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So, if China really made a move to invade Taiwan, would we go to war w/China??

Giant sinkholes in Arctic seafloor observed for the first time

Mike Luckovich-Why wouldn't I support Godzilla?

MSNBC Almost Brought Back Olbermann to Replace Maddow

Asteroid half the size of a giraffe strikes Earth off the coast of Iceland

Pee Tape

Idaho House passes Texas-style abortion ban

What a Russia debt default would mean for financial markets as Ukraine invasion continues

Dana Milbank: How does Ron DeSantis sleep at night?

Honeywell CEO says suspending business in Russia won't be a major headwind

China Is About to Make a Big Mistake by Supporting Russia

The Crackdown In Russia Leads To Tens Of Thousands Of Russians Fleeing Their Country

Russia's invasion of Ukraine may become a defining moment in US dependence on fossil fuels

Shadow can handle the back door, which has levers instead of doorknobs. Each closing earns a treat.

Some Ukrainians Returning Home To Help Fight Russia

Amb. Yovanovitch: Putin Is 'A War Criminal' And 'Needs To Be Held To Account'

Tuesday's digit - 10/10: Scoring a seriously sunny and sublime spring situation. Matt, CWG

Document Shows Plan to Storm Government Buildings

Having dreams..

Ohio: DeWine signs permitless concealed carry bill into law

A few facts about Kyiv

Adm. Stavridis: Russia's Military Has Become 'A Terrorist Force'

A possible return to atomic power??? WTH??? 🤬 🤬 🤬

TCM 'now,'

Adam Kinzinger turned down Tucker Carlson's offer to appear on his show

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are definitely going to win.

Question, is all of the russian bombing...

Worth retweeting/sharing: 8-minute retrospective from CNN on Trump and Putin

(Jewish Group) Hillel, other Jewish groups call to dedicate a pre-Purim fast day to Ukraine

(Jewish Group) In rare show of unity, all 25 Jewish House Democrats blast Amnesty director's comment

So well done. Robert and Alison, live

How (comparatively) big was this asteroid?

4-ingredient Nutella cookies

It looks like Zelensky canceled taxes (and business inspections) amid war.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

The Russia Boycott in Action: These Are the Biggest Businesses Suspending Sales in the Country

Maybe its time to just start laughing . . . . .

If Christie and Barr and Moscow Mitch still say they will vote for trump again.

Perhaps my favorite BBoys song?

War censorship exposes Putin's leaky internet controls


'Russia is in trouble': Gen. Wesley Clark assesses Putin's footing in Ukraine.

Don't tell the Admins but I'm giving out medical advice in this thread.

Rupert Murdoch's Tweet About the 'Jewish Owned' Press is Dumb and Offensive

CNBC: Discussion of NATO leaders including Biden to be meeting soon

'Russia is the global enemy': Fallout from Ukraine invasion could last for years

(Jewish Group) Lotus Biscoff and white chocolate hamantaschen

Kyiv auto repair shop adapts captured Russian weapons for local forces

Ukraine President Zelensky Sends Letter to Family of U.S. Journalist Killed In Conflict

Blame Trump for the inflation...

U.S. companies are rushing to suspend or curtail operations in Russia. Not Koch Industries.

Russia faces 'sudden, catastrophic' collapse

There sure is a lot of helicopter traffic over the house tonight

Pro-Ukraine fans allegedly attacked by Russian supporters after Oilers game

Jane Campion has issued an apology to Venus and Serena.......

Russians launched pro-Jill Stein social media blitz to help Trump win election, reports say

When Putin wants to shake your hand...

NBC reporter tracked origins of biolabs conspiracy theory: They're dumber than you'd ever imagine.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what an oligarchy is....

Fux Noise Host Thinks Admitting Trump Tried To Bribe Ukraine Will Own The Libs

The U N is useless

Report: Russian Media Urged To Promote Tucker Carlson 'As Much As Possible' - All In - MSNBC

March 9th / Valeriia "Lera" Maksetska--proud Ukrainian, beloved USAID implementing partner &....

Randy Rainbow is back...TG

Chef Jose Andres pics 1 week ago / Ukrainian side of the Korczowa border crossing to Poland

Defying Putin, Zelenskyy Rallies The West: See The Rare Videos Charting His Rise - The Beat - MSNBC

20 years ago, a RW friend was freaked out about Russians. He went fishing at a northern WA lake

Fmr. Zelenskyy Advisor Says 'The Sound Of War Is Changing' In Kyiv - Deadline - MSNBC

Gee, thanks Leo or Pooper (aka the unknown guilty party)

In Russia, Putin takes your planes (x500)

QAnon, Ukraine and 'biolabs': Russian propaganda efforts boosted by U.S. far right

Democratic US Senators running for re-election in 2022 likely retire in 2028.

Western Sanctions Against Russia 'Clearly A Message' For China Says Sen. Murphy - All In - MSNBC

Nicolle Wallace Attacks Fox News For Not Sending Kremlin 'Cease and Desist Letter' After Airing Tuck

Defying Putin, Zelenskyy Rallies The West: See The Rare Videos Charting His Rise (MSNBC)

Dick Durbin Slams Tucker Carlson As 'Apologist For Putin' In Senate Floor Speech

A little ditty we did over the weekend

Huge male punches asian woman 100 times..has attacked other women

David Rothkopf: China Is About to Make a Big Mistake by Supporting Russia

The model for DeSantis' Don't Say Gay bill: Russian anti-gay bill from 2013

Rand Paul introduces amendment to eliminate 'tyrant' Fauci's position

Kindness makes a difference

'The View' calls for DOJ to probe Tucker Carlson over Putin rhetoric

Russian advances remain stalled as Ukraine targets supply efforts

Posting Trump tweets word for word on Trump's social media w/ username "President Biden"

Just in case you want to watch a beautiful love story.

