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At least 108 COVID-19 cases linked to Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden

Seeing ads on Youtube for scrotum deodorant

Oscar de la Hoya withdraws from comeback bout as he fights COVID-19 infection

GoDaddy Boots Texas Abortion "Whistleblower" Site for Violating Privacy Rule

"All hail Donald Trump" -- Man, 25, In Epic Post-Nuptial Meltdown

Rumors going viral ahead of CA recall: #1 holes in ballot envelope to weed out "yes" votes

Texas War On Women - Don Winslow Films

One Way Out - Allman Brothers

Google locks Afghan government accounts as Taliban seek emails -source

Larry Elder once said it can be argued that slave owners were owed reparations

15 Miami-Dade educators die from COVID-19 in 10 days

Jailers in Brooklyn work 16-hour shifts as federal lockup in Manhattan transfers inmates

Poll: Americans favor diplomatic engagement with Cuba

15 Miami-Dade educators die from COVID-19 in 10 days

GOP doctor set up vaccine clinic at Marjorie Taylor Greene rally (CNN)

15 staff members in the Miami-Dade Public Schools District have died from COVID-19 in last 10 days

Abortion Providers Win Order to Stop Group Enforcing Texas Law

Dog Gets Shocked After Waking Up to Bear Outside Staring at Them Through Glass Door

Metro Service Is Increasing On Sunday, But Some People's Routines Will Still Be Upended

The Time for Democrats to Go Nuclear Was Yesterday

NYT: Health Officials Advise White House To Scale Back Booster Plan - Deadline - MSNBC

Anti-Vaxxer Turns Vaccine Advocate After Husband Dies From COVID-19

It wasn't all that long ago

W. Marsalis, Frank V and Mark O

Lyft, Uber say they will defend drivers sued under Texas abortion law

Texas elementary school calls police on anti-mask group yelling at students

Pierce County issues mask mandate for large, outdoor events

California teacher out after supporting Antifa ideologies

Seattle's largest convention since start of pandemic begins Friday

A client died today of Covid.

Abortion Providers Win Order to Stop Group Enforcing Texas Law

TFG reportedly 'f---ing hates' Ron DeSantis

Never have eaten at Pizza Hut.

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

Owners of flooded cars are likely to find their insurance doesn't cover the damage

**NEW** VIDEO #TexasWarOnWomen

Soon to be Major Hurricane Larry is still expected to be a fish storm

A Devastating Week for This Country

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF!

If you can listen to Janis Joplin's "Ball And Chain" at the Monterey Pop and not get goosebumps,

Fort Jackson Army sergeant convicted in assault of Black man sent to new duty station

More Evidence Emerges That Trump Lined His Pockets During Presidency

The legend of Bob Leonard

If CO redistricting holds, Lauren Boebert will be facing Joe Neguse.

Jaime Harrison DESTROYS 'Criminal' Kevin McCarthy


Taliban Leaders Claim Full Control Of Afghanistan - MSNBC

Had a new patient today. She's starving herself to death, and her family is frantic.

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Federal judge has overruled Governor Lee's executive order 84

Bromberg and the Band.....Jelly Jaw Joe.

Ah, where is Rachel tonight?? Chris is on for two hours??? What am I missing??

US Justice Dept warns: "The ongoing threat to the U.S. Capitol is not hypothetical"

Florida man's 'very unusual parking' job leads to DUI arrest

Joe Cocker -- The Letter

Tuba Skinny----A Chatel Guyon

Doctor Rips Joe Rogan after taking Ivermectin for COVID - Doctor Mike Hansen

Dr. Fauci Breaks Down Possible Timeline For Child Vaccines (MSNBC)

Biden takes swipe at Trump, mocks him publicly - Brian Tyler Cohen

DU's Alex Jones faking the taking of Ivermectin on his show?

He was one of the first Jan. 6 defendants to plead guilty to a felony. Now he wants to take it back.

I Just Ate A Burrito So Good...

Two little bits of bright reflecting the future?

Goose ft. Dawes: This Old Sea. 8/21/21

Why Most Republicans Won't Defend The Texas Abortion Ban - All In - MSNBC

Lyft statement on Texas law

King of the Road

Will Colombia get away with police crimes against humanity?

Our Dear Rachel Would Enjoy This on a Long Holiday Weekend.

GREAT tweet from Joe Neguse! "So, if the redistricting map released tonight holds...

