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Aerial Footage Shows Battle Aftermath In Town of Borodyanka - NBC News

Vlad the War Criminal.

Have they found any of Trump "stuff" to seize?

Mobile cremation chambers: For war crimes, for soldiers without families, some with families?

Hard pass: MBS has offered to mediate to help end the Ukraine conflict.

New York Times Tech Workers Vote to Certify Union

Computers and The Internet Have Changed The Way We Learn About ..."EVERYTHING"..(please read)

World War XXIV ‎- Azaria/Y Bother (7-inch debut single from 1983) ripping Aussie hardcore punk

Who is the viral American celebrating Russia's invasion? Now we know

GOP foreign policy gurus can't have it both ways

"Who knew that the image of a person holding a sign saying '1 room' could be so beautiful."

Another bit of life and humor from Your Daily Dose Of Internet

Computers and The Internet Have Changed The Way We Learn About ."EVERYTHING"..(please read)(short)

BREAKING - Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine is on fire, says mayor of local town

Why Russian oil can't find buyers even as crude nearly touches $120 a barrel

Democrats Can Take Votes Away From the GOP Among the Evangelical Right Wing

Soprano Anna Netrebko out at Metropolitan Opera after refusing to 'repudiate her support' for Putin

Former Supreme Cmdr of NATO Wes Clark states US may have to risk nuclear war to maintain deterrence

Drunk pilot removed from cockpit of JetBlue flight to Florida

National Association Of Broadcasters Calls For Halt To Russia Affiliated Programming

Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Kimberly Guilfoyle - Deadline - MSNBC

This human is mine now.

White House discussing sending Harris to Warsaw, Bucharest

Russian airline yanked from global reservation system, a crippling blow to travel in the country

Exclusive: Gavin Newsom has a bold new mental health plan, inspired by the misery on S.F. streets.

As U.S. and European businesses cut ties with Russia, Chinese tech firms remain silent

The most secure job in Russia now is

Well, that ends winter.

US announces new sanctions on Russian oligarchs it says enable Putin

Russian forces seize huge Ukrainian nuclear plant, fire extinguished

Want to teach the next generation about #IrvingBerlin?

Baby Husky Grows Up With Baby - Just delightful!

Pooty Poot may declare martial law in Russia. Here's what it would mean for Russians.

DCRTV Dave Hughes dies at 63; Founded popular radio and tv blog

Pentagon Establishes Deconfliction Channel With Russia - Deadline - MSNBC

Ukrainian authorities - no tax on stolen Russian military equipment

Senate GOP shrugs off latest Trump revelation

Russian billionaires lose $80 billion in wealth

Got an email from long term disability insurance co

Oliver Stone's Ukraine on Fire

Catastrophe in the making in Ukraine.

Volunteers cross Polish border into Ukraine to fight Russian forces

How do you like the Russian military now, Senator Cruz?

Ukraine foreign minister confirms Zaporizhzhia fire - could become 10 times larger than Chernobyl

So if Russia blows up a Ukrainian nuclear power plant, will there still be no

Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings (from 2017)

The shipping giant banking on a greener fuel

DeSantis announces Florida first lady is cancer-free

I'm beginning to wonder if Putin intends to leave Ukraine uninhabitable if it won't surrender

DeSantis' 'COVID Theater': MAGA Governor Gets Schooled Amid Hot Mic Moment - The Beat - MSNBC

"I guarantee you that Willie Nelson's not having any of Putin's bullshit."

King County purchases Kirkland hotel provide supportive housing for homeless

The shelling of Zaporizhzhia, Europe's largest nuclear power plant is not only a war crime, but an

This guy has put a big Russian oligarch target on his back after revealing his ID and location.

Texas removes LGBTQ suicide prevention resources from state websites

Pierce Transit To Remove Hundreds Of Stops Later this Month

Seems like we need to start investing a shit load of money into ICBM missile defense.


Lying sack of shit...

Trump Crime? MAGA Riot Panel Reveals Evidence Of 'Criminal Conspiracy' (MSNBC)

Biden signs bill overhauling workplace sexual misconduct into law

Ukrainian President Zelensky challenges Vladimir Putin to sit down for talk

the Europe's largest nuclear power plant is under attack

So, if I write a tell-all book about my experience working for Trump.......?

So they're shelling a fucking NUCLEAR PLANT?????

I love this guy's songwriting, but I love Ashley Todd's fiddle so damn much.

Ukraine live camera 2 in Kiev shows battle in the distance

I understand the desire not to be directly involved

Tucker says he was wrong about Ukraine and blames Biden and Harris for him being wrong

I'd love to see GOP voters polled on this question.

Former AG Barr said Trump became enraged after being told election fraud claims were nonsense

Mayor Harrell to revisit decision that killed off affordable micro-apartments

Rachel, AOC on Ukraine Immigrants and Psaki's Response to Greene & Boebert - Political Voices Network

Military calculation that says puttie is in big trouble...

Truck Convoy Stops in Erie En Route to Washington

Serious question about the Ukraine nuclear emrractors under attack

Tweet from NEXTA: Press spokesman at power plant says there's no threat of radiation spread

Could Russian mercenaries conquer the world?

Ok. Are we done with the hard line that it has to be NATO land b4 we can engage?

Remember that serial lying, Putin-loving nutbag, Tara Reade?

When will justice catch up??????

Is Putin trying to force NATO into stepping in by attacking the largest nuclear plant in Europe?

Time for the VoA to fire up "Radio Free Ukraine" and "Radio Free Russia" again...

This is a turning point for the rest of the world....

Florida high school student was SUSPENDED For organizing a protest against the "Don't Say Gay" bill

NEXTA: Fire brigades have been allowed into the nuclear facility

I think with Putin's behavior we are getting closer to an attack on NATO.

Now this is funny.

A body believed to be that of a Ukrainian-born oligarch was discovered in an English mansion, report

The lies about Zelensky's statement on Babyn Yar must not be left unchallenged

Seth Meyers - Greene and Boebert Heckle Biden During State of the Union Address - Monologue 3/2/22

Is Zelensky following the path of Constantine XI?

Has Tr**p Made Any Comments These Last Few Days Or Has He Been....

Baby animals being adorable together!

Breaking News: Chris Hayes just said that there is a "fire fight" at nuke plant, not just a fire.

Read and gave as gifts all the original James Harriot books as they were published.

