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Jussie Smollett Ordered Released From Jail Pending Appeal

US lawyers no longer want to work for Russian oligarchs, especially those who want their sanctions o

Did you see

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are realistically going to win.

Where the trains never run late 🤣

Canada's U.N. ambassador: 'It's an attack on the global order'

Ukraine MP Oleksandra Ustinova: "It's about Putin being sick... If you don't stop him now..."

Queen Elizabeth II Joins Cultural Boycott of Russian State

The mood I'm In As I Contemplate Those Suffering For Their Bravery...

Let's liberate the Russian people

A tiny bit of Feel Good for Ukraine . . . . . and a lemonade stand is a character in the story.

Republicans blame Democrats for crime -- but new data shows higher murder rates in red states

Missouri teacher says she was fired for refusing to discriminate against LGBTQ students

ExxonMobil Loses Appeal In NY State Court; Can No Longer Challenge MA AG In Federal Court

Angelina Jolie lauds passage of Violence Against Women Act, says "We need to do more"

Joe Manchin offers absurd rationale for opposing electric vehicles

Putin wants a guarantee that Ukraine will not join NATO? Really?

Our universe may have a twin that runs backward in time

Appeals Court Springs Jussie Smollett from Jail Because His Appeal Will Take Longer Than His Sentenc

U.S. Reissues Travel Advisory for Mexico Over Nuevo Laredo Violence

Miyares calls for Fairfax County prosecutor Descano to step down

Tweet of the Day

Scientists discover beautiful new rainbow-colored fish lurking among 'twilight reefs'

Kzoch Industriez has no intention of leaving Russia

War in the 2020s

People Are 'Waking Up To The Fact That The World Has Changed A Lot' Says Fmr. Advisor - Deadline MSNBC

Fogerty & Springsteen - Rockin' All Over The World (live, London, 2012) + Fogerty's studio version


I think the founding fathers meant for the courts to allow the little guy to stand up to the elite

Just got an email from President Biden in response to the many I have sent him.

Medhi Hasan just called bullshit on Joni Ernst

Citi Draws Ire of Texas Republicans Over Its New Abortion Policy

Citi Draws Ire of Texas Republicans Over Its New Abortion Policy

Trump 'Emboldened' Putin Before This War: Ukraine Ambassador Ousted By 45 On 'War Criminal' Putin

World's oldest mummy found in Portugal

Texas mail ballot rejections soar under new restrictions

Texas warns firms they could lose state contracts for divesting from fossil fuels

Mayor Adams civil rights solution: buy a better iPhone.

Ireland's St. Patrick's Day video for Ukraine.

The rise and fall of the Great Library of Alexandria

The surprising link between Covid-19 deaths and ... internet access

Belarus explosions

Don Jr's lame new brainstorm: His dad should attend NATO summit instead of Biden. (link)

As Russian Troop Deaths Climb, Morale Becomes an Issue

A little George Jones....just because

'We are building cathedrals:' Pete Buttigieg touts infrastructure bill during SXSW visit

Florida massacre families to get millions for FBI's inaction

Everything The Biden Admin Has Done So Far To Help Ukraine - All In - MSNBC

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

As one of the youngest members in Congress, Jacobs says she's routinely mistaken for a staff member

Opinion: We aren't giving up on Pioneer Square -- and neither should you

What do you make of this ?

Grocers renew call to end Covid-19 hazard pay in Seattle

As a Texan, I have heard for years how we should round up liberals

Katyn Forest Massacre.

Kidnapped Ukrainian mayor freed in 'special operation,' officials say

Meet the hackers fighting Putin

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a few tools for finding out about Ukraine....

Sen. Kaine: We Will Break Putin Over The Rack Of His Own Bloodlust - All In - MSNBC

John Shelby Spong talks about why Christianity must change It's view of hell.

Journalist killed in Mexico, eighth so far this year

Biden said privately he has no idea why Sinema is trying to stop his legislative agenda, book says

The entire village of Duliby gathered to pay their respects

Lesson in bigotry: Conservatives take over the classroom to pull us closer to a gender-less dystopia

House Republicans who challenged Biden's win are losing lots of corporate cash

A cool live cam from a watering hole in Namibia

US works to 'seize and freeze' wealth of Russian oligarchs

Zelenskyy's Role In Trump Impeachment - Zerlina. - The Choice - MSNBC

Cornell students from China jeer, walk out on Uyghur student who asked lawmaker about Uyghur genocid

The Intellectual Exodus from Russia: Escaping Putin

Yesterday, the Senate voted UNANIMOUSLY to condemn Putin as a "war criminal," and the response

UK MOD intelligence report on Ukraine:

I've got to give a lot of credit to the journalists covering the war from Europe.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Still... You Turn Me On (studio version & live at California Jam, 1974)

Historian Kevin Kruse to Marsha Blackburn: Are you trying to talk to your past self here?

To honor the Farmer's Citizen Volunteer Battalion of Ukraine here's two tractor songs:

I got sooo pissed off today

Brian Schatz: "We should send more lethal aid to Ukraine which I voted against last week" is making

Ohio Supreme Court rejects statehouse maps, ending hopes of full May primary

Mehdi Hasan And Bush Alum Jamil Jaffer Debate The No-Fly Zone Question - All In - MSNBC

Giving Overdue Credit To The Biden Administration

Idaho's New Anti-Abortion Law Offers Cash Bounties to Rapists' Family Members

Elizabeth May speech to Zelensky on Ukraine. Quite the tear jerker. Former Canadian Green Party

Medvedchuk's yacht seized in Croatia. Strzhalkovsky's yacht stuck without fuel in Norway.

The Bombardment (Netflix)

Ohio Supreme Court rejects statehouse maps, ending hopes of full May primary

Judge orders Justice Dept to hand over certain internal legal records to ex-Trump adviser Bannon

Gov. Kristi Noem says impeachment billboards are not her doing. Lawmakers don't believe her. (SD)

WOMEN COAL MINERS, Interviewed: WV Mine Wars Museum Forum, Women's History Month

Looks like the first predator who wants to traffic Ukrainian children has been found

Videos That Showcase Ukraine

Videos that Showcase Ukraine

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are definitely going to win.

