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Trump scrambles at damage control after being caught grifting MAGA supporters with phony 'contest'

Tonight on Saturday Night Live:

Never again???

Intercepted calls show Russian troops near Kharkiv ordered to shoot at civilians, even children

The power of the dog and how pets are helping Ukrainians cope with war

US Senate Elections in 2022 that will lead to Democrats to 60 US Senate seats in 2022.



The Ages Old Republican Modus Operandi

Rothkopf: The leader of the GOP did not embrace Putin (or other despots) out of ignorance.

U.S. to Send Arms to Ukraine, as Russia Intensifies Campaign of Destruction

US pays $2M a month to protect Pompeo, aide from Iran threat

Ammon Bundy, far-right activist and Idaho gubernatorial candidate, arrested for trespassing

Democrats did much for this country this week

US official warns Israel not to be 'last haven for dirty money' funding Russian invasion of Ukraine

Putin is truly desperate!

How many Ukrainian operatives do you think are in Moscow?

Texas Supreme Court rejects challenge to abortion ban

Rabbi investigated over Abramovich citizenship

Why are US gas prices soaring when America barely uses Russian oil?

Feared Syrian rebel to fight for Ukraine?

Larkin Poe - "Start Me Up" (Rolling Stones cover)

Bipartisan group of senators to meet with officials, visit refugee sites in Poland

President Biden: "We will not fight the third world war in Ukraine."

Operation "Homes for Ukraine"

Controversial Russian Spy Ship Yantar Leaves Base

Ukrainian company pivots from medieval armor to spiky 'caltrops' intended to stop or slow Russian ve

The Stranger (Kdrama) Netflix

Rod Stewart and Ron Wood - Mandolin Wind (live acoustic)

JC Cristo. Between Covid and Putin our world is getting one hell of a reset.

Ukrainian family shot at checkpoint while trying to flee

More US troops deploy overseas in wake of Ukraine invasion

Pink Floyd - Live 8 - The last time

How Democrats will retain majority control of the US Senate in 2022?

Video shows an elderly Ukrainian couple yelling at and chasing out armed Russian soldiers who broke

Zappa Plays Zappa -- Valley Girl live (2010)

U.S. Embassy has been denied consular access to Brittney Griner, congressman says

Does anyone know if Cassette Tapes can be Re-Purposed for anything useful?

John Lennon - I'm The Greatest

I thought of making this an avatar

Is the Ukraine Invasion worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis?

U.S. targets Russians in new North Korea sanctions after missile launches

George Harrison - It Don't Come Easy

Trump: Ukraine invasion could lead to WWIII, Putin won't stop, we have no one to talk to him

Illinois class 3A championship game - what a game!

My Intervention with the Gremlin in the Kremlin

My wife, Sparkly, often posts on the WAPO boards. She reports a huge drop in trolls.

Tweet of the Night:

Despite risks and official warnings, U.S. veterans join Ukrainian war effort

In case you missed this PBS News Hour.

Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman (studio version + live in Japan, 1977)


Tweet of the Late Night:

Totally Tunsie Taps Ten Thousandth Thought...

Dispatches from Ukraine

Trump thought we had US troops in Ukraine in 2017.


Coping With The Growing Nuclear Threat - The Cross Connection - MSNBC

I have an 11 year old ESL student in Kiev. (update)

Ukrainian women are showing the world what they're made of in the fight against Russia

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Stir It Up (from the UK show The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1973)

Citing Fear For Family's Safety Alex Ovechkin Declined Capitals' To Remove Putin photo

Why Doesn't Ukraine Have Nuclear Weapons? - NBC News

Russia Escalates Airstrikes Across Ukraine

Petro Petey Loves Petrostates! - Mark Fiore - Political Animations

The piano still works

Can we do better to help a fellow DUer?