Nashville Police Dept celebrates first-ever Kurdish Community Police Academy graduation

Devin Nunes suffers another defeat for a meritless lawsuit. It comes as no surprise

Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs warns against protests, according to state media

Top Trump hotel executive leaving company

Maybe we should stop calling subpoenas "subpoenas". Literally, I believe, the term means

The Daily Show - Putin's Next Move & AMC's Dynamic Pricing

Zelenskyy Says Russians Are Carrying Cremation Chambers Into Ukraine

Ron De Santis is lying about his intentions. He says schools should not push policy on

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky is Worried His Children are Russia's Next Target

Think Fox News is bad? Russian state TV makes it look like 60 Minutes.

Traitor Carlson: I'm an idiot and it's Biden and Harris' fault.

If A Man Rapes A Virgin ...

Alex Jones Brags About Praise From "Top Putin Advisers" On Russian TV For His Pro-Trump Coverage

China finally in the fight...

Every single Ukrainian refugee will get status in Europe. Kids will

After the majority of Republicans voted against Veterans, this is what Tim Scott has to say:

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Tucker Comes For KBJ's LSAT Scores, Internet Comes For Him

Do we know precisely where Putin is in case we want to obliterate him?

Azarenka devastated at what's happened in Ukraine......

I suspect Biden let Putin know the US military would intervene if that fire wasn't stopped.

Fire NOT in reactors at Ukraine nuclear plant

Moscow Mechanism Invoked by 45 OSCE States to Review Reported Abuses by Russia

Big Bear bald eagles Jackie and Shadow welcome eaglet to world

Ted Lieu also thinks Putin wants to destroy Ukraine. New tweet:

Here's a random recipe. It's especially good for those

An overlooked reason Putin's want Ukraine

Hillsdale College - Charter School in Tennessee assignment 😳 "made...Baby Jesus cry"

So if Republicans were to in fact win Congress in Nov, would it be absurd to question THEIR victory?

Top Russian general killed by Ukrainian sniper in major blow for Putin

Why America Has Been So Stingy In Fighting Child Poverty

Former president encouraging our enemies to open war on two fronts.

The secret police: Cops built a shadowy surveillance machine in MN after George Floyd's murder

Putin needs to be put down like a rabid animal.

Lindsey alternate reality: Putin was afraid of Trump

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 6, 2022 - 31 Days of Oscar: 1990s & 2000s Winners

"Jackie Joyner-Kersee devotes her life to bettering lives in East St. Louis"

"This is it guys. The pinnacle of the internet. We've done it! Pack it up, it's over."

TCM Schedule for Monday March 7, 2022 - 31 Days of Oscar: 1920s & 1930s Winners

Russian Troops Shelling Europe's Largest Nuclear Power Station In Ukraine

Tweet of the Day

Analysis: U.S. House panel's push for Trump criminal charges may fall flat

Warships may be on way to BEAUTIFUL Odessa

Tire maintenance on Russian military vehicles and that forty mile convoy

Just FYI, The Sanctions Aren't Meant To Put Pressure On Putin. They're Meant To Put Pressure on

China-Backed Development Banks Halt Russia Loans Amid Sanctions

Trump Crime? MAGA Riot Panel Reveals Evidence Of 'Criminal Conspiracy' - The Beat - MSNBC

MSNBC: so far, no radiation

China-backed AIIB freezes lending to Russia and Belarus

The closest black hole to Earth is no more -- in fact, it never existed

Germany switches off black hole telescope on Russian satellite, halts space cooperation

'Ron DeSantis Is A Bully' - The Mehdi Hasan Show

John Ratcliffe wins MAGA Sycophant of the Day!

Nerve Damage May Explain Some Cases of LONG COVID, U.S. Study Suggests

Trump has UNHINGED interview on Russia - Brian Tyler Cohen

Yet another war crime for Pooty

What An Attack On A Nuclear Power Plant Could Mean For Ukraine - NBC News

VLAD THE UNDERPANTS POISONER. As seen in another DU post.... And why is our DUer...

Nerve Damage May Explain Some Cases of LONG COVID, U.S. Study Suggests

Lindsey's on a roll: Calling for someone to kill Putin (not so good coming from a SENATOR)

The Marsh Family sings in support of Ukraine

Why the fuck did I go to DU tonight?

The Improbable Rise and Endless Heroism of Volodymir Zelensky

20,000 West Coast port workers refuse to handle Russian cargo

This is a game changer though conditions at the plant are stable, This is an attack on Europe

PLEASE!!!! Somebody in russia, somebody with nothing to lose, like an immediately

Trial of Insurrectionist Guy Reffitt Went from Bad to Worse: Bad for Reffitt but Good for Justice

Putin misjudged his adversary and squandered his military advantages

Sing me a song of a Lass that is gone, Oh could that Lass be I

US Senate seats that the Democrats will definitely win in 2022.

We all know what malignant narcissism is - we witnessed it for four years (and it continues still,

Meanwhile in Russia.... It's like talking to MAGAts & Fox viewers

White House: No Signs Of Elevated Radiation At Nuclear Power Plant Attacked By Russia - TRMS - MSNBC

Safe In My Garden

Ukraine nuclear reactors being safely shut down - U.S. energy official

If You're Holding A Bee In Your Hand...What Is In Your Eye?

Supercritical Water PFAS Destruction Plant Starts.

My sis in law passed away today.

This may be killing us but at least it kills the pain. If I could soak up all the black, I would

This pretty well sums up the mood lately...

Moldova is not in NATO

NATO needs to use the attack on the Estonian ship as the excuse to go in and help Ukraine.

Friday's digit: 7/10 - The sky is bright, delivering plenty of strong March sun.

'Criminal Conspiracy': Raskin Lays Out Trump's Potential Jan. 6 Crimes

'Criminal Conspiracy': Raskin Lays Out Trump's Potential Jan. 6 Crimes - All In - MSNBC

watch this clip from TYT about qbert 1 heckling Biden Lindsey G

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about shifting public health strategies....

A 1 billion dollar reward for the capture and turning in

Florida House avoids voting to divest from Russia over Ukraine invasion

Christo Aivalis: Donald Trump Getting HANDCUFFED and ARRESTED?

German / Italian led no-fly zone?

Tweet on Beto:

Good night DU MA. It's my bedtime. This is my lullaby tonight

A Song for the Times Being What They Are - Talking Heads - Life During Wartime - Live

Trump's 'Impenetrable' Border Wall Breached Thousands Of Times, New Report Says

Ali Velshi Reports Live From Train Carrying Refugees From Ukraine Arriving In Hungary - The ReidOut

Ingraham says the seizure of Russian oligarchs yachts and assets may be unconstitutional (GFY)

Kimmel: Evidence of Trump's "Criminal Conspiracy" Revealed, Tucker Carlson's Dumb Idea & FART Licen

Zelensky accuses the Russian military of deliberately attacking the Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex

Kharkiv mayor: Russia is "intentionally trying to eliminate Ukrainian people"

The Wailing Wall in #Jerusalem: people are praying for #Ukraine.