Disgraceful Senate GOP Blocks Biden Ukraine Relief Nominees After Zelensky Pleads For Help

Q&A: The ICJ's Order on Provisional Measures in Ukraine v. Russian Federation

Who is the best swing state team in the NBA?

MTG went on Facebook Live after Zelensky's speech to state over and over that Ukraine will lose

MI AG Nessel schools Trump-backing lawmaker on the Democratic Party's name

Good news! Three-judge federal court DISMISSES Republican "Elections Clause" claim in Pennsylvania

WOMEN COAL MINERS, Interviewed: WV Mine Wars Museum Forum, Women's History Month

*Francis Fukuyama coming up on Lawrence show.

Malcolm, Glenn & Frank... On Ukraine & Trump - Political Voices Network

Ukrainians 'Feel World War III Has Already Started': Veronika Melkozerova - MSNBC

Five Most Beautiful Churches in Kyiv

Dem lawyer Marc Elias delivers more wins for voting rights

I'll take Narcissistic Sociopaths for $500, please

I think Jen Psaki is about to be given a huge yacht!

NASA Tells Scott Kelly to stop his feud with Russia

Pence at Odds With Trump Again, This Time Over Putin's 'Violence'

Kimmel: Trump Dials Back Putin Praise, Russia Sanctions Prominent Americans & Zelensky Addresses

PMQs: "... what first attracted the Prime Minister to the billionaire Russian oligarchs?"

It may be a little early for Time to choose, but...

PIttie Scared of Other Dogs Becomes Best Friends with Farm Animals

Brazilian neo-Nazis see Ukraine as their model: Behind the fascist campaign to 'Ukrainize' Brazil

Ms. Marvel Star Iman Vellani Thanks Fans After Trailer Debut

Amid mounting sanctions, Russian lawmaker demands America return Alaska to Russia

Couple Buys A Farmhouse That Came With 16 Cats

For The Hague: Mariupol. A pensioner is walking down the street. The Russians shoot him from a tank

Mexican journalist killed six weeks after colleague's murder

List of prominent Chileans of Croatian descent now includes new president

Woman's adopted parrot acts like her bodyguard

Hungry Ukrainians Trapped By Russian Attacks Get Food Deliveries From Drivers Risking Their Lives

Keith Richards, 78, says he's fitter than ever after quitting smoking

Ukrainian MP Tells America: Putin Will Keep Going As Far As You Let Him Go - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Anonymous hacked the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations website

I was just watching 11th hour

Honduras: One year after her death, we call for justice for the femicide and torture of Keyla Martn

Nancy Pelosi: We had the honor of receiving a hero amongst heroes today.

Panama says three ships hit by Russian missiles in Black Sea since start of Ukraine invasion

Rep. Omar: I Hope We Continue To Do Everything We Can For Babies, Families Fleeing Ukraine - ReidOut

'My life's at risk': Mexican journalists fear death every day

Damn, we all know Billy Strings can pick a mean guitar, but "Turmoil and Tinfoil" live...

Marjorie Taylor Greene Blows Up 'Socialism' Prius In Psychotic Ad

GOP conspiracy theorists suffer blow as Justice Department concludes Hunter Biden correctly paid hi

Won't happen, but here's all the stuff about which people prattle in one picture.

A new COVID variant 'not yet known to the world' just touched down in Israel

An hypothesis possibly explaining why the Senate passed permanent Daylight Saving Time.

16 House Republicans vote against bill to promote education on internment camps

The GOP's four biggest lies about Joe Biden and fossil fuels

Seth Meyers - Elon Musk Challenges Putin to "Single Combat" - Monologue 3/15/22

Putin found it way easier to subvert Republican Party than Ukraine

Russia says it made a payment to avoid default

The Daily Show: Russian Protesters Arrested & Dolly Parton Declines Hall of Fame

All I am saying is give peace a chance.

Am thinking about "Freedom from religion foundation" (Ron RAYGUN) - atheist

One Year After the Atlanta Shooting, Anti-Asian Attacks Are Still Proliferating. Has Anyone Noticed?

(Jewish Group) The Strange and Violent History of the Ordinary Grogger

Lawrence O'Donnell: Vladimir Putin Knows He's Killing Babies - The Last Word - MSNBC

I'm about to scream

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 17, 2022 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1960s Winners

Marcus Flowers' Tweet on MTG's Not Clapping for Zelensky today..

Keith Olbermann Lobbied MSNBC to Have Him Replace Chris Hayes: 'Your 8 p.m. Show Is Dying of Thirst

As Russia Digs In, What's the Risk of Nuclear War? 'It's Not Zero.'

Rep. Schiff: 'Vladimir Putin Is A War Criminal'

Rep. Schiff: 'Vladimir Putin Is A War Criminal' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Final resting place of up to 65 British kings revealed as discovery sheds light on King Arthur era

Ukrainian MP Tells America: Putin Will Keep Going As Far As You Let Him Go

Possible explanation for the Daylight Saving bill

TCM tonight:

Fukuyama: Putin Is Raising The Stakes To Justify The 'Unjustifiable' - The Last Word - MSNBC

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are going to win.

I'm NOT a fan of superhero movies, but I loved Hawkeye on Disney+

How Zelensky Came to Embody Democracy

Trump 'Emboldened' Putin Before This War: Ukraine Ambassador Ousted By 45 On 'War Criminal' Putin

US Intel estimates over 7,000 Russian soldiers killed, more than Iraq and Afghanistan combined

Ten things to do if you want to change the world, Admiral McCraven, UT-Austin Commencement 2014

Wisconsin lawsuit accuses 3 GOP congressmen of insurrection

Seth Meyers - Zelenskyy Delivers Moving Address to Congress as Putin's Invasion Sputters: A Closer Look

Doctors Describe 'Hell On Earth' In Wake Of Russian Bombing Of Mariupol - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

The Far Right Is Now Anti-anti-Putin

'They Can Row Home': Russian Oligarch's Yacht Is Stranded Because Norwegians Refuse To Refuel It

Idaho Republican storms off after reporter asks why she spoke at event hosted by white nationalist

New book says Graham discussed 25th Amendment for Trump on Jan. 6

America Needs a Better Plan to Fight Autocracy.

