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Of course McConnell will not vote to confirm Judge Jackson.

Several of the books that had Carnival Cruz's alleged balls in an uproar ...

"Most of us are disgusted with the VP and are in listening mode to see where to fight with our teams

Could Mo Brooks Flip On Trump After He Takes Back His Endorsement? - Ring of Fire

Contempt: After Admitting Election Plot On TV, Trump Aide Faces Contempt Vote - The Beat - MSNBC

The Ukrainian International Legion.

DU format on iPhone question.

Kasey Chambers with a kick ass country rock jam, from a really strong album

Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearing is a disgrace to her qualifications

(QUEERTY) People are convinced Marsha Blackburn showed up to work drunk today

Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boycherenk has fled the city

Antonio Delgado's performance in his 2020 re-election to the US House.

It's the beginning of a new era in Washington - and Putin is responsible (Robert Reich)

Look like 2 Republicans have taken sick

Will Trump Ever Be Indicted In New York? Prosecutor's Resignation Offers New Clues - The Beat - MSNBC

Tweet if the Evening:

Sunset from the garden

Does anyone else feel like

So how the hell did Thomas get away with....

After the Hearings, the revelations about Ginni Thomas, Mo Brooks, and more

Seattle jury hands down $19M verdict against condo tower project

How White Victimhood Fuels Republican Politics

Scoop: Manchin outlines BBB deal requirements

Fiery rhetoric overshadows some progress in concrete strike

Immy Owusu - Brown Supremacy

Graham, Hawley, and Cruz's mission was to establish cover for the republicans when they

(Jewish Group) 'Here I Am': Marin officials, residents gather to denounce antisemitism

Ignorance of history may partly explain why Republicans perceive less racism than Democrats

'What Supreme Court hearings?' GOP's 2024 hopefuls fail to find a springboard

Ukraine is using facial recognition tech to identify dead Russian soldiers and inform their families

Biden administration files 3rd lawsuit in Texas over voting

U.S, EU, allies block Belarus' bid to join WTO

So, if the universe is 14 billion years old, how can it be 94 billion light years wide?

"Russia is here forever" Stunning ABC News Report with Video

(Jewish Group) Why did the Academy leave the Jews out of its museum, anyway?

Herschel Walker, Dr. Oz removed from Biden's sports council

Machine guns for EVERYBODY!!

(Jewish Group) Is Hollywood's push for diversity leaving Jewish stories behind?

Mariupol: city council calls for help as residents die of starvation

UK MOD intelligence report

UK sanctions daughter of Russia's foreign minister, who bought a $5 million apartment in London.

Supplying (Sort Of) Our Demand - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

Question about ending our war in Afghanistan.

Why does Marsha Blackburn's hair always look like she just rolled out of bed? Maybe-------

President Biden's surprise Europe stop is finally revealed

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn Schooled After Botching Basic U.S. History

Prosecutor Pomerantz Says Evidence Proves Trump Committed Felony Crimes But DA Bragg Won't Indict

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread

Photos: All-Black Female WWII Unit to Receive Congressional Gold Medal

21 yachts with potential ties to Russian oligarchs have been detained in Finland while authorities

Wet Leg - Angelica

I think I'll take the sad news from the Minnesota Zoo today as a good omen

This tweet cracked me up

Sea Girls - Hometown

Russian reportedly runs over his commander with tank in protest

Can Putin Be Ousted Or Stopped During War? Clues From His Dealings With 5 Presidents - The Beat MSNBC

Supreme Court silent on Justice Clarence Thomas hospitalization

Chris Hayes: Putin's War Is The First Conflict In A New Global Era - All In - MSNBC

Huge Blow to Russian Forces in Ukraine

At the very least, the Ginni Thomas revelations

Ukainian rally planned for Warsaw during Biden's visit tomorrow

Sen. Manchin launches new push for 'all of the above' energy bill

Ukrainian army: Russia wants to end war by May 9

Stephen Wilhite, inventor of the meme-favorite GIF, has died

Russia claims to have 'evacuated' 402,000 Ukrainians to Russia, including 84,000 children

Whitmer kidnap plotter: I joined the plan because I was on a suicide mission

US Military equipment lands in Polish base near Ukraine border Mar 24, 2022

What happened with the unredacted Mueller Report? n/t

Terrifying Republican Bill Would Make Your Voting Records And Address Public

Best conspiracy theory I've heard today

So next time Trump is taking questions.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about direct NATO/US involvement....

Why Permanent Daylight-Saving Time Is Bad for Your Health, Sleep Scientists Say

Ukraine tells the US it needs 500 Javelins and 500 Stingers per day

Bulgaria for Ukraine

Sergei Shoigu: Questions swirl over whereabouts of Russia's defense minister

No. 4 Arkansas upsets top-seeded Gonzaga

Ukrainian army now has 43 more tanks than at the beginning of the war

Am I the only one whose eyes notice only 4 women at the NATO meeting?

sunflowers and songbirds

Democratic NY US House Members Cash on Hand from the most to least

music from Ukraine

'It is a feeling of helplessness': Ukrainian teen on her experience before leaving Mariupol

Every voter's name, address, and ballot would be published online under GOP proposal in Arizona

Royksopp & Alison Goldfrapp - Impossible

GOP Senators Seem To Pander To QAnon Base In Judge Jackson Hearings - All In - MSNBC

Cuba introduces Chinese language course into secondary education

Remember, tomorrow/Friday:

Pomerantz Says Evidence Proves Trump Committed Felony Crimes But DA Bragg Won't Indict

Two very informative podcasts on Ukraine

The Animals - Inside Looking Out

Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry convicted for lying to FBI about foreign campaign contribution

Ukrainians, Russians At U.S.-Mexico Border Face Different Realities

Bring Back The Time

Will Trump Ever Be Indicted In New York? Prosecutor's Resignation Offers New Clues

Best Zep song hands fucking down, man!