Anti-abortion laws used to exempt cases of rape and incest

Bolsonaro Revokes the National Security Law with Vetoes

Companies Stay Quiet on Texas' New Abortion Law

There is freedom, and there is freedumb.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar talks about toughest basketball opponents

The Undercover Dream Lovers - Peace Out

Ah, I See the Fascist Death Cult Started Rolling Back Our Rights? That's Fun. (Ferret)

Florida Imposes $5,000 Fine For Asking To See Proof Of COVID Vaccination - Ring of Fire

Dog texting codes.

The Undercover Dream Lovers - Come Home

Who is going to replace Schumer(D-NY) and Durbin(D-IL) when they retire?

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 5, 2021 - Star of the Month: Paul Robeson

TCM Schedule for Monday September 6, 2021 - Music by Ennio Morricone

Rick Wilson: "The Yee Haw Stasi is what they want to establish in Texas."

This. Is. Disturbing. On. So. Many. Cringy. Levels.(NOT A PARODY!) (mask defiance)

Renan Bolsonaro Started Company with Help from Lobbyist who Was Targeted in Senate Covid Investigati

Brazil's College Entrance Exam Takers Are The Whitest and Most Elite in over A Decade

Reason for 17,000 Violent Deaths in 2019 Is Unknown in Brazil

Watching a great PBS show walking through the creation of Dark Side of the Moon.

PAHO: Only one in four people in Latin America, Caribbean fully vaccinated against COVID-19

All women - especially women in Texas - should join The Satanic Temple

Toilet Paper Samples For You To Test

Afghan refugee tweets from Fort Bliss: "That's all we get?"

Trusted voices (Sondra and Don Samuels) oppose Mpls. police gambit - strib editorial

Heaven is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle

What It's Like To Work At A Texas Abortion Group Right Now - All In - MSNBC

City of Corpus Christi sued by the family of man killed by CCPD

What's with Kevin McCarthy?

Dirty Honey - The Wire

Brooks County (aka Death Valley Texas) sheriff: Influx of undocumented immigrant bodies

Facebook is tapping a team of Kirkland & Ellis and White & Case to defend TFG lawsuit

Kurt Bardella: Democracy Doesn't Die In Darkness, It's Happening In Broad Daylight The ReidOut MSNBC

The Latest IRS Headache for Taxpayers: 11 Million 'Math Error' Notices

2-Year-Old Boy, Still Alive, Found Next To His Migrant Mother's Dead Body Near Yuma

Premier Kenney of Alberta is offering $100 for people to be vaccinated.

Statesboro Blues

Greta Thunberg @GretaThunberg : The reasons why women have abortions:

Cuba starts vaccinating children in order to re-open schools amid Covid surge

Report: Jan. 6 Defendant Was Told 'Wait For Trump's Pardon' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Top Brazil court hears arguments in key indigenous land case

**NEW** VIDEO #TexasWarOnWomen Republicans are calling women's bodies "Host bodies"

Canada's Leylah Fernandez upsets defending champ Naomi Osaka in 3rd round of U.S. Open

Republican priorities summed up

Osaka does have problems......hope she gets the help she needs.

Question, On military bases does federal and military law

A man and his many dogs

Health Officials Advise White House to Scale Back Booster Plan for Now

Deadly 1921 coal miner revolt in West Virginia remembered

Hi everyone. Here is a Rory song that you need to hear

Joni Mitchell out and about!

Former President George W. Bush will be the speaker at Flight 93 Memorial on 9/11

This is the song we should use to introduce people to Rory Gallagher

Life in Texas!

Landlord finds 19 tarantulas, 1 python left behind by tenant

Retiring GOP Sen. Toomey says Trump should not lead ticket in 2024

The UK's vaccine advisory body has refused to give the green light to vaccinating healthy children

'Anti-masker wackjobs' force lockdowns at three different Washington state schools: report

Blue Money - Van Morrison

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Kraft Heinz to pay $62M to settle securities violations

Hamid Karzai is back in the thick of Afghan politics but a long way from power.

'Chilling the Press Has Consistently Outraged Me'

Need A Chuckle?

Ivermectin reduces sperm count and quality?!?!!!


Judge blocks Tenn. governor's order allowing students to opt out of mask mandates

Elder pledges to replace Feinstein with Republican if he wins California recall election

Florida school districts file petition for hearing over withheld funds

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: Hymn by Rachmaninoff

"Don't vote for Democrats," they said.