Irish Taoiseach abruptly leaves DC gala attended by Biden after testing positive for Covid

Just watched "Power of the Dog"

Ancient seafarers built the Mediterranean's largest known sacred pool

Civilians Terrorized By Russian Attacks

The Enniskellen Dragoons - The Dubliners

Kentucky Senate passes bill banning abortions after 15 weeks

Civilians Terrorized By Russian Attacks - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

misc. this & that & the other thing


Captain America sings a song.

The moon this evening.

Ritual starfish offerings found in the Aztec Templo Mayor at Tenochtitlan

How Should The U.S. Approach Policy As Putin Grows More Belligerent? - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Strange ads usurping DU

'Significant' 500-Year-Old Hunting Bow Discovered in Alaskan Lake

Dominic Cummings accuses Boris Johnson of lying in Lebedev row

Enya - Only Time

Human-Shaped Sarcophagus Found Beneath Notre-Dame Cathedral

Mayor Eric Adams eyes end to employer vaccine mandate ahead of MLB Opening Day

This year, March's full Moon (March 18, 2022) occurs before the spring equinox

☦ An Eastern Orthodox Christian giving recognition to Bothers and Sisters in Christ

woman asks black man if he's lost, shocked that he called her racist in return

Guy brings home a cat for wife. Guess who's the third wheel now.

Ukraine's Drones Have Lethal Impact On Russian Forces

Putin Has Fallen Into The 'Dictator Trap', Says Professor

Zelenskyy's Moment In History - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Members of the 'People's Convoy' given Capitol tour by GOP senator

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats are definitely gonna end up winning.

Courtney Marie Andrews - Dublin Blues

5th grader's huge heart and soul

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday Morning🍀Happy Mood Jazz & Bossa Nova to Relieve Stress Livestream

Equality was key to ancient Mexican city's success, study suggests

'Switchblade' Drones Included In New U.S. Military Aid Package For Ukraine - TRMS - Ali Velshi MSNBC

Norah Jones Cover🍀Relaxing Cafe Chill Out Jazz & Bossa Nova

House Republicans who challenged Biden's win are losing lots of corporate cash

Ukraine Emphasizes Higher Stakes For The World In Appeal For Aid In Fighting Russia's War - TRMS

Belarus quits the war

Footage Shows Destroyed Russian Military Vehicles at Kherson.

Anyone heard of lately, or wonder where Semion Mogilevich, the Russian...

Ukrainian Canadian Congress response to Putin

Canada and US announce Arctic military exercises amid Russia tensions

conservative US estimate is that 7,000 Russian soldiers have died... a staggering number

Russia Expert: Putin 'Obviously Feels Very Cornered' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Is it just me or is Putin trying to directly appeal to the Crumbley Family Values Brigade?

Irish Suite - Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra

Parents Set Up Hidden Camera And Catch Cat Cuddling Their Anxious Dog

Danny Boy - Renee Fleming

I so need a Quokka

Boy Who Fled Ukraine Alone Reunites With Mother In Slovakia - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Special Irish song for the heros of Ukraine.

Woman Uses Her Swiffer To Get Baby Alligator Out Of Her Kitchen

Putin's Playbook: #Reviewing Dugin's Foundations of Geopolitics

Trump White House aide was secret author of report used to push 'big lie'

The Daily Show: Putin Blames Cancel Culture & Zelenskyy Makes Dramatic Plea to Congress

Show this to Putin

Commander-IN-Chief, pumpkin.

Rep. Moulton on Ukraine War: "We Need to Move More Quickly" - Amanpour and Company

Today's war crime.

Republican in Ohio Senate Primary Spoke Offensively About Asians "They're very good at copying"

Radio Silence on Russia Debt Payments Keeps Default Risk in Play

"Honest question for QAnoners:" (tweet from david hogg)

On this St Patrick's day Ireland turns Blue and Yellow

FWIW, Eli Lilly has said it will be stopping the exporting of medicines such as Cialis,

Alice Nine - Cross Game

Russia's onslaught continues amid optimism

Live : The city of Kylv skyline as Russia attacks

Report: Kremlin memo urged to promote Tucker Carlson

Baby Cow Falls Into A Rushing River

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/16/22

Ukrainian soldier reveals what Captured Russians are saying

Texas ballot rejection rate: counties that lean Democratic (15.1%) than Republican (9.1%).

"Remarkable" Binary Stars Could Birth 3 Planetary Systems Hosting Life

COVID surges in China and Europe

GOP 4th of July and Putin

'Shelter under Mariupol Drama theater is intact, safe and opened now, people are being evacuated'

Ukrainian Army has been remarkably effective against the Russian invasion MSNBC

10 Dirty Secrets Of The Catholic Church

Kyiv apartment hit by Russian Airstrike

10 Secrets The Catholic Church Hopes You've Forgotten

Frontline: Putin's Road to War ( Full Documentary)

Slow Train to Etoile featuring Miss Pink Crooked Voice

An invitation to wild speculation?

The DuckDuckGo Users Furious at Its Response to the War in Ukraine

Possible good news from the Mariupol theater.

assistant fire chief attacks his neighbor right in front of Ring camera, Cleveland area (arrested)

Seth Meyers - Senate Passes Bill to Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent - Monologue 03/16/22

Daily touch of France - Thursday edition - Jardin du Luxembourg

Daily touch of France - Thursday edition - Jardin du Luxembourg - Posted in Photography

Jesus Facing Multiple Charges

Fresno city employees wired $600K to scammers

Breakfast Thursday 17 March 2022

☘️ NYTimes Wordle 3/17 🍀

A Texas Tech trailblazer: Former University President, Cabinet Secretary Lauro Cavazos dies at 95

black man tries to cash check at Arizona bank. Manager calls 911. 5 cops show up.

Mayor O'Adams!

Survivors emerge from rubble of Mariupol theater bombed by Russia

Ukrainian cat Stepan, who became a world star, left Kharkov - where is he and what is happening ...

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, March 17, 2022

"Servant of the People" (starring Zelenskyy) on Netflix

Former WA Rep. Matt Shea, accused of domestic terrorism, working to secure adoptions for Ukrainian..

Wordle 271 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Posted a pic of dead Russian troops with caption. "Good White Nationalists. These happen to be

It is time to sell my house. Help! I am very inexperienced. Point me towards websites to learn. Thx

Thursday TOONs - Messages

"Today, Russia's war on Ukraine gave us a penetrating snapshot of democracy and autocracy."