Hmmm. Does today's breaking news explain Justice Thomas' sudden lingering "flu?"

When The Levee Breaks

Ecuador Lawmakers Reject Conservative President Lasso's Investment Bill

So TFG is suing Hillary, the DNC, AND Marc Elias? A RICO lawsuit?

Two of our sitting SC justices were appointed for a lifetime despite serious accusations.

Michigan Democrats: House must launch ethics investigation into former Speaker Chatfield

Don't bother telling me that this is a fallacious Conspiracy Theory...

Know I've posted this before. Give two damns. For the Panther!

The Pusher - Steppenwolf

Rage , rage against the lying of the right!

I went to a talk sponsored by our local Audubon soc. tonite.

Will be seeing the man - David Bromberg in 2 days.

McCarthy calls endorsement of Cheney's primary foe a 'special case'

Traffic - The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys (8/14/1994 - Woodstock '94)

Democrats should demand Thomas resign

Manhattan DA's Office is SENDING BACK evidence it received

Jan. 6 committee documents show Justice Clarence Thomas' wife pushed to overturn election results

dog memes

Tethered drones are coming to your neighborhood. If they haven't already.

Mediaite Moment: Russian media telling very different story about war in Ukraine - Dan Abrams Live

How about a list of people who were sure they would not be convicted of crimes..

Workin Man

MARCH OF THE CRABS: Fresh swarms cross road to invade Bay of Pigs

PFC - Ripple - Crosby, Buffett.

Just have to share

Kimmel: Ted Cruz Out-Slimes Himself, Trump Sues Hillary & the Awful People's Choice Awards!

It seems Bragg is shutting down investigation into Trump for good

Forbes: Ukrainian army now has 43 more tanks than at the beginning of the war

Biden administration tackles racial bias in home appraisals

Cartoon about Russian tanks:

Contempt: After Admitting Election Plot On TV, Trump Aide Faces Contempt Vote

Federal employees can now get up to 4 hours off from work to vote, OPM announces

Ketanji Brown Jackson's Excellence Displayed

Leaked Email: Restaurant Chain Exec's Plan to Hire Workers for Less Because Inflation, Gas Prices...

Republicans have declared War.

War in Ukraine exacerbates global food crisis - CBS News

Tulsi loses viewers. I guess warnings work.

It's Allright

How ya doing OAITW.r.2.0? I came across a cut I think you'd like

Internet entrepreneurs far from the U.S. are inflaming political division on Facebook to sell T-shir

Don Winslow-Texas War on Women

Don Winslow Texas war on women

How do we respond to a Supreme Court that has so obviously disgraced itself?

Dan Rather: What Does Clarence Thomas Know? And when did he know it?

GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry guilty of three felonies in campaign contributions case

2022 US Senate Elections in states where the Democrats will win.

Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love (Royal Albert Hall, 2005)

The politics of the rethugs are totally negative. They never come up with any ideas

Virginia Thomas also texted Kushner and Sidney Powell

Harris County's support for transgender youth

Harris County commissioners passed a resolution in support of transgender children.

Yes I know, cheesy as shit. But ignited my love of cars....

Did anyone else see that crazy ad for SCJ Thomas on MSNBC?

France opens inquiry into alleged torture by Interpol's Emirati head

Mariupol needs to destroy their port.

Amna Nawaz: If There's Concern About Use Of Chemical Weapons, Where Is The Line? - The ReidOut MSNBC

Peru Judge Bars Fujimori From Leaving Country Once Released

Get Yo Shit

'It costs nothing to look the other way. Food is essential': take down of shoplifter sparks debate

dan rather wants to know:

The Ukrainian Army Has More Tanks Now Than When The War Began--Because It Keeps Capturing Them From R

Texas demands drug companies turn over documents on 'puberty blocking' drugs for children

Anaheim library worker knocked unconscious in random attack, police say. video..asking public help

The issue that could be the sleeping giant of the 2022 elections: CNN

There is still hope. Tish James can at least demolish TFG's bliss. There is also Merrick Garland.

Hot Pants (parts 1,2, & 3)

It's this old man's bedtime, and rather late at that

Anaheim library worker knocked unconscious in random attack, police say. video..asking public help

I Gots A Feelin!

Texts Show Wife Of Justice Clarence Thomas Urged Election Overthrow To Mark Meadows - The ReidOut

Plot to Overturn the Election (trailer) FRONTLINE

"Listen to Rush. Mark Steyn, Bongino, Cleta," Thomas urged Meadows in another message...

Foreign oligarchs & dictators to interfere in U.S. politics by funneling corporate dark money

Arizona lawmakers vote to restrict trans athletes, surgeries

DEA: Intelligence Work In Mexico, Key To The Arrest Of 'El Contador'

You can come out now Clarence

shotgun used for good. to rescue tangled up deer

Terrified zoo animals trapped by Putin's troops - NewsNation

Israel blocked Ukraine from buying Pegasus spyware, fearing Russia's anger

DOJ sues Galveston County, alleging redrawn commissioner precincts dilute Black, Hispanic voting

DOJ sues Galveston County, alleging redrawn commissioner precincts dilute Black, Hispanic voting

Lickin stick, lickin stick

Thousands of Argentines march 46 years after coup d'tat

P&O Ferries: Not consulting on job cuts broke law, boss admits

Sly joke from Ukraine:

Attorney General Ken Paxton asks Texas Supreme Court to let investigations into transgender families

Attorney General Ken Paxton asks Texas Supreme Court to let investigations into transgender families

Russian spies. - Bette tweet

Back In Our Minds

Targeting trans Texans again, Ken Paxton investigating pharmaceuticals over puberty blockers

Big goddam Pixel 6 Pro problem.

