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Archives: September 6, 2021

Biden told bosses: Make workers get vaccine. Here's what Boise-area employers are doing

Revealed: life inside 'global villages' of Islamic State jihadis in Afghanistan

Some Trump Tower tenants didn't pay their rent, including the company behind Ivanka Trump's shoes.

After triple homicide, officials and neighbors grapple with a failure to curb violence


Delivery of Boeing Dreamliners delayed again amid regulatory scrutiny

Refugee conditions at Fort Bliss

Joe Biden the Catholic

WAPO Cites Kevin McCarthy's "Downward Spiral" Culminating in Obstructing Congressional Investigation

Discussion with Neuro-Scientist re: What Happens in Brains of Trumpists

I love our POTUS and FLOTUS.

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 are gonna be from states Biden won in 2020.

What events would YOU add to the Summer and Winter Olympics?

Sunset: Blue Ridge Escarpment

AILEE (에일리) - My Last Love (In Paradisum) Sisyphus: The Myth OST Part 3

More Signs That Trump Is Broke: He Is Selling His DC Hotel

Chris Christie makes a fool of himself over new Texas law on national TV - Brian Tyler Cohen

Watching CCN special on 9/11. I recall clearly the professional calm of Aaron Brown.

Statement by President Joe Biden on Rosh Hashanah

Wow Senator Bill Cassidy!

I love a good obituary...

Today is the anniversary of Poseidon for Biden

9/11: 3000 Americans dead. GOP: "Let's start a war." CV-19: 666,000 dead: "No we won't vax or mask."

Boyfriend shot his girlfriend 8 times in the stomach because 'he thought the girl was pregnant'

Anybody ever have avocado and shrimp salad? You put the shrimp

This won't happen but I wish the pentagon would close all the military installations in Texas

The Bye Line: Don't Sit Out The Midterms

President Biden's statement released this afternoon in advance of the Jewish New Year

Herman Cain winner's award montage on reddit.

First Texas... Now Mississippi Set to Deliver DEATH BLOW to Roe v. Wade?! - MeidasTouch

"Crushingly Cruel"

2021 Horse Racing - Race 8 at Del Mar 9/5/21

Notre Dame v Florida State

You can't make this shit up

RBG, July 2014: Who could Obama have nominated "that you would rather see on the court than me?"

Karen Tier List

Uber has a pop up on its app to donate to Afghan refugee relief

Admirers still urging sainthood for chaplain killed on 9/11 (Fr. Mychal Judge)

OMG. And it's true check the news. Death penalty.

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 will be in states that Biden won in 2020.

Velshi: Some Governments Are Empirically Evil. The Taliban Is One Of Them. - MSNBC

The Giants win the series! The Giants win the series!

Candidate for Minnesota Governor (Jensen) Releases Campaign NFTs

I just want to point out that the headbanger smiley is fixed.

Nationwide women's rally scheduled for October 2.

What if "Pretty Woman" starred Willem David instead of Julia Roberts?

TX GOP's "Pro-Life" Laws Reintroduce Concept Of 'Back-Alley Death' - PoliticsNation - MSNBC

The internet is a dangerous and costly habit, thinking of Jamaica February 2022

I thought we'd turn a page back in the 70's.

Elder urges supporters to report 'anything suspicious' in California recall election

Republicans' plot to impeach Joe Biden is not about Afghanistan -- it's payback for Trump - Salon

Canadian election today: o'toole is still speaking out of both sides.

Good night DU. Last song is Fantastic

Here's how the Justice Dept. could sue Texas for violating civil rights: Prof. Laurence Tribe

I probably have played this too much

Brazil suspends beef exports to China after discovery of mad cow disease

Did my husband hear this right? Notre Dame football coach

Trampled by Turtles....Whiskey

Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Abbott, DeSantis over abortion, masks - The Hill

Trump to play in the U.S. Open Pool Championship

Randy Newman and Ry Cooder, "Mama Told Me Not to Come"

Rob Reiner: California Holds Recall Election This Month for Gov. Gavin Newsom - MSNBC

Tweet of the late night:

Dark Red equals Severe Covid Risk

Hundred-year-old story of the Klan sounds a lot like Trumpism today

Portions of Louisiana may remain without power through Sept. 29

Amanda Gorman speaks for me!