Found on Facebook: What pro-choice really means.

From the author of HOW FASCISM WORKS. I hope to God he's wrong.

If a pregnant woman drinks Ivermectin and it causes an abortion

My oldest son and his boyfriend have covid.

Republicans promised to overturn Roe v Wade, and they have.

Israel Doubles Down On Booster Shots As Daily Covid Cases Set New Record, 5 Month Booster: CNBC 8/30

For years I thought this was a Poon Joke

Israel Doubles Down On Booster Shots As Daily Covid Cases Set New Record, 5 Month Booster: CNBC 8/30

Rat Prank At The Beach In Spain

Lay down in the grass and feel the world turn.

The Swedish Music Group ABBA Performs 'Take a Chance on Me'

Rep. Tonko on the Schoharie limo crash plea deal: 'This isn't justice'

Reports of vaccines' decline have been greatly overstated.

#BoycottTexas movement rises in objection to state's new abortion law

'There Is No Legal Authority McCarthy Has To Issue Threats': Social Media Firms Expert Says- ReidOut

Lo Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag

Doctors Say Texas Leaders Failed To Stop COVID-19 From Spreading

The stolen election myth inspired thousands of TFG supporters

COVID hospitalization rates are increasing among unvaccinated teens - CBS News

Carolina Chocolate Drops "Cornbread and Butterbeans"

Elder pledges to replace Feinstein with Republican if he wins California recall election

...election myth inspired thousands of TFG supporters to take over the Repub Party at local level

Todd Rundgren - Hello Its Me

How other states may follow Texas's restrictive abortion law - Washington Post

With All My Might

Need a little inspiration?

Sparks - National Crime Awareness Week

Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

Number one song in heaven variation

A legal pillar of environmental justice is now under attack

'They'll kill us' - Afghan pilots at Uzbek camp fear deadly homecoming

Prince - Animal Kingdom

Anti-mask protesters show up at Florida school board member's home and cough in her face

White House Turns To Domestic Agenda After Afghanistan Exit - Deadline - MSNBC

Former Delaware legislative aide guilty of stealing donated funds

The fascist radicalized mob boss like minority leader McCarthy,

Capitalism Killed The Earth

Alex Jones takes ivermectin in a crazed rant: 'You think I'm easy to kill?'

Stephen Miller's remark during meeting stuns officials - CNN

Hey NFL Boycott Texas

"Eating Our Way To Extinction" Trailer

I'm Really Doing Great With My Bills Lately

Afghan refugee at Texas base on why he tweeted photo of paltry meal

Breakfast Saturday 4 September 2021

Biden's Schedule for Saturday, September 4, 2021

3 Vancouver schools placed on lockdown after Proud Boys try to enter during masks protest

An excellent legal remedy suggested on twitter

10,500 people a week are dying from Covid.

NHL COVID-19 protocols: Teams can suspend unvaccinated players for missing time

Bible Thumper Who Gleefully Listed AIDS Victim Names Now Sick With COVID

CREW files ethics complaint against@GOPleader Kevin McCarthy & Marjorie Taylor Greene

Texas created a blueprint for abortion restrictions. Republican-controlled states may follow suit.

Can the state's unemployment system be fixed? If so, how?

Hey Elon Musk: my kid just reserved his Ford F-150 Lightening

editor: so, just took a pass through your draft for that feature on alchemy. the good news is, ...

Biden signs executive order calling for declassification review of 9/11 documents

Federal Agency Hits Pause Button on Baltimore-DC Maglev Rail Proposal

Married Boston doctors identified as victims in Connecticut plane crash

Geez we have to be in style to fish teenagers our boys.

Following AC Meltdown in Baltimore, Hogan Orders School-by-School Audit

William G. Clotworthy, 'Saturday Night Live' Censor, Dies at 95

This is the first morning I didn't get immediate post-breakfast kitty kisses from Squeaky!

The sun is out, it's Saturday, and time for some feel-good music from The Youngbloods

Jill Biden will spend 2 days a week teaching English at a Virginia community college.

Bad Legal Takes, Navy graduation ceremony

Strangers On The Right

Friday Night Update From the ER: "We all want our normal life back, but COVID is not done with us"

Largest study of its kind finds face masks reduce COVID-19

From the WaPo comments section

We're going to need a bigger basket

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep


Three people shot on Towson University campus early Saturday, police and university officials say

So, there's a national election in Germany on September 26th...