Shadow can handle the back door, which has levers instead of doorknobs. Each closing earns a treat.

Do bats carry deadly viruses? Yes. Would a cull help? No. Here's why

Mr. KC, in between naps.

& now, we interrupt our regularly scheduled program to give you all something to dissolve N2

Meet Curly's grandson Squirrely!

All Hail the Queen of Carbon.

Kremlin Memo Names Tucker Carlson As 'Essential' To Its Propaganda Strategy - The ReidOut - MSNBC

'Throwing kerosene on every fire': DeSantis targets Black-held congressional seats. And his own part

Marina Ovsyannikova - a very brave young woman - interrupts Russian TV

A Ukrainian girl sent this drawing to soldiers on the front line in Donbas

**Movie Quartet on HBO now, #556.

Mississippi lawmakers just killed a bill that would expand postpartum care

I spent a couple summers hitch hiking around the country in the 70s

Bette Midler on the Ides of March.

Florida Man Asked Cops To Test His Meth

Manchin is a scumbag

The woman who protested on Kremlin TV has been arrested and her lawyers can't find her.

i first saw and heard this song on here and i keep coming back to it.

Election 'Vigilante' Group Posing as County Workers, Says New Mexico's State Auditor

Tucker Carlson a Russian Asset?

'Russians Can't Even Control One City' Let Alone All Eastern, Southern Ukraine Expert Says - ReidOut

What the heck? Jim Jordan goading FBI over pipe bomber investigation...

Kimmel: Trump Answers Tough Questions, Putin Pushes Propaganda & Tom Brady Unretires After 41 Days

Anyone know a good way to get a bat out of a bedroom? Window is now open, door closed.

Pome tonight (under construction)

John Pinette - 'Just For Laughs 2000'

customized Lego man-of-the-moment Volodymyr Zelenskiy, complete with a stack of Molotov cocktails.

Russia enacting massive air and missile attacks on civilians - ABC News

(Jewish Group) Meet Israel Sabag, the man finding shelter for Ukrainian refugees and their pets

Meet Israel Sabag, the man finding shelter for Ukrainian refugees in Romania -- and their pets

Duolingo: Standing with Ukraine: a message from the CEO

Does Vlad realize he doesn't get his money back until we deduct damages for Ukraine?

The Changing Character of War.

Trump's track record shows support for Russia, not Ukraine

The Daily Show: Russia Drops Bombs Near Polish Border While Putin Asks China For Help

Russia has lined up more than 40,000 Syrian militiamen to join the war in Ukraine

Ukraine war: A baby born under bombardment in Bucha

Crowd singing Bohemian Rhapsody

Russia Deploys a Mystery Munition in Ukraine

Audits show lucrative family venture at soon-to-be shuttered charter school

Shocking Anti-War Protest On Russian State TV - The Last Word - MSNBC

Feeling plucky

How Kyiv's outgunned defenders have kept Russian forces from capturing the capital

Here you go.

Is there a good one stop shop for a timeline of all Putin's excuses for invading Ukraine?

Russia Targets Kyiv, Widens Attacks In Western Ukraine - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Phoenix police ranks #1 in deadly use of force compared to other major departments

Ruh Roh!

(Jewish Group) (HISTORY 1941) Nazis Execute 52,000 Jews in Kiev; Smaller Pogroms in Other Cities

(Jewish Group) Here's how to help the Jews of Ukraine

Kiev under attack tonight.

About those Syrian "volunteers" Putin wants to inflict on Ukraine:

Seth Meyers - Trump Says He'd Threaten to Use Nuclear Weapons Against Russia: A Closer Look


Eve Of Destruction

House passes bill requiring Oklahoma public school students to learn about Holocaust

Pregnant Woman & Baby Die After Russian Hospital Attack - The Last Word - MSNBC

Oleksiy Goncharenko, UKR parliament member, on with Ali Velshi

A Russian Youtuber talks about her family's flight from Russia

Another Russian delivers bad news to Putin:

Anyone else see "60 Minutes" last night?

Last one for tonight.

HOOKED ON SWING - Larry Elgart

Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull

This Invasion Galvanized Ukrainian Society': Joshua Yaffa On His Reporting From Ukraine - The Last Word

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 16: 31 Days of Oscar: 1950s Winners

I am getting sick of political euphemisms.

Facts About Russia's War In Ukraine Find A Way Past Putin's Censorship - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Chernobyl Without Power Again After Russian Forces Damage High-Voltage Line, Ukrainian Energy Compan

Disney's Ukrainian illustrator was the creator of Chernobog in Night on Bald Mountain

Ukrainians Fighting Russia's Invasion For Their Very Existence - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

60 Minutes on Wisconsin Republicans sticking to stolen election conspiracies

Ukrainian Sand Art

Inspired by its dramatic setting, two architects design an urban 'cabin in the woods' in East Berlin

NC man told FBI that Antifa lured him into the Capitol on Jan. 6. A judge didn't buy it

Martin Griffiths: The Double Standards Towards Refugees Amanpour and Company

Finnish President: Putin Is Clearly Making a Nuclear Threat Amanpour and Company

War Crimes in Ukraine? "Vladimir Putin Incriminates Himself Every Day" Amanpour and Company

Fearing Dwindling Options, Ukrainian Mother Flees Basement With Son For Border's Safety - TRMS MSNBC

MSNBC Deletes Michael McFaul's Comment That Hitler Didn't Kill 'Ethnic Germans'

'I had a panic attack,' says Forsyth County official about air pollution from Weaver Fertilizer fire

U.S. Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory Feeds Russia New Excuse For Waging War On Ukraine - TRMS - MSNBC

Goodbye message I wrote to my right wing cousin

Tory row as law barring import of hunting trophies set to be axed

Halo The Series (2022) Official Trailer 2 Paramount+

Secret revealed: Open-pit mine proposed for Yadkin County site

Season 3 - June 22 - The Umbrella Academy!

