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South Korea: Prosecution targeted Lee Jae-myung in 2017-2018

Chinese businessman gets 2 years in prison for exporting U.S. marine tech to China

Finally caught it!


The Taliban is bringing back its feared ministry of 'vice' and 'virtue'

Orin Heatlie, who started the recall campaign against Gavin Newsom has COVID-19

Suspects went on shopping spree after stealing IDs of 7 Surfside victims, authorities say

Police planning to reinstall Capitol fence ahead of rally

Poll: Who's your favority James Bond?

The Graduate (1967) NOW!

I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Bolsonaro Threatens the Supreme Court with A Coup during September 7 Demonstrations

Coldplay to host grand-opening concert at Seattle's Climate Pledge Arena

two more 9/11 victims identified through DNA this week. 1,106 victim remains not yet found.

Obama says California recall vote is difference between protecting our kids and putting them at risk

The government knows its plans for Voter ID will disenfranchise millions - that's the whole point

City to Pay $3M in Arrest of 73 year Woman With Dementia (cops laughed after)

The Big Lie. The Big Lie. The Big Lie.

Salem-based Satanic Temple says abortion is part of a religious ceremony, challenging Texas law

Multiple zebras on the loose in Prince George's County, animal control says.

Pleased to meet you, Hope you guessed my name . . .

Atlanta Catholic Bishop forbids priests from..............

Look at the moves of our next Speaker of the House!

Hilary Field

omg he replied!!

9/11 20 years on - 60 Minutes Australia a review of the day and the aftermath

Canada May Soon Repeal Its Discriminatory Gay Blood Ban

The Most Advanced Civilization In The Universe

So, in our city of less then 500 people, we need a City council member........

THE BIGGEST BADDESST BIRDDIST .... Monster Hunter World : Iceborne

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

How Educational Differences Are Widening America's Political Rift

Psaki shoots down Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's pledge to 'eliminate all rapists,' saying 'there has n


Treasury: Top 1 percent responsible for $163 billion in unpaid taxes

The Chrystals - And Then He Kissed Me

FBI releases video of suspect who planted pipe bomb ahead of Jan 6th Capitol riot

The Graduate/ The Sound of Silence 1967

Larry Elder cuts short Venice homeless encampment tour after hostile reception

Los Lobos - Viking

Biden administration tells ex-Trump officials to resign from military academy advisory boards or be

Harry Connick and the Marsalis Family....

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking

Bob Seger - Ramblin', Gamblin' Man

Alan Dershowitz declares the 'Larry Davids of the world' may cost the Democrats the next 2 elections

Effective immediately..Kellyanne Conway,-has been terminated from the position by Biden..........

Amboy Dukes - Journey to the Center of Your Mind

COVID-19 breakthrough data triggers common statistical mistake, researcher says

Texas startup Solugen says abortion law will cause it to hire elsewhere

An expert says the Taliban have 'almost no chance' of getting their hands on the Afghan central bank

The real reason they take horse meds

Trumper Pleads Guilty After His Mom Bragged About His Capitol Riot Antics On Facebook

People Who Got Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Shot Feel Left Behind In Push For Boosters, Wash Post

Trio of residents seeks emergency hearing on new Minneapolis policing ballot language - saga cont.


Vaccine Manufacturers?

Michigan demands TFG lawyers reimburse $22,000 in legal fees

Election Workers Are Under Attack. A Group Of Lawyers Plans To Defend Them

Cowlitz County morgue, funeral homes overwhelmed as COVID case rates rise

Wow - the COVID numbers today are staggering

Election Workers Are Under Attack. A Group Of Lawyers Plans To Defend Them

Wynton Marsalis and Indian Dudes.....

There is a word every Dem candidate from here out needs to learn and not be afraid to use

Woman who deliberately coughed on shoppers loses job.

Trump Flunky Jason Miller DETAINED In Brazil

City of Houston will require unvaccinated employees to get COVID testing twice a month, Mayor Turner

Texas man gets execution delay over pastor's touch request

business owner experiences immediate consequence for stupid remark

9/11 voices on MSNBC

Twenty Years After 9/11, a Cloud of Pessimism Hangs Over the Country

19 of Top 20 States in Total Covid Cases Per Million Are Traditionally Republican States

some light music while

Anti-logging protest becomes Canada's biggest ever act of civil disobedience

THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK - Official Trailer 2

The emergence of police officers as one of the most strongly anti-vax mandate groups in the country

Editorial: The Guardian view on Brazil's Bolsonaro: democracy is under attack

Midnight Blues

Jazz on the Autobahn

The sad reality of life in 2021 - COVID - "we are so over that - it is boring". Climate change - "

There's a straight line from US racial segregation to the anti-abortion movement

Running Game (Son Of A Slave Master)

FBI Releases New Video Of Jan. 6 Pipe Bomb Suspect - MSNBC

Strange, repeating radio signal near the center of the Milky Way has scientists stumped

Do You Wanna Funk?

the escape club - wild wild west

George Bernard Shaw quote ...