The Claypool Lennon Delirium -- Blood and Rockets:

Freaking dimwit ...

Van and the Band - Tura Lura Lura (An Irish Lullaby).

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear says state's COVID-19 situation is 'dire'

If A Woman Has A Heartbeat,

Tiedrich tweet:

Uriah Heep - Return to Fantasy.

Al Franken: Author Michael Wolff Discusses Trump's Disastrous Last Year as POTUS (September 5, 2021)

Amadeus Remastered HD - Mozart Insults Salieri by playing his own piece better than he did

Ministry - Work for Love

CA-GOV: Larry Elder once called for reparations to slave owners

Colombia's Ugly Architecture of Inequality

Racing the Tube

Larry Elder argues slave owners are 'owed reparations' during appearance on Candace Owens' show

Cinderella on Prime is good fun

Well, the grand children and their mom are with us now until they leave for Canada

2020 can be used instead of four letter words!

Guinea President Alpha Conde detained in military coup

U.S., India sign $22M agreement to develop unmanned aerial vehicles

Is there anything to natural immunity from Covid?

Never Forget Walk honors victims of 9/11 - ABC News

with California mail-in ballots, the "edge that Republicans get in special elections has evaporated"

Posted this bc Kohl's goes, "Nice work, so and so!" When you receive Kohl's Cash rewards.

cartoon tweet of the hour

Nutjob Florida Governor SHUT DOWN By His Own State - Rebel HQ

1972 Labor Day Telethon: Lewis jams with Lennon

1972 Labor Day Telethon: Lewis jams with Lennon

AntiVaxers protesting a hospital. "These fking dumbfks"

Ike Dike

Minnesota State Patrol destroyed texts, e-mails after "riot" response (George Floyd)

Opinion: What the Justice Department should do to stop the Texas abortion law

New Zealand supermarket chain removed knives and scissors from their shelves after an ISIS supporter

Mississippi's Low Vaccination Rate Leaves Hospitals In Crisis

Fauci says Moderna boosters might not be ready by September 20 - Face the Nation

Energy industry showers Gov. Greg Abbott, other Texas politicians with campaign cash after they pass

Energy industry showers Gov. Greg Abbott, other Texas politicians with campaign cash after they pass

Panjshir Valley, last resistance holdout in Afghanistan, falls to the Taliban

Bonus Tweet of the Day

The Texas Abortion Ban and Right-wing Vigilantism - Mother Jones

Bitcoin will soon be 'legal tender' in El Salvador - here's what that means

Brazil v Argentina World Cup qualifier abandoned as health authorities invade pitch

E Bay has lost it's mind...

Suede - Animal Nitrate

We don't have any vaccinated patients here

"Don't touch reporters. Don't yell something into their live shots." reporter shows her experience

The Jam - Butterfly Collector

Melania Has 'No Interest' in Being First Lady Again and Helping Trump With His 'Political Ambitions'

A message to Australia from Florida Man

House Committee Passes Amendment Prohibiting Privately Funded National Guard Deployments

El Salvador Residents Take To The Streets To Protest Against Imminent Bitcoin Legal Tender Law

Top federal health officials warn that booster shots initially may be limited to Pfizer recipients

Every kindergarten teacher at this San Antonio school reportedly positive for COVID-19

The only moral abortion is my abortion:

Labor Day- Breakfast Monday 6 September 2021

"Smooth Operator" by Sade. Enjoy.

Left-wing austerity during international crises--it's the financial markets, stupid!

Early Entertainment Center

Tony tinderholt the Gop texas lawmaker behind abortion ban.

The consequences of neoliberal capitalism in eastern Europe

Cannonball Adderly Quintet Work Song

Biden's Schedule for Monday, September 6, 2021

Honest Government Ad Carbon Capture and Storage

Where The Devil Comes In: Income Tax On Trial At The Mississippi Legislature

Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, Who Went Viral For Getting Punched in the Face, Is Now Divorced, Broke...

Murder parkour is a daily routine around here the pup and kitten.

I'm not pro-abortion.

Anyone else having a hard time with the new DU Font? NEVERMIND!

"Baby murder bounty hunter."

Virginia wants to prevent gerrymandering. Can a mathematician help?