Freeman reaches agreement with Los Angeles Dodgers on six-year, $162 million deal (sources)

'UK spies who allegedly passed questions to CIA torturers subject to English law, court rules

Hi all!! Can I join your group? I'm a newbie fan of Anime

Oh Look! Another Invocation Of Betteridge's Law Of Headlines, This Time Re. Deforestation


Lost count of the number of times I yelled "You idiot!" at the TV!

Highs At North Pole 45-55F This Week; High Arctic Temp Averages Around 14C Above Normal

"Switchblade" - Killer Drone (NBC News video)

Guardian: Ukrainian children's drawings boost soldiers' morale - in pictures

Bolsonaro's "Death Package" Of Deforestation, Mining, Dam Laws Speeding Through Brazilian Congress

⚡️130 survivors saved so far from ruins of Mariupol Drama Theater

The Rundown: March 16, 2022

The Rundown: March 17, 2022

Rescue Me

Dog asks dad to carry him whenever he sees something scary

Art of the Week: Week of 3/16/22

Happy St. Patrick's Day:

Mignolaversity: June 2022 Solicitations

It's time for Full Moon Fever tomorrow, March 18, 2022 at 1:17 am*

This lady came up to us at an anti-war protest in Moscow


Multiple Russian aircraft moving east from Moscow

U.S. Olympian Alysa Liu, father targeted in Chinese spy case

Powell Drops Below Target Elevation Of 3525 FASL; Study Shows Power Generation Stopping In 2024

Union Buster Tracker Aims to Help Union Organizing

Russia: pariah, outlaw, criminal state. They have exposed their malignant tumorous existence.

Creepy, scary situation. Former Rep Matt Shea is in Poland to adopt 60 Ukrainian children

Not Out of the Woods Yet: Assessing the Operational Situation in Ukraine


Top Reef Scientist: Sixth GBR Mass Bleaching Event Underway; This Makes Four In Last Seven Years

You raised $225.00 on March 16, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fundraiser

Jobless claims: Another 214,000 Americans filed new claims last week

You raised $5.00 on March 16, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund!

Audit: Australia's Govt Not Monitoring Most Threatened Species, Tracking Zero Endangered Habitats

Their support of TFG *IS* support of Putin and it's high time they know it

"... {A}lmost full #wormmoon set over the Air Force Memorial."

Drought Monitor 3/15/22; 55%+ Of CONUS In 0-4 Drought; Southern Plains Drying Rapidly (Levels 2-4)

"... {A}lmost full #wormmoon set over the Air Force Memorial."

Greg Palast for BuzzFlash: How Billionaires Picked Putin as "Russia's Pinochet"

Biden to speak with Xi Jinping Friday

Tweet and video from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Russian people

Lawyer blames Coors Light for Jan. 6 admission video posted by client: report

Paving Brazil's Highway 319, A Route Already Marked By Murder, Spells The End For Brazil's Forests

NYC Mayor doesn't want you recording his corrupt police force.

Russia warns United States: we have the might to put you in your place

Senate passes bill to end d.s.t.

US extremist says he obtained 62 kids in Ukraine: Authorities worry 'something's wrong with this guy

Report: Fearing Poisoning, Vladimir Putin Replaces 1,000 of His Personal Staff

Politician Willie Wilson gives away free gas in Chicago, chaos ensured.

Narjolijn (Narj) is a former show jumper. She is one of our boarders.

Russia Attacks Ukrainian Theater Serving As A Shelter

How did Ben Sasse vote on impeachment for Donnie Dipshit extorting and withholding

'Has Putin ever called me a racist?' Puke tucker.

US Intel on Russian field units

This show is really good - "Servant of the People" on Netflix

War is stupid, and Putin is in fact a war criminal. But how does the military industrial complex

Help! Stripped screws, but almost all the way in...

Never laugh at your spouse's choices

Trump White House aide was secret author of report used to push 'big lie'

Need some help. Anybody know how to remove a white water stain from hardwood floor?

Mediocre White Guy Mansplains War To Jen Psaki

Apple tracking feature leads to arrest in theft of AirPods, other items in Harrison, Pa

I'm going to guess this guy has a drug problem

Russian invasion of Ukraine largely stalled on all fronts, says UK defence ministry

Well, this is not good.

Anna Kushchenko was a model&socialite in Manhattan, a Russian spy working for the Kremlin

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a heartfelt message for Russians

P&O Ferries sacks all 800 crew members across entire fleet

Rory Gallagher - Dan O'Hara (live in Stuttgart, 1994)

He protec, he attac, he go to the market and barter for snaccs


Buffalo Nichols is my newest guitar crush

Vladimir Putin Has Fallen Into the Dictator Trap

"Many Russian generals are talking on unsecured phones and radios. In at least one instance...the Ukra

Stacey Abrams with a cameo on Star Trek Discovery as president of United Earth.

Japanese officials say 4 dead after 7.4 earthquake near Fukushima, site of 2011 nuclear disaster

Check out these giant turtles:

Eric Boehlert: Putin-style propaganda now defines Trump's GOP

After Ukraine drives the Russians back to their border, will they stop there o

Japanese-American Actress Karen Fukuhara Reveals She Was Attacked in Recent Event

4 ways China is quietly making life harder for Russia

Nat Cole was born on this date.

"Major malfunctions in the electronic control systems of railway networks in Poland and Italy

Freddie Freeman is dead to me!

Rising Russian Troop Deaths Take Toll On Morale

Alfred Newman was born on this date.

Dr. Ashish Jha of will be the new White House Covid-19 response coordinator

TIME Cover

BBC: 'It appears no-one was killed' - Bombed Mariupol Theater.

Mapped: All the World's Military Personnel

Tim Mak's Ukraine War CATS of the day (plus soup noodles):

Says it all!

Rolling Stone: Manchin's Coal Corruption Is So Much Worse Than You Knew

Boy Who Fled Ukraine Alone Reunites With Mother In Slovakia

Throwin' it way back for John's birthday today.

Now this is weird. Safari can't find some servers and I've lost my avatar on the DU

Lindsey Graham Threatened To Have Trump Removed From Presidency On Jan. 6: Book

Ten Years After - Once There Was A Time

The Beatles - Help! (Ringo is the greatest rock umbrellist in the history of music.)

