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Archives: September 30, 2021

Trump's 'Not Innocent': January 6th Committee Issues New Subpoenas - The Beat - MSNBC

What did Biden do that went against Trump's plan to leave Afghanistan?

Britney Spears Is Finally Free From Dad Jamie Spears' Control

Former Olympic swimmer Klete Keller pleads guilty to storming U.S. Capitol

WV Workers Beg Joe Manchin To Save Lgst US Generic Drug Plant Closure, Daughter Heather Got $31 Mill

Farris tried her best and lost

Witches, Wife Beaters, & Whores: Common Law and Common Folk in Early America

I think I understand Synema

Lt. Gov. McGeachin faces contempt of court complaint over refusal to release task force records

'Law & Order' Revived By NBC For Season 21

Seen on my walk today

Expanding the child tax credit was a Democratic dream come true --

How supportive will Manchin & Sinema be of a Biden Supreme Court nominee?

Teen confronts man holding 8 hostage in store and dies in shootout, Texas police say

YouTube cracks down on anti-vaccine videos, bans major accounts

Jane Doe, accuser of Idaho lawmaker, sets stage for civil suit against Legislature

Defendant Dawn Bancroft's Threats, Judge Emmet Sullivan's Concerns & Trump's 1/6 Criminal Liability

Trump Just Made History And HATES It - Rebel HQ

Former Idaho legislator was returning from Central America when arrested in Georgia

Piscataqua River, Kittery

Hacker reveals right-wing health care network made millions off ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

Albacore sub in Kittery

Sat., Oct 2, WOMEN'S MARCH...spread the word!!!!

It is time for some knocking of heads!

To satisfy Manchin, how about just exempting W.VA from any social services payments and environmenta

Lewandowski out, per Trump spokesman: "Pam Bondi...has our complete faith and confidence in taking..."

IRONY ALERT: Trump super PAC fires Corey Lewandowski over new sexual misconduct allegations

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Please some positivity from better minds than mine.

Democrats Could Remove The Debt Ceiling As A Weapon Once And For All

We now know why President Biden was in a hurry to exit Afghanistan

A Florida Man was jailed over a bumper sticker. The cops just got qualified immunity.

Imagine if Democratics refused to get vaccinated and

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Antelope Valley: Judge orders sexual predator relocated to Littlerock community, prompting outrage

YouTube to remove anti-vaccine misinformation

Sen. Hirono On SCOTUS Using Shadow Docket Rule On TX Abortion Law - Deadline - MSNBC

Third coronavirus shot side effects echo those from second dose, CDC says

Dead - Capital Theatre, Port Chester, NY, , 2/18/71

Justice Sonia Sotomayor: 'There is going to be a lot of disappointment in the law, a huge amount'

Indigenous kids set to receive billions after judge rejects Trudeau challenges, 40K each

Wait, so Sinema's hangup is she doesn't want corporations to pay more taxes?

Hugh Laurie - St. Louis Blues

JFC I picked the wrong night to give Rachel a glance. The Austin democratic HQ story is literally

TFG endorsed a candidate for Arizona Gov. after she called for him to to be added to MT. Rushmore

I guess I don't work as hard as the sharks on Shark Tank

Recall vote of Seattle City Council's Kshama Sawant appears headed for the ballot

Australian Theme park getting backlash over installing weight stations at rides

The Daily Show: The 2021 Pandemmy Award Winners

A Democrat adopts a dangerous Republican talking point. To whom is your loyalty? People or Autocrats

Instead of just getting vaccinated, anti-vaxxers are drinking iodine antiseptic

Katie Porter points out these are Biden's Bills. Progressive, be clear: TWO BILLS or NO BILLS.

AOC is on Rachel now n/t

Cheney apologizes to Milley for 'despicable' questioning from fellow Republicans

General Milley completely embarrassed grandstanding GOP Congressman on the China call. IE: BRING IT

Florida man uses trash bin to catch alligator

Pelosi rules out raising debt limit through reconciliation

New Zealand kea can use touchscreens but can't distinguish between real and virtual worlds Study fin

Who says crime doesn't pay?