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022,2024,and 2026 that will elect AA US Senators.


Republicans Led By Greene And Boebert Accidentally Threaten The Wrong CEO - Ring of Fire

Biden Administration Prepares to Sue Texas Over Abortion Law

I can't stop revistiting the Blasters

A new expression...

Ferris Wheel

Trump's 'America First' Hypocrisy EXPOSED! - MeidasTouch

Wynton - "Hotter Than That".....

The Book of The Way, Day by Day Wednesday, 8 September, 2021 20

The GOP's War on Public Health Officials

Whether Greg Abbott is ignorant or just a liar matters for the future of democracy

Watch Larry Elder get eggs thrown at him.

Fmr. Texas State Senator Responds To Gov. Abbott's Abortion, Rape Comments - MSNBC

This is amazing. I never heard this kind of thing before.

Manchin Lays Out Long List of Demands

help with videos

Michael Constantine, the Father in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding,' Dies at 94

Trump singled out election official. Hear the horrific voicemails he received

Rep. Madeleine Dean: TX New Abortion Law Is 'Grotesque' And 'Draconian' - Deadline - MSNBC

A Nurse Is Bringing Light To A Dark Time With A Chandelier Made Up Of Vaccine Vials

Pfizer Picked Covid-19 Dose Far Lower Than Moderna To Minimize Side Effects, Its Top Scientist Says

Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

March in NY City for the "Two Michaels" arrested by China arbitrarily in

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

Who is the better Tolkien Musician?

Ivermectin causes sterilization in 85 percent of men, study finds

Trump Trolling America on 9/11, "Free Britney" Prevails & Guillermo Conquers His Fear of Snakes

Taliban ban protests and slogans that don't have their approval

U.S. Surgeon General: 'We're In A Better Place Because Of Vaccines' - Deadline - MSNBC

Trump White House tried to play down US injuries in attack by Iran, says ex-official

Another wildlife encounter

AOC: a treasure

(Jewish Group) Afghanistan's last Jew leaves after Taliban takeover

Seth Meyers - Biden Surveys Hurricane Ida's Damage in New Jersey and New York - Monologue 9/7/21

A Nurse Is Bringing Light To A Dark Time With A Chandelier Made Up Of Vaccine Vials- NPR

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers

Marc Elias on compromise with Republicans on voting rights

*Coming up, 1:30 am Gilda Live (1980)

A Nurse Is Bringing Light To A Dark Time With A Chandelier Made Up Of Vaccine Vials- NPR

Seth Meyers: AOC Explains Biology 101 to Greg Abbott After SCOTUS Guts Roe v. Wade in Texas

Justice Department planning to sue Texas over abortion law

Anti-Mask Merch Salesman Ron DeSantis Wonders How Masks Became Political

The Doors - Not to Touch the Earth

Texas Governor Defends Abortion Ban With Promise To 'Eliminate' Rapists - All In - MSNBC


This Very Weird 'Accidental' Star Could Help Reveal the Secrets of the Cosmos

The Doors - Five to One

New FBI Video Shows Would-Be January 6th Bomber - The Beat - MSNBC

from Patisserie Manuel re: Chilean Independence Day

Canned Heat - On the Road Again

Gavin Newsom @GavinNewsom Listen to @AOC - grab your ballot. Vote NO. And mail it by September 14

Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels

MC5 - Kick Out the Jams

The Stooges - I Wanna be Your Dog

The Animals - On a Warm San Francisco Night

Tweet of the late night:

I didn't know I was pregnant

First came a quake in Mexico - then strange blue lights

First came a quake in Mexico - then strange blue lights

A rehearsal

Your Chance Of Getting COVID After Vaccination? 1 In 5,000 Or Less - The Beat - MSNBC

'Disgraceful': Former President Trump's niece reacts to what he's doing on 9/11 (CNN)

Fed up Jen Psaki BURIES Texas governor over abortion ban - Brian Tyler Cohen

Hospitals In Republican- Led Idaho Given Permission To Ration Care Amid COVID-19 Surge

The Lincoln Project -Robert E. Lee and Donald Trump have a lot in common:

That's why.