Texas appeals order stopping it from investigating parents of transgender teen

Im pretty much a hippie that grew up with the military.

Russian soldiers are fed up

Tweet of the Night:

The Daily Show: Ukraine War Is Exposing Racial Disparities in Refugee Treatment

Has anyone heard from Glam?

Ukraine conflict: Turkey airlifts additional TB2 UCAVs to Ukraine

I want to come back as a little doggie.

I'm pretty much a pacifist but Putin has me thinking of a GoFundMe page for a $10M bounty

I heard the first crack in the US obligation under Article V of the NATO treaty.

They abandoned us - Russian Soldiers

AZ State Senator Kelly Townsend Calls Out The "Grifters" In The GOP

New evidence shows Trump was told many times there was no voter fraud -- but he kept saying it anyway

What's keeping Donald from calling Vlad?

UC Berkeley must withhold thousands of acceptance letters after state Supreme Court decision

Rep. Schiff: 'Can't Imagine' Why Putin Attacked Ukraine Nuclear Plant - The Last Word - MSNBC

Stay Calm, America

Help. I just got a refurbised laptop so I don't have to sit at my desktop so much...

Lindsey Graham's call for assassination puts Twitter in awkward position after banning Trump

The Pandemic, mindless MAGAs and now Putin's invasion of Ukraine

What % of Trump's super-classified haul is Ukraine-related, do you think?

Pelosi: "I agree with what Sen. Lindsey Graham said, 'Shut up.' -to Reps Boebert & Greene

The damage shown in Kharkiv does not look like rockets or missile damage...

Herschel Walker's Son Sells 'All-American' Swag Made in India

Behind Sandbags, Ukraine's Leader Meets the Media

Are there any potential long term positives that could come from Russia attacking Ukraine?

Lawrence: Putin Revives The Nuclear Nightmare Of Mutually Assured Destruction - The Last Word - MSNBC

Russia's former top diplomat says the West's previous appeasement of Putin has made him 'delusional'

Ukrainian refugee plays "We are the Champions" after making it to Poland

Are any of the Russian military leaders concerned that...

Watching MSNBC, Ali in Budapest, Hungarians bring food to station for refugees;

New U.S.-Russia military hotline as Ukraine war rages

MSNBC - the 11th Hour: яussia escalating violence in Ukraine.

The Wailing Wall in #Jerusalem: people are praying for #Ukraine.

Seth Meyers - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Scolds High School Students for Wearing Masks: A Closer Look

Father mourns son after shelling on Ukraine soccer field

I Wonder If Putin Thought It Would Take This Long? . Question 2,... I also wonder

Traditional Japanese Music -Japanology Plus

'A Battle Of Logistics': Tracking The Many Moving Parts In Ukraine - TRMS - MSNBC

OneRepublic - Apologize (original 2005 version)

Keep Looking Up!

The day Vladimir Putin stole Robert Kraft's New England Patriots Super Bowl ring Back in 2005

Fire Extinguished At Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant After Russian Attack - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Playing for Change - IKO, IKO

Ukraine's rich farmland has made it a "breadbasket". One would think Putin would.....

The Ghost of Kyiv

How Sweden has responded to Putin's war in Ukraine so far

Save Your Precious Lemons: Freeze the Juice in Ice Cube Trays.

Europe awakens to the Russian threat

Car barely avoids attack

Seize, don't just freeze, Putin's billions

Ukrainian confronts Russian Tank after it runs out of gas

It just occured to me that Putin is way more evil than I thought on first...

Voter turnout sagging in troubled voting rights hub of Selma

Hungry Russian Soldiers loot stores for food

Wisconsin Supreme Court adopts governor's redistricting maps

For foreigners seeking entry into the Foreign Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine:

Captured Russian Soldiers and what they were told.

Abbott is guilty of 'government overreach at its worst' for investigating parents of trans children

Humanity's greatest political achievement has been the decline of war.

Update: Zaporizhzhia fires extinguished, IAEA confirms no change in radiation levels.

SD lawmaker criticized for using derogatory term for woman

Tampa woman who killed lottery winner backs Florida bill that would keep winners' names secret

Talk about race: Mississippi House passes bill to set limits

Thai fighters sign up to join Ukraine

Russian forces have seized Europe's largest nuclear power plant

Trump called Russia's invasion of Ukraine a 'holocaust', completing a massive shift

Kentucky governor: No place for antisemitism in Kentucky

One of the flattest materials

Ukrainians build anti Tank Hedgehogs

Wordle-- yet another 4...

Members of Congress highlight missing minority women, girls

Human Rights Council diplomats walk out

Russia Oligarchy hurting from Sanctions

From Russia With Love (Mueller Time)

A slice of what Putin wishes to kill and destroy: Uzhhorod, Ukraine - 4K Urban Life Documentary Film

Melania Trump's BeBest fundraiser ends in failure after official scrutiny

Friday A.M. Happy Weekend Vibe Jazz and Bossa Nova for Coffee Drinking

Russia's Last Independent TV Channel Shutters Amid Putin's Crackdown On Media

Three by Rolf Lislevand, One by Henriette Renie

How to spot fake or misleading footage on social media

Re: "How is this not treason?" Please stop asking this.

California women arrested today for faking her 2016 kidnapping

RT America ceases productions and lays off most of its staff

Alan Ladd Jr., Oscar-winning producer who greenlit 'Star Wars,' dies at 84

Kenneth M. Duberstein, President Reagan's final chief of staff, dies at 77

IRS rushes to hire 10,000 workers but giant backlog expected to persist through 2022

This just in. I mean, this just on. 🤭

'Freedom Convoy' spinoff headed to D.C. region arrives this weekend. Here's what you need to know.

Lock Picking... An Inside Perspective

As someone who watched Red Dawn as a teenager, I have some important tactical insight to share ...

Change of plans, no planes for Ukraine after all.