"I read the news today, oh boy..."

If I Could Build My Whole World Around You - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Jeff Beck & Tal Wilkenfeld *- Mn Na Hireann -" [Women Of Ireland]

Photo Art: Ukraine Victims of War by Sergey Grechaniuk

Citi angers Texas GOP over travel benefits for abortions

Ukraine's Defense Ministry responds to Kremlin plan to use Syrian troops against Ukraine

This is a Cozy Cashmere Caterpillar

St. Patrick's Day PARENTING! from 9 years ago

Escalating fears that Putin might do something crazy

How did this many deaths become normal? The U.S. is nearing 1 million recorded COVID-19 deaths with

The Reverend Gary Davis

Tennis match if interested.....Rafa Nadal VS Kyrgios today......

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 17, 2022

"This is a local news story on Henry "Locke" Hoeft."

Important advice for today

The Dominion Lie: It came from the TFG White House

Demoralized Russian soldiers are parking their vehicles and walking off into the woods.

Marina Ovsyannikova: Protesting journalist says Russians zombified by propaganda

After the permanent DST will Arizona still be on standard time?

Zelensky Chief Of Staff Says No President Has Done More For Ukraine Than Biden

In Oval Office, 1962, is first Jewish Lord Mayor of Dublin, Robert Briscoe ...

War in Ukraine: Fourth Russian general killed - Zelensky

Marina Ovsyannikova: Protesting journalist says Russians zombified by propaganda

"Well I like soldiers who were captured, tortured, and lived to tell about it"

A Nation Once Again - The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem

I want everyone to see what a speech of true fascism looks like.

Are the Bay Area's wealthiest cities being hit by 'burglary tourism'?

How Russia's Revamped Military Fumbled the Invasion of Ukraine

I started clearing Winter debris from flower beds, this morning

Homemade Fried Mozzarella Sticks and Homemade Ranch Dip Recipe (video)

☘️ Tourism Ireland takes to the stage with Riverdance

Growing up Maasai and the art of healing the Earth

Jon Huntsman on Putin - worth the read.

Puti-Puti shoulda had more sense -

US Olympic figure skater, father targeted in Chinese spy case

i'm not sayin how i know this, but have you heard of nitter?

Since Koch industries is staying in Russia, here's a list of their brands to avoid.

Ex-RNC chairman blasts Trump: 'Not fit to lead this nation'

Whoopi To GOP: Where the hell were y'all? I don't remember you giving a good blessed [beep, beep].

Why Democrats should impeach Justice Clarence Thomas

Ohhhh Boy! Star Trek Discovery on Paramount Plus...HUGE Democratic shocker revealed!

Russian state news agency says court has extended WNBA star Brittney Griner's arrest until May 19.

Mo Brooks Rushes Out Desperate Ad Featuring His Jan. 6 Rally Speech Hours After Trump Whacks Him

Nashville, Milwaukee final two for 2024 GOP Convention

Stop buying from these companies. They're funding Putin's war.

US Senate races in 2022 that the Democrats are likely to win.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 17, 2022)

Another Ukrainian hero - Vasyl Shtefko, a 55-year-old double amputee who volunteered to serve

'Every Weapon We Give Ukraine Is Defensive,' Says Senator

New Weapons From U.S. To Ukraine Will Help 'Even The Score,' Says House Member

GOP conspiracy theorists suffer blow as DOJ concludes Hunter Biden correctly paid his taxes

Phoebe Bridgers Saddest Factory records amazing corporate retreat at SXSW

See how the Ukrainian army is defending itself against Russia

German woman makes wheelchair ramps out of Legos

☘️ Biden's St. Patrick's Day Scrambled by Irish PM's COVID Case

Homeless Killings Suspect Faced Dozens of Charges in DMV; Father Speaks About Arrest

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds weekly news briefing

Mike Tyson's weed company is producing edibles shaped like ears

WAPO: Living in red America can be life-threatening

Everything old is new again

It's Chief Inspector Murphy's birthday! He's ten!

Please make this go viral: Message with video from Ukraine's Center for Strategic Communications

Putin is a paranoid coward.

Russia's "Firehose of Falsehood" Propaganda Model (RAND Corp 2016)

Average U.S. mortgage rates rise; 30-year loan breaches 4%

Tweet of the Day

Knock knock

What The Heck Is U.S. Extremist Matt Shea Doing In Poland With 60 Ukrainian Kids

I would not complain if someone filled Joe Manchins yacht with coal.

And Now Russia Is Threatening Bosnia and Herzegovina Over NATO, Too

MTG's one minute speech... and oh look:

Manchin proudly admits he's bought and paid for, exhorts energy execs to buy the whole set

Russian tank is targeted. Loses a track before being destroyed.

☘️ LIVE: President Biden, Irish officials gives remarks at Friends of Ireland event

☘️ LIVE: President Biden, Irish officials gives remarks at Friends of Ireland event

⚡️Agriculture minister: Ukraine's basic food supply enough for years.

Tucker: "Hi Vlad"

The Wild Colonial Boy from The Quiet Man.

A hint for seasoning

Zelensky reminds us that impunity is the enemy of justice

Amazon completes MGM merger, will add studio's films and TV to Prime Video

'My life has changed irrevocably': Russian journalist who crashed live TV broadcast

If there are voices Putin fears, it's these:

I can't get this song out of my head despite its cartoonish

16 House Republicans vote against bill to promote education on internment camps

Some deep Canadian shade.

Oh Canada!

UPDATE: Watson tells Cleveland "no thanks" ... now Mayfield wants a trade. Browns say no.

Quinnipiac: Would Americans Stay and Fight or Flee?

Hillary Clinton to Russia: Free Brittney!

'Come Out, Ye Black and Tans!' - Irish Rebel Song

OMG - Ukranian Refugees Being Pestered by American Preachers Telling Them They Need To Accept Jesus

On March 14, 1948, Karen Sue Trent was born.

Guy goes into a bar...

A Ron DeSantis quip inspired a month-long conspiracy that Dr. Fauci is in witness protection

Anti democratic attitudes: The influence of work, digital transformation and climate change

So the Kremlin sanctions 300 Canadians but like only a dozen Americans?