Matt Dowd On Why He's Running For Texas Lt. Governor As A Democrat - Deadline - MSNBC

Does she think that this is a joke?

Alabama House passes bill to use COVID-19 federal funds for prisons

We need more Mark Hamills in this world...

On Rachel-attack on Travis County Democratic Party Headquarter

Paint job on house

Boise woman forced to go to Bay Area for medical care as COVID 'crisis' closes off Idaho hospitals

Dove bars with a presidential seal.

Gonzlez to Pioneer Square businesses: I hear your frustrations over homelessness

US House Districts the Democrats are likely to lose and gain in 2022.

Remembering the night two atomic bombs fell--on North Carolina

Pompousasseo: Whoever leaked TFG's thuggery should be prosecuted.

6 ft 6 guy with Olympic jacket stood out among the rioters. tossed his precious Olympic jacket after

What strange or unusual food preferences do you have?

House Democrats pass bill to raise debt limit

Trump super PAC fires Corey Lewandowski over new sexual misconduct allegations

Senate reaches deal to avoid government shutdown, Schumer announces

15 All female Japanese bands of 2021 - Rock, Pop and Metal

Bolsa Famlia Reduced Infant Mortality by 17%, Study Points Out

The Republican Party Isn't Content With Just Prolonging The Pandemic--They're Fundraising Off It, Too

Sen. Elizabeth Warren On Getting All 50 Dem Senators On Board With Biden Agenda - All In - MSNBC

S Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem appears to deny she's having an affair with Trump aide Corey Lewandowski

Forget ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine--raw sewage is the way to go!

I'm a bad pet mother.

The Cannibas Question, NOVA on PBS

new to iphone photograpy and videography.

Jarvanka tried to attend a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II but were stymied when there was no room

new to iphone photograpy and videography.

Mississippi Attorney General Says Overturning Roe v. Wade Will Give Women "Amazing" Choices

That Pale Blue Dot: Carl Sagan

Seth Meyers - Biden and Mitch McConnell Receive Coronavirus Booster Shot - Monologue 9/28/21

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win.

wRONg DeathSantis is a POS

"Is there a problem?"

Maine becomes the second state to complete congressional and legislative redistricting.

Anybody read lips?

Ok... fine. I'm willing to let the Republicans win this one

NY attorney general blasts Cuomo's criticism of her report

Brazil Hospital Chain Accused: Hiding Covid Deaths, Giving Unproven Drugs, Elders As 'Guinea Pigs'

Listening to Lawrence O'Donnell tonight

In a California Desert, Sheriff's Deputies Settle Schoolyard Disputes. Black Teens Bear the Brunt.


Florida's Per Capita Covid Death Rate Is 50x Australia's - All In - MSNBC

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Who's rolling a doobie in the sky?

Video of the unidentified person who allegedly tried to burn down the Travis County Democratic Party

Pyrolysis Kinetic Modeling of a Polyethylene/Vinyl Acetate Encapsulant Found in Waste Photovoltaics

The Daily Show: The Scramble To Fund The Government - Keeping Up With the Congressians

The woman who stared at the sun - Alex Gendler

Ted Cruz Wants to Free Britney, Bill Cosby Wants to Free R. Kelly & NBA Cracking Down on Vaccines

The Real Reason the Economy Might Collapse Robert Reich

Tonight Rachel did a piece on the terrorist attack on the Travis County (TX) Dem. headquarters.....

The CIA pitched Trump officials plans to assassinate Julian Assange while he was hiding in a London

Greene, Greene (She's Marjorie Greene) - Rocky Mountain Mike

Covid Can Infect Cells In Pancreas That Make Insulin, Studies: Why Some Get Diabetes Post-Covid?

The streets of Manhattan (NYC) in 1911 (In COLOR)

2021 Halloween decoration award...

"Biden's Benghazi" the cover of a Newsweek issue that I saw in the grocery store

Guatemala residents block search for remains of slain indigenous children

Gorgeous foliage looks like a brilliant bowl of fruit loops!