American Doctor Helps Sick Kids In Ukraine - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Teaser Trailer Paramount+

Polish Shelter Treats Animals From Ukraine

Putin thinks he can subjugate these people?

Trump fan douchebag goes to jail.

SFUSD Teachers Not Paid Since January Demand Payment

Tuesday A.M. Coffee Vibes Jazz & Bossa Nova for Chilling & Relaxing Live

Biden to travel to Brussels for NATO summit on Ukraine next week

THE TANGO - 'Scent of A Woman' - Al Pacino

First Amendment Scholars Want to See the Media Lose These Cases

Kyiv Apartment Building Devastated By Deadly Shell - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

CNN examines former President Donald Trump's history of siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Iowa Senate votes to drop confirmation process for many governor's appointees

How an Electric Truck Factory Became a Lightning Rod in Georgia

Ol' Macdonald had a

Every resident was 'at risk of severe harm' in Thomasville nursing home, say state investigators

Pro Wrestling Legend and Hall of Famer Scott Hall Dies at 63

US Officials fear China already decided to send Russia economic aid

1944 Bombing of Miles City, Montana

Zelensky to deliver virtual address to Congress as Russia escalates attacks on Ukraine - CBS News

Malcolm Sounds Off on Tucker! Elie on The Constitution & Barr's Trump Story Political Voices Network

while accepting best director award, Jane Campion makes stupid remark (she later apologized)

Inside The Effort To Get Animals Out Of Ukraine - NBC News

perfect garbage bag toss

5 Of The Cruelest Rulers In History

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/14/22

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

Unaffiliated voters overtake Democrats, now largest voting bloc in North Carolina

Turkmenistan leader's son wins presidential election

At SXSW, Pfizer CEO reflects on 'tremendous pressure' to create COVID-19 vaccine

Gov. Greg Abbott changing leaders at Texas Military Department amid criticism over border deployment

AlJazeera, 3-11. Mariupol, "There is nothing left" ☹

LAPD chased down suspect and tackle him. didn't know he was holding baby.

drones are game changer for Ukrainian military having destroyed large numbers of Russian vehicles

Explained: Why isn't Sweden part of the Nato security alliance?

Texas auto insurers are planning big rate hikes in 2022

Wordle 3/15

The Velveteers - "Father Of Lies"

Video shows Ukrainian amphibious vehicle's cannon destroying Russian armor in besieged Mariupol

Knock me down with a feather, the German government proposed something sensible on the gas price!

Get Paid Over $2,000 to Get Married in This Iconic Italian Region

Russian oligarch charged with illegal campaign donations to Trump PAC and Texas Rep. Pete Sessions

'Battered' Nebraska Wife Found Not Guilty of Murder in Fatal Shooting

Maj. General Mick Ryan (Aus): Some hard choices ahead for US and NATO.

Election 'Vigilante' Group Posing as County Workers, Says New Mexico's State Auditor

NATO leaders to visit Kyiv as Russian troops advance through Ukraine's capital

Time Warner to cancel OAN

O'Rourke calls Abbott a 'thug' and an 'authoritarian' in interview

Trump lashes out at Time Warner for canceling his favourite network OAN

Tulsi Gabbard's Biggest Political Donor In 2021 Is A Putin Apologist

Hijab bans deepen Hindu-Muslim fault lines in Indian state

Some interesting analysis on why Youngkin won the VA Governorship by 2.It wasn't mask mandates

Suspect arrested in shootings of DC homeless men

He travelled to Ukraine to join the military fight but left over fears of a suicide mission

Breakfast Tuesday 15 March 2022

Russia Deploys a Mystery Munition in Ukraine

Elon Musk really stepping in it Re: Ukraine

Republican Group Burns Trump Supporters In Mock PSA To Air On Fox News

Schumer's Senate shocker: Bills are passing (seriously)

Refugee website crashes as 89,000 Britons rush to take in Ukrainians

A public service announcement for you. Enjoy.

Impact of trucker convoy in DC area expected to continue for next several days

'It's the right thing to do': the 300,000 volunteer hackers coming together to fight Russia

luxury auto repair shop monopolizes parking in nearby neighborhood to store cars waiting repair

Russia bans grain exports

Harris Co. election workers were 'too exhausted' to count ballots, administrator says

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Squatters occupy London mansion that may belong to Russian oligarch

No Donald! You did not do all those things you say you did!

a criminal against humanity

Tuesday TOONs - Doublethink

Wordle 269 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Randy Rainbow, Gurl You're a Karen

China says it's 'impartial' on Ukraine, denies aiding Russia

Photos: Ukrainian Cossack Cats

⚡️Ukraine's military intelligence: Russia plans mass logging of Ukrainian forests.

