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Biden administration moves to cut smog-forming pollution from heavy trucks

A Huge Cocaine Lab Was Found Inside a World Heritage Site in Bolivia

The Gods Offer No Rewards For Intellect

Movie Theater Checking Bags After Live Bat "Prank" Interrupts The Batman Showing

New footage of Roger Stone about 1/6/21

A "No Fly Zone" is not an act of war, it's an act of HUMANITY.

Rural Idaho town part of trend: Conservatives seeking escape from liberal politics

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about truth, lies, and video in Ukraine....

'We Cannot Sanitize War When It Comes To Targeting Civilians' Says NYT Photojournalist

I keep getting a "permission denied" notice

The one weapon the Ukrainian people have in DROVES is their Beauty.

Zelenskyy speech tonight FROM HIS OFFICE

Idaho tells TX to "hold my beer" on anti-trans bill

Oil Is 'One Of The Few Lifelines Russia Has' To 'Pay Bills, Soldiers, Buy Weapons': Gallego

Superyacht disappears the day of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Anyone know how to participate in

Controversial rock art may depict extinct giants of the ice age

Controversial rock art may depict extinct giants of the ice age

Gov. Wolf to fleeing Ukrainians: 'You are safe and welcome here'

I would have said NO. (Nothing bad happens, I promise)

How are the Big Sanctions hurting Russia so far?

Japan's Hikikomori problem NHK World

Supply chain issues dent Lucid Motor's projected production output

Rachel Vindman now receiving threats of violence after..

Bill Barr Has Direct Evidence of Trump's Criminal Intent & Must be Subpoenaed by DOJ for Grand Jury

I'm surrounded by geniuses.

Russia's Ukraine Invasion Could Break Oil's Grip On U.S. Politics

Protests in Russia threatens the country's stability. Day 11.

Texas county finds 10K uncounted ballots from primary day

Betrayal of Ukraine: Republicans obstruct vital humanitarian aid while seeking profits for Big Oil

Christo Aivalis: Donald Trump KICKED OUT of Fancy Event

The incredible N.Y. Buskers

Ukraine takes Russia to court, but Moscow's representatives are a no-show

So, Putin threatens nuclear war if we dare to defend Ukraine militarily and the *&@# Republicans

Why Is Ukraine's Internet Still Up? Perhaps Because the Invaders Need It

America's Constitution is terrible. Let's throw it out and start over.

I am reacting viscerally to news out of UKR as if it were my own country.

Bobby L. Rush@RepBobbyRush🚨 NEWS: The Senate just unanimously passed my Emmett Till #Antilynching

Marrakesh Express

3 Battle Proven Russian Flag Officers confirmed ... DEAD !!!

The next time you run to the store to buy communist china made junk that floods our markets

We're trying everything to avoid WWIII, acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine says

Jeopardy 03/07 - SPOILER

Senate passes Emmett Till Antilynching Act of 2022

'People's Convoy' Truckers 'Escalate' D.C. Tactics but Fail Miserably Again

Protective barriers erected at Russian embassy after truck drives through gates

Word keeps denying me permission to view my own files.

Murdoch-Owned Outlets Ignore Their Own Role in Hate Crime Surge

Odessa braces for Russian assault as humanitarian conditions deteriorate

Cold Weather Blast To Bring Lowland Rain, Mountain Snow To PNW

One of ICE's former acting directors was also among attendees at white nationalist event

Average price for a gallon of regular gas in Washington hits record high

Priceless NFT Artwork Vandalized With Spray Paint Tool

Haven't Heard Much About This - But What Is The Covid Situation In Ukraine & Russia?.....

Here's why a no-fly zone over Ukraine is off the table

Pentagon to shut down leaking fuel tank facility in Hawaii

Pentagon to shut down leaking fuel tank facility in Hawaii

Pro-Trump PAC Exec Rants About Hillary After Feds Charge Him for Ponzi Scheme

How Confidence Became a Cult

Olena Gnes coming up on Anderson Cooper

Powerful. pic of VP Harris leading the March across the Edmund Pettus Bridge

Poutine or Putin? People are conflating fries and gravy with the Russian president.