New lizard species discovered in Peruvian Andes

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 30, 2021 -- 100th Birthday Tribute: Deborah Kerr

Seth Meyers - Trump Defended "Toadstool" Penis, Manchin and Sinema Block Biden Agenda: A Closer Look

Uncovering the secrets of an ancient Mayan city

Uncovering the secrets of an ancient Mayan city

Donald Trump is the one who MUST be charged.

(Jewish Group) Jewish apple cake is the sweet, cinnamony family recipe that belongs to everyone

My wild cat is learning to walk on a leash!

Staffers Treated Trump Like Toddler By Playing Music To Calm His Tantrums

What's happening to Jupiter's Great Red Spot?

Rep. Raskin: Jan. 6 Commission Unraveling 'Complex Sequence Of Events' - The Last Word - MSNBC

They tried to eat at a whites-only lunch counter in 1961. They were sentenced to a chain gang.

Cosmic dust clouds obscure hidden 'empty space' galaxies

Commander Cody is dead . . . and I'm not feeling to great myself

Tommy Kirk, star of Old Yeller and Shaggy Dog, dead at 79

Researchers Uncovered a Long Hidden Chamber in the Famous Gibraltar Cave

Democrats guide to retaining majority control of the US House and US Senate in 2022.

Ancient Americans made art deep within the dark zones of caves throughout the Southeast

Meet Lucy: NASA's new asteroid-hopping spacecraft

GREECE: Archeological study shows unearthed 650 year old Byzantine warrior had gold-threaded jaw

Rep. Katie Porter: 'We Have To Deliver The Entirety Of The President's Agenda' - The Last Word MSNBC

San Francisco Mayor London Breed Appoints David Chiu to Replace Outgoing City Attorney

Property owners ask VA Supreme Court to rehear Lee statue case

If AZ Progressives want to get rid of Sinema in 2024, they should recruit Stanton to run.

Culpeper VA officials: no plans to accept A.P. Hill monument

An American White Pelican glides low over Utah's Otter Creek Reservoir

If WV Democrats want to get rid of Manchin and hold onto the WV US Senate seat in 2024,

The CBP has declared war on immigrants and visa holders, especially Chinese

Manchin Statement on Infrastructure and Reconciliation Negotiations

Violin Pieces from Kernis and Elgar

"Who are we looking for? I am here."

Indigenous children set to receive billions after judge rejects Trudeau challenges

Best bumper sticker: I was an honour student. I don't know what happened.

How Animals Would Run if They Were People.

How many US House Districts the Democrats will have in each state after 2022.

YouTube Cracking Down On 'Absolute Sewer' Of Covid Vaccine Misinformation - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

An Odd Bit Of History.

'Credible Threat': FBI Investigating Fire Attack On Texas County Democratic Party Office Rachel Maddow

Flipping Beltway Predictions, Progressives Become Powerful Allies For Biden Agenda (AOC) - TRMS

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2022 is 52

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/29/21

Stephen Colbert: Guest Anita Hill's Testimony Resonates Decades Later

Unvaccinated fuel Israel's COVID crisis

"Rights of publicity" or "intellectual property rights" in historic photo

China's power crisis infuriates global firms

#MoscowMitch admits he's running out the clock on debt ceiling to undermine Biden agenda

To accomodate you damn selfish anti vaxxers....

No charges filed in shooting near Washington state college

Lil Nas X - Jolene (Dolly Parton cover) with a tweet from Dolly

You Don't Say!! Indonesia's "Certified" Timber Program A Rat's Nest Of Corruption, Forgery & Theft

Old Cape Cod - Patti Page

Covid now killing rural Americans at twice the rate of urbanites

Most Native Trees Surrounded By Oil Palm Plantations Don't Live Long Enough To Reproduce

Covid cancels 'Aladdin' the day after Broadway reopening

CDC Study Finds Tennessee Leads U.S. In COVID School Closures

'People are too damn selfish' (VA)

Bill would require COVID vaccine, negative test for domestic air travel

A young family with three children just moved out of an apartment they couldn't afford.