How The Pandemic Highlights The Connection Between Health And Environment - NBC News

Man awarded $8M after being served chemicals instead of beer at Henderson bar


Dream Widow - The Sweet Abyss - Foo Fighters (new drop)

Dream Widow - Lacrimus Dei Ebrius - Foo Fighters (new drop)

Rep. Clyburn 'Disappointed' By GOP's Treatment Of Ketanji Brown Jackson - The Last Word - MSNBC

Sick sick sick Floyd cover. You wanna give it a listen, believe brother Glam on this one...

This just in. I mean, this just on.

Sanctions Expert: New Sanctions Tightening 'The Screws On Russia's Economy' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Well, here we go?

(Jewish Group) Putin's Ukraine lies require the Shoah not to be about Jews

2 years ago, Dan Patrick stated hat senior citizens are willing to die from COVID

GOP Turns Ketanji Brown Jackson SCOTUS Hearing Into A Political Stunt - The Last Word - MSNBC

Cartel war rocks Mexico's Baroque jewel Zacatecas

Hi-leee Fuck, Son!

Dan Rather.

Trump's Attorneys Might Face Sanctions For Frivolous Lawsuit In opposition to Hillary Clinton

Why is Ali Velshi

This is the first time I've seen this about TFG getting a BJ from a 13 year old girl

Ginni Thomas Urged White House to Overturn the Election in Unhinged Texts

San Marcos teen charged with arson in Austin synagogue fire

wordle2 has a new name (wordhurdle) and look

U.S. weekly jobless claims drop to lowest level since 1969

I want to thank the DUers running the LBN for banning twits as sources

The World (Is Going Up In Flames)

Stranger To My Happiness

Ukrainian Journalist Describes Life In Kyiv As Airstrikes Continue - The Last Word - MSNBC

Dog "'helps" human make her bed:

The End of MBT: US sends top-secret Tank-killer Switchblade drone to Ukraine

Holy god is this sick! Been a great night of discoveries!

Biden Meets With NATO Allies - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

I Learned The Hard Way

Ted Cruz caught chasing Twitter clout after abusing JudgeJackson--andhis GOP pals were no better

Chinchilla loves being groomed:

Refugees Pour Out Of Ukraine: 'Anywhere They Can Get Just To Escape All Of This' - TRMS - MSNBC

He though he was involved in something bigger. Poor guy.

The battle of Irpin: Meeting the Ukrainian resistance FRANCE 24 English

Searching For A New Day

Mask hammocks for puppies:

Friday Morning 🌄 Relaxing Jazz and Bossa Nova Livestream

Jealous budgie:

Madison Cawthorn takes credit for something he voted against, and gets called out...

Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings! Sick!

Little girl has skills:

Ukraine War Threatens Food Crisis - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Traffic - Rock And Roll Stew (8/14/1994 - Woodstock '94)

"Heavily Regulated" Russian Stock Market rallies on first day open since war.

Shifting Battle Lines Make Progress Difficult To Discern In Ukraine - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

The True Cost of Arming Ukraine To Fight The Russian Invasion True Cost

☦ Orthodox Liturgical Calendar March 25th, Double Celebration

many people just casually film and watch teen get beaten

Why The First NATO Summit Almost Didn't Happen - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC


My depression is ramping up.

☦ Eastern Orthodox: 'Doxastikon for the Annunciation'

Trump evidence is being returned to witnesses by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg: report

An American Finds A Role To Play In Supplying Ukrainian Fighters - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

The Beautiful Simplicity of Monster Hunter's Fatalis

Poland freezes Russian embassy bank accounts

The Ukrainian Army Has More Tanks Now Than When The War Began

Americans liberate a Ukrainian village

Map of areas recaptured by Ukraine

Carl Nielsen's 'Helios Overture'

"I would love you to consider... a full explanation of why you did what you did with my husband"

From a Ukrainian re: Mariupol

Chile's Fascist Ultra-Right An x-ray of the hate horde.

truck flipped and swirled around by Tornado, keeps going after flipped back onto wheels (Texas)

Mounting Deaths Make Russian Censorship Of Ukraine War Harder To Maintain - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Gov. Little signs abortion ban modeled on Texas law

Blondie - Hanging On The Telephone - Leonidas Smartphone Mix + 2021 Extended Version

Is Ginni Thomas a Threat to the Supreme Court? (New Yorker article from January)

The Anthropologist Who Has Spent 50 Years Protecting--and Learning From--Orangutans

Idaho House kills library commission budget, Gov. Little kills IT budget as adjournment draws near

Breakfast Friday 25 March 2022

Biden's unlikely embrace of Poland

NYTimes Wordle 3/25

Book Of Love - I Touch Roses 🌹 (Longer Stemmed Rose Petal Version) ☸ڿڰۣ-ڰۣ--

Yellow journalism from the Toronto Sun

do people really think Russia is still a communist country?

I'll Be Good To You- 2 versions. Brothers Johnson and Chaka Khan, Ray Charles and Quincy Jones

Faces of war: the Ukrainian women, defending their country

How St. Peter's became the Belle of the March Madness Ball.

Friday TOONs - Performance Politics

IHOP Teams Up With Pepsi to Make A Maple Syrup Soda

IHOP Teams Up With Pepsi to Make A Maple Syrup Soda

Local officials say at least 300 people were killed in Drama Theatre bombing in Mariupol

Wait! About Ginni Thomas...

Guardian: 'The week in wildlife - in pictures March 25, 2022

On March 25, 1975, the Lyon sisters went to the Wheaton Plaza shopping mall.

Alleged assault between Flint school board members under investigation, police say

Ketanji Vs. Clarence

Classic UK Drum & Bass Mix Special - 100 Bangers

Alexandria man says he was assaulted by participants of trucker convoy in DC

How democracy dies: When it comes to Jan. 6, the American people can't handle the truth

Kyiv this morning!