Top Democrats, Republicans say they have deal to ban Russian energy imports as U.S. stock markets se

Top Democrats, Republicans say they have deal to ban Russian energy imports as U.S. stock markets se

AMSAT-OSCAR 7 - Use by Polish anticommunist opposition

SELMA/Powerful Speech & pic of VP Harris leading the March across the Edmund Pettus Bridge

Ukraine Interactive Map

Putin Is Running Out of Options

Tomorrow, March 8th, is International Women's Day

Decision Time for the West - Freedom or Fascism

Sting: «HELP UKRAINE» (2022) News of Ukraine

Yo-Yo Ma begins performance at Kennedy Center with Ukraine's national anthem

Anti-Lynching Bill Headed for Biden's Desk

Twitter thread from Ukrainian MP Dmytro Gurin

Where are the super yachts? Looks like they are on the run!

'20th Hijacker' Is Returned to Saudi Arabia for Mental Health Care

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Two MIT students just solved Richard Feynman's famed physics puzzle

Michigan state House candidate posts, calling feminism 'a Jewish program to degrade white men'

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will end up winning by a solid to slight margin.

Little Ukranian girl brightens up Kyiv bomb shelter.

Can Ukrainian Freedom Fighters Stand Up to the Russian Military? History Suggests They Can

UPDATE: Really getting upset. My son hasn't heard from his Ukrainian girlfriend in 56 hours.

Ukraine invasion: False claims the war is a hoax go viral

The Republican Accountability Project ran this ad during Tucker Carlson's show:

Fascinating to see Ali Velshi in Hungary tonight;

There has been a lot of discussion about why the

Jen Psaki schools Peter Doocy on gas prices

Carl Stamitz - 'Viola Concerto'

Opinion:A novel way for Democrats to fight the culture wars in the 2022 elections

Russia Just Released List Of 'Unfriendly' Countries, And Twitter Users Have Thoughts

Marco Lopez, Democratic candidate for Arizona governor, linked to bribery scheme in Mexico

J&J's Controversial Prison Testing Resurfaces in Baby Powder Lawsuits

Uh oh, 10k mail-in ballots 'found' uncounted in Texas

Trucker convoy won't enter D.C. out of fear government will do to us what they did to Jan. 6 rioters

Disney+ Orders "Muppets Mayhem" Series

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis share update as they raise millions for Ukraine: 'We're going to make

Note to Puteen: How much does it suck to be you?

The Sedition Party Threatens Political Violence To Intimidate The DOJ Into Not Investigating Trump

'Turning To Cruelty': As Putin's Plans Fail, Russian Troops Escalate Attacks On Civilians - The Beat

Putin DECIMATES His Own Stock Market

Our State's Moscow 8 Member, Sen. Jerry Moran, Just Sent This Email

Ukrainian actor who joined resistance against Russian invasion is killed during shelling

Rarely happens, but every now and again I'm startled by something.

"Holy fuck. This is Russian idea of liberation in Mariupol." MP Dmytro Gurin

So we surrender to become landlocked...fuck you vlad...

'Under Threat': Ukrainians Race To Protect Cultural Heritage Amid Russian Attacks - The Beat - MSNBC

Wow. I didn't realize that Denmark still has coal plants, but they do and they're operating now.

Pro-Trump PAC chief charged with Ponzi scheme blames Hillary Clinton for his legal woes

Blue and yellow flowers for Ukraine:

Ex-Rand Paul aide pardoned by Trump is charged with funneling Russian money into 2016 election

Former Quebec premier will join Pierre Poilievre in the race to become next Conservative leader

Which MA US Senator is going to retire 1st and who will be their successor?

Bill Bramhall "Russia's Frozen Assests"

Russian military communications intercepted after they destroyed 4G towers needed for secure calls

Inspiring Moments Of Humanity In Ukraine Amid Russian Attack - The Beat - MSNBC

What is the trumper/RW equivalent of the Z in Russia?

McDonald's and Coca-Cola boycott calls grow over Russia

War in Ukraine: how far will Putin go? The Economist

A 'punitive model' for failing schools: GOP proposal would let charters take over district schools

The tiny radio station broadcasting Russian propaganda in D.C.

Ron Johnson says GOP should have plan ready for repealing Obamacare

Sun set, moon setting.

New Hampshire Senate candidate blames Green New Deal authors for invasion of Ukraine

Russia's Proposed Humanitarian Corridors Sends Ukrainian Refugees Into Russia - MSNBC

Vlad threatens with 12% of total world output...FUCK YOU VLAD...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about NATO, oil, Venezuela, and Ukraine...