COVID deniers get violent; health workers get panic buttons

Deforestation, Then Drought, Then Frost: NE Brazilian Growers Lose 1.3 Billion Pounds Of Coffee

US House seats Democrats will end up with after 2022.

In dealing with Sinema, and it's factual that Sinema is raking in the Big Pharma cash, are there any

Where is Schumer?

And now, time for another exciting installment of DOGS ON 'SHOOMS!!!!

Thursday TOONs - Mitch Settles

US, EU agree to further trade and technology talks

Chickens Severely Mistreated at "Humane" California Slaughterhouse, New Video Alleges

Judge denies Josh Duggar bid to dismiss child porn charges

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, September 30, 2021

As Snow & Ice Loss Continues In The Alps, Mont Blanc's Official Height Drops By One Meter

A peaceful moment for you today

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupts, lava fountains form in park

Sarkozy convicted by French court in campaign financing case

TX Man Didn't Get Vaxxed Out Of 'Stupidity': Legs Amputated After Covid, Feet Turned Black, Sepsis

Europe's Five Biggest Airports Produce More CO2 Than Sweden, That Pollution Almost Entirely Untaxed

Russia could ban YouTube after it deleted two RT channels it said spread COVID-19 misinformation

I'd donate to a fund giving a cash bonus to registered democrat voters who get vaccinated.

Breakfast Thursday 29 September 2021

Dog Gently Pushes a Small Ball While Playing Fetch With a Baby

30 Years After He Died, Escaped Hippos From Pablo Escobar's Private Zoo Wreaking Havoc In Colombia

Solar Power

Letter sent to Manchin, Sinema and my Representative

Ladies -- what makes a good lover? I may have a chance and I don't want to screw it up.

On this day, September 30, 1971, the Washington Senators played their final game.

Rep. Katie Porter: "Until Senator Sinema stops being cute and starts doing her job,..."

Got an update on Cinder, previously known as Squeaky. Apparently he's got a job!

On this day, September 30, 1947, Marc Bolan was born.

Boxer dogs are trying to figure out the new doggie door!

Republicans are systematically killing their voters.

Eric Boehlert: How Arizona 'audit' became biggest gaslighting charade in history of Fox News

New Comic Releases for September 29, 2021

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 9/29/2021

Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel's Top 10 for December 2021

Art of the Week: Week of 9/29/21

Takao Saito, Creator of "Golgo 13," Dead at 84

The Rundown: September 30, 2021

Long Covid Is A Bigger Problem Than We Thought, Study

Bowling and technology! Seriously what category does this fit into, lol!

Chances a deal gets done?

Weekly jobless claims increased for third week in a row. Unemployment pandemic benefits have

It never ceases to amaze me how awesome elephants are.

USPS to slow down some mail delivery starting Friday

More than 99% compliance, yet the media is trying to normalize the anti-social wackos.

Jobless claims: Another 362,000 individuals filed new claims last week

We Now Know Why Biden Was in a Hurry to Exit Afghanistan

Kyrsten Sinema Is at the Center of It All. Some Arizonans Wish She Weren't.

Latest news from my friend in Georgia...

Black Girl Gone

September 30, 1965

Marty Stuart has a birthday today.

Current Rate Of U.S. Pandemic Deaths Exceeds That Of All Other Wealthy Nations Combined

A New Roll Call of of the Worst Corporate Polluters

You Might Be Tempted To Think That Anything Australia's Gov Says On Climate Has Meaning. Don't Be.

The media is waiting with bated breath to report a Democratic failure

Today in history: Women get to vote

Scientists solve the mystery of the Etruscans' origins

S4:E6 (OK State Rep. Collin Walkie (D) - And His Book, Right Speech)

My 45 year old neighbor Kickflipping

Feeling very nervous about Manchin, Sinema, and the debt ceiling these days.