The Supreme Court is in big trouble. Every decision Thomas has made is now tainted.

Ukraine says 300 died in theater attack, hunger grips cities

So is Clarence actually in hospital

Wordle 279 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Biden's Schedule for Friday, March 25, 2022

A peaceful moment for you today

Trump lawyer urges court to block House from getting tax returns

Russian Lieutenant General Yakov Rezantsev, killed in strike by Ukraine army

Little-known 1922 rule bans jazz in New Orleans schools

3 bodies found in a submerged SUV in Alabama as South recovers from series of storms

x-post from GD: Texas demands drug companies turn over documents on 'puberty blocking' drugs for chi

"Shirt," a poem by Robert Pinsky

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 18 - 25 March, 2022

The origin of Super Villians: Lobo

Today's Image Dump (3/25/22)

Opus Comics Launching Frank Frazetta Multiverse

The Rundown: March 25, 2022

Star-Ledger today, Legal weed sales delayed again.

Reuters Pics: See (Judge Ketanji Brown) Jackson's Supreme Court confirmation hearings

God Allows Child Rape Because They're Born Evil

Reuters Pictures: Art in support of Ukraine as seen in various countries March 24, 2022

Trump train

Rude Pundit: Republicans Force Ketanji Brown Jackson (and All of Us) to Live in Their Disturbing Fan

Convoy news for Friday, March 25, 2022

As Tornado Alley Shifts, Southeastern States Can Expect Higher Death Counts, Greater Damage

More proof Russian and GZP rhetoric is aligned

Plain speak: The wife of a Supreme Court judge attempted to help overthrow our government.

INDIANS ALLOWED -- Rapid City Rally March 26, 2022

Joe Manchin Blahblah New Energy Bill Blah "All Of The Above" Blahblahblahblah

Grounded Tug Spills Diesel in Alaska

Dredgers Working to Free Containership Stuck Near Baltimore

Oklahoma Woman Arrested In 1993 Cold Case Murder of Popular San Carlos Neighborhood Store Owner

Has any Democrat in congress called for Clarence to resign? What are they waiting for?

Food Supplies Running Low on Foreign Ships Stuck in Ukraine

Ships at Risk as Mines from Ukraine Drift into the Black Sea

New Zealand Suspends Antarctic Patrol Ship Project

E. Antarctica - 1,200 km2 Conger Ice Shelf Collapses In Matter Of Days After Record Heatwave

Australia declares 'mass bleaching' at Great Barrier Reef

Fred Trump, once arrested at a Klan rally, must surely be spinning in his grave

I don't want be a wet sponge.

JJ Abrams confirms he is working on U2 series for Netflix

Taoiseach challenges reports over Zelensky's address

DeSantis picked a fight with the LGBTQ community that went national, and could reverberate

DeSantis picked a fight with the LGBTQ community that went national, and could reverberate

Study - 1/3 Of 72 Bird Species In Chicago Now Laying Eggs Nearly One Month Earlier Than 100 Yrs Ago

Why are so many Russian generals being killed in Ukraine?

How do I answer? My feed has questions from people who are not political junkies.

Ukraine war exhibit set up to shock Russian travellers

Miguel Migs - Nude Tempo 1 (Naked Music, Mix Album) Definitive early noughties Deep House

Is It A Crime

Finnish Food Authority relaxes product labelling rules due to wartime shortages

Mark Meadows admits he and Trump are "evil"

GBR Marine Park Authority Confirms 6th Mass Bleaching: "Almost No Reefs" Have Escaped Damage

VR suspends train travel between Finland and Russia

WHAT IF in the event Joe Biden gets another SCOTUS pick?????

Homes for sale pics sure are deceptive

Finland to send additional military equipment to Ukraine

You raised $825.00 on March 24, 2022...Omaha Steve is out for BLOOD (for Governor of Nebraska)

Two to three cups of coffee a day may be good for the heart, research suggests

Macomb County prosecutor under investigation for inappropriate workplace behavior again

GOP lawmakers push historic wave of bills targeting rights of LGBTQ teens, children, and families

3 US Muslims sue over religious questioning by officers

3 US Muslims sue over religious questioning by officers

Modern apples bigger, less acidic than wild ancestors, study finds

Killing Zelenskyy. Russia might want to reconsider assassination of Ukraines leader.

Male contraceptive pill found 99% effective in mice

Georgia Voters Petition to Keep Marjorie Taylor Greene Off the Ballot Because She 'Engaged in an Ins

Bela Bartok was born on this date.

Novavax: Rich countries getting new COVID vaccine before poorer ones

Novavax: Rich countries getting new COVID vaccine before poorer ones

My Gawd Bob Woodward Is Truly An Idiot Morning Joe

Frankie Carle was born on this date.

The open hearings are going to be explosive.

Another General - Lieutenant-General Yakov Ryazantsev is "200"

Hoyt Axton was born on this date.

Shout out to Eugene Robinson!

Of World's 30 Largest Financial Institutions, Not One Has Followed Through On Climate Pledges

Aretha Franklin was born on this date.

I have always been disgusted by the media's bothsiderism but...

Ginni Thomas has learned her lesson.

🐝Ukrainian Fighter Bees 🐝Attack and Kill Russians 🐝🐝🐝

China and Solomon Islands Draft Secret Security Pact, Raising Alarm in the Pacific

Subpoena Ginni's "best friend" to testify as to what Ginni spoke about overturning the 2020 election

House Democrats Grill Pentagon About Sexual Assault Tracking

Morning Joe: Bob Woodward on the Ginni Thomas story.

Robert Plant - 29 Palms (live on Letterman w/interview)

Manchin: I have determined I intend to vote for her nomination to serve on the Supreme Court.