Watch: 'Why I'm staying in Kyiv to bake hundreds of pies'

Far-right House Republicans want to delay Ukraine aid amid deadly Russian attacks

The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder: Ukraine's Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, Explained

The Emmett Till Story - The Emmett Till anti-lynching Bill was Passed Today!! 3.7.2022

Ukrainian MP: The World Is Watching Execution Of Our Children, Women, Civilians - All In - MSNBC

UKRAINE KEEPS HOLDING! Current Ukraine Invasion Info With the Enforcer (Day 12)

The Emmett Till Story - The Emmett Till anti-lynching Bill was Passed Today!! 3.7.2022

CORRECTION; 30/45 more helicopters out of action...

Anti-Russian hate in Europe is making chefs and school children out to be enemies

Fighting Disinformation Can Feel Like a Lost Cause. It Isn't.

Chris Hayes: The Cost Of Relying On Corrupt Regimes For Energy - All In - MSNBC

Oh the irony?

Ukraine war latest: Talks end with no major outcome +++ Thousands arrested in Russia DW News

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about truth, lies, and video in Ukraine....

U.S. Should Lead The World In Ending Dependence On Russian Oil Says Sen. Merkley - All In - MSNBC

Ukrainian Ambassador Bomb (like a Psaki bomb....but Ukrainian)

China calls Russia its chief 'strategic partner' despite war

Only 2 choices - ON EDIT, make it 3

Does there come a point at which the world must call Putin's nuke bluff?

'Barbaric Action': Ukrainian Tennis Star On Populace Bombarded By Russian Shelling - The ReidOut

Thread on the truck convoys

"Hi. I'm from Ohio."

Republican talking points on the Keystone Pipeline are pure BS

Putin Turning Back Clock On Information Age With Journalism, Social Media Crackdowns - The ReidOut

Bob Seger - Hollywood Nights

An original about the alt and religious right - They Want Freedom

It was bash Democrats night at the VFW, I turned the tables

Anyone like "The Great Gig in the Sky" inspired songs

Florida Republican accidentally fact-checks his own lie that the 'don't say gay' bill doesn't single

As Russia's Military Stumbles, Its Adversaries Take Note

Americans Demand End of US Blockade Against Cuba

The Daily Show: Ukrainians Brave Invasion as Putin Blocks Independent Media in Russia

Elon Musk speaks with Ukraine President Zelensky

"Sorry. Try again"

Former Tenn. deputy accused of raping 14-year-old strikes deal to avoid prison, sex offender status

Russia Bombs Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants, Disaster Fears Explode

Tiedrich Tweet:

Venezuela's Maduro says work agenda agreed with U.S. delegation

Deer have antlers, walruses have tusks - here's why so few birds have weapons of their own

Trump Loves Putin--And Don't Ever Forget It

SCOTUS shoots down GOP's attempts to block congressional maps in Pennsylvania and North Carolina

McFaul: Captured Russians Have No Explanation For Why They're In Ukraine - The Last Word - MSNBC

Colombian Kingpin "Don Carlos" Florentino Fernandez Captured in Spain

Wordle in four again...

UKR advisor predicts Kyiv attack within days

Without Google what famous American has both a Sea Shepherd's ship and prison supply company

'Lie Back and Enjoy It' if Raped, State Rep. Jokes He'd Tell Daughters

Gandalf - Me About You (1967)

Lawrence O'Donnell: 'A No-Fly Zone Is Actually An Aerial Combat Zone' - The Last Word - MSNBC

My "WTF?" story of the day, 4 and 5 year old kids beat a teacher senseless...

Seth Meyers - Trump Suggests Putting Chinese Flags on U.S. Fighter Jets to Bomb Russia: A Closer Look

The US Blockade of Cuba Must End

Mentally ill Guantanamo detainee repatriated to Saudi Arabia


Ancient Mexican city endured for centuries without extremes in wealth and power

Russia Escalates Shelling In Ukraine - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Vaccine Delivery Canceled to Country That Did Not Condemn Russia

Ancient Mexican city endured for centuries without extremes in wealth and power

What would happen if Russia collapsed?

Pussy Riot Founder To Russian Protesters: 'Use Your Voice While You Still Can' - The Last Word - MSNBC

What does this mean?