Rattlesnakes are not pets but I don't know where to post my question. I have never shot a

Say It: It's 'White People'

Three-time Super Bowl champion, former New England Patriots player David Patten dies at 47

Elon Musk Backs Texas Abortion Ban, Claims Governor, to No Objection

Georgia GOP called "shameless" for trying to use new voting law to oust local election officials

Team USA Fencing coach killed in motorcycle crash

Republican lawmakers force LGBTQ exhibit display out of Missouri Capitol

The US Supreme Court just authorized the next Civil War,

California should pass a "vigilante" anti-gun law


Remember the enormous outrage when Hillary said there was a "vast right-wing conspiracy"?

A Beverly Hills police task force arrested 106 people. All but one were Black, lawsuit claims.

Larry Flynt Is a Bottom Feeder

I now own a "Smart TV..."

The Joe Rona Experience

Florida Grapples With COVID-19′s Deadliest Phase Yet, AP News

QAnon Shaman's mom wants him to hold out for Trump's reinstatement so he can get a pardon

There's a special place in hell for these people ("Health and Freedom Tour")

"As The Vast Majority Of Climate Change Deniers Are Thoroughly Unpleasant And Vile People . . . "

He was one of the first Jan. 6 defendants to plead guilty to a felony. Now he wants to take it back.

Abortion law began in obscure Texas town with help from Scalia's former clerk

Isn't Texas an "anyone can carry/stand your ground" state? nt

The Bannon Hand that Rocks the Democracy Cradle (Precincts) Rules the Elections..

Has DeJoy put the final nail in the USPS' coffin?

Show me a better example of privilege & entitlement

Paramount TV is starting a "Yellowstone" marathon shortly.

Atmospheric Scientist Dana Sobel On This Dystopian Moment

Mr Russell's House - beautiful

McCarthy LIED- Jan 6 Commission asked FBI whether that Reuters report was true & FBI said it wasn't.

Guess What ExxonMobil Is Sending To Louisiana Post-Ida? That's Right - "Thoughts And Prayers"

Weekend TOONs - If We Could Sue

The Texas Abortion Ban Hinges On 'Fetal Heartbeat.' Doctors Call That Misleading

Sadly, it's time to start clearing some of the plants from my veg garden

The FCC Commissioner Echoing Kevin McCarthy Is Married To McCarthy's Counsel

Alexandria, VA 2012 - Stormwater Budget $28.5 Million In 10 Yrs; Now It's Half A Billion In 10 Yrs.

Jericho Couple's Record-Tall Sunflower Wins Blue Ribbon at the Fair

Sotomayor's Defiant Dissent

"Welcome to the neighborhood"

The Time for Democrats to Go Nuclear Was Yesterday

The Cornfield Resistance weekly roundup

This is how Covid kills as well

Danny Gatton was born on this date.

A teachable moment!

Harold "Shot" Jackson was born on this date.

Charlie Rich

Judge rules Byron Brown can be on Buffalo mayoral ballot

China premier urges major powers to 'take responsibility' for environment

The Buttigiegs had twins!

TX schools have more than 50,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in students in just a couple weeks

Vermont cops hunt 'violent' serial offender armed with a knife who officers were too scared to chase

Can blue states create vigilante incentives / bounties to oppose rightwing wedge issues?

VA GQP's Lt. Gov. Nominee Makes Clear They'll Bring TX's Extreme Abortion Bill to VA If They Can

Daycare Worker Charged With Murder After Assaulting Baby Who Wouldn't Nap

Republicans Finally Caught the Car

DeSantis Determined to Put Kids in Danger, Fights Court Mask Mandate Ruling

A Blue State needs to pass legislation regarding any gun sales without completed background checks

I LOVE THIS....I COULD do this all night..

Watchdog group seeks ethics probe over McCarthy's Jan. 6 comments

Does an anti-vaxxer really understand the immune system?

White supremacy, with a tan (Interesting long read)

CA recall candidate Larry Elder says slave owners could be owed reparations

Evidence this AM that most people are post - COVID, but sadly, COVID

Stephen Miller stands by his xenophobic comments

Cool video if you're into NATO and/or Zulu watch straps.

Georgia Lt. Governor Calls Trump's Flaws, Election Loss GOP's 'Saving Grace' in New Book

Here's An Interesting Photo

Look! Tim knows what he did! 😡

Newly Elected US Senators in 2022,2024,and 2026.