Chief Rabbi of #Ukraine addressed the Rabbis of Russia, Jews in Russia and all Russians

Dem Candidate for U.S. House Seat Withdraws Because of Inappropriate Tweets

Gov. Larry Hogan beats impeachment attempt by Trump-aligned Republican

Pantsir S1 captured by Ukrainians near Bashtanka

Repub lawmaker proposes a bill to ensure that books in Dolly Parton's book program are appropriate

Criminal Charges For Trump? - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Paul Carrack 'How Long'

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/3/22

Bomb explodes at mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan, killing at least 30 people

On Russian TV, analyst toasts the end of the country's stock market

Katie Meyer, Stanford soccer star, dies by suicide

Ukraine has shredded the GOP's message

Hi to everyone

Arvo Part - 'Prayer After the Kanon'

What a great time to pick up

The Tonight Show: Guest Al Franken Taught Senators How to Clap Sarcastically for Trump's Speeches

Duma passes law giving 15-year prison sentences for spreading 'false information' about military

Please watch Winter on Fire:

Breakfast Friday 4 March 2022

What A Simpering Dope...

Is Putin a putain?

Adrenalin O.D. - The Wacky Hi-Jinks Of Adrenalin O.D. (Full Album - 1984)

Dad Please Don't Die : WARNING: TRIGGER: Viewers may find the content of this video disturbing

Arizona Republicans keep churning out new election legislation targeting voting access - 141 so far

Rock 'the size of semi' tumbles onto Highway 50, closing both directions at Echo Summit

Drone footage shows the horrific aftermath of a Russian attack on a town north of Kyiv

Spotify purges RT affiliates podcasts. And guess who went with them...

NASA's Moxie Aims to Make Air in Mars Breathable Instead of Transporting Oxygen from Earth

Pressure on Biden to intervene increases.

Finally dish has the RT channel no longer available

Melania Trump Event Called Off After Officials Question Fund-Raising

apartment building explodes in Silver Spring - caught on video

BBC: Africa's week in pictures: 25 February - 3 March 2022

Wordle 258 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)


Check out this video! We've captured an Enigma machine from U-505!

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 25 February - 4 March 2022

Hey Marjorie "Nutty" Taylor Greene!

Biden's Schedule for Friday, March 4, 2022

Friday TOONs - Know Your Enemy

Ryanair To Drop Face Mask Requirement By Spring

Fire out at key Ukraine nuclear plant, no radiation released

WORDLE2 #89, WORDLE2 #90 and QUORDLE #39 3/4/2022

On this day, March 4, 1933, Frances Perkins became Secretary of Labor.

"It's going to be worse than what the Russians had in Afghanistan"


In his first inaugural, today 1861, Abraham Lincoln appealed to the "better angels of our nature."

Tucker Carlson can't stand Black excellence

How sturdy is crypto currency? Could Russia using crypto currency spell the end of it?

Eddie Vedder & Mike McCready - Masters of War

Guardian: The week in wildlife - in pictures March 3, 2022

'It's Almost Like a Secret Society': The Perils of Being Democrat in a Trump Town

'It's Almost Like a Secret Society': The Perils of Being Democrat in a Trump Town (Dubois)

Florida Student Who Organized 'Don't Say Gay' Protest Is Suspended

Wolfgang Munchau in the Euro Intelligence: Time to Ban Energy Imports

The Rundown: March 4, 2022

Soliciting Multiversity: Image's Top 10 for May 2022

Florida's restrictive abortion bill about to become law after late night Senate vote

The origin of Superheroes: Sentry

It's 2022 & The FL House Just Passed A "Climate Resiliency" Bill That Doesn't Mention Global Warming

Scientific Ignoramuses On The Supreme Court Set To Decide If US Gov Allowed To Act On Global Warming

Kyrie eleison - Requiem for Peace - Kyiv Symphony Orchestra Chorus - 2021 🕊


I hope the Ukraine folks are leaving

NSW's "Natural" Disaster - Flood Topped 100-Yr Flood Line By More Than Six Feet

February jobs report: Payrolls rise by 678,000 as unemployment rate falls to 3.8%

Vlad sounds a little jumpy

The Biden Economy added 678,000 jobs in February, UE drops to 3.8%

8 Days After Pledging To Help, 5 Of Biggest Ag Corporations Worked To Weaken EU Deforestation Rules

Do you think Putin will venture into a NATO country?

Gonna be a tuff day, but I'll get through it

Looking for ways to support the people of Ukraine? Here's how:

Pakistan bombing kills dozens in Shia mosque in Peshawar

RT America ceases productions and lays off most of its staff

Jimmy Kimmel FTW

You raised $10.00 on March 3, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund

Shocked, Shocked! Climate Liar UK Tory MP Hires Staffers From Lobby Groups Pushing Climate Lies

Russia's Last Independent News Channel Plays Swan Lake As it Gets Shut Down

California woman captured headlines in 2016 with a sensational kidnapping tale. She lied.

Photos: Day Eight of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

U.S. employers added 678,000 jobs in February

WI Supreme Court favors Dem Gov redistricting proposal

Florida legislature passes 15-week abortion ban, DeSantis expected to approve legislation

Then there's this fucker

Congress takes step towards granting free health care to millions of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans

Vivaldi was born on this date.

Kyiv Residents 'Getting On Any Train' That Will Go West

OK, GQP: Knowing TFG's job was to support Ukraine invasion, RU gonna let him run for POTUS?

Skinny Rescue Puppy Found Spooning His Foster Brother

Feb Jobs Report: +687,000 Jobs! Unemployment Rate fell to 3.8%.

The US military isn't going in, but there's nothing stopping individuals from going to Ukraine

Texas man joins Russian army

George Mason professor fatally stabbed in Fairfax County; son charged

Willie Johnson was born on this date.

Democratic Dominance of the Nonwhite Vote Continues to Slip

Truck convoy prepares to fuck up traffic on 90/94 in WI

NEW: Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles) has endorsed U.S. Rep. Andy Levin

US government emails about 'recalls'

Holy Shit - I am speechless - Australian cricket legend Shane Warne

John Duffey was born on this date.

The Misinformation Empire Steve Bannon Built With a Fugitive Chinese Tycoon Is In Trouble

Yerevan, Armenia is rapidly becoming a popular destination for Russian emigres.

Capitol Riot man faces own son as witness in federal court

Zookeepers fight to keep animals safe at Kyiv zoo as Russian invasion of Ukraine continues

We Can't Let the Bullies Win

Putin today: Does it mean anything?

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 4, 2022

There are more political prisoners in Russia than there were in the Soviet Union

Watch The ReidOut Highlights: Mar. 3

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Mar. 3

'Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror' premiered 100 years ago today, on March 4, 1922.

Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell Highlights: Mar. 3

Protest convoys to converge near Hagerstown for last leg of journey to Washington, D.C.

Biden administration walks fine line on intelligence-sharing with Ukraine

seems to me an attack on a nuke plant is an attack on nato members.