Paying respects to a fallen hero

O'Rourke calls Abbott a "thug" and an "authoritarian" who's "got his own oligarch here in the state

After three decades covering Russia, CNN's Nic Robertson leaves in despair (CNN)

82% of US Voters Believe Inflation Is Fueled by Corporations 'Jacking Up Prices'

It Had To Be You - Dick Haymes, Helen Forrest ; Ruth Etting

The Daily Show: What The Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 3/7/2022

Russian forces close in on Ukraine capital

Is anyone else having occasional DU outages?

Shelter from the storm...

Sneak peak from the upcoming Kenobi series

Surfin' Bird - The Trashmen

Krugman calls McCarthy's statement terminally dumb

We have a former president putting down America's current president while praising Putin

Trump's SC rally

Trouble - Lindsey Buckingham

two museum of modern art nyc employees stabbed by member denied entry..60 yr old, on the run

Has DU Already Adjusted to Daylight Savings Time?

Missiles strike near US consulate in north Iraq; no injuries

Anti-tank missile "Javelin" thwarts Russian attacks in Ukraine

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn...

Russian Soldiers Reportedly Go Hungry as Supply Chains Cut Off

Anyone else getting a "Forbidden" message when calling up DU?

KSA carries out largest known mass execution in the kingdom's history, by executing 81 men in a day

Italy seizes Russian oligarch's superyacht

Big Joe Turner - Shake, Rattle and Roll - 1951: The Grandfather of Rock and Roll

"The Walls are Closing in On Trump." - Joyce White Vance - Political Voices Network

Texas Bans Consensual Sex

U.S. and Europe continues to sanction Russia

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a unique proposal going after oligarchs....

See surprising moment Russian state TV commentator criticizes Putin's invasion (CNN)

Ukrainians are burying their dead in mass graves.

The Kinks - Come Dancing

Rainy Night in Georgia...Ray.

Yelawolf & Shooter Jennings "Radio" [Music Video]

We're Encircled': Residents Flee Russian Forces In Southeast Ukraine - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Energy questions I have going forward.

I am really glad Joe Biden is our President at this moment in our time.

New mayor installed in Russia-controlled Melitopol after kidnapping.

I Love The Night - Blue Oyster Cult

Canadian commander who helped train Ukrainian soldiers has 'immense confidence' in them

MO douchebag who wants to kill women w/ ectopic pregnancy, doesn't know what ectopic means

Dead - I'm A King Bee - Filamore West, 1969

I think now would be a good time to consider where the line is for you and our country.

Does anyone know how many Ruskie yachts have been seized?

I'm sick to my stomach.

Will Tucker Carlson be charged for working with russia?

Dave Bromberg - "I Like to Sleep Late in the Morning"....

SNL: White House TikTok Meeting Cold Open

Putin now among most hated world figures in recent U.S. history

'Many' Spy Agency Staffers Think Capitol Riot Was 'Justified,' Ex-NSA Veteran Says

Despite Hannity's Best Efforts, Trump's Mouth Is Incapable of Forming the Words "Putin Is Evil"

Women are among the Ukrainian civilians taking up arms to defend their country.

US senators propose overhaul for aid to Colombia

What happened to the thread?

Backed by Bolsonaro, The Sale of Ammunition for Collectors and Sports Shooters Doubles

How a no-fly zone would change the war in Ukraine - Vox

What's the translation into Russian for "rat" or "rat catcher"? - will Google.

TCM later:

Beyond 'slave auction,' other NC schools have had racial incidents in recent years

What Putin's Invasion of Ukraine Means for Ukrainian Women and Children - Full Frontal with Sam Bee

Indigenous rights activist killed in northern Mexico

Colombia faces historic shift in upcoming elections

lesley gore tears it up live - you dont own me

you dont own me - klaus nomi - song goes for it at 2:40

Only thing that's keeping my feet firmly on the ground & head on straight

New giant tortoise species found in Galapagos after DNA study

Argentine family comes home after 22-year drive around the world

Russian Brigade Ambushed, if true it's huge

Peruvian woman says quest for right to die taught her the value of life

Wow. It just occurred to me that, oddly, I am rooting for a war.

Tweet of the early morning:

It's TIME, 3:00 a.m. DST!