Polish, Czech, Slovenian PMs pay surprise visit to besieged Kyiv

U.S. Sewer Data Warns of a New Bump in Covid Cases After Lull

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 3/9/22

Photo: Ukrainian Pup in Uniform

Boomb Tube: The Week of Comic Book Television, 3/6/22-3/12/22

Spider-Man: No Way Home - Exclusive First 10 Minutes (2021) Tom Holland, Zendaya (Spoilers)

The Rundown: March 15, 2022

How do you grow strawberries?

He's American, He Oversees Papa John's in Russia and He's Staying

Photos: American doctors have set up a field hospital near Lviv

Perdue, Other GQP Hacks Oppose Proposed EV Plant In Rural GA Because SOROS!!!!

Spider-Man: No Way Home is Coming to VOD a Week Early (Today 3/15/2022)

China seeks to avoid hit from US-led Russia sanctions

Guardian: Ukrainians take comfort from their animals as they flee the conflict - in pictures

Potential Loss Of 30% In Weather Forecast Accuracy If FCC Continues To Auction Radio Spectrum For 5G

The Budapest Memorandum

Methane Emissions From Coal Mining More Than Emissions For Either Global Oil Or Gas Industries

The Destruction Of Ukraine's Nuclear Arsenal

'I knew he'd do great things': Friends of Arkansas journalist killed in Ukraine say he leaves positi

Zelensky to address Canada's Parliament today 11:15 a.m. EST

Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Putin

You raised $565.00 on March 14, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fundraiser

Mans Tham stacks shipping containers to create Swedish house

I have never had a cat show me as much affection as does Gryff

Yola - "Diamond Studded Shoes" [Reimagined]

Video: This factory in Lviv used to make blankets, now it makes vests for Ukrainian soldiers

Mike Tyson edibles:

FUN raiser for Ukraine...Buy 998 game items for $10 Regularly $6,592 Save 99%

CIA black site detainee served as training prop to teach interrogators torture techniques

Lightnin' Hopkins was born on this date.

FUN raiser for Ukraine...Buy 998 game items for $10 Regularly $6,592 Save 99%

Another drop for crude. Down to 96 dollars a barrel

Ry Cooder has a birthday today.

This has to be the saddest anti-vaxxer story, yet.

My repuke rep sent me a letter

Hendersonville political pundit denies working for Russian state-run media

Colorado Democratic US House Members Neguse and Crow are likely candidates for statewide office.

Glenn KIrschner destroys Trump insanity defense laid out by Bill Barr - MeidasTouch

Producer Price Increases Leveled Off in February

Police Arrest Man Suspected Of Stalking, Killing Homeless In NYC, DC

Regular checkup today. Pretty good. And a funny

Ukraine's military intelligence: Russia plans mass logging of Ukrainian forests

Proud Boys, Oath Keepers Meeting Caught on Tape Prior to Jan. 6

Be My Baby

What Native American Tribes Were Eating In the Old West

Tesla increases prices throughout whole lineup, its cheapest electric car now starts at $47,000

Today's Image Dump (3/15/22)

I've long been convinced that no war was ever fought for anything more than...

Happy Ides of March!

Containership Runs Aground in Chesapeake Bay

Maersk Picking up 50,000 Stranded Containers at Russian Ports

Virginia-Class Submarine Montana (SSN 794) Delivered to US Navy

Russian Coal, Crude, LNG Exports Slipping as Self-sanctioning Starts

Port NOLA Names Montroll Harbor Police Chief

Republican sponsor of Florida's 'don't say gay' bill has his home damaged by tornado

Russia Dropped from Ship Certification Body as Sanctions Bite

Too insane for us

Inside Afghanistan: Girls just want education as a right not a privilege

Covid cases are rising as omicron's 'stealth' subvariant spreads around the world

Polish, Czech, Slovenian PMs will meet Zelenskyy in person in Kyiv

Working group calls for full decriminalisation of abortion

Galway community repurposes old building as hub for Ukrainian refugees

A NASCAR race in Madison could bring in $60 million to the St. Louis region

Damn! That's cold

"Saudi Arabia is in active talks with Beijing to price its some of its oil sales to China in yuan."

Russian drone 'entered Polish airspace'

IT Army for Ukraine

China at a COVID Tipping Point

LIVE: Senate Health committee considers bill aimed at preventing new pandemics

NPR's Tim Mak from somewhere in Ukraine: Today's dogs of war.

Retired General Mark Hertling - "Putin is a military and strategic moron..."

Another one bites the dust

The Lesson Marina Ovsyannikova Offers To Chuck Todd And Lester Holt

Governor DeWine signed the Constitutional carry bill in Ohio yesterday. Now anyone over 21 in

Jethro Tull - One White Duck/0 to the Power of 10 Nothing at All

See how a Ukrainian village has prepared for fighting (CNN)

QAnon Thinks Trump Says 'Chy-na' to Send a Secret Message About Ukraine

Can GoFundMe continue to safely operate in Texas, Idaho, Missouri, etc.?

Russian member of parliament demands Putin take Alaska while state TV host suggests nuclear strikes

Ukrainian newlyweds take up arms together to defend their country (CNN)

A lovely tribute to the great IM Emory Tate - Steve Colding

China's Covid Lockdowns Set to Further Disrupt Global Supply Chains

General Mick Ryan posted a tweet with a shoutout and links to reporters covering the war in Ukraine.

Militant Christian

How this tiny Christian college is driving the right's nationwide war against public schools

Belarus is a Nyet!

I would marry this song.

Colonizing Mars

Marina Ovsyannikova is alive! She's in court!