Microsoft suspends sales of its products and services in Russia

Microsoft pulls out of Russia!

Clint Watts: Russia Wants To Take Control Of Ukraine's Entire Energy Sector

After 30 years of taking their money, it may be too late for the West to get Putin's oligarchs

At the fall of the USSR wasn't there an agreement the US would back Ukraine if

Today's Image Dump (3/4/22)

Impossible Dreamer

President Biden Is Faced with A Difficult Risks/Benefits Calculus

Supreme Court Should Shut Down Latest Bid to Rewrite Elections Clause (Brennan Center)

Where is the notion Ukraine wants nuclear weapons coming from?

Is Mcdonalds still operating in russia?

UN Assembly votes to demand that Russia stop war in Ukraine

Jimmy Barnes and Joe Bonamassa - Lazy (live - Deep Purple cover)

The Roger Stone tapes

Pentagon: We Will Make It Clear To Putin, The U.S. Will Defend Every Inch Of NATO Territory

as of 0709 a , it is finally raining in sonora ca after a month. sno showers tonite and tomrrow.

TV Host Melts Down at Entirely Wrong Guest in Bonkers Ukraine Debate

Microsoft pulls the plug on 'new' sales of products and services in Russia

Tell me why DeJoy is still at the helm of USPS. Please.

Peace Time: Conscription Extinction

From Ukranian Library Assoc: We will reopen just as soon as we have finished vanquishing....

US politicians and oil execs see Ukraine invasion as license to drill, baby, drill.

Per Bloomberg TV: SC reinstated the death penalty for the Boston Marathon bomber

Tucker Carlson Says He Was 'Wrong' About Ukraine but Blames Kamala Harris

It is a war crime to attack a nuclear power plant.

Eric Boehlert: DeSantis bullies teenagers and the press plays dumb

Barr Says Trump Was Responsible for Capitol Riots

Ukraine war: 'My city's being shelled, but mum won't believe me'

IMO, Putin's "out" would be to issue a statement like "I think I've made my point . . . . "

As Texas targets trans kids, their families scramble to find lawyers

Russians reportedly fighting Russians near Kyiv

March 4th for Ukraine and her allies

Biden Boom

If you think you can stomach a little Soviet humor...

UK Deputy PM said government could confiscate mansions of Russian oligarchs

Volodymyr Zelensky survives 3 assassination attempts in days.

More Russian attacks on civilians.

The Economist: Russians are trying to flee Putin's chaos

Across the Desk - S5:E7 (The GOP Attack on LGBTQ Americans)

NATO will not establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine, per Secretary General Stoltenberg

NATO won't establish no-fly zone over Ukraine, Stoltenberg says

Russia Can Now Jail People for 15 Years for Tweeting About the War on Ukraine

The Twins in the Hallway

Worse than SWIFT: 2 shipping monopolies stop delivering containers to Russia

Last Vestiges of Russia's Free Press Fall Under Kremlin Pressure

Can someone contact Ayanna Pressley & inform her, please.

I have a patient on my schedule today coming in for cognitive testing.

New Michigan audit debunks dead voter theory in 2020 election

Two probably unanswerable questions about Putin.

Maybe It's Time to Restart the "Dive Under Your Desk" A-Bomb Drills.

Who's in Putin's inner circle and running the war?

On this day, March 4, 1974, ABBA released the single and the album "Waterloo."

Is your internet connection twitchy?

Why has Russia's 64km convoy near Kyiv stopped moving?

Do you ever get the feeling that Vladimir Putin is running scared?

Can we all exhale and breathe for a minute

'Kyiv' or 'Kiev' -- Here's why the difference is political

Man who brutally beat HS student with shovel asks for reduced sentence

Man who brutally beat HS student with shovel asks for reduced sentence

The way it's looking, Ukraine will fall to russia. ( I really hope NOT)

CNN reporter identifies strange moment in new Putin speech (CNN)

Fixing A Hole

If this has already been posted here I apologize

Russian senator admit horrible losses in Ukraine

'Enemy of humankind': Ex-Russian oligarch speaks out about Putin

Russia's isolation over Ukraine war grows at UN rights body

LIVE: White House news briefing amid Russian attack on Ukraine

The heck? Russian official includes "liberal-fascism" as "fascism" it claims it's fighting against

Man held in Vegas hookah lounge killing

The under reported act of unprecedented dereliction of duty.

Russia condemned for 'reckless' nuclear plant attack (CNN)

Won't Have To Have An Insurrection If You Let The Trumpists Count All The Votes

Bruce Hornsby, The Range - Lost Soul

Hacker Group Anonymous Declares 'Cyber War' On Putin's Russia

Did Putin and crew only consider right wing sources of news from the US/rest of world?

March 4 birthdays: 1925 - Paul Mauriat; 1936 - Eric Allandale; 1944 - Bobby Womack

Found on Facebook...

Putin foe calls on Russians to protest against war across the world

BREAKING: UA Student Unions ends partnership with Yandex

Suffer the poor Russian cats

'I'm never going back.' Philly teachers on why there's a surge in midyear resignations

Remember this insane statement? "May not be politically correct, but we need Russia to make the G8"

A question from Lviv to the world: are you going to leave us to face the Kremlin's madman alone?

UN Security Council Holds Meeting

Predicting Putin next Level

In size, Ukraine is slightly smaller than Texas.

I guess Putin wants to be remembered like Stalin.

The Freedumb Convoy just passed through

I'm all for all these sanctions on Russia

'It's Almost Like a Secret Society': The Perils of Being Democrat in a Trump Town

From Bernice King: Would you share these words from my father today?

State Bar Announced John Eastman Ethics Investigation

Small potatoes in the larger scheme...

Republicans fall in line against final push to expand felon voting rights in Virginia

Am *stunned* - Norm LEWIS singing "Stars" from Les Miserables

Supreme Court reinstates death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

More than 10 million people may end up fleeing their homes in Ukraine, UN estimates

In the meantime, in St. Petersburg

The Ten Thousand by Harold Coyle

BBC resurrects WWII-era shortwave broadcasts as Russia blocks news of Ukraine invasion

And then there's Lindsey Graham...

20% of ALL orders today benefit the CARE's Ukraine crisis fund!!!

For the same reason why Putin has never shot at a US airplane

Florida legislature passes bill banning abortions after 15 weeks

Elon Musk dares United Autoworkers to try to unionize Tesla

Daniel Faalele 6'8" 384 pounds. Australian via U Minnesota

China pulls Premier League TV coverage over shows of solidarity with Ukraine

Pat Metheny Group - Phase Dance - 1989

Without looking it up, the actor who has portrayed the most real life people? Man was I ever wrong!