Building a sandwich - 2nd Street Festival, Philadelphia, 2011

SNL: Weekend Update

Putin has already deployed a chemical weapon. In Salisbury

my adult daughter is extremely concerned about covid & how it will effect people physically in the

"The Good Heart" starring Paul Dano & Brian Cox. Wow!

Under New Scrutiny: China's Nuclear Pledge to Ukraine

Dawg/Luck and me howl8ng wit howling YouTubes

Sandwich building in Photography -

Sunday Sundae Selections a la Baroque

SNL: Amazon Go

Sunday Mornimg Good Mood Jazz & Bossa Nova for a Lazy Day Livestreaming

Fact-Check: Fox's Tucker Carlson Caught Amplifying Kremlin Claims

Brits offering accommodations for refugees, 'Homes for Ukraine.'

Pepperidge Farms remembers

if you HAVEN'T seen the Trailer YET, here it IS!!! KENOBI

Fmr. Zelenskyy Advisor: Putin Doesn't Have Red Lines

Clarence Thomas, Whose Wife Fought Election Results, Warns Of Political Influence In Supreme Court

NYTimes Wordle 3/13

May 6, 2017 in the Oval Office

New threats and a widening war

Breakfast Sunday 13 March


Maybe someone's already said this

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Leftover Litter Edition

'Billionaire Elon Musk Lives "Below The Poverty Line" Because He "Wouldn't Even Get A New Mattress"'

This'll send a chill down your spine.

Norfolk-based Navy ship's commanding officer refuses COVID-19 vaccine 266,099 viewsMar 10, 2022 1.5

The challenges of tracking Russian oligarchs' yachts--CNN NEWS

Authorities Look for Woman Who Stole $4K Bottle of Cognac

Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood

Brexit Britain - Shames us all...

Where Can Americans Travel Right Now? A Country-by-country Guide

Pet Political Peeve

Remember this, The 3 thugs in our Oval Office

Wordle 267 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

DirecTV is giving HBO and Max free this weekend.

STAR TREK: Strange New Worlds Trailer (2022) Teaser

Disney makes statement against 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Natural Causes

Daylight saving time is back, but why?

Putin Won't Stop In Ukraine': Former NATO Secretary-General Says Alliance Sent Wrong Signal In 2008

Russian forces close in on Ukraine's capital as U.S. sends more weapons

Russian forces pound besieged Mariupol (***GRAPHIC WARNING***)

Uber adds fee for rides, deliveries because of record-setting gas prices

Uber adds fee for rides, deliveries because of record-setting gas prices

Daylight saving time is back: Clocks 'spring forward' this Sunday

Video from occupied Kherson, Ukraine

Which countries supply the most oil to the United States

Sister - Would You Love a Creature (Peacemaker Season 1 Soundtrack HBO MAX)

Pa. police chief found guilty of repeatedly raping girl beginning when she was 4

Happy Daylight Saving Time!

Maybe it's time to declare Russia as suffering some sort of psychosis event. This is NOT normal

WWE star 'Big E' suffers broken neck during Friday's SmackDown show

Guardian: China battles worst Covid outbreak for two years as cases double in 24 hours.

Russian oligarch puts million-dollar bounty on Vladimir Putin's head

Human remains in alligator's mouth believed to be connected to man's slaying

How Russian Tank Units are Structured (Visualization)

Republicans can get to play doctor, but if I do it, I can go to jail

Prohibiting teachers from telling the truth. Gee, where have I heard that before?

What's Love Got To Do With It

Republicans Dine In Moscow: Party Of Treason

Doonesbury - Remember: EVERY Day!

I did not do that thing...

Non Sequitur - Spotify The Difference

Filmmaker, former NYT correspondent Brent Renaud murdered in Irpin.

The bright future of the Republican party

States Want to Ban Abortions Beyond Their Borders. Here's What Pro-Choice States Can Do.

US Govt. spending 2 million a month to protect Pompeo.