Ivermectin causes sterilization in 85 percent of men, study finds

Don Winslow-Antomy of Capital Attack

I'm Going To Start Taking Markers Into The Bathroom

Time To End The 'Medicare Advantage' Scam, By Thom Hartmann

Threats, Harassment Inspired By Trump's Big Lie Terrorize Election Officials: Reuters- Rachel Maddow

Live Music Video 'The Clash' "Working for the Clampdown"

Lawyers Organize To Protect Elections Officials Threatened With Violence - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Music Video 'The Clash' "You can stand by me train in vain"

Oh, for the love of gawd... yet another wildlife encounter tonight

Trae Crowder - On Confederate Statues Bein' Dumb

With Confederates vanquished, what's next for Richmond's Monument Avenue?

Religious Quack Gets DEBUNKED By Biblical Expert - Rebel HQ

Music Video 'The Clash' "I fought the law and the law won " !!!

Press Conference: Garner Family Announces $3M Settlement & Attorney Pledges $50K for Chief's Ouster

Eight Six Seven Five Three Oh Ni-i-ine

Chris Hayes: What Robert E. Lee's Statue Says About Battle For Multi-Racial Democracy - All In MSNBC

'Tainted Love' / 'Where Did Our Love Go', 'Rock The Casbah'

I've lost my taste for spectator sports

When i read about...

Music Video The Beatles It's Been A Hard Days Night!

Al Green - 'Let's Stay Together'

Music Video Live 'The Beatles' "He is a Nowhere man"

China offers $31m in emergency aid to Afghanistan

Kill Me Three Times (2014)

Beatings, buried videos a pattern at Louisiana State Police

Beatings, buried videos a pattern at Louisiana State Police

'The employee is in the catbird seat.' It's about time.

Australia won't allow UN climate goals in UK free trade deal

'Reconsider High Risk Activities': Overcrowded Idaho Hospitals Forced To Ration Care - Rachel Maddow

Best of Disappearing Pranks - Just For Laughs Compilation

Taliban Interim Government Agrees to Let Foreigners Leave Afghanistan

Republicans Make Trump's Big Lie Party's Campaign Platform - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Deputy Mayor of N.Y. Town Had 17 Illegal Guns , 13 silencers, fake DEA, FBI, Marshall credentials

While this New Zealand family watches a documentary about the US military...

Music Video 'Uptown Girl' "Billy Joel"

Virginia's Redistricting Commission has its first draft maps. They look... normal?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/8/21

A favorite song growing up + My star crush

Stephen Colbert: Guest Chris Wallace

Breakfast Thursday 9 September 2021

P.I. and Ex-Cop OWNS Clueless Cops On DashCam - LackLuster

Music Video 'Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones"

Georgia DA Already Charged for Parking Lot Donuts Now Accused of Trying to Frame Man for Murder

Here it is, your Moment of Zen: Fox Supercut - Vaccination Discrimination

Jan Dismas Zelenka - 'Sonata No. 3', 4 parts

Richmond's Style Weekly shuts down after nearly 39 years

Eurotrash Girl -- Cracker

Music Video. 'Country Joe & the Fish' "The Vietnam Song"

More of Jan Dismas Zelenka - 'Sonata No. 2', 4 parts

Biden to call for global summit on Covid response

United Airlines will place unvaccinated employees granted religious or medical waivers on leave

Straight To Hell -- Drivin' n' Cryin'

Second U.S. judge questions constitutionality of lead felony charge against Oath Keepers in Capitol

Second U.S. judge questions constitutionality of lead felony charge against Oath Keepers in Capitol

Hampton Roads schools need to take a simple stand -- No COVID-19 vaccination, no sports

Vice President Kamala Harris to visit Hampton on Friday

Larry Elder's false and misleading claims in California recall race

Feds deal another setback to Rosemont mine by upholding jaguar habitat

Alaska Airlines Accused of 'Canceling' Flight Attendants for Voicing Religious Beliefs

Man accused of bringing molotov cocktails, five loaded firearms to Capitol on Jan. 6 set to plead gu

Man accused of bringing molotov cocktails, five loaded firearms to Capitol on Jan. 6 set to plead gu

Parent: Son denied lunch due to not wearing mask

Smoke alarms sound at International Space Station

Sean Spicer Flips Out at Jen Psaki After Biden Kicks Him Off Military Board

A peaceful moment for you today

Larry Elder is predicting the election will be stolen from him before all the votes are counted....