Russian general who bragged 'war would be over quickly' killed in Ukraine strike

Tiedrich re: Ginni

Slovaks condemn WWII Jews deportation to Nazi death camps

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 25, 2022

Ginni Thomas is the lastest republican/winger/seditionist...

Statement from Senator Manchin on supporting Justice Jackson

Three Dog Night - Never Been To Spain (penned by Hoyt Axton; for his B-Day)

March 25, 1911: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, 146 Garment Workers Died

Biden's Words Are Welcome In Poland, Says Warsaw Mayor

MAGA purge: Jan. 6 organizer labels former ally Rep. Mo Brooks as "LOSER" and "piece of crap"

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire March 25 1911

Thomas, Meadows Texts Are Most Damning Indictment Against Trump WH So Far

Man arrested for drug trafficking, firearms charges while out on GPS monitor

Bob Woodward: There's An Audacity In The Thomas, Meadows Texts

Great to see Joe walking up and down Air Force One steps not needing railings AND with

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:


Housing market: Pending home sales fall for fourth straight month

Middle Age Riot tweet:

"When I need to amp myself for battle-I think about most punchable face on planet...Tucker Carlson"

Orangutan balances fruit on his face

Congress just reintroduced a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Why counting femicides is a global issue

Has anyone ever witnessed a right winger laugh or even smile? Just asking, ya know.

Meet the oligarchs: Switzerland's awkward guests

Yanis Varoufakis: The West Is "Playing with Fire" If It Pushes Regime Change in Nuclear-Armed Russia

Anyone have experience with transitioning aging parents from senior apartments to a home? Emotional

Can heat pumps solve the climate crisis? Can they also cripple the Russian economy?

Switzerland triggers unprecedented special status for Ukrainian refugees

Former Belleville man files complaint alleging East St. Louis police officer beat him

Census estimates show the St. Louis region's population is steady with city below 300,000

CHARLES PIERCE: "It is of capital importance that Trump never wield powers of the presidency again"

The Blues hope a new after-school program helps hockey reach more diverse communities

Clarence Thomas was discharged from the hospital earlier today.

Has anyone else become more cynical/realistic in the last year?

Camp Indigo Point will bring LGBTQ youth together this summer

Soldier does a selfie with the president, who sat down next to him for lunch!

St. Louis Planned Parenthood receives $9 million gift from billionaire donor

Russia-Ukraine: Erdogan calls on Putin to make 'honourable exit' from war

When will Justice Roberts be taken to task on his court containing

Couple from Pittsburgh's Shadyside accused of harassing Russian neighbor

Wladimir Klitschko: The Third World War Has Already Started In Ukraine

India foreign minister says ties with China can't be normal with border tension

More contagious omicron variant detected in Missouri, spreading in St. Louis County

Sockie Mom is gone. Our feral cat that we have fed for over ten years died last night.

any news of the sinner from Arizona on how she's gonna vote for Judge Jackson??

President Biden is meeting with U.S. troops bolstering NATO defenses in Rzeszow, Poland.

Inside Irpin: The town destroyed in the battle for Kyiv

Heard about the guy who was fired from his job at the ice cream shop......

Jan. 6 defendant Dustin Thompson can not call Trump et al. at witnesses in Thompson's upcoming trial

Thomas has been released from the hospital

WW2, The Allied Bombing of Dresden, Germany, Feb. 13, 1945: Legitimate Target or War Crime? DW News


The 76-year-old artist taking on Russia's Vladimir Putin

Before there was SRV & Double Trouble.....there was Rory Gallagher.

Trucker convoy drivers "peeing their pants in D.C. traffic"

Broward uses $140M in COVID funds to build hotel

Justice Clarence Thomas released from hospital after week-long stay

Just noticing this morning. Watch the President greet the troops in Poland

Clear proof Hillary Clinton was right about a 'vast right wing conspiracy'

LIVE: President Biden Receives a Briefing on the Humanitarian Efforts for Ukraine

FBI announces $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Jan 6 fugitive J Pollock

Dems request SEC action to require disclosure of foreign ownership -- to protect elections.

New Federal Project Aims To Help End Subminimum Wage

No one is above the law, unless it's too big, too scary, to prosecute.

EU strikes gas deal with the U.S. as it seeks to cut its reliance on Russia

Biden Thanks U.S. Troops Stationed In Poland

Russia says everything is going just peachy and now they're going to focus on Donbass

Hooray! The loose cannon is tied down - Manchin says he will vote for Ketanji Brown Jackson.

U.S. Botanic Garden Fully Reopens April 1

The Overlooked Importance of the Narrative

A family member just got this insane letter. They have no HOA... (Reddit)

Eli Mystal: Ketanji Brown Jackson's Long Pause Explained Racism and Sexism in America

US Senate Elections in states where Democrats will win in 2022 are in Biden states.

GOP Proven Wrong: US Image In NATO Surges To New Highs Under Biden

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 26, 2022 - The 31 Days of Oscar - "Casablanca"/Sir David Lean day!

When deciding which midterm incumbents to keep and which to get rid of, the nation might

Biden Sticks With Longstanding U.S. Policy on Use of Nuclear Weapons Amid Pressure From Allies

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Remains at Decade-Low on Inflation, War

UK Government Signals Mercenary Group Is On A Mission To Kill Ukrainian Leader Zelenskyy

Woodward accused of 'false equivalency' after claiming that left has antii-democratic impulses

Just imagine!