'Congress poised to avert shutdown' - the Hill

Devorah Sklar, 60s, Santa Maria, CA, Maurice Sklar Ministries, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Pfizer booster news. Got the booster (3rd shot) yesterday and not so much as a sore shoulder

The New Yorker magazine cartoon of the day is about BoJo. Click the link to see the image

Former Nazi camp secretary, 96, caught after skipping trial

There's a Multibillion-Dollar Market for Your Phone's Location Data

Idaho Rejects Mike Lindell's Claim of Massive Fraud in State Trump Won by 30 Points

U.S. Frackers Fear Vaccine Mandate Will Worsen Worker Crunch

In Well-Vaccinated Maine, Covid-19 Still Fills Hospitals With the Unvaccinated

White House gives a wink to progressives as they threaten Biden's infrastructure bill

He's just waiting on a friend

0644 am temp check in for sonora ca

Lots Of People Say They'll Quit Over Vaccine Mandates, But Research Shows Few Do

this number dedicated to all the volcanos in the world erupting right now,

Leaked Membership List Shows Top Republicans in Shadowy Group With Extremists

N.H. Executive Council Meeting Postponed Due To Safety Concerns Over COVID Protesters

US slightly revises up its GDP estimate for Q2 to 6.7%

The next Atlantic Storm will be Wanda

A Trump lawyer wrote an instruction manual for a coup. Why haven't you seen it on the news?

Exceptionally rare planet with three suns may lurk in Orion's nose

Will Speaker Pelosi Bring the bipartisan bill for a vote today only if she has the votes?

How much should be spent on infrastructure and general welfare as compared to defense spending?

Wait for it. Covid vaccinations are rising, which, presumably means that cases of Covid will fall...

Cartoon: Trumpkin for governor By Clay Jones -September 30, 2021 9:00 AM

I had to see it for myself but they did literally use the term "Trump World" as a descriptor. Fre

Youngkin hedges when asked if measles vaccines should be mandatory

Top Republicans rub shoulders with extremists in secretive rightwing group, leak reveals

Biden nominated voting rights attorney Dale Ho to US District Court Southern District NY

Kilauea Volcano Eruption Begins Again (Sept. 29, 2021)

President Biden Names Eighth Round of Judicial Nominees

A Teen With A Toy Was Killed By Police, And Few Want To Talk About It

Ships waiting to unload, truckers overworked, rail yards clogged: Inside America's broken ...

Get yer Halloween decorations here!

Bernalillo County, N.M., employee accused of embezzlement

London police officer Wayne Couzens gets life sentence without parole for Sarah Everard murder

Manchin! The Board Game

Austin: "Trump administration didn't hand over plans for Afghanistan withdrawal"

Registered nurse accused of stealing COVID-19 vaccination cards from VA hospital

Do Americans Know What a Massive Ripoff American Life Really Is?

"Wasn't us..."

'Green growth' doesn't exist - less of everything is the only way to avert catastrophe

The Fall of Corey

Hack Of Oath Keepers Militia Group Includes Names Of Active NYPD Officers

Columbus (Ohio) police narcotics officers accused of distributing nearly 8 kilograms of fentanyl

Learning the wrong lesson during the pandemic

Alex Mooney, rep fro WV is so concerned about the debt we will be leaving our children by raising

The U.S. Owes Its Existence to a Vaccine Mandate

Let me be as clear as I can be.

List of words that the sponsor of the newly passed "CRT" bill in Wisconsin warned were illegal

File this under - "Can you believe this shit?"

Arizona Democrats, activists eye protential primary challenge to Sinema over Biden agenda,

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022.

'Cowboys for Trump' founder survives county recall campaign

Montana hospital ICU reaches 150% capacity amid COVID surge

Trump's lawyer wrote 'bone-chilling' instructions for a coup - but you probably never heard about it

What are the chances of Democrats winning the US Senate races in

2744 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 25 deaths

Suspect shoots man and dog who were out for a walk

Good Day DU (September 30, 2021)

A "smartphone" is needed to view road maps on cars?

Anti-Ron DeSantis Group Releases A Killer Ad

Child injured in shooting at Memphis elementary school; school on lockdown

Changing addresses is a PITA!