My brother's conversation with an anti-masker's daughter on his school bus run.

N. Korea shows off civil defense units in toned-down parade

The Rude Pundit: Don't Tell Me Not to Mock People Who Hate My Guts

Thursday TOONs - Sing Along With Greg

Third jab.

FBI Washington Field Office Releases Video and Additional Information Regarding the Pipe Bomb Invest

Trump pays teens to spread his propaganda

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, September 9, 2021

Howard Stern to anti-vaxxers:

FBI releases new footage of possible RNC, DNC pipe-bomb suspect

In Non-Conway/Spicer News, CalFire Reports Dixie Fire At 922,507 Acres, 59% Contained

Yes, Of Course! CEI Argues That Unless We Use More Plastics, We'll Have To Kill Elephants For Ivory

Gross Costco fish pizza.

'The theft was fatal': Employee used 189 credit-card refunds to embezzle nearly $200,000 ...

Meet Matt Castelli, A Dem who' s running against Elise Stefanik

Oops. Florida Communities Up To 20 Miles Inland Flooded During Eta In 2020 - Canals Couldn't Drain

Yikes! Anyone keeping count of how many Lowes and HomeDepot workers are dying from Covid?

Insurrectionists are going to get light sentences.

AFL-CIO president tells striking Mondelez workers in Henrico that it is 'fed up with the way you

Biden Axes 4 Arctic Research Commissioners Appointed By Shitstain; Collective Arctic Experience Zero

Watching Amy Klobuchar on GMA - how she dealt with her breast cancer

It's the Stupidity, Stupid

Are there no Democratic Sheriffs in VA?

White House Unveils Plan to Cut Prescription-Drug Prices

Yeah, Sounds Legit: News Corp Oz Reportedly Set To Go All Green And Stop Cranking Out Climate Lies

As an ousted President, how can Trump still claim executive privilege?

Sen. Amy Klobuchar reveals breast cancer diagnosis, successful treatment

United Airlines staff granted religious exemptions to vaccine mandate will be put on unpaid leave

See You Tomorrow

White House to withdraw nomination of David Chipman to head ATF in face of bipartisan pushback

Trump desantis 2024 I heard a dude say that in lunchroom last night

It is far too soon for people to write off Joe Biden

((New unemployment claims down to 310K))

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 9/8/2021

Grendel's Den and Texas Abortion Law

When you let black folks get a hold of Country music

Art of the Week: Week of 09/08/21

The Rundown: September 9, 2021

U.S. weekly jobless claims near 18-month low

Time capsule under Richmond's Lee statue - Video

Anger Growing About UK Dumping Australia's Climate Targets, Despite All Of Bojo's Green Promises

Mad cougher in Nebraska fired

'Joe Rogan Is Getting This Completely Wrong,' Says The Scientist Who Conducted The Vaccine Study

Daihatsu Ad From 1996...

I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - Tommy Dorsey

Today is the last day of the year where we will have a single digit in the #s for the day and month.

Boards of Visitors to US military academies and their purpose: (quit laughing!)

My little cousin got covid and has survived

JetZero A One-Way Ticket To Climate Hell; Efficiency Gains In Past 50 Years Around 1%/Year

View Websites In Dark Mode With The Dark Reader Browser Extension.

Monster risk: Fauci says COVID cases 10x too high

Cryptocurrency aka Bitcoin/Dogecoin/etc : what am I not understanding ?

These Are The Struggles Of Growing Up With A Little Brother

How cells taken from decades-old fetal tissue are used in Covid-19 drug research

Norfolk Southern aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity 42% by 2034

((Prince George county fair cancelled at almost the last minute))

Scoop: The most dangerous Trump expose (Stephanie Grisham has a book coming out)

Kansas plan for extra nurses' pay stalls over GOP concerns

Melania Trump's closest White House adviser to release book

My nephew's wife just passed from complications of covid pneumonia...

As expected, former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch announces bid for governor in 2022

((Prince George county fair cancelled at almost the last minute))

Feed your head: The Matrix Resurrections

This is sad and preventable

Houston Methodist confirms around 50 cases of mu variant

About the pachyderm in the parlour---

W.H. to withdraw nomination of David Chipman to head ATF due to his gun control advocacy

Cops: Woman found with loaded gun at SC Aquarium after refusing to wear mask, attacking detective

Positively 4th Street

Biden expected to sign executive order requiring federal employees to be vaccinated

New 'mu' COVID-19 variant now found in 49 US states


A mask recommendation

Betting on the NFL? Take the team with more vaccinated players.