"You don't get the vaccine for yourself. You get it for the people around you." - Charles Barkley

Minneapolis Mayoral Race

3424 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.;38 deaths

"It almost certainly is, quite literally, the absolute least you could do." (Sinema)

On Heels of SB 8, Texas Poised to Restrict Access to Medication Abortions

Jesse Jackson's wife headed home from hospital after COVID

I once thought that I'd visit Texas

When a law is passed, isn't there a requirement to do a cost analysis to let the

After Texas law takes effect, another state braces for more abortion patients

Expect a Covid outbreak at U of Wisconsin

Virus pushes some California hospitals near ICU capacity

It seems I'm remarkably in tune with Squeaky's mind

Why Is Biden Treating Manchin & Sinema With Kid Gloves?....

Capitalism Is Just an Economic System

Moderna expected to miss Sept. 20 deadline for booster approval

Blinken to travel to Qatar but won't be meeting with Taliban

TFG says he probably won't get a COVID-19 booster shot after denouncing them as a money-making ploy

'I Helped Destroy People' (Deep dive into the life of an FBI whistleblower)

"They said they were vitamins": Jail inmates unknowingly got ivermectin

Suspect Hiding in Attic Fell through Ceiling When Authorities Came to Arrest Him

Taliban special forces bring abrupt end to women's protest

Joe Biden makes good on a campaign promise to 9-11 families.

Rep. Ro Khanna sticking up for "genuine homeopathic products"...

Oscar De La Hoya Hospitalized With COVID-19, Cancels Comeback Fight

Families of Sandy Hook victims wonder why Remington has subpoenaed school records of 5 1st graders

The Republicans have become the party of violence

Whole Foods or Cub Supermarket - Where Should I Go Shopping Today?

New York City's illegally converted apartments proved deadly in Ida's path

Attacks on democracy seep down to school boards, election offices

Facebook apologizes after video featuring Black men labeled 'about primates' by AI technology

You Won't Believe What's Buried Under the Sahara...Hidden Lost Ancient Civilizations

It's Time to Put the Right-Wing Zombie Death Cult on Trial

The Satanic Temple begins legal maneuver to skirt Texas' new aborti

Dewormer overdoses overwhelm Oklahoma hospitals

Michael Flynn, MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell to tour with anti-vaxx docs

From a typical Texas "versologist"----

COVID-19 is raging in Pierce County. Is it time for vaccination rules of some kind?

Union Membership In Washington: See Recent Trends

Just ONE State Could Unwind Texas's Law

Biden to travel to New Jersey and New York, survey Ida damage


What Texas and Republicans can expect from us Women.

Bette Midler calls on women to refuse sex to protest Texas abortion law

Last year, Mpls police announced a new policy on no-knock warrants. Since then, they've asked for 90

Paramedics and first responders share new accounts of Jan. 6 insurrection

"Republican Capitalism" is killing the Earth, not Capitalism

When US Senate Majority Leader Schumer(D-NY) and Majority Whip Durbin(D-IL) retire?

A new report from the Arizona fraudit is out...

the new GQP theme song

NCAA Tulane at Oklahoma game on tv, not a mask in sight.

Bad Bite - '68

Texas needs a vasectomy law to prevent pregnancies

DeSantis 'triples down' on fight to protect virus, $5,000 fines for schools that require vaccination

Putrajaya: The capital city you've never heard of


I'm calling on the NCAA to boycott Texas (again) after SCOTUS allows abortion ban

Blue cities/states need to do this Texas snitch thing with mask mandates...Seriously!!!!

another idea for texas

The Gilded Age 1870- 1900, Estates of Ultra Wealthy Americans, Newport, RI, Palm Beach, FL. New Era?

I wonder if there would be any interest in a "Chautauqua-like" movement in rural America.

Abortion Clinics Are Already Seeing a Wave of Patients Fleeing Texas

Cartoons 9/4/2021

'Critical time': 101 hospitalized here, 25 on ventilators

Huge Malamute does not want a bath.

a video revealed Senator Ron Johnson admitting that trump lost the election to Joe Biden by MILLIONS

Mississippi hunters land a giant 787-pound alligator

Why some COVID-19 infections may be free of symptoms but not free of harm

The shaky science behind ivermectin as a COVID-19 cure

Kevin McCarthy's downward spiral

Madison Cawthorn: behold the rotten fruit of extreme Republican gerrymandering

Portland city council to consider ban on goods, services from Texas

Please welcome tonight's special musical guest.