Manchin will vote yes on Jackson. Just announced on CNN (nt)

Russian brigade commander killed deliberately by his own troops after his unit suffered many losses


OMG! Joe is eating pizza with our troops in Poland! And, he's eating pizza with his hands

Moscow Has Forcibly Taken More than 400,000 Ukrainians to Russia, Ukraine Says

CNN had an interesting discussion about Thomases. Both of them

Southwest Airlines bans man charged in alleged attack on Atlanta gate agent

Strategic Culture Foundation

How Kharkiv Is Resisting Russia's Invasion graphic warning

We've just launched a March Madness bracket for the most misunderstood legal concepts:

UK Covid infections climb by a million in a week

Pope Francis will Consecrate Russia today at 5pm

Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) - live in Amsterdam, 1968

I think Biden needs to appoint a new AG

What's it going to take to get something done?

We got a new, US-made dishwasher installed today.

Ukraine launches counterattacks on Russian positions Ukraine latest

Missouri Is Eyeing a Ban on Abortion Beyond its Borders. It's Happened Before.

How did Russia EVER think it could conquer Ukraine? Brave band to play concert w/ Birmingham UK band

Hinoki Bark Thatching: The Age-old Skills for Roofing - Core Kyoto mini

Will Privatization Force Traditional Medicare Out of Business?

Latest North Korean propaganda video for Kim Jong-un (ICBM test launch)

Some problem I just noticed-- when looking at email on my phone, I can't see...

Monster Hunter World & Iceborne Retrospective

Explosions heard at Aramco's petroleum facilities in Jeddah, west Saudi Arabia (Twitter video)

House Minority Ldr McCarthy said Rep. Jeff Fortenberry should resign from Congress after conviction

Ukraine State Television channel (good for official updates)

On this day, March 25, 1947, there was an explosion at the Centralia No. 5 coal mine.

Our legal system is like our healthcare system.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about possibilities of Ukraine winning conventionally....

Michigan Republican sentenced to probation for inappropriately touching nurse during COVID treatment

EXCLUSIVE China's Sinopec pauses Russia projects, Beijing wary of sanctions

Manchin will support Jackson's Supreme Court nomination, likely ensuring her confirmation

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 25, 2022)

President Biden with members of the 82nd Airborne Division in Jasionka, Poland.

Possibly the most sensible thing written about war was by Mark Twain...

Nordic power firms ready to aid Baltic nations

Biden is honest almost to a fault

Roberts knows NOW that Thomas had a conflict of interest in regards to his wifes J6 actions

Russia signals scaled-back war aims, Ukrainians advance near Kyiv

Republicans won't be satisfied with overturning Roe

POLL, Time ripe for an anti-Clarence Thomas rally around the Supreme Court building???

Keanu Reeves' movies have been removed from Chinese streaming platforms over his support for Tibet:

The Robo Calls have gotten out of hand. I may disconnect my home phone.

Aaaannnnnnnd Now Russia starts "walking back" demands !!!

Microplastics found in human blood for the first time

Manhattan DA is returning evidence to witnesses, report says -- a sign it may be abandoning its Trump

The pope is giving a consecration today at 1:30 EST

The question any real journalist should ask TFG...

Tim Kaine: RE: Divine mandate to undermine American democracy. We need answers.

TFG tells court Democrats want his tax returns for political reasons

Judge throws out Maryland congressional map over 'extreme' gerrymandering

Biden briefed on humanitarian response to refugee situation in Poland

US Sanctions Up Ante in Hunt for Guatemala's Huistas

San Diego County Avocado Farmers Must Pay Water District Thousands to Switch Their Service

Fundraising Links to GOTV

Russian media accuses Ukraine of an airstrike on the Belgorod region in Russia

Cruz, Hawley, Graham, And Cotton Don't Show Up For ABA Debunking Their Smears Of Judge Jackson

Biden Shares Pizza With U.S. Troops in Poland

Fundraising Links to GOTV

Report of Russian soldiers turning on their colonel and killing him

A Native woman made history in the Kansas House. An insensitive remark quickly followed

Jane Mayer: Legal Scholars Are Shocked By Ginni Thomas's "Stop the Steal" Texts

Clarence Thomas' wife pushed White House to overturn 2020 election

How does Justice Clarence Thomas look his colleagues in the eye after this?

People's Convoy Visits Elementary School Hours Before Protester Is Arrested With Loaded Gun

Italy 'destroyed and crushed' after exit

Satellite data shows entire Conger ice shelf has collapsed in Antarctica

Rowling hits back at Putin after 'cancel culture' comment


Mike Pompeo sounds like presidential candidate in Sarasota speech that slams 'woke left'

'We will SMASH you': Dropkick Murphys feud with neo-Nazis

Ketanji Brown Jackson, Amy Coney Barrett, and the protection of the white mother

US charges four Russians over hacking campaign on energy sector

Kremlin TV Descends Into Screaming Match Over Putin's War Failures

Biden Calls Putin 'A War Criminal' During Humanitarian Response Briefing In Poland

Defiant Ukrainian troops tell Russians: 'Go home while you're still alive'

Former Employees of Beaver County Health Care Facility Indicted on Federal Hate Crime Charges Relate

'Morning Joe' shock over Ginni Thomas points to a hidden Jan. 6 truth

William Howard Taft campaign poster. (1908)

Florida restaurant cancels 'going to prison' party for Jan. 6 rioter seen with Pelosi's lectern

'Informational simplicity' may explain why nature favors symmetry

from Senator Chris Van Hollen: Happy Maryland Day

Jack Benny and his friend Harry Truman, Kansas City Airport, this week 1958: #LJWorld

Putin Laments 'Cancellation' Of Russian Federation With J.K. Rowling Comparison

Two contrasting points of view on Clarence Thomas

TFG's Election Claims Rejected By New Republican-Led Review in Arizona

Major restaurant chains commit to eliminating 'forever chemicals'

King Richard

Someone should confirm Clarence Thomas' well-being.