Biden Told Trump Appointees "You're Fired," Kellyanne Conway And Sean Spicer Responded

Recommendations for news sites.

Pic Of The Moment: Kellyanne Conway Changes Tune On President's Ability To Fire People

*if seatbelt laws were introduced in 2021*

The pandemic's toll on educators has made Texas' teacher shortage worse

Flight takes off from Kabul airport after Taliban cleared Americans and others to leave

If you're a fan of the CBS show 'Bull', as am I

"Knowledge shall be Required before voicing an Opinion"

Australian media outlets liable for Facebook comments, court finds

The Matrix Resurrections - Official Trailer 1

Rude review of Dennis Prager's Sept. 11th cartoon for kids

Washington DC: Metro considers Georgetown station, Blue Line expansion to address future ridership

So it is a nice fall day in Houston.

Well said Amy McGrath!

Woman misses flight, falsely claims bomb on plane at Florida

A+++ politician Twitter dunk

'My familiy is starving, I have to sell my daughter'

My mother may get kicked out of her apartment...

Accountant stole $750K (in one year) from employer to gamble online

Explaining the need for a national vaccination mandate to 2nd Amendment extremists

It's common knowledge but for the record...

I mean...

Pittsburgh schools superintendent quits after ethics ruling, gets $400,000 in severance package

Deal on Body Autonomy?

Meghan McCain Has a New Job After Leaving The View

20 years after 9/11, metro Detroit Muslims tired of apologizing, being viewed differently

They are just laughing at us.

Battalion of Saints - Fighting Boys EP

Florida man tased for twerking during rainy traffic stop

About those crowded stadiums for football games...front page story today

Was discharged from Canyon Ridge Hospital on Monday night.

Trove of 239 Rare Gold Coins Discovered in Walls of French Mansion

Suez Canal WAS blocked again

I absolutely HATE CNN these days. Earlier they had a so-called "expert" on the Afghan evacuation....

How did I live all these years without hearing this? --Allman Bros.

Good Day DU (September 9, 2021)

Ron DeSantis thinks the NFL should let asymptomatic, COVID-positive players play

A record-breaking 44 container ships are stuck off the coast of California - Why Manchin Has a Point

Meet the Black Farmers Fighting Food Deserts in New York

and to think

On your marks, get set.....BAKE!

Smart puppy follows mom's directions to get his ball!

TYT - Joe Manchin's Daughter BUSTED In EpiPen Scandal

Liz Cheney responding to TFG: Bring it


How the Sovereign Citizen Movement Convinces Desperate Parents to Ignore Laws

Trump Offers to Buy Robert E. Lee Statue for His Bedroom

U.S. Working 'Every Single Day' To Help Those Who Want To Get Out, Says WH - MSNBC

There should be some place to go for medical treatment when you're uninsured

Ken Paxton's criminal case can be heard in his hometown of Collin County, after appeals court refuse

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022 in order to retain control of the US Senate.

I thought the Biden administration already required federal employees

On this day, September 9, 1971, "Imagine" was released.

Legislating in the Name of God by Linda Greenhouse

More news for Zuikophiles

***Submission Thread for September's Seasonal Contest--Summer***

More visual dad jokes to moan over

California QAnon believer indicted on charges of killing his 2 children with a spear fishing gun

Second bear in my plum tree in the last few days...UPDATE

Rep. Katie Porter took no prisoners: Schools 'fiscally irresponsible' Joe Manchin on $3.5T bill

***Comments Thread for September's Seasonal Contest -- Summer***

Fried chicken tycoon, David Bamberger, restored water to arid Texas wasteland

Anti-mask Capitol rioter to be released despite new gun charges

Pro-Trump lawyers face $200,000 legal bill for 'frivolous' election case

2480 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 62 deaths

"Force LeBron James left 9 out of 10 times": Michael Jordan admitted to studying the Lakers supersta

Next few evenings ... Moon and Venus

White House pulling nomination of ATF chief amid pushback over gun-control advocacy

Let"s get this trending!

Death threats sent to participants of US conference on Hindu nationalism

8 of my photos that have been converted into jigsaw puzzles

Arkansas researchers find possible cause of long-lasting COVID-19 symptoms

Otis Redding was born on this date.

Remember Rebecca Kleefisch' ridiculous remarks on gay marriage in 2010

Can't wait till Katie Porter runs for President

Tax Wealth Not Just Work

Larry Elder's false and misleading claims in California recall race

Elvin Jones, great jazz drummer, was born on this date.