Russia Escalates Airstrikes Across Ukraine

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, March 13, 2022

You raised $275.00 on March 12, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fund raiser

Photos: Ukrainian Headscarves Regalia

For your viewing pleasure and a sardonic smile...

Tucker Carlson is not just a useful idiot for liars & dictators-He's their knowing co-conspirator

This week's major U.S. economic reports (March 14 - March 18)

Florida Lt Gov Goes Full Facist On Disney For Supporting LGBTQ+ Kids

I'm snowed in and watching the Food Network

Lightnin' Slim (Otis Hicks) was born on this date.

A couple of martinis, a few glasses of wine, and/or a six pack of beer increases the size of the

Maher has always been Awful

Sometimes I think I should be a better person, I

planet (or star) very visible in the sky this early morning. what is it?

Russian airstrike hits base in western Ukraine, kills 35

I never thought I'd say this, but the world needs more clowns.

Reports: Russians shoot American journalists in Irpin

What are the best charities to get aid to Ukraine?

After three decades covering Russia, CNN's Nic Robertson leaves in despair

the art of war...

Leaked Kremlin Memo to Russian Media: It Is "Essential" to Feature Tucker Carlson

I don't care how many books he writes

GOP congressman calls Trump 'a would-be tyrant'

Interesting analysis on Ukraine by a Chinese expert:

Scottish rant from someone named Damian Beagan

S5:E9 (OK GOP - Bible State Book - No Trans till 21 - No Diversity in Public Ed)

How many Russian police does it take to arrest a protestor?

So I get to pay medical bills for a healthcare system that is NOT "the greatest in the world" AND

Marian Kamensky FTW

Woman Comes Back Home From College With A Bull

Steely Dan - Your Gold Teeth 1 & 2 (Nice morning pleasure)

Toxic Putin is going for bust. The west must stop him before this contagion spreads

Weekend Update....Discuss away!

U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry set to go on trial, which will focus on his memory and money

As far as I'm concerned there is little difference between Putin's regime and the GOP

Damn, Bette Midler Hits it out of the park again! ❤️‍🔥

Ukraine's corruption prevention agency praises Russia's minister Shoigu for corruption in the army

A Concert for Ukraine ( The Metropolitan Opera )

Rick Wilson "I'm drunk even by Naval standards"

Very cute puppy vs. doorstop:

Brent Renaud, an American journalist, is killed in Ukraine.

Russian forces abandoned a PAK-200 field kitchen truck.

Russian Orthodox Church Leader Blames Invasion on Ukraine's 'Gay Pride

'Putin is frustrated': National security adviser on what military base attack reveals

Uber adds fuel surcharge, citing high gas prices

Fox: The Biden administration does not see Putin as the enemy, they see him as a partner

If you want to see a full set of teeth at a South Carolina Trump rally,

Middle Age Riot tweet:


Zelensky visits hospitalized Ukrainian defenders.

Trump themed wedding 💒😆

Russia Captures Second Ukrainian Mayor, Yevhen Matveyev: Ukraine

What Putin is doing to the cities in Ukraine, is what Donnie Dipshit dreamed of

On DU, you only have two choices when discussing the war in Ukraine.

GOP Will, Eventually, Pivot to the Position That Zelensky Is a Secret Sex Criminal, invented Covid

Law expert predicts when Putin will be indicted for war crimes

Russia Begins Shooting At People Who Can't Shoot Back

Phys.Org - Multiyear Arctic Sea Lost Roughly 16% Of Its Winter Volume (1.5 ft.) From 2018 To 2021

Moscow accused of phosphorus gas attacks in Donbas

Golden puppies cause Jurassic extinction event:

Cream - WHITE ROOM - Farewell Concert

At Least 35 Dead, 134 Injured After Airstrike On Yavoriv Military Base

Margaret Brennan . . . . .

Beware of dog:

Trump had more guards to walk across the street to a church.


The pandemic toll may be three times greater than reported. That's a lot of lost souls.

Journalists die in war, too. But can we please use the best terms to describe it.