Brazil suspends use of millions of doses of China's Sinovac coronavirus vaccine


A peaceful moment for you today

Skelecat: Happy Halloween!

In the 70s, the anti-abortion cause was primarily a Catholic one, and strongest in Northern states

Another rainbow.....make that two!

[Monday I Have] Friday On My Mind - The Easybeats

Amy Coney Barrett is not a handmaid

Kansas Highway Patrol seizes 1959 Corvette from innocent owner and now wants to destroy it

Kansas Highway Patrol seizes 1959 Corvette from innocent owner and now wants to destroy it

Monday TOONs - Republicans Go Viral

Fill in the blank: I dip my fries/chips in _____________. Oh! You can't say ketchup.

Get It While You Can

An Unsung Pit Crew of California's Wildfires: skeleton crew of hotel staff feed/house firefighters

Evacuations lifted for thousands in Tahoe as wildfire stalls

Gig workers are still organizing, even without traditional unions

Do the research, never all that easy.

House Republicans wrote a letter to Yahoo 'Chief Executive Officer' Marissa Mayer, but she hasn't be

job seekers mkt: Amazon now ok with hiring pot users, others hiring known rude employees

No cashiers, please: Futuristic supermarket opens in Mideast

The Latest: Taliban take control of last holdout province

Teachers urged to be cautious of Islamophobia when discussing 9/11 with students

Get Off - The Dandy Warhols

Put The Lime In The Coconut - Harry Nilsson

Tucker Carlson Says Committing Fraud Is Okay - The Damage Report

The Smallest Horse In The World Sits At... The Dinner Table?

We just lost two prominent people in the upper Keys to Covid.

LEGO cycle lanes criticized by Dutch cycling group

Remember vicks vapor rub and mercurochrome that was the go to in youth

Imagine the irony of antivaxxers

Facebook AI labels black men "primates"

What we are up against - part 54,887

The engineer and the anti-vaxxer (joke)

GRACE Gorilla Forest Corridor Cam

"My personality ..."

'I'll Get The Vaccine, When It's Approved By the FDA'

How many of these jingles do you recall?

Taliban accused of murdering pregnant Afghan policewoman in front of her family

Officer Loses It and Costs the City Thousands - Audit the Audit

Another trip to parallel Earth: "It's All Quite A Conundrum!" -by Tom Tomorrow

Like Washington and Jefferson, he championed liberty. Unlike the founders, he freed his slaves

CHER is trending...

McKenzie Milton - pretty amazing real life come back just to play football

Biden mulls 'lite' version of Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy

Pittsburgh Dad - When It Turns September 1st

George Carlin on Abortion. The man was a genius.

Live venting by nurses on Reddit.

Weekly Ludi #25

Jim Cahill FTW. Get your happy self to the polls in 2022.

Belarus jail terms for opposition figures Kolesnikova and Znak

The 'job creators' fantasy is a malignant myth that rich use to squeeze the working class

Trump Business Empire CRUMBLES - Rebel HQ

Eric Boehlert: We still don't know who paid Kavanaugh's $92,000 country club fee

People suck - Youtube of a nurse

Betting markets swing in favor of Gov. Gavin Newsom as California recall effort enters home stretch

The Fatal Flaw in the Texas Abortion Bill

My response to anyone who says

Buddy Bolden was born on this date.

No Vax, No Visit: South Florida Doctor Won't Treat Unvaccinated Patients in Person

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 7: Musical Orphans

Jimmy Reed was born on this date.

Laugh of the Day.

Kansas man out over $100,000 and our Attorney General doesn't care.

I went for a walk today and look who I saw . . .

Bear spray stains on the walls at home helped identify woman as Capitol attack suspect

Just read...

U.S. Marks Labor Day By Letting Unemployment Aid Expire For 7 Million People

These maggots are being farmed to eat human food leftovers.

I am now anti-deodorant!

Does believing that abortions should be illegal disqualify a person from being a Democrat?

Supposedly I owe Unemployment $13,000!

Call for Emergency Action to Limit Global Temperature Increases (New England Journal of Medicine)

More than 200 medical journals call for emergency action on 'catastrophic' climate change

Good Day DU (September 6, 2021)

HAPPY LABOR DAY!!! 🛠🔪💰💉🗄✏️🧰💻🍽🥼👔

Kim Jong Un says climate change is crippling North Korea and the country needs an 'urgent' response

The fresh clean smell of morning

One Vaccine Makes More Antibodies Than Another. Does it Matter?