Sign up to work the polls, please.

Don't you just love these libertarian's always screaming about tax dollars

Matrix trailer!

Magnet milestones move distant nuclear fusion dream closer

Weeks after fleeing Afghanistan, former President Ashraf Ghani issues 'explanation' statement

Hurricane Ida death toll jumps to 82

Joyce White Vance with some guidance about DOJ lawsuit against Texas abortion ban

Picard Season Two Trailer - Looks Phenomenal!

Federal appeals court says Indiana can keep enforcing abortion laws

"Appalled" WHO chief slams rich nations over COVID booster plans

When it comes to these scum who threaten Election workers...

Majority of California Men Want Gavin Newsom Recalled, Majority of Women Don't

Amazing Street Artist - Taipei, Taiwan

AOC slaps back at Sarah Palin

Police Department Forks Out $3,000,000 Settlement - Rebel HQ

Doctors Across the Nation Unsurprised by Emergence of Mu Variant, 'Here We Go Again'

EPA to protect Alaska's Bristol Bay, blocking major gold mine

2022 IL US Congressional Redistricting plan

Kamala Harris Warns Of National Impact If Gavin Newsom Is Recalled

Texas abortion law could hurt Republicans in 2022 midterm elections, experts say

From August: Teen charged with murder after pouring gas on couple, setting them on fire, police say

If you're discouraged ...

One of the most brilliant interviewers of vaccine deniers I've ever seen!

Moscow Mitch, 'America must never default' then doubles down on refusing to raise the debt ceiling

We are looking left while the right moves.

Howard Stern Tells Anti-Vaxxers Who Catch Coronavirus: 'Go F**k Yourself'

DeSantis and Abbott test negative for competence and compassion

Michael Constantine of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' dies at 94

Local health officer receiving threats over proof of vaccination order

Student Carrying Pride Flag ATTACKED In School - Rebel HQ

In my world, a "level-headed feller" has "Skoal" dribbling out of BOTH sides of his mouth. nt

Millions of Americans don't see the threat to our freedoms

The old saying is "f8 and be there." Well f8 is easy but

538's 2021 NFL Predictions

Former Afghan President Ghani issues 'explanation' statement to Afghan people -- only in English

The tab for the Kraken sanctions in MI--$200,000

Trump reaches out to families of U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan

Outspoken Pride -- Disgraced GOP Homocon To Headline Log Cabin Event

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Facebook Is Making Camera Glasses, Ha Ha Oh No

Hey CBS! House Repubs DO NOT have the power to 'investigate' Hunter Biden art sales

Black Kids In California More Likely To Be Hospitalized For Police-Related Injuries

Matted dog looked like he had 6 legs now he looks completely different

Beatings And Buried Videos Are A Pattern With The Louisiana State Police

Least Vaccinated States Lead Spike in Children's Cases, Leaving Some Hospitals Stretched

Anti-Abortion Vigilantes Are Now Going Door-to-Door in Texas

Spanish-inspired Smoked Trout Salpicon Recipe

Robin Kelly @RepRobinKelly: Access to postpartum #maternalhealth services saves lives.

Continuing a theme: What is the most AVERAGE meal imaginable for you?

Taliban Criticized For Failure To Include Diverse Array Of Extremist Perspectives In Government

'Unjust practices': US prosecutor takes stand against minor police traffic stops

🚨Tigger Warning🚨

Trump Facing Criminal Indictment As Georgia Election Interference Case Heats Up

Trump's New "Faith Advisory Board" is Made Up Of Sell-Out Evangelicals

Fux Noise has been setting up a State Big Lie should GOP lose California recall race

Pair of assholes lose their jobs...

Proud Boys' violence spirals in Olympia as street hunt for 'antifa' culminates with Toese shooting

Kathy McCollum killed thousands as she voted for Trump.

Most nurses are vaccinated - so why do people think health workers are vaccine hesitant?