WHO may reject Canadian-made Medicago COVID-19 vaccine because of ties to big tobacco

'Unprecedented times': Critical lake hits lowest level in 60 years

Suddenly Kansas Senators LOVE Ukraine!

Pop-Up Fact Check on Candace Owens (Lincoln Project)

Guy Plays Guitar To His Sick Puppy Until He Gets Better

Just 80 meters? You call that a "superyacht"?

Civil society's shrinking space

Secretary Blinken delivers remarks to the press

Going to see Beto speak tomorrow in Weatherford.

Ukraine Could Become The Far Right's Afghanistan

Oliver Stone has found a new home for his pro-Kremlin propaganda

Secretary Blinken delivers remarks to the press - 1:30 PM

Russia warns United States: we have the might to put you in your place

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Sweden 'to deepen defence cooperation with UK': PM in London

The signal couldn't be clearer.

GOP push for new voting restrictions in Michigan ramps up ahead of June 1 deadline

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about negotiations, Budapest, Ukraine, and peace....

The biggest Russophobes are the ones in the Kremlin

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Accuses Colorado Secretary of State of Murder

Obama Gets Second Act as National Parks Champion on Netflix

The Corrs w/Bono - When the Stars Go Blue

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: March 17

Convoy news for Thursday, March 17, 2022, for DC

LIVE: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds news briefing

Are the 2024 and 2026 US Senate Election cycle going to be more or less favorable to the Democrats.

Happy St. Gertrude's Day

Russia continues relentless assault on Ukraine's cities

The Chieftans w/Mick Jagger - Long Black Veil

Koch Industries breaks silence on Russia operations -- and says it will continue to operate

Ukraine killed a Russian general after he made an unsecured call that gave away his location, report

European Space Agency suspends Mars mission with Russia

Cows licking tasty cat lollipops

So, remember when during Vietnam if ya' got in trouble

Imagine all the people in Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas displaced.

Some GOP states seek new police units for election probes

Doulas Push Back Against California's Proposal to Pay Them Shockingly Low Rates

The Eiffel Tower Just Got 20 Feet Taller -- Here's How

Fight over Dr. Oz's Turkish citizenship is latest twist in Pennsylvania Senate race

The Lincoln Project: Putin's Puppet

Kevin McCarthy accidentally makes ONE major misstep while trying to attack Biden - Brian Tyler Cohen

Gryff protecting my toes from a Madoc Attack

Russia sanctions Hillary Clinton but not Trump.

St. Patrick's Day, Killarney, Ireland

Amy's Kitchen workers boycott

Water Falls

Star Trek: Discovery season finale (updated with spoilers)...

The Fields of Athenry - The Dubliners

Mark Hertling thread on weapons systems that will help the Ukrainians.

White House releases ventilation guidelines meant to address indoor Covid spread

Sununu says he'll veto GOP-backed redistricting plan

On this day, March 17, 1945, the "Bridge at Remagen" collapsed.

'Ghost guns' showing up in school shootings, experts fear trend will get worse

Today's Image Dump (3/17/22)

Hasn't old Vlad Pootin given us the way to win

King County Sheriff's Office investigating at least 7 ATM thefts so far this year

Where were you two years ago at start of pandemic?

Here are the possible new names for 9 Army bases that honored Confederates

Millionaire GOP lawmakers say wearing masks on flights causes 'ongoing financial harm'

Fifty percent of U.S. waterways impaired by pollution: report

The Ukrainian Spirit...

This Beautiful Reconstruction of a Stone Age Woman Feels Almost Like Time Travel

DHS relaunches independent council after ousting Trump-era officials last year

Is everyone stocked up on Guinness, Jameson, and Irish Mist and Baileys?

Minneapolis mayor proposes changes to no-knock warrants

The obsession to 'complete the single market'

Ways To Ask For Money

Jeff Zients to Leave as Biden's Covid Czar and Be Replaced by Ashish Jha.

Dentist found guilty of damaging patients' teeth to boost profits

HMCS Halifax to deploy Saturday as part of NATO support for Ukraine

Tennessee State Official Threatens To Seize Town Over Ford Motor Company Investment

Ex-RNC Chairman Blasts Trump

A Ukrainian site I have found useful for updates on the war. See link in post:

US Senate races in 2022 that the Democrats have a chance of winning.

A deep dive into GORE-TEX - An editorial project by Document Studios for SNS

***March Photo Contest: Winter*** The winners and runners-up!

Canada edits Russian UN letter

To understand whether Putin is expected in Ukraine, just look at how Ukrainians bury one soldier

Here's the thread announcing the winners and runners-up for the March Photo Contest!

Putin's invasion of Ukraine exposes the Fox News-QAnon feedback loop

'He's clearly angry': Experts who study Putin are alarmed by his emotional, ranting speech

Appeals court revives Biden climate damage cost estimate

One of the best scam emails I have ever gotten!

Controversy continues over YLS protest and police presence - Yale Daily News

GZP Cawthorn is a teevee Russia

For those of us who said GOP and Rump would support or enact the MASS MURDER of children

⚡️ Czech Republic is no longer able to accept refugees from Ukraine.

WATCH: View of Kyiv skyline as Russian attacks on civilian targets continue

Americans Overwhelmingly Want Russian Propaganda Banned

Cherry blossoms hit peduncle elongation stage, with peak bloom about a week away.

Former KGB agent Jack Barsky breaks down Vladimir Putin's motives for the Ukraine invasion

BBC: 'New' news from Mariupol --- 90% of buildings fattened to rubble

Luke Kelly and the Dubliners - Whiskey In The Jar (live in Helsinki, 1975)

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats have a chance of winning.

If Putin were to be secretly relieved of

Secretary of State bringing.

Fux Noise Entertained Putin-Friendly Talking Points. Then Their Colleagues Were Killed in Ukraine.

I really got stumped on a Wordl archive puzzle.

What's for Dinner, St. Patrick's Day, Mar. 17, 2022

Mark your calendars, everyone!

Tick linked to dangerous virus in people now found in at least 6 states

Agriculture minister: Ukraine's basic food supply enough for years.

House voting on suspending normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus... 424-8 final vote.

EXPLAINER: Who's a war criminal, and who gets to decide?