Ct Supreme Court reverses sex ring conviction of Bruce Bemer

The Kansas case that could change how rape is charged

It seems clear MAGA leaders, with their policies, are

Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down Willie Nelson

I had a ripoff call...

All 83 Michigan counties at high risk for COVID-19 transmission

A very powerful message from a friend of mine about vaccine mandates:

Inflation Is The 1% Taking More And More And More Just Because They Can

Two People Working To Be The 2nd And 3rd Most Hated People In The Country

Ted Cruz praises men in NBA for refusing vaccines while he rejects women's right to abortions

Anarchy is placed at the far-left politically

Tommy Kirk, child star of 'Old Yeller,' dead at 79: 'He lived a quiet, but full life'

6-year-old boy picks up Mastodon molar while hiking

Manchin said it!

Senator from the poorest state insults his own constituents. Joe Manchin: 'Entitlement mentality'

Manchin says his spending limit is $1.5 trillion

I'm Not Getting A Smoke Detector!

If 2 rethugs senators would vote

Fox Noise new talking point, Kamala Harris is a "cackling empty suit" per Kennedy on

Lynn planted mint in our yard. It has spread out, since.

How much has Republican dickishness on the budget debate cost you today?

AZ Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is facing anger from supporters and the threat of a primary challenge

Senator from the poorest state insults his own constituents. Joe Manchin: 'Entitlement mentality'

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Boston Christian flag dispute

A Question

Kristi Noem Ditches Lewandowski After Two Bombshell Reports

Trashcan cat - If it fits, Iz sits

Casey pushes Biden's $3.5 trillion plan at town hall

It's time to stop airing our "dirty laundry" in public

Yellen calls for 'very destructive' debt limit to be abolished

Caitlyn Jenner Says She's 'Poster Child for Change' for Republicans

I hope the Slobfather is watching: Sarkozy sentenced to a year in prison

Supreme Court to hear Senator Cruz's objection to campaign loan rules

Manchin says reconciliation bill must include controversial Hyde Amendment

OK... what part of "Well Regulated Militia" requires a rocket launcher?

Kelly leads in all potential head-to-heads of Arizona Senate race: poll

GOP flier in Virginia House race shows Jewish Democrat and a pile of gold coins

The battleground US Senate races in 2022 are-

By refusing to raise the debt limit, Republicans are gambling with Americans' Social Security

I have this urge to give a big F*ck Off to everyone who has a my way or the highway

'I was one of the lucky ones': Three Democrats recount their abortion stories to panel

3G networks are shutting down next year. Here's what you should know.

Government funded through 3 Dec. Virginia needs to stomp the crap out of Trumpkin in November

Bed Bath & Beyond Serves a Warning for All Holiday Shoppers

MANCHIN asked by @AriNatter whether an energy company he founded is a conflict of interest as he...

Mortgage rates top 3% for first time since June

(Jewish Group) GOP flier in Virginia House race shows Jewish Democrat and a pile of gold coins

I have a list of things I SHOULD be doing, but I'm being held hostage by napping kittens

The new "Businessman Conspiracy Plot is closer than you think

"Old Yeller" star Tommy Kirk passes. Disney fired him when he was outed as gay.

OMG! It's possible to overdo the mask thing.

Wake up call

This one photo tells you all you need to know about Manchin's motivation.

Axios: Panama warns of even bigger Haitian border surge to come

Rubio has no business being in the US Senate the 1st place.

FBI And Homeland Security Dept. Warn Of Domestic Extremists

Al Franken interview on NYTimes today, Sept.30,2021

Cartoons 9/30/2021

bad times coming?

Neo-Nazi leader with Arlington ties convicted

Weird problem has cropped up with my dog. Anyone have any idea about this?

What are the scariest movies you've seen on Netflix?