American involvement

Some of dis and Some of dat

'My future is taken away from me': Russians flee to escape consequences of Moscow's war

Biden's approval jumps 8 point after state of the union

Would it be possible

So everyone was so eager to close the book on the Cold War...

President Biden's "overall approval rating jumped to 47%, up 8 points from the NPR poll last month.

Another school shooting

Russia's Unprecedented Shelling of Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Raises Fears of Another Chernobyl

There should be an investigation of the Bay Leaf Cartel

Ukrainians steal a mortar with a motor bike.

Nail Salon Workers Exposed To High Levels Of Toxic Chemicals, New Study Reveals

Sources: Dallas Cowboys WR Amari Cooper likely to be released

The Bubble - Judd Apatow Comedy - Official Trailer - Netflix - Streams 4/1/2022

I've been avoiding watching much news lately. As encouraging as Ukraine's resistance has been

I'm on-call all next week. I set my ring tone to the theme from 'The Mandalorian'.

Key U.S. provider of Internet to Russia is cutting


Putin's Bodyguards Rewarded with Land and Power

"The Entire staff of the Russian TV channel "the rain" resigned during a live stream with last words

Call me crazy, I believe Biden should call Putins bluff on nuclear weapons.

*IF* Marjorie Taylor Greene is in the majority side this time next year, would it be fair to ask her

Putin Isn't Just Insane. It's Far Worse Than That.

Russian Commanders Killed In Ukraine As Military Campaign Falters, Says Western Official

Opinion: The Justice Dept. and the Jan. 6 inquiry make moves to snare Trump - Rubin

Third Hit on Zelensky Fails as Putin Sparks 'Nuclear Terror'

Tennessee hearing on book bans goes completely sideways

Will Hillary have to flee the country?

Lawrence O'Donnell tweet:

None of us know what's in Putin's head, but as disturbing as it is, he could be engaging in

Idaho mother: "The school does not need to teach our children how to do oral sex. That's my job."

Some seem to be in favor of us imposing a no-fly zone in Ukraine, but let's take it a step

A note to the warmongering idiot fuckwads.

Why, Moscow Mitch?

State of Kentucky's Teachers Retirement System was the second-largest shareholder for Sberbank

How the Ukraine war exposed Western media bias

Opinion: A speech that moved Biden to the center - Marcus

Alexander Vindman on Ukraine

U.S. provider of Internet to Russia is cutting service there, citing 'unprovoked invasion of Ukraine

How about a 'Report an Oligarch' hotline?

Lewis Black on Nuclear Holocaust

We all watching a convoy and wondering why it's stalled.

(T)rumps reach deal to postpone depositions in New York attorney general investigation

Gaggle way down creek, ++, & later, sandbar

Beau of the Fifth Column: This dude's analysis is good.

In Tibilisi, Georgia

Russian Ruble now at $.008, or 80% of a cent.

Agitprop for Russian activists

A diverse resistance is taking shape in Lviv as residents get trained in warfare

Methodist conservatives to launch breakaway group in May

Summer's coming: Super easy, SO good pineapple/yogurt popsicles

Roger Stone Distances Himself From 'Stop the Steal' and Insurrection After WaPo Documentary Bombshel

All right who called Lindsey Graham a wimp again?

Opinion: The Supreme Court gets a taste of its own medicine - Milbank

Ukraine no fly zone for nuclear plants?

Looks like Cawthorn will be on the ballot.

A son explains why he turned his father in over the Jan. 6 attack

Sanctioned Russian billionaire banker Mikhail Fridman was locked out of the private-equity firm he c

BBC News suspends operations in Russia - tweet from interim director of BBC News

J.P. Morgan: War Spells Doom for Russian Economy

11 Advisers Told Trump There Was No Election Fraud

Suicide bombing kills 56 at Shiite mosque in Pakistan

People are flocking to Ukraine to take on the Russians. Here's what foreign vets who've done it say

Ukraine: Secret battle plans left behind by Russian troops showed Russia planned 15 day war

Fear of Martial Law Sparks Russian Exodus

Putin's Plan

A pair of cases on the Supreme Court's "shadow docket" could eviscerate legal safeguards protecting

EU considers energy sanctions on Russia after nuclear power plant attack

Armed Jan. 6 rioter had zip ties during Capitol attack, friend testifies at trial (Reffitt)

Biden May Extend Student Loan Freeze

Labor shortages prompt DHL and Boston Dynamics to rely on robots for help

When the public thinks up is down, it's time to rethink coverage

interesting email from the IT dept where I work...

Convoy picks up cars and anti-Ukraine talking points ahead of Washington arrival

Did The Simpsons predict in 1998 the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine?

U.S. offers temporary legal status to Ukrainians, citing Russian attack

New poll finds majority of Swedes in favour of joining Nato

America's culture war is spilling into actual war-war

Newsom unveils plan for California mental health courts to help homeless

Jeff Beck -Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Elton John - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Homeless Matt Damon Forced To Sell Kidney After Losing Everything In Crypto Pump And Dump Scheme

Some thoughts about the Russian plan to conscript protesters

Ukraine war: 'My city's being shelled, but mum won't believe me'

Speaking his mind with sincerity and courage

Cruz knocks Graham's call to assassinate Putin: 'An exceptionally bad idea'

Wealthy Russians look to sell U.S. real estate everywhere from Fisher Island to Billionaires' Row

NYAG, Trump family agree to postpone depositions

'Missed': Zelensky taunts Russia with image of apparent missile part near his presidential residence

Autocracies now harbor 70% of the world population

How to make ricotta cheese, easily.

Steve Winwood - Roll With It (live performance 2020)

Roger Stone Documentary Footage Busts Congressional Republicans In 1/6 Plot

It's all about Vlad: 'Unite' around Putin, Kremlin urges Russians amid Ukraine war

White House sides with Congress over contentious cyber bill

Saw this on Facebook had to share

Probably going to get in trouble here (university building names, eugenics, and Nazis)

Mayor Adams scraps NYC's indoor vaccine mandate, school mask rules as COVID cases drop: 'We are

US White Supremacist Propaganda Was At Historically High Levels In 2021, New Study ADL

2 Million Washingtonians Impacted By T-Mobile Data Breach

"Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis who was born in Ukraine started a GoFundMe to support Flexport &

In Mariupol, locals loot the Port City, the biggest mall.