Tweet of the Late Night:

7 free things to do in Havana

In Texas trip, Biden to call for more health care for vets

Texas artists explore weaponization of border in Pittsburgh exhibition

No one should expect the Russian people to suddenly rise up against Putin now

Johnson, Cruz to meet with trucker convoy Tuesday in DC

Driver Who Rammed Russian Embassy Gates: 'I've Done My Bit, Lads'

At Hungarian Border, Ukrainian Refugees Defy Russian Invasion With Hope - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Charged with fraud, Tennessee rep resigns, reaches plea deal

"I can't talk now, they're bombing," the story of a Cuban in Ukraine

What Would a Ukraine-Russia Peace Deal Look Like? Anatol Lieven on Ways to End Putin's War

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slams 'hysterical little Lindsey Graham' for acting out 'war fantasies'

Poll night - am asking my York to choose. He needs company when I'm 5 minutes late.

PAUL KRUGMAN Why China Can't Bail Out Putin's Economy March 7, 2022

World Banks set to give 750 million in loans and grants to Ukraine. CNN

President Zelenskyy's exclusive interview with David Muir - ABC News

Paraguay's Narco-Politics Exposed By Colossal Anti-Drug Operation

Republicans court growing conservative voter bloc: Colombian Americans

Where was "Abe" in new West Side Story?

Russian news anchor says millions of Russians feel invasion is a catastrophe

The Truth About Vladimir Putin's Daughters

Georgia man who used COVID relief funds to buy Pokemon card sentenced to prison

Russia Announces Unfriendly Countries

Ukraine War: The 40 mile Convoy is Worse Than You Think

Americans Volunteer To Join Ukraine Fight - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Doocy Gets 4 Minutes of Questions, and Fux Noise Only Manages To Salvage EIGHT SECONDS Of It Without

Affidavit: UTRGV employee threatened mass shooting

Most Women Denied Abortions by Texas Law Got Them Another Way

tweet: dang. surprised nobody who works for greg abbott remembered to buy

Sanctions' Economic Bite Tests Russian Faith In Kremlin War Narrative - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win by a strong and slight margin.

Most Women Denied Abortions by Texas Law Got Them Another Way

U.S., NATO Dance Around Definition Of 'Co-Combatant' With Military Aid To Ukraine - TRMS - Ali Velshi

Kushner told Pfizer CEO 'he repped the US gov, which could "take measures" to enforce its will"

Pfizer's CEO says Jared Kushner wanted him to divert vaccine supplies from Canada, Japan, and Latin

"Dear Little Girl with the beautiful voice," (in ukraine shelter singing 'let it go' from frozen)

Traces of Ancient Life Discovered Deep in Earth's Mantle

Black Holes Are Proof We're Living in a Holographic Universe

Russian fuel convoy ambushed in Chernihiv

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

serial scammers get stiff prison sentences

The last time a Democrat won a US Senate in.

Second Russian General Killed in War, Ukraine Says

Tuesday Good Morning Spring Cafe Jazz and Bossa Nova to Drink Coffee To Live To Live

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/7/22

Elfrida Andree - '2 Romances for Violin and Piano'

Gov. Greg Abbott asks for task force to address Texas' teacher shortage

Anyone with a chronic illness or hidden disability knows what this is conveying.

Breakfast Tuesday 8 March 2022

The Starling, best thing I've seen on Netflix in a long time.

Stephen Colbert: Guest Anderson Cooper On The Ground In Ukraine

⚡️Zelensky: "International Committee of the Red Cross is forbidding us to use their emblem ...

D.C.-area forecast: Brighter but much cooler today;

If these # of Russian dead are correct it shows that if you are a Russian soldier you have a ...

I saw the AN 225 one time. Really a bummer it was destroyed

Russia Resorts to Desperate Threats to Cut Off Europe's Gas Supply

Idaho Lawmakers OK Legislation That Could Fine, Jail Librarians

Wordle 262 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

The President vs The Bunker Boy

Rep. Lauren Boebert Ridiculed For Hot Take On Ukraine And Guns

The truckers' convoy shows the boloney is over

Some thoughts/suggestions from a Russian friend.

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, March 8, 2022

We're experiencing weather here in Albuquerque. Last night I observed that it had

Retweeted by Vindman 2x: The 2nd installment of Molly McKew's essay on Ukraine

Shell Will Stop Buying Russian Oil

Tuesday TOONs - The SS Putanic

Latvian MP joins the Foreign Legion in Ukraine

Jury to begin deliberating in 1st trial over Capitol riot

Watch Tower's misuse of copyright to suppress criticism

Ukraines's ambassador to UN gives Russians some helpful mental health advice:

Russia's mysterious campaign against Jehovah's Witnesses

Satellite images show activity at North Korean nuclear site

Just a question. If energy production in the US was nationalized, what would a gallon of gas cost?