Over 320,000 Ukrainians return home since the beginning of war

Comment: Russia can be made to pay reparations, starting now

Shocked and perplexed... no one is paying attention to war in Yemen.

Putin Is The 'Architect' Of Liberal International Order's Revitalization, Says Writer

Cartoons 3/17/2022

Belarusian volunteer battalion will come to help Ukrainian forces break the blockade of Mariupol

In D.C., Tulalip Tribes laud revised Violence Against Women Act

In D.C., Tulalip Tribes laud revised Violence Against Women Act

Anonymous sets its sights on MTG? (tweet)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Invokes His Nazi Father in Emotional Message to Russia

Endangered rhino born in Czech zoo, named Kyiv

Putin unhinged: 'Oligarchs would sell their own mothers'.

Is insanity genetic or learned? In this case the poor kid has a dose of both.

Jeff Zients to step down as Biden's COVID response coordinator

PayPal will now provide additional services in Ukraine

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is back in person. Here are the can't-miss events.

As Ukraine war rages, diplomats near Iran nuclear agreement

Biden's massive spending bill includes funding for affordable housing projects

Starbucks plans to phase out its single-use coffee cups

Russian oligarch indicted in campaign finance plot to win cannabis license in Nevada

The Rude Pundit: Everything Is There for Democrats to Wreck Republicans in the Midterms and Beyond

If Republicans take the house, get ready for investigations into Hunter Biden.

Saint Patrick, the man behind St. Patrick's Day holiday, wasn't even Irish

Clever Tactics By Ukrainian Forces Stymie Russian Military Despite Power Imbalance

In 2016, Democrats won US Senate race in states Clinton won.

What it means for Russia to default on its debt

Russian Model Who Criticized Putin Found Dead in a Suitcase

Burger King says Russia franchisee 'refused' to shutter restaurants

If you own a photography drone, here's how you could help Ukraine:

American veterans train Ukrainian volunteers in combat

Moment Ukrainian armed forces ambush Russian transport outside Kharkiv ***GRAPHIC WARNING***

John Brennan: My hoped-for endgame in Ukraine

#CNN #News She treats victims of Russia's attack. Hear her message for Russians

How permanent daylight saving time would change sunrise and sunset times

Russian forces jump out of 'Z' tank before it's destroyed by Ukraine forces in Mariupol

Everywhere You Can Get Free & Cheap Food for St. Patrick's Day

Ukraine launches counter-offensive outside of Kyiv l GMA

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 18 March 2022

Poor Mikey "how many ways can I kiss your Donald's ass" Pence!

The ICJ's Provisional Measures Order: Unprecedented

Mom, I see war - Ukraine Child Support Project

Kherson Airport: Videos emerge showing aftermath of Ukrainian attack

US President Biden calls Putin a "murderous dictator, pure thug"

Sonic Youth - 100%

Interesting organization: Sauveteurs sans Frontires (Rescuers without borders)

Ukraine Foreign Ministry: Russia ignoring UN's ICJ means they should lose UN rights including veto

Russians Bring Mobile Cremation Machines Onto Battlefield In Ukraine

The British people are so polite... 'The Repair Shop'

Who is the asshole on Deadline White House?

Judge rejects bid by 'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli to delay paying more than $24.6 million in FTC suit

Washington Post Book Critic On 'How To Read Vladimir Putin'

Macro Photos Highlight the Spectacular Diversity of Slime Molds

Ukraine War: Kyiv residents describe Russian attacks as 'humans killing humans'

Why Are You Removing The Tumor?

A very happy 15-year anniversary for my girlfriend and me.

Daily Distraction 17/03/22

Four Disney Employees Among 108 Arrested in Florida Human Trafficking Sting

Maserati unveils all-electric plan, starting with a new 1,200-horsepower GranTurismo

Ukraine War - Combat Footage From Kyiv Area Gives Closer Look At Armament Of Ukrainian AT Squads

Ottawa reveals details of emergency immigration program for Ukrainian refugees

Putin Is The 'Architect' Of Liberal International Order's Revitalization, Says Writer

U.S. Teacher Caring for Sick Partner in Ukraine Is Killed During Shelling in Chernihiv

Ukraine War - Helmet Cam Captures Russian Air Assault Troops First Capture Of Hostomel Airport

The Wild Swans at Coole - William Butler Yeats

Ukrainian troops blow up and destroy Russian Z tank

D.C.-area forecast: Showers on the shamrocks today. Warm and sunny tomorrow.

Drone shows destroyed Russian military column in Ukraine's Sumy region

Automobile enthusiasts: Do EVs recharge their batteries at all...

ESPN: NTSB says 13-year-old driving truck in crash involving University of the Southwest golf teams

☘️ LIVE 5PM: President Biden hosts White House Shamrock presentation celebrating Saint Patrick's Day

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #12-7: This Honky Warlord Be Trippin' Edition

My "WTF is wrong with this guy?" story of the day, guy lets a 13-year old drive a truck and crash...

☘️ LIVE 5PM: President Biden hosts White House Shamrock presentation celebrating Saint Patrick's Day

Recently unsealed video shows California man screaming 'I can't breathe' before dying in police ...

Dial a Kindergartner!

Ukraine War - Ukrainian Soldier Defending Kyiv Area Finds Clear Words For His Enemy During Combat

Iowa state senator falsely claims COVID-19 vaccines not effective

Ketanji Brown Jackson's Harvard ties scrutinized over affirmative action case

Steppenwolf - The Pusher

Time to start inspecting trucks. A lot of fertilizer can be packed in a big rig.

Ukraine Awaits Word of Deaths, Survivors After Russia Hits Theater Turned Bomb Shelter

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine's personnel problem....

Ukrainian forces destroy Russian 35th Army's command post, support point near Kyiv.

Steve Bannon is Back in Court: Here's why his case in very unlikely to go to trial in July - GK

Russian government websites face 'unprecedented' wave of hacking attacks, ministry says

City Boy - The Day the Earth Caught Fire

Comrade Cawthorn - The Lincoln Project

More than two dozen Senate Republicans demand Biden do more for Ukraine after voting against $13.6B

A possible message for those who see a value in making it:

SoberRide offering $15 off Lyft rides in DC area for St. Patrick's Day

Russia's invasion of Ukraine will lower car production by millions of units over two years, S&P says

A Ukrainian Town Deals Russia One of the War's Most Decisive Routs

Putin has committed 75 percent of Russia's total military to the Ukraine war, Pentagon estimates

Japan spots four Russian amphibious transports sailing from Far East

We'll Sing In The Sunshine

Jimmy Hill, American Killed in Ukraine, 'Gunned Down' in Bread Line: Family

A 13-year-old was behind the wheel in Texas crash that killed nine people and left two ...