Florida students walk out of class in protest of 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Gregg Allman, Vince Gill & Zac Brown - Midnight Rider (live in Atlanta, 2014)

Trump Says 'Taiwan Is Next' Amid War Chaos - Rebel HQ

Putin May Be on His Way to Defeating Himself


Ukraine to join NATO cyber defense center as 'contributing participant'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia shelling a nuclear plant....

3 March: Mendelssohn's "Scottish Symphony" Was Premiered

Russia says it's blocking Facebook in alarming new censorship push

Barack Obama: How You Can Help the People of Ukraine

Alan Alda offering perspective on war

and there you have it......Chuck Grassley, 88, Is for sure running FOR HIS 8th TERM 😳 🤮 😳

Tweet of the Week

Russia bans Facebook.

American fast food still fueling Russia?

BBC has halted entire news operation in Russia.

California cop gets 6 years for shooting mentally ill man

Why are Kansas City's airwaves filled with pro-Putin 'Radio Sputnik' propaganda?

Russia considers suspending elections.

I might be putting together a vigil for peace and

Historians on what Putin gets wrong about 'Denazification' in Ukraine

Russia's stock market closed for fifth day in a row

Ukraine defense minister says they've taken more Russian equipment than procured in 8 years

Melitopol today: unarmed residents are protesting against the occupiers.

Russian lawmakers approve prison for 'fake' war reports

Ukraine citizens should leave information packets

Former NATO commander & former US Ambassador to NATO: 6 ways to help Ukraine survive right now

U.S. Jobs Market Thumps Forecasts With 678,000 New Hires on Payrolls

Florida lawmakers approve strictest abortion ban in state's history

Russia blocks Twitter after Facebook.

Photo: One of the Ukrainian heros 🇺🇦

"We are liberating Ukraine from their oppression, and we will MURDER YOU if you disagree!1!"

Yandex about to fold?

At the airport in Tel Aviv, Russian aircraft are signaled by the flag of Ukraine 🇺🇦

Cartoons 3/4/2022

too bad! "Federal judge halts legal challenge to Madison Cawthorn's candidacy

Amtrak engineer Brandon Bostian found not guilty in 2015 deadly train derailm

Comments from Biden coming up. CNN 3:07 PM EST

Bill to set minimum hospital staffing dies in state Senate

Ted Liu on Ukraine

EXPLAINER: How dangerous was Russia's nuclear plant strike?

Igor Sechin: the epitome of power in Putin's Russia

Behind Sandbags, Ukraine's Leader Meets the Media

False claims about Zelensky leaving Ukraine

Trump discussing Russia with John Daly on speaker phone is something else

Tankers carrying Russian natural gas to the UK are diverted as British dockworkers refuse to handle

Economic Warfare's Collateral Damage

Putin tried to break the international order -- it will hold him accountable

Foreign minister accuses Russian soldiers of rape in Ukrainian cities

Julia Ioffe: It's nice to see an American administration that sees Putin clearly and realistically.

In televised address to people of Europe, Zelensky warns that if Ukraine falls, Europe will fall

Inspectors are not allowed into damaged nuclear plant. Workers

Will TFG and the other mobbed-up republicans weep when Putin is taken out

Born into war: Inside a Ukrainian maternity hospital

COVID Infects Penis, Testicles and Prostate - Causes Pain, Erectile Dysfunction, Reduced Sperm Count

Using only a phone, Zelenskiy is trading in that most human of qualities: hope

Four words from my brother that breaks my heart.

What's your ringtone?

Bill Browder: Linklaters pulls out of Russia, first major international law firm to do so

Bill Browder: Linklaters pulls out of Russia, first major international law firm to do so

Daily Distraction 4/3/22

Appeal for help for animals from Ukraine

Richard Hall@_RichardHall: Zelenskyy gives live address to massive anti-war demonstration in Georgia

NYT: Instagram and WhatsApp, more popular than FB in Russia, unaffected by Facebook ban

How much warning would we have on an incoming ICBM on the East Coast from russia?

Are the Ukrainians using mines?

Dog Had Been Through So Much, People Couldn't Tell Her Breed

Ukraine reportedly dealing with looters in a VERY unconventional and humiliating way

Zelensky Survives Third Assassination Attempt As Putin Tips Towards Psychosis

Historian Heather Cox Richardson: Interview with President Biden, 2/25/2022

Pileated Woodpecker

Bob Rae Tweet (Canada's UN Representative)

Today's episode of "To Catch a Yacht": yacht belonging to Alexey Alexandrovits Mordaschov

James Bond is Fictional

I decided it was time to have "the talk" with my daughter.

Judge approves fix to stem race bias in NFL concussion deal

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 4, 2022

Ukraine Will Win - MeidasTouch

Saw on Seth Meyers' show. . .

Is anyone in the U.S. organizing public demonstrations in support of Ukraine?

S&P Dow Jones is removing Russian stocks from indexes.

BBC Russia websites restricted. Advice on how to access BBC News

Decades of Neglect Leave IRS in Tax Season 'Chaos'

Republicans Are At Each Other's Throats As Rick Scott Goes After Mitch McConnell

We've moved from covid to putrid.

House Select Committee Files Court Pleading Saying Evidence Shows Trump committed Crimes Against US

Daily touch of France - Friday edition - Life on the street in Aix

MythBusters cohost Jamie Hyneman asked Ukraine's official Twitter account to share a message

A Russian general has been killed in the fighting in Ukraine

Interesting development - actually TRICKY interesting development on the feral front

"Amazing singer"

Russia Jolts Global Fertilizer Market by Seeking End to Exports

Key U.S. provider of Internet to Russia is cutting service there, citing 'unprovoked invasion of Ukr

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby holds a news briefing

EXCLUSIVE China asks state insurers to review exposure to Russia, Ukraine-sources

In my lifetime I've seen my country involved in a lot of lousy wars

Let's talk about why Lindsey Graham is on Russian TV....

MTG gaslight. Disgusting.

Pence to GOP: Stop 'fighting yesterday's battles'

NY Times: "BBC revives shortwave radio dispatches in Ukraine, and draws ire of Russia."