Shell won't buy any more Russian oil or gas

Al Jazeera: 'International Women's Day 2022: What's the theme and when is it?

Ex-News director who helped Russian Oligarch launch

And Here's Video Footage Of The Ongoing Flooding Inundating Sydney

Al Jazeera: 'In Pictures: International Women's Day around the world

⚡️Germany investigates Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

Long Live Anastasiia Yalanskaya (Ani stas sheeya Yalan sky-a)

How Believers in the Paranormal Birthed the Pentagon's New Hunt for UFOs

Dark-money groups fighting Biden's Supreme Court pick

Albuquerque city council repeals plastic bag ban

Albuquerque city council repeals plastic bag ban

Ukraine team defy heartbreak to win bittersweet Paralympic golds

Yo Yo Ma, Emanuel Ax, Leonidas Kavakos tribute to Ukraine

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 3/2/22

Ghosts of Comics' Past: March in Comic History - TV tie-ins, Groo, Klingons, and the military

Boomb Tube: The Week of Comic Book Television, 2/28/22-3/5/22

The Rundown: March 8, 2022

SCTV's 1981 Parody of Russian TV Propaganda

Finally, Democrats Bring A Knife To A Knife Fight

You raised $60.00 on March 7, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fund raiser!

#DragonBear Pushing Russia into even more dependence on China may not be exactly smart.

Come In From The Cold

Virginia moves to preserve more of its African American cemeteries * WTOP News

If you come in contact with A Trump voter, hand them this number and walk away.

Breaking: Biden to unilaterally ban all Russian energy imports today.

Ukrainian girl, ten, 'killed by drunken Russian soldiers'

John was born on this date.

Chinese media embedded with Russian military

Project 65. I hope this is true.

Activist group files petition for Loudoun County Public Schools to release sexual assault report.

Of course Putrid friendly FAUX propaganda outlet blames Biden for high gas prices

MI man pleads to trying to steal a helicopter to use to free Covid patients from hosptial

Anyone else get a "phishing" text regarding a shipment "from Whirlpool" that

David Rothkopf: "As we enter the energy war phase of this crisis. . ."

Huge Russian convoy falls off Media's Radar.

Jill Biden tweet to the women of Ukraine and Russia

FDR greets officers and men of the 6th Ranger Battalion in the Oval Office, March 8, 1945.

Powell Water Level So Low That Remnants Of Concrete Plant Last Seen In 1966 Emerging From Reservoir

Attention Indie film buffs! Check out Kanopy and Hoopla

I am sorry but the citizens of russia will have to suffer for their support of puketin.

Russia calls for return to 'peaceful co-existence' with U.S. like during Cold War -Interfax

With the cat food shortage, is anyone making their own?

cat 'Cleo'

cat 'Cleo'

Zelensky welcomes spring in Kyiv

Asking for help....

Gabor Szabo was born on this date.

The Other Side - David Gray

White House to ban imports of Russian oil

The Waifs - Lighthouse ( live )

I can't watch it anymore

Congratulations to all media outlets inviting Barr to lie-Viktor Yanukovych is laughing at you.

"I Was Wrong About Putin"

A Yale professor's list of companies staying in Russia has put the business world on notice

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 8, 2022

Russian Army using civilian trucks as transports now, yeah ... its that bad

O M G - Kharkiv evacuation, 2022

Ukraine invasion: False claims the war is a hoax go viral

Meanwhile - FG & kids Deposition deadline Thursday?

Minneapolis teachers strike after failing to reach contract

President Zelenskyy: 'I am not hiding - I am not leaving - I am not afraid'

Mark Meadows, his wife, Debra, and their trailer-home voter registration

'World-first' heart-thymus transplant success for Easton

Russians murder more Ukrainians.

Singer {Micky} Dolenz was #BornOnThisDay, March 8, 1945.

Russia enters WWI (clip from "Nicholas and Alexandra," 1971)

I'm seeing tweets miscontruing Zelensky's ABC interview as saying he will compromise with Russia

Actor Alan Hale, Jr. was #BornOnThisDay, March 8, 1921. His career spanned 4 decades but ...