St. Louis Urgent Care Clinics Face an Urgent Problem

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 8: Directed by Mike Nichols

My neice is a EMT, her friend is a nurse both in Calgary.

Does believing that one should be able to own slaves disqualify a person from being a Democrat?

Help me understand. If $9.5 Billion of Afghanistan's money has been frozen, is the Talban

2378 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; 1 death

"Interesting times."

FB:from Michele, mark volkle's sister. Why am I using his account? Because mark is dead.

The Mayor of Miami's father just passed from C-19

November trial set for lawsuit challenging $1.4 billion Missouri prison health care contract

How narcissists climb the career ladder quickly

Tell me the abortion ban isn't about choice without telling me it isn't about choice.

For Labor Day - The Autobiography of Mother Jones

Here's 11 seconds of relaxation

Oh no....look out "athetits"

20 States Sue Over Biden Administration's LGBTQ+ Rights Guidelines

An app that might get me to walk great distances - Walk to Mordor

Muhammad Ali: Behind the Scenes

Overheard Conversation

QAnon Believes California Recall Election Will Somehow See Trump Reinstated

One of the World's Most Wanted Pedophiles Has Been Arrested

Parson rationale for removing LGTBQ exhibit from Missouri Capitol called into question

The Other Afghan Women

Thursday's coming! Are you ready?

What about OUR rights? What about what WE demand?

Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly's 'Execution' Joke Doesn't Go Over Well

Picked up some groceries at Walmart

Baby Clydesdale steals the show during moms performance!

Virginia Democrats look to tie GOP to Texas abortion law

Things that go bump in the night. The dog always knows...

Column: The math is simple -- California Republicans probably won't pull off Newsom recall

America is Hungry for Unions

Today's stupid question- Where do tiny house people put their clothes?

You know how cats will stare intently at 'something' behind you, but you don't see anything there?

Justice Department will 'protect' abortion seekers in Texas

Russia blocks Navalny-linked voting website

"My Priorities Are Focused on Bolstering Worker Power'

Parson, state agencies negotiate remote work policies

Life under Taliban rule outside of Kabul. CNN report.

US workers need better skills and more power

I feel so ripped


Republicans in crosshairs of 6 January panel begin campaign of intimidation

An unknown flower that I saw at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles:

3-year-old boy found after 3 days lost in Australian woods

Anyone else use Discord?

Evacuation orders for city of South Lake Tahoe downgraded to warnings

See what life under Taliban rule looks like outside of Kabul (CNN)

Average daily COVID deaths jumped 131% in the last month, CDC says

What Earl G looks like

French soccer star dies after 39 years in coma


One in four Missouri state employees have contracted COVID-19

I'm just a guy

Restaurants have reopened their doors, but the workers haven't come back

Glenn Beck's illegal immigrant smuggling plot

LET IT DIE (xxx END xxx) - JinnyOops!

Kdrama- D.P. (Deserter Pursuit)


After 781 students quarantine, Texas school district requires masks

dir en Grey : Ware, Yami Tote

saharan dust cloud

These two boys were trying their best to shred me, this morning

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/6/21

Spanish-language Covid disinformation is aimed at Latinos as delta surges

Every woman who can remember from childhood (3 yers old to now) please raise your hand if

People Come Together To Save A Trapped Leopard

New discoveries chip away at myths about Viking shipbuilding

CNN: White House won't commit to specific date for Covid booster.

? for NFL fans RE: NFL Red Zone

No cashiers, please: Futuristic supermarket opens in Mideast

How to live an intellectual life Zena Hitz Big Think

McCarthy is like the dumbass idiot

Louisiana Charities

"I won't wear a mask,... cuz it would make me look stupid."