Bellingcat: Mapping Incidents of Civilian Harm in Ukraine

Hospitals targeted in Ukraine

War Crimes...

Thick smoke over Kharkiv after shelling hits giant market

If Putin Succeeds, 'All The Bullies Around The World Will Try To Do The Same': EU Amb

Putin's War on Ukraine Is About Ethnicity and Empire

Durbin, White House slam emerging GOP attack on KBJ sex offender rulings

Ukraine War: Ireland's military neutrality has come into question

Gaslit---about the great Martha Mitchell

'The Kremlin are a**holes', ex-Soviet volunteer says Putin 'will never change' amid Ukraine crisis

Gin and Juice (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Slovakia will send Ukraine S-300 air defenses 'immediately' if NATO backfills its weapons

Hackers drop deepfake of Zelenskyy ordering troops to surrender on Ukrainian news site

Man offended by heavy water use in drought is sentenced for popping car tires

Gangsters Paradise (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

What Comes After Putin? The Mehdi Hasan Show

Liberal Redneck - Hunter Biden's Laptop

It's all a COMMIE PLOT, I tell's ya!! AAAUUUGGGGGH!

Russian Propaganda' Can Spin Any Situation In Ukraine As Putin's 'Victory': Zygar 9,766 viewsMar 17,

TIME - The resilience of Ukraine

Type O Negative - Wolf Moon (cover by Nadia Kodes)

NC AG requests State Bureau of Investigations to look into...Mark Meadows voter registration

Took a bicycle ride today too...

"Fred Trump, the father of US president TFG"

Russians Are 'Attacking On Too Many Fronts' And Losses Are Prowing

US citizen killed in Ukraine

Ukrainian Forces Destroyed Russian Missile launcher and Air Defense in Kharkiv.

Veteran RIPS Lauren Boebert For Disrespecting Military

Ukraine's counterattacks stall Russian forces

Russians Are 'Trying To Decrease The Ukrainian's Will To Resist' Says Col. Vindman

Stacey Abrams Plays President Of Earth In Surprise 'Star Trek' Cameo

Ukraine War: A family who escaped Mariupol say it's now 'a city of death'

"Round up the usual suspects..."

Yale list of companies doing/not doing business in Russia

"I'm interested in one thing and one thing only and that's bent prime ministers."

Ukraine War: Key events on day 21 of the conflict

Supermarket Locks Up Meat in So Paulo

The Glorious Russian Empire is fracturing...

Ukraine War: Are we seeing a glimmer of hope for a negotiated solution?

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 18, 2022 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1970s Winners

Big Mistake Earns Cops a Lawsuit - LackLuster

GOP lawmaker slams Trump's Ukraine remark: 'He was awful'

Do this with a gun, some explosives, and a microwave oven!

My life has changed irrevocably': Russian journalist who crashed live TV broadcast

Fox News Analyst Recently Said "Rootless Cosmopolitans"--(.. Jews)--Are the Cause of America's Problem

OK, raise your hands, who else is having corned beef and cabbage tonight?

Veteran photojournalist in Kyiv describes moment that gave her nightmares

North Carolina Is Investigating Mark Meadows For Criminal Voter Fraud

Putinism is exposing the bad actors in our public life.

Ukrainian Forces Destroy Russian Armored Column Іn Kyiv Region

Video shows bomb strike on Russian forces in forest

RoF: Trump Mocks Biden After Putin Hits US With Sanctions

RoF: Kellyanne Conway Could Blow Up Trump's Only Legal Defense

Mother of Russian soldier pleads for end to bloodshed in Ukraine

Putin Likely to Make Nuclear Threats

Worries Grow That Russian Forces Will Target Food Storage Facilities

Amazon buys MGM in a multibillion-dollar deal

Hackers try to break through Putin's digital iron curtain

Britanny Griner to be held at least until May 19th in Russia. US demanding consular access.

Whoopi unleashes profanity on GOP complaining about Ukraine after votes against funding

RUSSIA FAILED! Russia will need 1000 tanks, armoured bulldozers to take Kyiv.

'Scum and traitors': Putin (asshole) threatens Russians who oppose war in Ukraine

Russia continues relentless assault on Ukraine's cities

You black folk just put up your hands and step away from the town.

Uzbekistan calls for an end to aggression in Ukraine

Volodymir @ZelenskyyUa was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

TCM Schedule for Saturday 3/19/22 - 31 Days of Oscar - Back to the '80s (in prime time)

Jen Psaki invokes Roy Moore to smack down Josh Hawley over attacks on SCOTUS nominee

No donations yet today for Ukraine

Has anyone heard from Bo Zarts lately?

Ukraine's Minister of Foreign Affairs has a message for Nestle (WARNING - graphic image)

Florida Pol Offers Half-Assed Apology for Ugly Comment on 'Don't Say Gay' Bill


A canary in the coal mine for Putin's invasion?


Wish Beijing Winter Olympics had a large audience.

Freedom and Security in a Complex World

Dolly Parton tops a new chart...NYTimes bestseller list!

Zelensky responds to Italian Minister of Culture saying Italy will rebuild Theatre of Mariupol

Rare prototype Star Wars action figure sells for record six figure price at Pa. auction house

I read today that US intelligence believes Putin is SERIOUSLY paranoid and actually does have "food

A friendly note to Russian Commanding Generals. We too had a crazy

Four shot on fort lauderdale bus

I don't guess wordle every day

RAINY day, so sharing old osprey pics from prior March 17s. No new osprey pics today.

Robbie says Happy St Patrick's Day!

Official & big: Putin humiliated the director of the SVR, placed 2 FSB generals under house arrest

Putin Likely to Make Nuclear Threats If War Drags, U.S. Says

Feds protected russia and defied

Putin has already begun to cannibalize his own regime, says investigative journalist