Ukraine reveals 'Russian warship, go fuck yourself!' postage stamp

Russian oligarch Andrey Muraviev indicted by federal grand jury

The Lincoln Project on Putin's puppet, Tucker Carlson

ICONIC New Song: Can One Man Save the World (about Zelenzky)

Mariupol is still holding out but the situation is becoming more and more dire.

Per Bloomberg: "Russia imposes personal sanctions on Biden and Blinken.

LIVE 11:15 AM - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addresses Canadian Parliament

Almost 90,000 Brits have signed up to host Ukrainian refugees in their homes

'Ridiculous Headlines'

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 15, 2022

Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel - Official Trailer - Disney+

I am home.

Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski killed covering Ukraine invasion

Russia also sanctioned Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton, among others. No more matryoshkas for them.

Defiant tweet from member of Ukrainian parliament, which met today: We are not afraid

Over There - Enrico Caruso

Zelenskyy Addressing Canadian Parliament Now

Hillary Clinton responds to new Russian sanctions:

NIH launches clinical trial of three mRNA HIV vaccines

Great Pic in the WaPo yesterday!

March 15: The Ides of March

U2 - Mysterious Ways

A maiden reviewing her CVS receipt after purchasing 2 items (Twitter)

Funny how Trump was "tougher on Russia than any other President" but he's not on the stop list

S5:E9 (OK GOP - Bible State Book - No Trans till 21 - No Diversity in Public Ed)

I notice nobody named Trump got sanctioned by Russia...

Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski killed while working in Ukraine

Benefits of Statins Called Info Question

Believe Me (If all those endearing young charms) - John McDermott

Russia is actually doing what Trump said he could hypothetically do

Pretty good article from the New Yorker comparing Putin and Stalin

Russia Is Spiraling Toward a $150 Billion Default Nightmare

I like to cook

Aaron Rodgers' extension with Green Bay Packers includes $150 million over first three years

Statesboro Blues

Russian State TV Protest "Sent Shockwaves Through All of Russian Society" Says American on the Groun

"It's so in your face, you can't not see it."

Russia leaves Council of Europe, avoiding being kicked out

What rising Covid-19 infections in the UK and Europe could mean for the US

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 15, 2022)

Frontline tonight: "Putin's Road to War". Check your PBS station listing.

Marina Ovsyannikova: Russian journalist in court after TV protest

1989 Rape, Murder Case Closed in Prince George's

Mug shot: Republican Josh Hawley told to stop using January 6 fist salute photo

Oklahoma Christian University fires professor for having gay guest speaker

Bees in the Anthropocene: Four Thoughts

'It is unbelievable': Francis Kr becomes first black architect to win the Pritzker prize

Pete Buttigieg dodges question from Anderson Cooper about future presidential run

Anyone Can Take Notes On A Criminal F*ckin' Conspiracy. Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio Filmed One.

In Wisconsin, a political battle over the 2020 vote still rages

Taking Credit Where None Is Due

Relief organizations that are accepting donations for Ukraine

Effectiveness Of Ukraine's Drones Against Russian Forces Following Successful Attack Overnight

Ukrainian Ambassador To U.N.: 'We Will Continue To Negotiate As Long As It Is Possible'

Will our Sen. Jerry Q Moran (R) ever stop lying?

The White House says it's running out of money to cover COVID tests and vaccines

Tucker Carlson is essential!

Devastating Blow for All Russian SuperYachts!

Appreciation thread for Hermetic - 18 years!

"Russian Warship, Go F*** Yourself": Ukraine Unveils New Postage Stamp

Coming soon to Netflix: 7 new shows to look out for in 2022

Appreciation thread for MissMillie - 19 yrs!

Russia takes patients, medical staff hostage in Mariupol

Marina Ovsyannikova is alive and in court, fined 30,000 rubles

Live updates: Russia seeks UN resolution; war not mentioned

Dolly Parton! I'll say no more!

Defying Putin, Zelenskyy Rallies The West: See The Rare Videos Charting His Rise

Toronto's SickKids to receive several pediatric cancer patients from Ukraine

The often subtle distinction between anti-U.S. and pro-Putin rhetoric

I wonder if these two doofuses have had a change of heart

Germany issues hacking warning for users of Russian anti-virus software Kaspersky

Tucker Carlson invites top Republican onto his show, gets HUMILIATED instead - Brian Tyler Cohen

So, will Fox News say that Putin is responsible for the death of their own employee?

Colin Kaepernick still wants to play in NFL, seeks receivers

Fact check: Despite claims of Trump-era 'energy independence,' the US never stopped importing foreig

McConnell calls on White House to replace Fed nominee Raskin

White House will announce steps aimed at closing gender and racial wage gaps

Ukraine first lady's plea to the world

FOX reporter attacked by Russian terrorists, errr soldiers, dies

U.S. COVID-19 Community Levels by County Map

Please, Please & Please. Don't Use Abbreviations Few of Us Know..

Photo: Andriy Kulik is trying to comfort his dog, paralyzed by fear.

Flock after flock of robins, cedar wax wings, and grackles are arriving

Staff and patients trapped inside Mariupol hospital, employee says

Religion Is The Worst Enemy Of Mankind

Student-loan company that just took over 5 million borrowers' accounts has 'a growing list of scan

Zelenskyy jokes that Russian troops are supplying arms to Ukraine because so much of their equipment

Why people around the world are phoning Russians to fight propaganda about Ukraine

Zuckerberg Deposition Blocked by Judge in D.C. Privacy Case

Feel free to weigh in.