I Was Wrong About Putin

How we all feel...

EDIT: U.N. Regional Information Centre for Western Europe bans use of "war" about Ukraine

President Biden is expected to announce a ban on Russian oil imports because of Ukraine

U.S. To Ban Russian Oil Imports

Pic Of The Moment: The New Axis Of Evil

Fighting Disinformation Can Feel Like a Lost Cause. It Isn't.

McFaul: Captured Russians Have No Explanation For Why They're In Ukraine

LIVE VIDEO: Biden Announces Ban On Russian Oil

EU announces its move towards GREATER renewable energy, cause yeah ... Russia

Hillary Clinton: It's Important For The World To Stand With Ukraine

TFG guy calls up the most washed-up professional athlete of all-time to rant. He's a big deal

Two brothers from different mothers

John Pavlovitz essay.

OK, I filled up the Chevy Trax with gas just now.

I got the recipe!

Narrator: 'She's not actually working'

LIVE: Biden Announces Ban on Import of Russian Oil

Phil Collins - Against All Odds

If you are a gamer, donate to the Bundle for Ukraine on!

Special Olympics Calls Off World Winter Games In Russia

⚡️Russians destroy central hospital in Izyum, Kharkiv Oblast.

Ukrainian boy, 11, traveled hundreds of miles alone to Slovakia, w/ only a passport & a plastic bag

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - So Far Away (live, 2006) + Dire Straits' studio version

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - So Far Away (live, 2006) + Dire Straits' studio version

Laurel Goodwin Dies: Elvis Presley Co-Star, Last Surviving Cast Member Of 'Star Trek' Pilot, Was 79

February 2022 Atmospheric CO2 Concentration: 419.28 ppm; Feb. 2021 416.75 ppm; Feb. 2020 414.34

Whenever gas prices increased significantly, sales of "gas guzzlers" dramatically decreased. This

Separating True American Patriots from Pretenders. How 'bout that Convoy?

Stevie Wonder, poignant as ever, regarding Ukraine

Twitter Clip: Mykolaiv region Russian surrender

Would-Be Cat Rescuer Needs His Own Rescue

Bob Dylan's 115th Dream

The last time a Republican won a US Senate Election in

So when will Mark Meadows be arrested?

Michael Cohen & Michael D'Antonio on BOMBSHELL Jan 6 Committee Filing - MeidasTouch

Longtime Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio charged with conspiracy in Jan. 6 attack on Capitol

Caspian Report - Russia's war in Ukraine is not going to plan

Can Biden freeze gas prices???

Hiker Calls 911 for Rescues Twice in 2 Days (Arizona)

LIVE: President Biden to announce a ban on Russian oil for the country's attack on Ukraine

Sources say Henry "Enrique" Tarrio was arrested for conspiracy in relation to Jan 6 insurrection

POLL: do you have an electric vehicle or hybrid?

Jen Psaki absolutely DISMANTLES Fox reporter OVER AND OVER - Brian Tyler Cohen

'Some kind of terrible dream' for Ukrainian women refugees

GET EM BIDEN!! Go right at the Russian talking point that his admin is keeping oil co from drilling

WHO says COVID boosters needed, reversing previous call

Police: 6 teens charged in drive-by shooting outside of East High

The European Union seeks independence from Russian oil and gas.

Ukrainian music !!! Tiny desk concert.

"I need ammo, not a ride."

Higher Prices At The Pump? Bring It On.

Making a cat chase video:

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Gone Gone Gone

I posted, "own the libs! Drive all you can as far as you can every day! Burn as much gas as possible

Tweet of the Day

Those Poor Americans - Luckovich

Source: QB Aaron Rodgers returning to play for Green Bay Packers

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 8, 2022)

Biden announces ban on Russian energy imports

If the oil companies...

A former sheriff's deputy, accused of raping a 14-year-old girl, makes a deal for no jail time

A poem from a Russian soldier to his mother

Just won an NFT. What do I do with it?

These 'Saint Javelin' stickers raised $470,000 for Ukraine aid in a week

Lead Exposure in Last Century Shrunk IQ Scores of Half of Americans

International Women's Day 2022

Love Chris Murphy! Slap down of Marsha Blackburn nonsense

"Russian forces are likely completing preparations for an assault to seize Kyiv"

San Diego gas prices now $5.48 gallon

San Diego gas prices now $5.48 gallon

Russian oligarch Vladimir Lisin comes out against Putin by calling for immediate end to Ukraine war

Number 1 on the UK charts for 5 weeks in 1972:

The Billion-Dollar Brackets of March Madness

I wish I could karaoke this good

Even in war, the GOP's search for ways to undermine Biden never ends

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a report on the Ukrainian pickle grandma....