Russia takes aim at Ukraine's air force with strikes in the west

82% of US Voters Believe Inflation Is Fueled by Corporations 'Jacking Up Prices' New survey data sho

Video: Indigenous communities use Kokum scarves to show solidarity with Ukraine

"The Brigade is now fighting the Russians with their own tank."

Second booster shot: Toto, I don't think we're in Germany any more.

Nature Commentary: The geopolitics of fossil fuels and renewables reshape the world

Speaks for itself.

Amy's Kitchen workers boycott

"Russian occupiers chained their grenade launcher operator so he would not desert. He froze to death

North Pole Temps On Track For Surface Temps Of 5-10C This Week

Holding a blank sign will also get you arrested in Russia

Two Kindle price drops today you might be interested in.

OUTLANDER - TV show. Very good but hard to watch sometimes

Watch CNN's Dana Bash Stop Rob Portman's Keystone XL Lie Dead In Its Tracks

Japan wants the Kuril Islands back.

How Far Is the Russian President Willing To Go? (Spiegel)

Surprise, Surprise: Climate Denial A Leading Cause Of Rejection In Online Dating Apps

What Fiction are you reading this week, March 13, 2022?

Before and after: Ukrainian woman and her son were photographed last summer . . .

fwiw, "Generation Jones": those of us born from 1955 to 1964

S5:E9 (OK GOP - Bible State Book - No Trans till 21 - No Diversity in Public Ed)

A busy night at Stone Henge

RIP Timmy Thomas, "Why Can't We Live Together"

Zelensky walked to a hospital today to visit wounded Ukrainian soldiers

Wasabi Peas! I'll say no more! 🔥

On this day, March 13, 1901, Paul Fix, of "The Rifleman," was born.

My office clock shows the right time again.

A Fine Romance - Marilyn Monroe

I need your opinion (trigger warning for language)

Is there any legal way to shut down Tucker Carlson/Fox

Democrats will end up with 51 to 54 US Senate seats after the 2022 US Senate Elections.

Rod Stewart - HOT LEGS

Jessica Chastain Brings Prominent HIV Activist to Oscars Luncheon

Jessica Chastain Brings Prominent HIV Activist to Oscars Luncheon

A recent painting of my cat

Breaking: Russian aviation hit in a significant way again -

For some reason with all that's going on, this song came to mind..

Is anyone else concerned about the media revealing too much re: Ukrainian ground situation?

Russia bombed the Sviatohirsk Lavra, one of 3 major monasteries in Ukraine last night.

'Rounding up' at the cash register to donate to a charity

The Party of Treason

"Borderline" - by Chris de Burgh:

Leaked Kremlin memo urges Russian media to promote 'essential' Tucker Carlson

"Borderline" - by Chris de Burgh:

"Borderline" - by Chris de Burgh:

Iran claims missile barrage near US consulate in Iraq

Fox News host: 'If I was Zelenskyy right now, I would think, I wish Trump was in charge'

I just noticed that Sky News is airing on MSNBC

This protective camouflage is the stuff of nightmares! Predators beware!


More Than 700 Detained Across Russia In Protests Against Putin's Invasion Of Ukraine

A 'Miss Cleo' Documentary Is in Production

DEVO - Whip It

A 'Miss Cleo' Documentary Is in Production

I live in one of the poorest areas of Arizona right now. Gas prices here are INSANE


Ghost Army honored with gold medal, but who were they?

Russian aircraft losses over the last day?

Link Wray - "Rawhide"

More Lesbians on Broadcast TV than Gay Men for First Time

Russian default no longer 'improbable', but no trigger for global financial crisis- IMF

Pence fine tunes a message for 2024: Pro-Trump, to a point

Follow the money: Maria Bartiromo edition

Playing the victim card again: Far right complains after DuckDuckGo vows to limit Russian propaganda

Russians triumph over convenience food store!

Who among us would be so brave?