China, After Years Mocking U.S. Over COVID, Has World's Deadliest Hotspot

Ancient prairie, home to endangered bees and rare plants, may soon be razed by airport

Russia Is Spiraling Toward a $150 Billion Default Nightmare

Politico: Putin's a Fascist (link)

US Senate seats that the Democrats win to remain in the majority.

Epic thread on the "40 mile convoy" - Part Two

I would offer a simple solution to end the conflict in Ukraine.

White House, Congress blame game heats up as Covid funding stalls


Help with my response to a GOP "friend" - please

DU Has a National Reach - Here's an Example:

US holds military exercises in Yellow Sea amid signs N. Korea is prepping missile test

How (AI) technologies for drug discovery could be misused for de novo design of biochemical weapons

Considering world events, this speech by FDR is quite relevant and worth a listen/read.

Hillary Clinton's response to being sanctioned by Russia.

Ukraine dents 'America First' thinking deep in the heart of Trump country

'He's Going To Ask For More Help': Zelenskyy To Address Members Of Congress

Biden to join NATO leaders in Brussels and attend European Council summit next week amid Ukraine war

Think of Trump as one of Putin's 'oligarchs.' It just makes sense

Activists say they broke into a French seaside villa owned by Putin's former son-in-law and changed

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Taking Extraordinary Action To Eliminate Two Black Congressional Seats

WATCH: White House holds news conference

WATCH: White House holds news conference

Marina Ovsyannikova Appears in Court for TV Protest, Not Missing

What seat is likely to be the Democrats 52nd US Senate seat?

Document on plan to occupy Capitol Hill buildings, Supreme Court on Jan 6 discovered by prosecutors

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the 2024 Republican primary....

Microsoft under threat of nationalization or asset seizure by Russia

Russian News Presenter Praised by Putin Resigns, Flees Country

You can get some pretty cool scientific swag from Fisher Scientific

Senate panel advances pandemic preparedness bill on bipartisan vote

Fox Nation host Lara Logan pushed a bunch of obvious pro-Kremlin propaganda

New initiative identifies hundreds who have caused thousands of crimes in Seattle

Amazon invests $42.5 million to build 318 affordable housing units in Bellevue, SeaTac

Graphic warning: A Ukrainian anti-tank mine at work.

Former Democratic Rep. Kendra Horn running for Inhofe Oklahoma Senate seat

Kyiv must accept it will not join Nato, Zelensky says

US Senate seats the Democrats need to win to remain in the majority in 2022,2024,and 2026!

An army of Republican Karens unleashed: Meet the faces fighting to end legal abortion in the U.S.

Russian Attacks On Civilians Spark War Crimes Allegations

A white student threw cotton at a Black student and whipped him with a belt. Other white students...

LIVE: State Department spokesman Ned Price gives news briefing as Ukraine crisis continues

Fox News cameraman killed, reporter Benjamin Hall injured in Ukraine

Long time lurker

FCC begins implementing rules on foreign government leasing agreements

The end of a DU controversy? Maybe (trigger warning language)

Democratic US Senators up for re-election in 2026 that are vulnerable.

He's American, He Oversees Papa John's in Russia and He's Staying

Amount of Medical Debt:

Went to my dr. office yesterday, saw the N.P.

Document in Jan. 6 Case Shows Plan to Storm Government Buildings

Just read Ukraine will be receiving counter battery equipment

President Zelensky to Canadian parliament: You all need to do more

Democratic US Senators up for re-election in 2024 that are considered vulnerable.

I need to update my website, which was done professionally

Jon Stewart is on France 24 (not really)...

Democratic US Senators up for re-election in 2022 that are vulnerable.

Republican held US Senate seats the Democrats could win in 2022.

Russia sanctions President Biden!

⚡️Russia announces leaving the Council of Europe, hours before its expected expulsion.

Russia issues sanctions against Biden and a long list of US officials and political figures

EXPLAINER: How plausible is Chinese military aid for Russia?

Republican held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2024 that the Democrats could win.

Herschel Walker is doing his best to put the Onion out of business.

Suspect in MoMA Stabbing Attack Nabbed at Philadelphia Bus Terminal

Ukraine war recalls trauma for survivors of Aleppo siege

Holy shit. The Senate just unanimously passed a bill making daylight savings time permanent.

Barack Obama Has Breakthrough COVID--This Was His Only Symptom

(Jewish Group) Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories Abound Around Russian Assault on Ukraine

Republican held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2026 that are vulnerable.

OAN report compared to Russian propaganda. Nt

Sarah Bloom Raskin withdraws her candidacy for Federal Reserve board

Unexpected forest traffic jam...

U.S. Senate approves bill that would make Daylight Savings Time permanent in 2023

I think the Senate just passed a bill to make daylight savings permanent.

Cartoons 3/15/2022

When you want to, no, GOT TO tap your feet to a song, and it won't let you-but you don't stop trying

Putin's invasion of Ukraine - parody

Mike Luckovich- David & Goliath 2022

How to weigh in on Everett light rail's route and stations

Wild Kremlin TV Hosts Threaten U.S. With Nuclear Strikes Unless Sanctions End & Reparations Are Paid

Russian state-media has gone the way of Fox News and now deems itself Russia's policy-makers:

US Already Tried Year-Round Daylight-Saving Time. People Hated It.

Ukraine war may lead to rethinking of US defense of Europe

Nebraska congressman faces high-stakes trial in California

This Generational Struggle for Russia's Soul

'Clock is ticking': 2024 Republicans try to leap out of Trump's shadow

New Secret Service report details growing incel terrorism threat

States consider gas tax pauses as prices spike

Ukrainian President Zelensky says NATO's Article 5 "has never been as weak as it is now"

Russia will withdraw from the Council of Europe, the continent's leading human rights watchdog,

Chu'sDay offically liked my tweet! woohoo!