Taliban raped and beat a gay man in Kabul after tricking him into a meeting with a promise of escape

Lying Repukes say one thing in public and another privately.

Air conditioning is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century. It's also killing the 21st

Joy REID nails the QOP as the Pro-Death Party. Plus, the issue is *CHOICE*

What is the C.1.2 coronavirus variant -- and should we be worried?

This is not at all dystopian (good lawd, this is creepy AF):

Is the Texas law a "bridge too low" for some Republicans and Independents?

In Peru, the Knives Are Already Out for Pedro Castillo

Her Leaks Exposed Global Financial Corruption. Now She Is In Prison.

Chicago Is Being Amazonified

NYC Teachers Union Fights For Medical And Religious Exemptions To COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Washington officials ask residents to follow burn bans, practice fire safety over Labor Day weekend

Beth's Cafe owner tells employees the decades-old diner will close next week

L.A. firefighters, police officers dig in heels over vaccination mandate

Dominicans of Haitian Descent Are Living in a Stateless Nightmare

"A love story." These 3-year-olds who battled cancer

almost 6 million ballots have been returned so far.....

Bette Midler is correct. It is time for a 'Lysistrata' type protest

Boomer Mover's breakfast of champions !!

Two years ago, climate change activitists stopped the Harvard-Yale Game after half time by

I voted in person this morning. California recall in person early voting began today

how are DeathSentence and Abbott not being held accountable for this??????

Texas and Abbott pass law allowing discrimination against LGTBQ/disabled

GOP Governors Rush to Mimic Texas

Former FBI agent who worked on still-secret FBI 9/11 case says hijackers had U.S.-based support netw

Pete and Chasten Buttigieg Are New Parents

Elizabeth Warren in CA to support Gavin Newsom - Rally today in Culver City

Air Travel: Cloth Masks on Some No-Fly Lists; Some Europe Airlines Req. Surg. Masks, Respirators

Fox is Killing Us

Three CDG Hitmen Burned Alive in Clashes With Police In Matamoros, Tamaulipas

Corporate boards, consulting, speaking fees: How U.S. generals thrived after Afghanistan

Update on the illegal tRump signs stuck on the traffic light poles

DeSantis And Abbott Approval Ratings Plunge As Warning Signs Grow For GOP

Trump's ambassador to Canada, Kelly Craft, steered govt business to Trump hotel in DC.

The rise and fall of the Assyrian Empire - Marian H Feldman

New #Covid Deaths by Trump 2000 by County Level Vote............

US Senate Elections that the Democrats are gonna win in 2022.

Isn't any lawsuit filed under the new Texas law almost always a violation of HIPAA?

The Conservative Justices' Reasoning in the Texas Abortion Case Is Legal Mansplaining

This was one of the death threats Principle Diane Vargo received for simple doing her job,

copy cat

Curtis Flowers Sues The DA Who Put Him On Trial 6 Times

Cowboy Song by an Irish Black Guy

This right here is ultimately why GOP are pushing for Elder

Oklahoma hospitals deluged by ivermectin overdoses, doctor says

We have come a very "long way" since Reagan said that ketchup was a vegetable

High school football's dirty secret predates Bishop Sycamore

Hillary Clinton at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women - 26 years ago tomorrow:

Patients overdosing on ivermectin backing up rural Oklahoma hospitals, ambulances

The impregnator of a woman who

We should each mail a condom to every GOP man in TX legislature, and Patrick, Abbott, Paxton nt

People Pull A Terrified Horse Out Of A Frozen Creek

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 4, 2021

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo Breaks His Silence

Needs to be asked...

Mandatory Adoption Lottery.

Afghan evacuation raises concerns about child trafficking

At least eleven states have codified Roe v Wade into law

Hubble telescope spies brilliant star cluster in Milky Way's neighbor galaxy

POC & Black People's distrust of the health care system should have them rushing to take the COVID v

'Always a big one': Maryland football season opener vs. West Virginia

8-foot-tall pagan idol unearthed in Irish bog

Beautiful Wolves Howl Together

Two words made a huge impact on where we are as a divided nation: "Fake News."

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Dr. Christian Taliban explains.....

Willard Scott, legendary TODAY show weatherman, dies at 87

It's definitely early days. . .