White House won't commit to specific date for Covid-19 boosters (CNN)

Cartoons 9/6/2021

Trooper doesn't want the vaccine

In Arlington, a stream is born, giving fish a new route

Biden directs federal aid to NY, NJ after deadly flooding

This town was paradise then everyone started working from home

GOP seeks to keep spotlight on Afghanistan as Dems advance Biden's $3.5T spending plan

5/26/1994 US President Bill Clinton signed the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act in to law

The Coronavirus May Never Go Away. But This Perpetual Pandemic Could Still Fizzle Out

Labor Day could exacerbate COVID surge: Experts

POLITICS Bernie Sanders Touts 'Progress' On Legalizing Marijuana And Ending The Drug War

Prized trout streams shrink as heat, drought grip US West

TFG's Supreme Court nominees are showing their true colors

5-Year-Old Child in Arizona Killed His Mother After Accidentally Shooting Her in the Chest

Marjorie Taylor Greene now claims that ivermectin OD reports are "Fake News".

Americans Emailed Pence, Officials Asking to Remove Trump From Office After Capitol Riot

The likely number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 51

The longest concert shows in history...

Texas city to offer Samsung large property tax breaks to build $17 billion chip plant

Texas shows we can't wait any longer. It's time to pack the court

The Red Warning Light on Richard Branson's Space Flight

Be extra careful today

Who will replace Feinstein(D-CA)?

Twins: one vaccinated, the other not

Plea and a trial loom in next month for Giuliani associates

Jean-Paul Belmondo, jaunty star of New Wave classic 'Breathless,' dies at 88

Peabody the dwarf horse

Children's Hospital of Georgia: death of child positive for COVID

The GOP's Race to the Crazy, Contagious Bottom

Letters to TFG Jan 7th: "President Trump spent months inciting these events" - Demand:Invoke 25th

A woman's body autonomy as precedent

Madison Cawthorn's Hometown Paper Urges Republican Party To Punish Him

Happy f*cking Labor Day

Biden was not looking at his watch. He was looking at his son.

Former France, PSG defender Jean-Pierre Adams dies 39 years after falling into a coma

It's important to remember that most people who get COVID-19 recover.

This may trigger your gag reflex. Here's a list of those who have been called "rising stars" in

LA Times: The math is simple - California Republicans probably won't pull off Newsom recall

Where is George W. Bush-- the sensitive painter of humanity-- when Biden needs him?

Happy Labor Day, 'Union Thugs'

ROTHKOPF: And now, the latest Biden report from the Conventional News Network...

Companies lobbying against infrastructure tax hikes have dodged 'millions' in taxes: report

Threats & Leaks: New Documents Show Just How Crazy the Georgia Recount Fiasco Got


How "Centrism" started... how it's going

Question about aborted attempt to rescue our hostages at our embassy in Iran.

Coup d'etat in Guinea

Ex-Marine held without bond in shooting of Florida family

Is not letting kids wear masks a way to start outbreaks, large numbers

A bunch of Ukrainians got together to play some Steely Dan...My Old School

Golf balls, sand, pebbles explain your life:

Looking at social media today

Life at 55 I find humor

Organized Labor Sees Upswing After Years of Decline

Blinken arrives in Qatar as four Americans leave Afghanistan

10 Types of Cashiers You Meet at The Supermarket (Video + Poll)

Authorities race to contain deadly Nipah virus outbreak in India

Texas Parents secretly sending sick kids to school and Covid is exploding. Jaw dropping.

Texas, abortion and the tyranny of the shadow docket

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 6, 2021

Actor Michael K. Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Lovecraft Country) has died

'The Wire' actor Michael K. Williams was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment

Americans are sleepwalking into Trump's unfinished coup

The US Governorships the Democrats will win in 2021/2022.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Advice to Attorney General Merrick Garland

Michael K. Williams Dead at 54

Solidarity Forever - the one and only Pete Seeger

President Biden-Labor Day is about honoring the dignity of the American worker.

The kitten sisters are complaining they aren't getting as much attention as their brothers

Tweet of the Day

How many times should I tell you that I'm vegan.. 🐸🦗😂

I quote this from The Wire often...

V Day Stomp - Four Clefs

Daddy was a union man.