NPR: Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch warns Putin will move west if he wins in Ukraine

Sarah Bloom Raskin withdraws nomination to Fed board

Ralph Lauren unveils HBCU collection exclusively for Morehouse, Spelman College

Ms. Marvel - Official Disney+ Trailer

Russia bans Justin Trudeau and over 300 Canadians from entering the country.

Johnny Harris: A Story of YouTube Propaganda

Rep. Lauren Boebert says in a video that a mother of a 'lieutenant corporal' reached out to her

Secret Service study of Tallahassee yoga class shooting shows misogyny

Russia puts Trudeau, foreign affairs and defence ministers on its 'black list'

I am sanctioned. I am banning myself from entering Russia as long as Putin, his cronies are in power

Republicans are suffering from Partisan Derangement Syndrome - The Republican Accountability Project

Sarah Bloom Raskin withdraws nomination to Fed board

Bonus Quote of the Day

Excellent News About Belarus...

Hillary Clinton has a way with words.

Ukraine Isn't the First Time - Russian Regime Change Hungary 1956

Tweet of the Day

Convoy news for Tuesday, March 15, 2022

'It's Our Home Turf.' The Man On Ukraine's Digital Frontline

Russia's "stop list" has basically polonium-ed the idea that "both parties are the same"

NEW: They're back. #TruckersConvoy2022 just crossing the 14th St. Bridge into DC.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will end up winning.

Just how corrupt is Vos?

Russian state TV employee Marina Ovsyannikova fined for live anti-war protest

From the WTF File: The Most Watched Host in All of Cable News For Young Democrats? Tucker Carlson??

My version of the thinker

Florida health official put on 2-month leave after urging staff to get vaccine

Year of the Cat

Man and Superman

5 years in Oakland: $7,720,715; 8 years in Atlanta: $168,000,000 ...

Need help on what something is worth

Proud Boys Leader Jailed Pending Trial

200 Exhausted Chernobyl Staff Toil at Russian Gunpoint

The theory of M.A.D. - Mutually Assured Destruction

Biden's Sanctions Work As Russia Is About To Default On Its Debt

Oh I LOVE this -

Schools Superintendent Apologizes as Parents Slam Horrifying 'Slave Auction'

Russia Bombards Kyiv as European Leaders Head to Ukraine's Capital

Striking Teamsters offer to return to work on limited basis in Seattle

Madame Speaker Pelosi.....about Wednesday.....

Russia sanctions Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and others

Daily Distraction 15/03/22

Inside Chernobyl, 200 Exhausted Staff Toil Round the Clock at Russian Gunpoint

Back in the USSR!

Brennan On Russia Annexation Of Crimea: 'Should've Provided More Lethal Support To Eastern Ukraine

Putins War Crimes - Don Winslow Films

Aaron Rodgers' Packers contract is reportedly official, and the numbers are staggering

Donald Trump's Unswerving Loyalty To Vladimir Putin On Full Display In CNN Explainer

Ukrainian soldiers yell 'God save the Queen!' when firing UK-made missiles into Russian tanks

Germany to buy US F-35 stealth fighters

(Jewish Group) Every Jewish thing you need to know about Batman (and there's a lot of it)

Biden To Attend NATO Meeting In Brussels Next Week Amid Russia-Ukraine War

Gay high school basketball player attacked on the court by homophobic rivals

Watch this Burger King employee use his "gay powers" to shut down an unruly customer

Abrams Opens Georgia Ad Push in Shadow of Trump's Feud With Kemp

The Truth Has No Defense Against A Fool ...

This week on LGBTQ Twitter: Everybody says gay & Wonder Woman embraces her trans sisters

Ok, just watched Free Guy. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

John Oliver rips into Disney for its response to Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill

Biden moving to narrow gender pay gap for federal workers

Baker McKenzie, a go-to firm for Kremlin-linked companies, now says it's leaving Russia

No charges against 2 Chicago officers in fatal shootings

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 16 March 2022

TCM tonight:

I can see President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the "Mockingjay"...

This says it all.

My neighbors today.

Clarifying about Belarus.

Intelligence Committee's brutal swipe at Boris Johnson for ignoring Russian cash fears

Prosecutor's Brief in Enrique Tarrio/Proud Boys Case Provides More Evidence of Trump's Conspiracy

Greg Olear: The King Must Die

'We all will be judged:' Russian POWs voice disquiet, shame over war in Ukraine

Daylight Savings and the Designated Hitter.

Something happening near Kyiv

190 Papa John's stores in Russia still open: 'At the end of the day, they appreciate a good pizza'

Spanish Flu, 1918. Family Portrait

Daily touch of France - Tuesday edition - Lunch at Le Forum

Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and Ukrainian journalist killed in Kyiv

Best response to Herschel Walker's stupid comment on evolution:

UK court blocks gay marriage for Cayman Islands, Bermuda

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 15, 2022

"Don't Believe Propaganda"

Adjusting to time change question for those bothered by it.

In private speech, Romney warns of "extraordinary challenge" to preserve American democracy.

At Least 9 House Democrats Test Positive

No Safety Bars Needed, Vintage Photographs of Snow King Chairlifts

Norwegian Escape: Grounded cruise ship carrying thousands refloated

Photos: Vibrant Paper Strips Swirl into Energetic Circles of Scales and Feathers

My candidate for 'Meme of the Day'

Wisconsin Won't Sanction Those Who Posed as Electors

Mariopol Mayor's advisor believes casualties in the city are approaching 20,000.