TCM later:

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 27, 2022 - 31 Days of Oscar: 1990s & 2000s Winners

Orange scones

TCM Schedule for Monday March 28, 2022 - 31 Days of Oscar: 1920s & 1930s Winners

'I Intend To Vote For Her': Manchin Will Back Judge Jackson

Republicans Debate Executing Women Over Abortion

when JOE BIDEN talks to the troops with such ease its because

Sen. Joe Manchin will vote for Supreme Court pick Ketanji Brown Jackson, boosting her confirmation

Pentagon: Russia has lost full control of Kherson

WOW! WAPO headline: Virginia Thomas' pro-tfg details

Russia says it has gained control of Ukrainian city Izyum

A very toxic and vicious circle. Not just Russia doling out propaganda but absorbing the right's too

BTRTN: The Midterms, Part II...Can The Dems Hold the Senate?

Kazakhstan: CPC pipeline shutdown poses serious economic threat

BTRTN: The Midterms, Part II...Can The Dems Hold the Senate?

Germany Pledges to End Dependence on Russian Gas

These Children Fled Afghanistan Without Their Families. They're Stuck in U.S. Custody.

Russian Troops Killed Their Commander

Anyone asked Putin if he'll pull his troops out of Ukraine if we just give him a weekly column?

Lindsey Graham Bursts Into Confirmation Hearing With Rifle, Demands Senators Free The Children Now

Chief Justice Must Enforce A Code Of Ethics For Supreme Court

Blondie - Heart of Glass (disco version)

Free Blue heeler puppies, Burr Oak, Kansas

Book: Anti-racist Baby is #1 New York Times best seller - way to go Ted!

GOP should be called the 'wacko party'

Better acccess to public meetings a covid-era plus

Paul McCartney and Wings - Goodnight Tonight (extended disco version)

-- headline if this were any other country

Blown up russian equipment, fire, Ukrainian troops after fierce battle,and in walks a Ukrainian girl

Top Legal Scholars Say Clarence Thomas Must Recuse Himself After Wife Implicated In Coup Plot

(Jewish Group) Staten Island JCC evacuated after bomb threat

The Beach Boys - Here Comes the Night (12" disco remix)

Cartoons 3/25/2022

(Jewish Group) OH lawmaker draws backlash...teach Holocaust from the perspective of a German soldier

The Ethel Merman Disco Album

Some prominent Russians quit jobs, refuse to support war

OH lawmaker draws backlash...teach Holocaust from the perspective of a German soldier

Russian pilot tells passengers the war in Ukraine is a crime

Partisan gerrymandering is not ok unless we're doing it, says Md. Republicans

Supreme Court nominee's 'empathy' is flashpoint for Senate

Absurdity matters

Frank Sinatra - The Shadow of Your Smile (Live at the Sands)

N. Korea says it test-fired biggest ICBM, US adds sanctions

Dean Martin - Everybody Loves Somebody (live ... with some altered lyrics)

Straight passenger gets payout after filming male cruise worker asking about his sexuality

Ukraine war drives US, EU deal to undercut Russian energy

Zelensky chief of staff: Ukraine 'very disappointed' in NATO summit results

Full circle

Belgium decides to extend the lives of two nuclear reactors.

Biden's Poland Visit to Spotlight Aid for Ukraine

From libraries to police training: Controversial Ohio education bill goes beyond classroom

Two part toon on Twitter:

Americans Broadly Want The Senate To Confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson To The Supreme Court

Don't you just hate it when "some people" start ridiculous memes or conspiracy theories

US Senators seeking re-election in 2022 as their last term.


Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi

U.S. and allies aiming to provide anti-ship missiles to Kyiv, official says

Putin's demand for ruble payments? No way! say EU nations

Khrushchev's U.N. Outbursts - Decades TV Network

The Temptations - Ball Of Confusion (Live)

Right now we should be attacking FQX viewers because of Fucker Carlson

The Temptations Papa Was A Rolling Stone 1972 Single Version

Tucker Carlson Surprises No One By Parroting New Russian Conspiracy Theory

Satellite data shows entire Conger ice shelf has collapsed in Antarctica

Nick Fuentes on implicit racism

Sanctioned Russian oligarch says he's struggling to pay bills and can't employ a cleaner or driver

I have to say that "Jackassery" is my new favorite word.

Hang on, I'm confused.

Vilnius station confronts Moscow-Kaliningrad train with images from war

Women's March pushes for impeachment of Justice Thomas over wife's texts

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 25, 2022

Blumenthal calls on Clarence Thomas...

Alan (I kept my underwear on) Dershowitz tries to get back in everyone's good graces

US Senate successors to Grassley-IA,Murray-WA,Wyden-OR,Schumer-NY, and Crapo-ID.

Let's say a Supreme Court Justice resigned today because of health reasons or whatever...

The best, the ONLY cure to WhiteChristianNationalism, race baiting, mysogyny, etc. is WINNING

Biden has sharp response to reporter: 'You're playing a game with me'

Four Trans Women Were Killed or Found Dead This Month Alone

Lenny Bruce - The Meaning Of Obscenity

Ginni Thomas texts spark ethical storm about husband's supreme court role

Melanie - Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma

Amy Winehouse - All My Loving (Beatles cover)

45% of Ukraine population worry about accessing food: UN

Ron Filipkowski tweet:

Israel to host top Arab diplomats during Blinken's visit

Seattle Times: Our readers recommend these mystery novels that are also funny

Josh Homme -- Brilliant musician, mean drunk

Jeff Beck - A Day in the Life (Beatles cover)

Louis Van Dyke -- "Golden Slumbers"/"Carry That Weight"

Van Halen - Van Halen - Ice Cream Man

Freddie Mercury and Montseratt Cabale - Barcelona (live)

Kharkiv, earlier today

This Californian made Shrimp and Grits yesterday

"Seeing @potus chewing on pizza and BS'ing with @82ndABNDiv troopers. . . ."