'My mother says I am betraying Russia': Putin's invasion divides the generations

TFG Says He 'May Have To' Run in 2024 During Rambling, Lie-Filled South Carolina Rally Speech

This is not just a Ukraine issue but a world issue

One of the world's deadliest snipers leaves Canada to fight in Ukraine

That pic is annoying, but the video is adorable:

States Want to Ban Abortions Beyond Their Borders. Here's What Pro-Choice States Can Do.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are likely to win.

The next covid wave in Europe has begun.

I was really hoping that last night's SNL would have the return of Olya Povlatsky

Tweet of the Day

Bucha, northwest of Kyiv (graphic warning)

Pfizer CEO says a fourth booster shot 'is necessary'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 14 March 2022

Greek, Turkish leaders seek common ground over Ukraine war

Miami-Dade deleted critical audio files from Surfside collapse search-and-rescue effort

Spring Forward................Fall Back....OH MY..Lots of clocks to change..... is it.

Not Charging Trump Will 'Destroy' Legitimacy of US Institutions: Kirschner

what was the number one song the day you were born???

TFG Says Supporters Should 'Lay Down Their Very Lives' to Fight CRT

"The Party of Treason":

Israeli foreign minister condemns Russia

Sullivan says Putin 'resorting' to potential use of chemical weapons due to frustrations

Where, Exactly, Is Putin?

So Russian Terrorists, Errr Soldiers, Killed A Journalist

Don Winslow-Watch and share #PutinsWarCrimes with your followers

Once I thought the Superpower I would like to have is to

Don Winslow-Watch and share #PutinsWarCrimes with your followers

RUMBLE: Link - Lennon

Why I'm not panicking about Dan Patrick's push to end tenure in Texas.

Biden does have some options to increase access to abortions

Four more FSB letters translated - fairly intense reading

Possible Outcomes of the Russo-Ukrainian War and China's Choice

DC drivers flip off convoy

How I am spending THE weekend....

Time for a little review. Remember Reality Winner?

Republicans Hit With Scathing Questions About Russia In Viral Ad

We Have Reached a Hinge of History

Russia-Ukraine war: Key things to know about the conflict

Anti-war protests across Europe, small rallies in Russia

Ukraine refugees tell harrowing tales even as numbers ease

Parts of China on COVID lockdown again

US, China officials to meet as tensions mount over Russia

Editorial: Give last captured Salish Sea orca shot to return

Bipartisan congressional delegation serving meals with Chef Andres near the Ukrainian border!

To all of DU: I am sorry I asked for help trying to reunite with my wife

-- George Orwell, explaining doublethink in 1984.

Cartoons 5/13/2022

Chatmonchy - Studio Live "Henshin中"

How an outspoken Snohomish vigilante became a deputy -- then was fired

WTF is Israel doing?

Ukraine war becomes a cudgel in Republican Party's internal conflict

Today's Image Dump (3/13/22)

Putin got a key assist from Trump and Fox pundits

For the "---and the mule you rode in on!" DEPARTMENT

🚨 WARNING: Reading this may result in loss of apathy. 🚨

Russia counts on sanctions help from China; U.S. warns off Beijing

A Man Is Accepted Into A Church For What He Believes ...

Invasion jolts Russia's friends in tiny West-leaning Moldova

Having considered the possible effect of focused collective intention...

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Commits to Ending Tenure; El Paso Faculty Call it a Political Attack

Russian missiles strike Ukrainian military range near Poland, killing dozens.

U.K. vs. Oligarchs: 'The Gloves Are Now Off'

How Russians are evading the internet blockade

Anti-war protests across Europe, small rallies in Russia

Bombing civilians, bombing maternity wards, hospitals, mental hospitals, apartments

@PaulCogan CNN has replaced Jeff Zucker, with Chris Licht, who will be the new CNN President. If you

What's with the politicking with the sign for a military installation in the background?

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - March 13

The 'No-Fly Zone' Test

Majority Report: Right-Wing Culture War Has Claimed Millions Of Lives Since COVID

Gardening to Survive the Apocalypse

Before leaving her apartment in Kiev she plays the piano for the last time..

Hello, This is Lenny!