Cartoons 9/9/2021


Trudeau slams Rebel News: "I won't call it a media organization"

New plan: Lynnwood jail could include a mental health wing

Jimmy Savile's Glencoe cottage set to be demolished after vote by locals

Florida federal judge has issued a 90-page order blocking enforcement of the anti-riot law

I'm Beginning to Understand How It Feels to Live in a Majority-oppressed Nation

Joe Biden's Solar Plan and the Prescience of Jimmy Carter

4 year old raises $1300 to "fix broken 💔 s" after Waverly, TN flood

Born to run: meet Skyblue Jack, the hardest working dog in two countries

Republicans Aren't New To The Anti-Vaxx Movement

Sweet pupper: "Here, let me help you with that"--

Puppy acts as coach or spotter (2nd tweet):

Fun Joe Rogan incident

Chris Wallace on lawmakers who contested Biden's election: I don't want to hear 'their crap'

Chris Wallace on lawmakers who contested Biden's election: I don't want to hear 'their crap'

Spicey Sean says he's suing Biden for firing him from a position Trump gave him at the USN Acadamy

Pooty meets Lukashenko in a fascist bro fest

Justice Department sues Texas to block six-week abortion ban

Biden to stump for Newsom on Monday during western swing

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis files emergency appeal on school mask mandates

Trump Insiders Are Quietly Paying Teen Memers For Posts

Justice Dept. has filed a lawsuit over Texas abortion restrictions

Moderna developing combination COVID-19 booster, flu vaccine shot

Masks Are For Sheep!

Former TFG press secretary Stephanie Grisham writing a damaging memoir about her time working for

Jeffrey Toobin please go and play with yourself on Zoom

Doo-dee-doo-dee-doo...just waiting for my human...doo-dee-doo

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 9, 2021

Student whose grandma died of Covid-19 mocked at school board meeting while he advocated for masks.

It's not a BIG LIE ...

Let's talk about the word "boy" in the South....

Trump And Son Get Blasted For Plan To Provide Commentary For Boxing Match On 9/11 Anniversary

DOJ Plans Lawsuit Over Texas Abortion Law: Reports

Use this USPS statement to refute any disinformation about board chair Ron Bloom.

Breaking: Department of Labor will announce that employees at all businesses with more than 100

Emergency Temp Rule from Dept of Labor that all US private businesses with

Reefer Man - Cab Calloway

Support for vaccine passports up in Alberta, Saskatchewan despite premiers' opposition, poll suggest

If you know anybody who's on the fence about getting vaccinated (*TW* for anyone who's lost someone)

AntiVaxxers to lose their minds (or what's left) in 3..2...1....

Merrick Garland Announces The U.S. Lawsuit Against the State of Texas

Illinois House committee advances revamped energy plan with subsidies to ComEd parent that will cost

Alberta's rising COVID-19 cases due to faulty modelling and government inaction, experts say

George Carlin - Why is Prostitution Illegal!?

DOJ Announces Lawsuit Against Texas Over Restrictive Abortion Law (MSNBC)

GOP MELTDOWN Triggered As Another Loss Is Imminent - Rebel HQ

BLS Report: Employment is projected to increase by 11.9 million jobs from 2020 to 2030

Ex-Fox News Anchor Ed Henry Must Face Sex Trafficking Suit

Loving Nicolle's hair today

A short essay from an unfamiliar writer:

$3 Million Settlement --- 2 Cops Charged 3 Resign --- Corruption From The Top Down

Person planted bombs on Jan 6th at capitol building

This Insurrectionist is self employed as a "wellness coach" wants his ankle monitor removed

Another look at 'Pleased to meet you". . .

State troopers accused of making fake vaccination cards resign after colleagues turn them in

ok, who wants to hear my good news?

DeSantis files emergency appeal on school mask mandates

101 days per the tracker. Huh

FBI Seizes Phone Of Oath Keepers Lawyer In 'Seditious Conspiracy' Investigation

Watch Address at 1700 Hours President Biden remarks on plan to stop Delta Covid-19

Elizabeth Warren To Amazon: Stop 'Peddling Misinformation About COVID-19'

Kellyanne Conway is out of a job again?

D'espairsRay - Yami Ni Furu Kiseki (Classical White Ver.)

Check out this great browser extension "Dark Reader"

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #11-7: A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course Edition

President Biden Unveils Plan to Boost Covid Vaccinations and Fight Delta variant -- 9/9/2021

FDA delays decision on e-cigarettes from vaping giant Juul

The ongoing covid saga

All Members Of Congress To Be Tested For Covid And IQ

THANK YOU President Biden

Should America abandon the 2 party system in favor of 6 parties?

If you are doing business with the federal government your employees need

These are dichroic earrings, believe it or not!

Finally a grown up in the room. Protect the vaccinated!

Announcing on Twitter that people should watch you live on Facebook, as you sign a blatantly ...

Best analogy on vaccinations I've seen yet

A federal judge will just straight-up murder you in the first sentence

PM Update: A couple showers this evening, then it's cooler tonight and breezy into a fantastic Frida

So what's up for this weekend? Ah, ya know, probably just gonna cruise around in my Styx van again.