Kamala Harris's poll numbers rise as President Biden's fall (The Hill)

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to Kyrie Irving: 'Get vaccinated, your fans want to see you'

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Masking in classrooms decreases COVID outbreaks, additional research shows

AC/DC - Through The Mists Of Time

Gov. Inslee: Lax mask, vaccine policies in Idaho are 'jeopardizing' Washington hospitals

11-year-old girl killed in Fitchburg shooting, 15-year-old boy in custody

Montana seeks judge recusal in lawsuit over abortion laws

'Day late and dollar short': Ana Navarro on Stephanie Grisham book (CNN)

Senator Sinema DESTROYS her own political career with most disgusting comment possible - Brian Tyler

Yale Says Its Vinland Map, Once Called a Medieval Treasure, Is Fake

Gym Jordan's Question About Democrats Gets Turned Into A Punchline About Him

Leaked List Shows Top Republicans in Shadowy Group

Oh, we're this headline, "This poll should terrify Democrats ahead of 2022"

John Fugelsang tweet:

Thousands of school board members urge Biden to protect them from "heinous" threats

Philippines defence chief says was urged by China to drop review of U.S. pact

TFG's former press secretary said the president asked her boyfriend if she's 'good in bed'

Washington Supreme Court unanimously OKs tax on big banks

Rep.Cori Bush abortion testimony:

Being Kyrsten Sinema

OMG. Listening to a few minutes of Psaki press conference & the media is insufferable

Adults harass students for wearing masks to school:

I NEED this shirt!

What happened to Marco Rubio, Time mag's 'Republican Savior' of 2013?

Costco submits plans for potential 2nd Seattle location

Public vigil honoring Harold Moss, Tacoma's first Black mayor, planned for Friday

Top Cuban diplomat urges Biden to lift Trump sanctions

Senate passes last-minute deal to avert government shutdown

My mom has worked in Idaho hospitals and healthcare clinics for about two decades - it's this bad...

Republican Governor Using COVID Funds To Build More Prisons

Marine seen in viral video rescuing baby at Kabul airport investigated for appearing at Trumpp rally

Washington's single-use plastic bag ban to go into effect Oct. 1. Here's what you need to know

My mom needs urgent help. My GoFundMe is included in this thread

Health workers once saluted as heroes now get threats

Texas House proposes map that increases Republican strength and decreases Black and Hispanic

Health workers once saluted as heroes now get threats

Former Washington Govs. Gregoire and Locke endorse Ann Davison for Seattle city attorney

The proposed Texas state house map is out.

This is cool. Gov. Newsom to sign Bruce's Beach Bill

Colorado Man Pleads Guilty to Felony Charge for Obstructing Congress During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

The proposed Texas state house map is out.

The maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 55.

Serious question - how many persons are shot and killed daily

The Justice Department will argue against Texas' abortion law Friday. Here's what you need to know.

Angela Paxton Lies About Working For Minorities And Uses Racist Trope

Made spare ribs last week

It would not surprise me if Republicans in the House

Report: U.S. Latino GDP tied with France, greater than Italy

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 30, 2021

Congress passes bill to avert shutdown ahead of midnight deadline

Interesting juxtapostion on new headlines in Googler News

LOL..👍 Dog the Bounty Hunter 'likes' this

Anti-vax cartoonist treats 'rough' case of Covid-19 with Ivermectin, zinc and beetroot juice

Republicans just L-O-V-E-D reconciliation


Many of us have heard the supposed advice to a new lawyer by an older courtroom veteran: "If the

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 1 October 2021

Guy builds extreme Hot Wheels racetrack in his backyard:

Had my first ever reaction to flu vaccine

Referring to the reconciliation package by its price tag is unfortunate.

Alexandria Library: Interview with Philip J. Hirschkop Thursday, September 30 7:00pm - 8:00pm

I took a paint scraper to my cast iron griddle. That peeled the buildup right off. As clean as I've

Kyrsten Sinema Rushes To Delete Old Tweets After They Resurface - The Rational National

Maybe We Could Build A Semiconductor Factory Somewhere In The USA So China

YAY, I got my Covid booster today!

US judge clears former Peru president for extradition following corruption charges

Durham issues fresh round of subpoenas in his continuing probe of FBI investigation into TFG, Russia

Compare it to the $7.5 TRILLION we spend on defense over same 10 years?