Trump is the Nigerian prince of campaign e-mails

Tweet of the Day:

Armageddon Update: Freedumb Convoy

Sunday Funnies

Obama has Covid.

Barack Obama - I just tested positive for COVID.

Resident of Mariupol paints grim picture of situation: "This is horror"

My vote for official DU t-shirt

Jussie Smollett put in psych ward after being deemed a self-harm risk

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the US, a timeline, and Ukraine...

New Yorker: Did George Washington Have an Enslaved Son?

Russia's War With Ukraine Ramps Up With A Deadly Airstrike

Daily Distraction 13/03/22

Russia is asking China for military equipment, U.S. officials say

If you don't vote for Democrats in the coming election then you are passively voting for Putin

Former President Barack Obama tests positive for Covid-19

President Zelenskyy visits wounded Ukrainian soldiers in hospital, awards them for their sacrifice

"Let every nation know whether it wishes us well or ill"....

Russia has requested military assistance from China in Ukraine, US official says

Good News

Southerner Logic Will Make You Lose All Hope - Rebel HQ

This is a broken health care system.

Evangelical Silence Is Deafening

Florida conservatives are about to lose the 21st century

Under New Scrutiny: China's Nuclear Pledge to Ukraine

Chip Makers Stockpiled Key Materials Ahead of Russian Invasion of Ukraine

US officials say Russia has asked China for military help in Ukraine

Former President Barack Obama tests positive for Covid-19

Retired Gen. McCaffrey stuns MSNBC host with plan to cripple Putin's army in Ukraine

Chaos & Moonshine: The Redneck Rave - Vice

Police: Woman stabs date in Las Vegas-area hotel room in retaliation for U.S. drone strike

Poll: Most Americans oppose laws prohibiting elementary school LGBTQ lessons

Some comments on the war situation with Chernobyl as well as the operable nuclear plants in Ukraine.

Trump Says 'Lot of Love' Behind Putin Wanting to 'Make His Country Larger'

Moment of 🇷🇺🇨🇳 truth fast approaching: "A person familiar with the situation said the US prepari

Leaked Kremlin war memo instructs Russian state media to feature Fox News host Tucker Carlson 'as mu

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 13, 2022

Talked to an older sibling this morning. She related how freaked out she and my oldest brother were.

Actor William Hurt has passed away at 71.

How is aborting a fetus a SIN and a CRIME, but...

Youngstown native Acton named one of USA Today's Women of the Year

NATO will act if Russia hits alliance, U.S. says

Maria Baritromo wonders if the White House wanted Ukraine "snuffed out"

Two Words

War in Ukraine: Russian forces accused of abducting second mayor

#FSBLetters #1: Analysis of the current situation in Russia by an active FSB analyst

Daily touch of France - Sunday edition - Different faces

Xi says to Putin, "We would like you do us a favor though---?"

I need one of those stickers to put on gas pumps

Ruth Ben-Ghiat on Putin: "There Isn't Much Of An Off-Ramp, Because Autocrats Don't Negotiate"

Former President Barack Obama Tests Positive For Covid

#FSBLetters #2: Active FSB analyst's psychological assessment of Vladimir Putin

American Journalist Killed By Russian Forces

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are going to be winning.

Fox News' Peter Doocy tries to corner Jen Psaki on inflation and gets schooled in economics.

Alexander Vindman SHAMES Tucker.

Warships out there

I'M A BELIEVER - The Monkees

Ukrainian Zoos Need Help!

Last Week in the Republican Party - Lincoln Project -2min 13 seconds

Ex-KGB agent weighs in on 'bizarre' Putin photos

Russia spreading false info under guise of "fact-checking"

#FSBLetters #3: The impending collapse Russia according to an active FSB analyst

How the right embraced Russian disinformation about 'U.S. bioweapons labs' in Ukraine

William Hurt, Star of 'Body Heat' and 'Broadcast News,' Dead at 71

China entering the Russia v Ukraine conflict...