Intel to invest $36 billion in new computer chip factories in Europe

The horseshoe theory is real.

IF somebody would just donate $5 right now...


Keith Olbermann vs Rachel Maddow

New Yorker: Raskin withdraws from Fed nomination - she triggered the Fossil Fuel Industry

How To Remove Rust From Metal Garden Tools

What if Putin is a "true believer"?

Just 3 words changed the world in the last 50 years.. Those 3 words are..."Copy and Paste"

How this tiny Christian college is driving the right's nationwide war against public schools

These two young people, Avi Schiffmann and Marco Burstein, students at Harvard, in just three days

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff tests positive for COVID-19, VP Harris continues to test negative.

Senate Passes Bill To Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent - MSNBC

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff tests positive for Covid-19

Putin facing revolt as soldiers refuse to deploy to Ukraine: diplomat

The other day I saw a magazine cover that had the title line "100 Places to Visit That Will Change

UTI... cranberry pills and probiotics?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine, numbers, and a guess....

What an 'Unhinged' Meeting Reveals About 'Vladimir Putin's War' - Putin's Road to War - FRONTLINE

Randy Rainbow Strikes Again!

What if Pope Francis were to travel to Kiev?

Colbert's Cold Open Mocks 'Kremlin's' Tucker Carlson

Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Candidate David Koch's 1980 Platform: 'The Enemy Within'

Glenn Kirschner's Take on Tucker Carlson - Glenn Kirschner's Take on Tucker Carlson

hay fever is coming + i found a good natural remedy. fing some LOCAL WILDFLOWER honey.

Ides Of March - 1980

A possible silver lining in the Ukraine tragedy - a tragedy in the making for Putin and his fans

Digby: Bring on the immigrants

Russia business deals muddy GOP US Senate primary in Ohio

Ginni Thomas is a real piece of work.

Nearly 50 Years of Navy History Is on Its Way to Become Scrap

Tweet of the Evening:

Idaho hospital locks down amid far-right call for protest

Texas Replaces National Guard Chief After String of Reports about Border Mission Problems

The White House says it's running out of money to cover COVID tests and vaccines

Japan-US Marine Combat Drills Held amid China, Russia Worry

Ireland to take 500 Ukrainian refugees from Moldova

Waxing Gibbous, 90% visible 6:38 p.m.

Question about "The Book Of Boba Fett..."

Putin's Road to War (trailer) FRONTLINE

Putin Can Be Stopped If 'His Political Position In Russia Is Challenged' - Deadline - MSNBC

White House Aims to Boost Supply Chain Information Sharing

Putin Has Fallen Into The 'Dictator Trap'

The Lincoln Project-Supporting President Putin is all in a day's work for @TuckerCarlson .

The Lincoln Project-Supporting President Putin is all in a day's work for @TuckerCarlson .

Ukrainian citizens stood and watched their homes burn in flames as firefighters battled to put them

I was wrong. THIS is the 'Meme of the Day'

New Device Helps Patients Recover From Opioid Addiction

Let's talk about Ukraine, numbers, and a guess...

Ukraine: European leaders risk train ride to meet Zelensky

National Park Service denies Noem's request for July 4th fireworks at Mount Rushmore

Four Firms Join Rivals in Abandoning Moscow Over Ukraine War


I just got my second delivery of CoViD tests! Ordered last Wednesday, text said

'I see bad times ahead.' Sanctions start to get real for Russians.

Ukraine's Twitter account responds to Putin's claim no Russian conscripts are in Ukraine

Japan set to revoke Russia's 'most-favored nation' status

'Close The Sky': Zelenskyy Addresses Canadian Parliament On War In Ukraine - MSNBC

Setting, 7:09 p.m.

So I got the latest CoViD tests delivered today. Carefully opened the HUGE bubblewrap

Malcolm Nance - "Putin's a Narcissist" - Political Voices Network

Now I've seen everything: Macron is cosplaying Zelensky. Nothing bad about that, only confirms a ver

Sept. 11 Prosecutors Are in Plea Talks That Could Avert a Death-Penalty Trial

Oil Companies Lament Rising Price Of Joe Manchin

Putin's Road to War: Susan Glasser (interview) - FRONTLINE - PBS

Ukraine training video showing how to use different countries' grenade launchers

Trump offers to help Russia file for bankruptcy.

Spy Couple Attempted to Sell American Nuclear Submarine Secrets to Brazil

Chief Inspector Murphy supervises the Rt. Hon. Dad

30-Year-Old Arrested in Serial Homeless Attacks

Does anyone know about the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews?

Wisconsin GOP leader Vos to meet with election fraud backers

Russian navy convoy passes through strait off Japan

Russia says it has written guarantees on Iran nuclear deal

Fox's Brian Kilmeade Shuts Down Co-Host for Saying U.S. 'Provoked' Russia

"This Is a War of Extermination:" Marie Yovanovitch on Ukraine - Amanpour and Company

Chevron is ready to trade Venezuelan oil in place of Russian oil if US eases sanctions

Black man's death in Indiana ruled a lynching (not a suicide) nearly 100 years later

DU help needed. How do you pronouce Marina Ovsyannikova?

Russo-Ukrainian war shapes new world order. Day 20

Kremlin Vet: To Combat 'Barbaric' Putin Remember He's A 'Sly Fox' Who Wants To Seem Scary & Unstable