TX doctors Ass. condemns abortion ban, says it encourages "vigilante interference" in doctor-patient

TX doctors Ass. condemns abortion ban, says it encourages "vigilante interference" in doctor-patient

The MyPillow Guy Is Lying, Republicans Are Listening

TFG Presidential Library

Keith Mansfield: Funky Fanfare

Coordinated, antivax/mask action planned tomorrow for Florida school

Another Interesting Photo

Thinking of this, today: tzimmes

Happy New Year, Shana Tova

Omar coming y'all

Woody Guthrie- All You Fascists Bound To Lose (Quarantine Edition)

When the invermectin kicks in

Masks can reduce risk of Valley fever, Arizona experts say

Labor Day Prayer: "Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy burdened.

Osprey nest still on lighthouse, and light always lit:

The Pro-Life Crowd Explained

A new song from Devo alum Gerald V. Casale - "I'm Gonna Pay U Back"

"The cult of savvy"

The Other Afghan Women

UK and EU extend post-Brexit grace period over Northern Ireland indefinitely

Labor Day Holiday, Celebration Facts- No Work Weekends, 40 Hr. Wks, Pd. Sick Leave: NPR

Two Wolves Howl, But One Is Super Lazy

the alarm - devolution working man blues (studio-1987) kickin the dirt off my shoes!

Someone explain to me the rush to drive voters away from the Democratic party?

19 Types of Shoppers You Meet at the Supermarket 🤣😂🤣

steve earle - way down in the hole (studio-2007) an appropriate tune for the day

Tony Danza gives a street performance (he is rocking that silver hair):

Woody Guthrie- All You Fascists Bound To Lose

Minutemen - Fascist

r.e.m. - finest worksong (glastonbury-1999) your finest hour!

Uh, oh

Sen Kelly: Unions are BACKBONE of working class (The Hill)

Holly Robinson Peete - A Beautiful video tribute to Michael K Williams

Nervous-I tell my boss I'm not coming back from FMLA

TS Ida: My mother's power is still out in Westchester.

Listen as Millions of Monarch Butterflies Make One of the Rarest Sounds on Earth.

Reviewing Ben Shapiro's Garbage Novel

'Disturbing': Trump-loving election official backs QAnon after organizing 'Audit The Vote' rally in

Labor History, Legislation: Frances Perkins, Secy. of Labor, FDR, 1911 Triangle Factory Fire: PBS

Is DeJoy putting padlocks on mailboxes in California?

Blind, in liver failure due to Ivermectin OD

Catching up on Duffer Tea

Judge: USPS Must Turn Over Dejoy Conflicts Docs

Charlotte Clymer Tweet: "Interesting quote from Sen. Sanders in yesterday's NYT."

Today's PSA:

Government mandate Tik Tok

6-year-old girl dies on Colorado amusement park ride

Biden granddaughter Naomi engaged

Back on the Trail, Sanders Campaigns for a Legislative Legacy

'F**K Joe Biden' Chants Break Out at College Football Games Across the Country

Las Vegas mother loses 2 children to COVID within a month

On this day, September 6, 1995, Cal Ripken Jr. played a baseball game.

A tip about watching You Tube videos on DU.

Virginia is set to remove Richmond's Lee statue on Wednesday

Prominent South Carolina Lawyer Shot Months After Family Murder Reveals He's Going to Rehab

Bolsonaro is stoking a Capitol riot-style insurrection in Brazil that could happen as early as Tuesd

Working Class Hero- John Lennon

Supreme Court trashed its own authority in a rush to gut Roe v Wade

Body Autonomy

Seems like CNN has calculated it is more profitable to

Culture Club released their song 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me' 39 years ago today

Spotlight turns to GOP's McCarthy in Jan. 6 probe

Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge To Open This Week, Ahead Of Schedule

A statue of Christopher Columbus in Mexico City will be replaced by one of an Indigenous woman

They broke us. 😢

QAnon Shaman's bizarre new legal defence: Trump was his 'first love'

US Open - Let's go Jenson Brooksby- spoiler

Bob Dylan- I Ain't Gonna Work On Maggie's Farm, Live

Likely number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is between 50 to 52 seats.

Sometimes you can't win

8 months since the insurrection;

Twins joined at the head are separated after 12-hour surgery in Israel

David Bowie duets with Cher 1975

The Danger of Vigilante Justice by Steven Beschloss

SF Bay Area: Versatile but problem-plagued, the last 1990s-era C2 BART car is gone

As we remember the 20 year anniversary of September 11Th, let us recall

Amazon gets FCC approval to test antennas for satellite broadband service