What do you call it when administration officials know POTUS is trying to overthrow the government

Russia Arrested Over 5,000 Protesters Who May Be Conscripted Into Their Military

TCM tonight:

Texas far-right conservatives spent millions to oust House GOP leaders, to little avail

Chrixto Aivalis: Trump Jr. FURIOUS his Daddy STOLE his Inheritance

John Romero releases new Doom II map to "support the Ukrainian people"

Christo Aivalis: Rudy Giuliani THREATENS Trump in PUBLIC

A Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Is Now A War Zone. Here's What That Means

Trump lawyer John Eastman says court will prove 'presidential criminality' if it rules against him

Republicans Have Nothing to Offer on Ukraine

Christo Aivalis: Trump is Pleading INSANITY to Avoid Prison

Loosen Up, Tyrants & Terrorists

Huge crowd in Tbilisi, Georgia listens to Zelinskyy (amazing video)

The Suwalki Gap

(Jewish Group) Jewish sensitivity in publishing and Hollywood

Mila Kunis vows to match $3M in donations for Ukrainian refugees


is there a repaclement if putin goes down or will there be a power vaccum with wannabes trying to

*NSFW* Directions: Putin ass.

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Russia not cooperating on proposed humanitarian corridor in Kherson

We should send some Boston Dynamics robots to Ukraine.

I'm not holding my breath, but this is interesting

Running thread about Putin's war crimes: Let's list them here. I'll start.

White House: VP Kamala Harris will travel to Warsaw, Poland and Bucharest, Romania March 9-11.

There's just no disputin'

So a ton in Congress -including Republicans and Democrats alike,

Pence: No room in GOP for 'apologists for Putin'

Cool! the army (+active citizens) captured more abandoned Russian military equipment

Bill Barr's Revisionist BS by Elie Honig

Pence to GOP: Stop 'fighting yesterday's battles'

truck convoy arrives in Hagerstown MD

Harvard Health Publications: 'Fighting Inflammation' E-Course

We have elections in this country which are dominated by big money and corporate interests.

Biden to address Democratic retreats next week

Harris to travel to Poland, Romania next week

DC Circuit again denies release of alleged Proud Boys leader Ethan Nordean.

Listener points out inconvenient truths about America's incursions similar to Russia in Ukraine

Battle Beast - Wild Child (W.A.S.P. Cover - Japanese Bonus Track

February Jobs Report shows Biden & Progressives' economic competence. Win the message!

La Horsa Bianca - China Cat Sunflower [in Ukrainian]

The U.S. Army's V Corps will deploy the bulk of its headquarters to Europe

Betty White donated for years to this Texas animal sanctuary. Meet her namesake baby donkey.

Number of Russian entities sanctioned so far, by country (USA is way behind)

Just got a notification that my financial planner is pulling ALL of my investments out of Europe.

Argentinian bishop sentenced to prison for sexual abuse despite pope's defense

Argentinian bishop sentenced to prison for sexual abuse despite pope's defense

Photographic evidence of the destruction of the worlds largest cargo plane, the AN225 (edited)

Don't need support but got some good news today.

'Putin's nightmare' as Russian soldiers revolt and security forces 'overwhelmed' at home

Cartoon: DeBully By Clay Jones -March 4, 2022 10:31 AM

Svengoolie for Saturday night, March 5, 2022: "Dracula's Daughter"

Bay Area cop sentenced to 6 years in prison in fatal shooting of unarmed Filipino man

My Grandma turns 99 on Sunday

Scary thought:

Could pinning Putin to the GOP be an effective strategy for Dems in the upcoming midterm elections?

Motley Fool: Why ArcelorMittal Stock Crashed Today

48 Republican senators decide COVID-19 is no longer a problem

Ha! The truckers' convoy has shifted gears! No pun intended!

Biden tightens 'Made in America' loophole to boost domestic manufacturing

Music producers: Soundtoys donating all proceeds through March 8 to Ukraine

Just A Reminder Of How Toxically Insecure Putin is. Do You Remember 19 Years Ago When He Planned To

The second part of the CHiPs "Roller Disco" episode is about to come on.

New York Lt. Gov. Benjamin says his expense 'double dip' fixed

Biden becoming a war president

Pro-Putin, anti-gay and QAnon: Meet Delaware's most embarrassing Republican

Toad The Wet Sprocket - Fall Down (live acoustic)

Capitol rioter from Idaho gets 4 years for attacking police

Residents of Kyiv do whatever it takes to resist Russian invasion

Apartment building shelled in Irpin Ukraine (outside Kyiv)

Intel official: Russia planning public executions after Ukrainian cities captured

Leonard Nimoy, the son of immigrants from Iziaslav, Ukraine.

I dedicate this song to the brave people of Ukraine:

"Lindsey Graham is either at your throat or at your feet." --Charlie Sikes on MSNBC just now

Dancing Ukrainian soldier that was feared to have been killed, returns live and well.

Twitter bans over 100 accounts that pushed #IStandWithPutin

Amb. McFaul: Putin's Fight In Ukraine 'Is Just A Proxy War For His Fight Against' The U.S. - MSNBC

King Tut's 'dagger from outer space' may have been a gift from abroad

Pity Those Who Need God To Be Good

"No To War": Entire Staff Of Russian TV Channel Resigns Live On-Air

Sen. Whitehouse Delivers Floor Speech on Ending Kleptocracy's March

How To Shield Against Russia's Cyberattacks - MSNBC

"No to war" were the last words broadcast on this independent Russian TV station

Mr. Cat let me pet him today!

Former Mayor, Honored as 'Citizen of the Year' by Boy Scouts, Possessed Child Porn

The greater majority of the world is condemning putin's war in Ukraine...

If you believe the crap on the History Channel extraterrestrials will

Ukrainian sailors blew up their own flagship to prevent its capture by Russia

TFG Is 'Stray Orange Hair To Be Flicked Off Nation's Sleeve,' Says Writer

BBC News 'dark web' Tor mirror for Ukraine

Thousands--listening to Volodymyr Zelenskyy today 3/4/2022

Former Deputy Accused of Raping 14-Year-Old Girl to Avoid Prison and Sex Offender Status

Among the reasons Putin chose to invade Ukraine now

'We Need To Get Weapons Into The Hands Of Ukrainians' Says Adm. Stavridis - Deadline - MSNBC


I honestly don't know how talking to Putin will do any good, It seems useless

black and white tv memories .

Wait five minutes and Ukrainian farmer will show up with his tractor

Ukraine: Will Mama Dog Come Back After Explosions ?

Russians carpet bombing civilians. Not graphic but it is disturbing

Florida Mom Struck Teacher for Saying 'Learn How to Raise Your Child'

It was 1966. 6th grade.

Ukrainian drone enthusiasts sign up to repel Russian forces

Anybody watching Ari Melber?

Anger and insults: Documents show DOJ pushed back bluntly at Trump effort

Director of nonprofit that has taken in $1.5M for the 'People's Convoy' pleaded guilty to fraud

Samsung & Cartier cut off Russia.