain Queeg.

Rudy gives up State Department...

Does Trump want to be impeached?

Wild Horses Stampede, Maricopa AZ - 9/25/2019 😍❤

It was revealed today that President Obama had asked the Ukrainian Government (sarcasm alert)

When tRUMP is impeached is it even possible that

Like Nixon: The Republicans best option may become Trumps resignation.

One of my takeaways after reading the Whistleblower Complaint.

PBS Newshour: Dump is bustin' adz to get the name of the

Significant #Ukrainegate update 1. There's a SECOND call (April 2019)

What if the GOP convinces Trump to resign, or actually votes to impeach.

What I really, really want to hear.

Seattle hacker changes road sign to 'Impeach the Bastard'

Employer health plans are getting pricier and skimpier

Hillary Clinton: Trump is an "illegitimate President."

When we come to healthcare reform again can we

First republican governor comes out for Impeachment

Trump Looks Doomed After A 13 Point Surge In Favor Of Impeachment

I caught a mouse with a live trap and was letting the mouse go near a walking trail in the desert

Jeopardy Spoiler

Schiff: WH "hijacked House Russia probe transcripts"

Matthew Miller: "Only trial in the world where jury tampering is part of the process."