'Stupid sounding': Republican reacts to Trump's Robert E. Lee comment (CNN)

Moussaoui trial revisited on the eve of Sept. 11 anniversary

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2022 in order to retain control of the US Senate.

Just watched a REAL PRESIDENT speak

"Show some respect!"

D.C. officer Michael Fanone returns to work eight months after fighting pro-Trump mob at Capitol

Data shows increase of vaccinated people among hospitalized Marylanders.

Fuck you Brian Kemp


Biden: Some of the biggest companies are already requiring this... even Fox News

Joe Biden's turning the damn car around

CNN just sucks something gross. Plain and simple.

Lonely and monotonous, remote workdays are leaving us with wandering attention spans and ...

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose".

Okay, after consulting here and pricing the really good dog foods I've

Poll: All schools receiving federal funds should require vaccinations & masks

Tweet of the evening:

Black Sabbath

About the notion of testing in lieu of vaccinations . . . . . .

This is worth a second post as new folks are added

Bradley P. Moss, Esq: "Grow the Hell up"

To my horror, a couple of the kittens are now able to BREACH the barricade at the den door!!

Waaaahhhhhh! The whining has already started....

Andrew Yang to launch a third party

'Anti-riot' law backed by Florida Gov. DeSantis blocked by federal judge

Conservatives and healthcare: liars

Since Squeaky will be in Chicago for Halloween, I couldn't resist taking this photo

Trudeau gets views for telling off fake media:

What is the website for those unvaxxed who died?

'They're making it so obvious': Black TikToker films Marshalls workers 'following' her around store

Post 80,000. 18 official years, and 80,000 posts. It has been a remarkable journey

Hosts file

Law enforcement is done almost nothing about MAGAts threating to kill election workers

If anyone thinks what Biden is doing is not

For those who want to watch Canada's only english election debate tonight:

California Republicans hail Mary pass 4 days before election: paint egg throwing incident as racist

Most Nurses Are Vaccinated - So Why Do People Think Health Workers Are Vaccine Hesitant?

Katie Porter asks whether fellow Democrat Joe Manchin cares more about corporate donors than helping

following Biden address, CNN (Jake Tapper) features 4 political voices, one medical voice.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 10 September 2021

What is Cryptocurrency?

On January 6, 2021, Donald Trump attempted a violent overthrow

Los Angeles mandates COVID-19 vaccines for students 12 and older

Baby's Coming To Town - Pokey Lafarge

The Moment Fox Hosts Accidentally Spilled The Beans - Rebel HQ

Breyer calls Supreme Court's Texas abortion ruling 'very, very, very wrong'

From former OSHA Deputy Asst Secretary : USPS is not exempt

Biden On Vaccine Requirements: 'This Is Not About Freedom Or Personal Choice' (MSNBC)

Masks - Brent Terhune, Hoosier

This will be a rant. No, I really mean it---THIS WILL BE A GODDAM R.A.N.T!

Senate Democrats could send seniors $1,000 cash vouchers to buy expanded Medicare benefits next year

L.A. school officials order sweeping student vaccine mandate, a first by a major district

McCarthy Faces Backlash From Anti- and Pro-Trump Republicans as He Aims to Become Speaker

TFG's 'Kraken' lawyer Sidney Powell asked to pay $200K in legal fees

Senior Republican demonised by Trump reveals what's behind GOP election suppression laws: 'They got

Washington D.C. On Alert Again Following Threat By Trump Supporters - Deadline - MSNBC

U.S. Military Building "Eight Small Cities" to House at Least 50,000 Afghan Refugees

Congress aims to fund 9/11 health program deficit by adding to the upcoming $3.5T budget bill

close military bases in states without vax mandates

Huppke: Addressing the volcanic right-wing pants-crapping currently brought on by Biden's mandates

AG Garland Put Together A 'Powerful Complaint' Against Texas Abortion Law - Deadline - MSNBC

There's One Other Thing Biden Could Do To Get People Vaccinated.....

Defense in Whitmer kidnap case seeks trial delay

Live Beatles Tribute

It's months later, but I still don't understand

More Liberal support:

TikTok Cult Leader Who Preaches Anti-Vax Views Now Offering Religious Exemptions for Covid-19..

Poor Todd Starnes. He doesn't strike me as being very smart.

This protective kitteh won't let his little boy climb the balcony:

I was looking on Craigslist for someone to help with yardwork