Willard Scott, legendary TODAY weatherman, dies at 87

Hawk?, circling osprey! SURPRISED and happy to catch it today.

My movie recommendation for today is the film Paris Blues that was released

The U.S. is at war again, this time against its own women!

TN woman busted for 20 lbs of marijuana, 40 plants on her farm

50th Anniversary of the break-in at Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office

(I'm not) "America's Sweetheart", Elle King

The Standard Model: The Most Successful Scientific Theory Ever

Story of My Life, as told by Will Rogers

Morelia, Michoacan: More Than 1700 Missing Persons in Michoacn Between 2020 And 2021

You may still get COVID, but you won't get worms!

Horses don't forgive...

Retiring US Senators in 2024,2026,and 2028 and their likely successor.

Huge gender divide on california recall

Gorgeous day at the Jersey Beach today except this:

Alex Murdaugh 'conscious and talking' after gunshot injury in Hampton County

Willard Scott, a longtime weather person for NBC, passes away at the age of 87.

Evolution Of Music (40000 BC - 2020)

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a solid to slight margin.

For American Women -- America's Majority

I CAN'T believe this has not received more attention from DUers......

I'm proud to announce a new addition to the family.

The media is doing the same thing to Biden on Afghanistan...

The Women Who Shaped the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Girl With the Dogs:Incredibly smart service dog that looks like a WOLF

Big River - The Highwaymen

Here is a company that is offering abortion pills without having to be pregnant. Good to stock up.

This photo should win a pulitzer

"plan c" organizations.." If you have a cell phone, you have abortion access"

This was the scene at Virginia Tech less than 24 hours ago.

GOP-heavy committees prepare to draw FL districts that will shape decade of elections

Lunatic coming to Davenport

SCOTUS contact information

New donation of syringes sent to Cuba from Argentina

Who will save the Republic ?

Tyson Foods workers get paid sick leave; 75% vaccinated

The Gateway Pundit claims Google has "demonetized" their site

Komodo dragon, 2-in-5 shark species lurch towards extinction

Climate disasters will strain our mental health system. It's time to adapt.

US climber dies near summit of Bolivian Andes peak

so yesterday I donated blood. Today I am totally wiped out

I just started "Mr Mercedes" (recommended by the My Favorite Murder

The Enduring Legacy of Elijah McClain's Tragic Death

Heavily armed criminal group ties hostages to getaway cars after storming Brazilian city

Trivia question about Willard Scott...

"Schitt's Creek" what is the attraction with this one?

Joe Biden dominates Ron DeSantis in poll of possible 2024 matchups

Likely scenario of Democrats retaining control of the US Senate in 2022.

The Silver Tongued Devil and I

Larry Elder once called Donald Trump 'almost God-sent.' Now he's 'indifferent' about a Trump endorse

Democrats hit back after Florida GOP leaders promise Texas-style abortion restrictions

California recall: Newsom nationalizes the race as he fights for his job

Kristi Noem Used Prison Labor to Build a Gun-Holding $9,000 Desk--Then Got a Discount

Defendant Jacob Chansley Pleads Guilty; Kevin McCarthy Caught in a Lie Trying to Clear Trump

Cold Dog Soup

Nymphs - Sad and Damned

Florida's first Latina governor? This Democratic lawmaker considers bid

A war is not coming. It is here. It is here now.

Sliwa paid $11K for Proud Boys-backing political consultant

Tucker Carlson SCREAMS "My Body My Choice"?! - Rebel HQ

Florida official wants Gov. DeSantis to make the unproven COVID-19 treatment ivermectin more widely

I'm not pro-murdering babies.

Director Santiago Mitre recreates Trial of the Juntas in new Amazon film

Extremist Groups Plan Rally For 'Justice' Amid Fears Of Jan. 6 Repeat (MSNBC)

Apparently America has totally given up on fighting Covid-19. 107,000 attended UM's opening game.

So, day before TX abortion order (Feb) a law re SCOTUS term limits was introduced by GOP

Colombia: Ex-Combatant Blanca Monroy Is Murdered in Pereira

A reminder to everyone

At least 17 killed in celebratory gunfire in Kabul - reports

Tiffany Cross Refers to Justice Amy Coney Barrett as an 'Actual Handmaid' for Not Blocking Texas

Afghanistan: Taliban says it will 'raise voice for Kashmir Muslims'

Youngest attends Okstate,