Oct. 1 - slower mail

Time to unfriend Facebook? - From Science

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #11-10: Cyber Ninjas II: The Secret Of The Ooze Edition

3M - who are you for? (very short video)

WOMEN'S MARCH 2021...Oct 2nd...Hundreds of protests Women's March

Fishing in Saco Bay,

Bad cops could lose their badges under new California law

The taming of Mr. Cat is progressing.

Excellent analysis of Sinema


Republicans just L-O-V-E-D reconciliation when it was used to give some $2 trillion in tax breaks

Senate confirms Rohit Chopra as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Leftover Blondies Bread Pudding Recipe

Anyone here know Bill Gates or another rich Democrat? Real rich Democrat? Very serious question

Medicare Advantage, Direct Contracting, & The Medicare 'Money Machine,' Part 2: Building On The ACO

Amazingly "Flabulous! Fat Bear Week Celebrates Alaska's Most Flab-ulous In A Bruin Bulge-Off

Fan violence interrupted Marseille's Europa League draw with Galatasaray

DH just started a new job at a more large-ish big box

Fan violence interrupted Marseille's Europa League draw with Galatasaray

Tweet of the Day

Sewer issues?

Woman who lived through Spanish flu dies of COVID at 105

RepBarbaraLee: Today, I shared for the first time publicly a very difficult personal story

RepBarbaraLee: Today, I shared for the first time publicly a very difficult personal story

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Joe Manchin?

Dog Who Stared At The Wall For Weeks Finally Asks Mom For Pets

"Joe Manchin is lying to us about climate change to protect his annual profits and the wealth of his

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Kyrsten Sinema?

Good comeback:

On a webinar this morning with Rep. Clyburn and the Presiding Bishop (Episcopal)

The press got played so easily by GOP in August re: Afghan "crisis" coverage

Some other Senate votes today...

Foxconn Buying Lordstown Motors PLANT

Acting is work, too.

Come, see the diversity Biden has added to the USPS Board of Governors!

Man Released From Jail Breaks Off GPS Monitor, Kills Ex-Girlfriend, Police Say

Ford jolts auto industry with $11.4 billion investment in new electric vehicle, battery plants

Silent "Thank You" Thread for Senator Manchin

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Overlooking Saco Bay in Maine.

Alex Jones Just Lost 2 Sandy Hook Cases

Why Manchin, Sinema are holding out on reconciliation, and how their constituents feel - PBS NewsHour

Anyone know anything about Chronic Myeloid Leukemia?

Alex Jones Just Lost 2 Sandy Hook Cases

Alex Jones Just Lost 2 Sandy Hook Cases

If you have pre-ordered an electric F-150, cancel it.

Denver restaurant group requiring vaccines

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, October 1, 2021

Jen Psaki Goes Off After NYT Suggests Biden Is Like Trump

CMS (NC) elementary student dies of COVID-19, district rep says

"Scrubs by the Ocean" a Chen World Production

Attention all doomsdayers:

Dallas Mavericks To Require COVID-19 Vaccinations For Fans, Or Proof Of Negative Test

These people (SCOTUS) want absolute power and *and also* to not have anyone criticize them.

TCM tonight: Deborah Kerr 100th birth anniversary

Judge upholds COVID vaccine requirement for those with 'natural immunity'

The Problem with Jon Stewart - caught the the first 1/2 of the first show

Jan. 6 Committee Hopes 11 More Subpoenas Will Answer Their Questions - Deadline - MSNBC

What has your "real life" experience been regarding kids

'I want an audit!': Democrat mocks Republican election fraud claims with Congressional baseball game

DHS issues new arrest and deportation guidelines to immigration agents

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz Among Lawmakers Using Leadership PACs for 'Lavish Lifestyles': Report

Supreme Court to Settle Ted Cruz Fight With FEC Over Loan Reimbursement

Scarlett Johansson, Disney Settle Explosive 'Black Widow' Lawsuit

We on the left are so wrong. It is called "'Marca" not "America". What else

Jeopardy - spoiler