The bullshit about "bio-labs'.

Elton John - Candle In the Wind/Goodbye England's Rose (live at Princess Diana's funeral.)

IMF board approves Argentina's $45 billion refinance program

IMF board approves Argentina's $45 billion refinance program

So is Putin trying to create a "Third Rome"?

Get Up and Boogie - Silver Convention

Kool and the Gang - Celebration

I'm a little sick of this "GenX doesn't get offended" BS

🌻🌾Sowing campaign launched in 11 regions of Ukraine 🚜

Would ya believe...Don Adams (Get Smart) fought in the Battle of Guadalcanal

The squares of baking chocolate have turned to almost powder.

Public health disaster: Shuttered hospitals fuel Covid deaths, anti-vax conspiracies

House GOP Gathers to Plot Return to Power

Trump Heading BACK To Court Over 2016 Election - Rebel HQ

Russian forces secure a partial land corridor, Ukrainian officials say, but have had few recent terr

Inside Russia's High-Wire Act to Avoid Default

Not long after Biden arrived in Poland, Russian military signaled that it might be reducing war aims

Anybody know why the helicopter in this clip has writing backwards in English ?

Ginni & Clarence Thomas, Mark Meadows & Trump: Corruption at the White House & the Supreme Court

YouTube removes Trump speech and other CPAC videos for violating 'election integrity policy'

Maybe after Ginni Thomas gets convicted, conservative blonde, white women all over this country

If Democrats lose the majority in the US Senate in 2022, 2028 will be the year they get it back.

Daily Distraction 25/03/2022

Daily Distraction 25/03/2022 Posted in Photography

Puppy Gets His Own Food Processor

Does the Supreme Court Deserve Ketanji Brown Jackson?

I booked an apartment in Kyiv through AIR B AND B.

Clarence Thomas' wife

Ukrainian forces use drones to hunt for Russian columns west of Kyiv

"Say what you will about the Russian army their new uniform for generals is very snazzy":

Another Russian General Killed

U.S. confirms Ukraine struck Russian ship; Russian cruise missiles failing at rate of 20-60%

Reuters: Trump sues Hillary Clinton over 2016 Russian collusion allegations

Zelenskyy on Russian Defense Minister: "he went to Chornobaivka"

I don't think any country in history has ever taken out so many Generals

Daily touch of France - Friday edition - Winter storm in Cassis

Eliot Cutler arrested for child pornography

Daily touch of France - Friday edition - Winter storm in Cassis - Posted in Photography

Russia says first phase of Ukraine operation mostly complete, focus now on Donbass

Man and 2 teens planned ISIS-inspired killings at Chicago mosque during spring break, FBI says


800 million people live on less than 1200 calories a day now. Russia has stopped shipping out

Supreme Court temporarily blocks order requiring Navy to deploy unvaccinated forces

"If Clarence Thomas doesn't resign when will impeachment proceedings against him begin?"

Ukrainian Band Антитіла, (Antytila) Catch the Moment, watch until the end

A complete stranger sent me this

Can the Peacocks 🦚 do it again?

Tweet of the Evening:

Donald Trump and his children agree to be deposed in fraudulent marketing lawsuit

homemade pancakes for din tonight.

J.K. Rowling hits back at Putin after he likened Russia to her in rant against cancel culture

Parole recommended for hijacker of a school bus full of children for $5 million ransom in 1976

Former Senator Barbara Boxer is on Ari calling for Thomas to be impeached

This is a post which I have wanted to write for a very long time,

The Needs Of Ukrainian Refugees Are Growing Says UNICEF Spokesperson - Deadline - MSNBC

Ginny Thomas

How much confidence do you have in the SC as the guardian and interpreter of our Constitution?

"Who did that?"

The wife of Thomas had access to the Whitehouse because of his job.

Russian officials resign over war with Ukraine - NewsNation

Russian generals are the new #2 in Al Queda

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse says he's a NO on confirmation of Judge Jackson.

Guess who texted that Biden (&family) had been arrested and at GITMO

Glenn Kirschner - "He Voted to Bury it To Protect His Wife..." - Political Voices Network

Trump and His Sons Will Be Deposed



S5:E10 (OK Sen. Treat & The 'Conservative Value' of Misogyny)

Her parents must feel so proud.

Video: Helicopter Plunges to the Ground in Rowlett, Texas

"Fair and Balanced" old wrinkled butt!

Early and Later

Ukrainian female soldier: no helmet, no armor, no problem

Sunset, southern MD

Gen. McCaffrey: Russia Has 'Lost Command And Control' - Deadline - MSNBC

Is Justice Thomas just as delusional as his wife Ginni? Is he a Qanon nutcase too?

James Madison's Montpelier strips power from enslaved descendants group

Being a mischievous little jerk can be exhausting

Dana Milbank: Ivy League Republicans' phony rebellion against the 'elites'

Will Privatization Force Traditional Medicare Out of Business? (SS/M)

Meanwhile, at Merde-a-Lago: This is what it sounds like, when doves cry.

Does any sane person believe that Ginni and Clarence

Human trials of a male contraception pill are about to begin

Ethiopia's Tigray region say committed to observing humanitarian ceasefire

The View panel discussing Ginni Thomas if anyone is interested (7 minute clip)

Zelenskyy calls out Hungary and Orban for their delay in supporting Ukraine.

Florida Republicans on verge of barring free legal help for election officials

Democratic US House Members from each state that are excellent candidates for statewide office.


One Would Think The Other Supreme Court Judges Would Have The Ability To Decide....

Contemporary Ukrainian painter Maria Chepeleva #WomensArt (Painting of cat)

Golden Earring - Eight Miles High (acoustic, live in Amsterdam, 1992)