Translation of every Bill Barr interview:

William Hurt, Oscar-winning actor for 'Kiss of the Spider Woman,' dies at 71

A few more shots from my Dixie Fire series

A short history about our enemy & the hero of the GOP, Putin

Bodies of Russian Soldiers Filling Up Belarusian Morgues, Residents Say

Trade ya!

How the biggest pro-Trump Republicans seriously misread the Russia moment

Disney suspends political donations in Florida after bill restricting LGBTQ discussion

light rain overnight till 0700 pdt in sonora ca . rain ond and off all week from what i understamd

Kansas - Hold On (live acoustic)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about staying positive through this and letting it go....

Johnny Cash & Kris Kristofferson - 'Sunday Morning Coming Down' - Live

Ukraine's energy minister says power has been restored at Chernobyl nuclear plant.

Average US gas price rises 22% in two weeks to record $4.43

Does anyone have hope?

Dozens Of Australian Emergency Response Professionals Slam Coalition's "Fumbling" Flood Actions

Eric Trump, Flynn and other right-wing figures headline conference at San Marcos church

Russia strikes close to NATO member's border

Who remembers this story

OMG...Greek PM Mitsotakis and Turk President Erdogan sit down for talks.

#FSBLetters #4: China and Russia's domestic insanity

Tulskova Gabbard still spewing Kremlin propaganda

How Do I Post A Photo On DU?

Russia is asking China for drones to use in their terrorist operations in Ukraine.

William Hurt, star of 'Broadcast News,' 'Body Heat,' dies

Kevin Faulconer steps out of governor's race

Brazilian Amazon Deforestation In February Record High For The Month - Up 62% YOY

This will rip your heart out but it needs to be shown

Guy Moves Baby Rescue Cow Into His Living Room

I'm becoming convinced that Putin will soon blame TFG

A Steaming Pile Of Right-Wing/Big Oil Talking Points Debunked, Thanks To Climate Denier Roundup

In the neighborhood:

How far can Putin go in provoking the West ? Here's a thought experiment that's relevant as ever ...

Coral Species Near Moorea Bounced Back After 2019 Bleaching, But At A Reproductive Cost

In the late 1930s-1940s, Michael Bond, author of Paddington Bear,

Isobel Koshiw @IKoshiw:I'm only just starting to understand the scale & extent of Russian atrocities

For idiot MAGAts claiming Liberals have moved further left...NOT true. FACTS show otherwise...

EXPOSED! What the Ukrainian Invasion Has Revealed About Russian Military Power

A few words about... The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm - in Blu-ray

Parents Document A Year With Tons Of Pets and A Newborn Baby

dumpt is going to have to have his endorsees lose in midterms before his grip

#FSBLetters #5: $hit's about to hit the fan between the FSB & Putin

Waxing Gibbous, 75% visible

Tom Brady says he is coming back for another season

Set, southern MD

Listening to Frank Figliuzzi on MSNBC about Putin kicking out The Cardinal

Barr: Trump should not be president but 'lesser of two evils' compared to US left

What would the outcome of the 2026 US Senate Election be is Biden/Harris-D is in the WH?

Reunion - Life Is a Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)

Tom Brady unretires

U.S. Won't Negotiate Sanctions With Russia to Save Iran Nuclear Deal

Russia seeks military equipment from China after Ukraine invasion -reports

Just wondering if anyone else objected to that 60 Minutes segment.

PM Update: Spring-like warmth returns Monday.

Russia's state TV using Fox news Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard as propaganda tools

Would-be tyrant': Republican targeted by Trump at rally hits back

Russian embassy address changed to 'Ukrainian Heroes' Street'

Eric Burdon, Steve Winwood, Long John Baldry, Julie Driscoll, Rod Stewart - I Feel Alright (8/8/65)

Tom Brady changes course, announces he will return to Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 2022 NFL season


Brady is back!

Long John Baldry & the Beatles - I've Got My Mojo Workin (from a 1964 Beatles special)

Love 60 Minutes.........

Barack Obama reveals he has COVID


Got a motorcycle, a car, and a liter of water? You can have transportation!