So the exchange on Facebook (gas prices) went like this.

Biden Answered the 3 a.m. Call

Jen Psaki slams Doocy on oil: No one advocating for Iran acquiring Nuclear Weapon except for Trump.

Help - Trying to set up a wireless printer on a public network

I love it when right-wingers make my point for me

I am about done watching network TV (It's an Ohio thing)

How US-made heat pumps could help weaken Russian power over Europe

Trump and Putin Have Been Allies Against Ukraine

Companies still doing business in Russia

NFL sets salary cap at $208.2 million per team for 2022 season

Lone Star Project-Texans frozen and f*cked. Abbott got paid. . . by his own Texas oligarch.

Dems should be quoting the hell out of "the Putin wing of the GOP"

Gableman might have his contract extended...

Lone Star Project-Texans frozen and f*cked. Abbott got paid. . . by his own Texas oligarch.

Lone Star Project-Texans frozen and f*cked. Abbott got paid. . . by his own Texas oligarch.

Why would

We will rebuild our country with no trace of Russia, vows Volodymyr Zelensky

Today's Image Dump (3/8/22)

'Sent As Cannon Fodder': Locals Confront Russian Governor Over 'Deceived' Soldiers In Ukraine

Can we recognize some other faction to be the legitimate government of Russia?

NY Times leaves Russia!

I posted this in response to a thread, but this news about light antitank weapons gave me a boost,

New York Times pulls journalists from Russia amid media crackdown

No More Pencils, No More Books: The Ultimate Goal of All Those Anti-Education Bills

Tens of thousands of Russian gig workers left behind as tech platforms pull out

An Intelligent Hell Would Be Better Than ...

"Mask mandates may have been lifted elsewhere but they still apply on this train"

Paul Krugman pours cold water on on any Russian hope China will bail them out

Russians call Ukrainian hotline to search for lost soldiers

Menendez slams Biden administration over reported oil talks with Venezuela

Safe to eat a Big Mac!

Former NATO Soldier DESTROYS Official Ukraine War Narrative

As virus cases go from 1 to 24,000, New Zealand changes tack

Grandmother: Is this a liberation if I'm running away? (CNN)

Average gas price hits new record high on Tuesday

Marsha Blackburn is gonna need some SERIOUS unguent for this AOC burn:

Open source intelligence comes of age

The fast good company McDonalds has announced it will temporarily close its restaurants in Russia,

The woman being beaten here is Alexandra Kaluzhskikh, an antiwar protestor.

Nickel price surge could add $1,000 to production of an electric vehicle: Morgan Stanley

When a country becomes a battlefield and what it means for Ukrainian women

Disney CEO addresses silence on Florida 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Florida lawmakers pass 'Don't Say Gay' bill, send to Gov. DeSantis for signature

Disney CEO addresses silence on Florida 'Don't Say Gay' bill

White Nationalists Are Tearing Each Other Apart Over Ukraine

'Abject stupidity': Barr inadvertently admits Trump tried to get the Ukrainians to open investigatio

Easily the weirdest thing I've ever seen posted by a member of tfg's cult

Proud Boys leader charged with conspiracy in Capitol riot

Ukrainian military intelligence says Wagner Group dog tags have been found among Russians KIA

Ukrainian presidential advisor says the West is financing Russia's invasion with 'bloody money' from

Giant Dog Plays The Mama Role To The Smallest Piglet After He Was Rescued

Bottles, cans, batteries: octopuses found using litter on seabed

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

CIA Director says Putin 'has no sustainable political end game' in what will continue to be a 'fierc

For Babi Yar: Song dedicated the the victims of the Holocaust sung by Jay Black in Yiddish, English

Max von Sydow, Star of 'The Seventh Seal' and 'The Exorcist,' Dies at 90

Cliff Notes: Bill Barr's Book

Liz Cheney nails the truth about 'the Putin wing of the GOP'

Speaking of Amazing Grace!

Pfizer CEO says Jared Kushner wanted him to divert foreign vaccines to boost U.S. supply

Manchin delays vote on Interior nominee, citing energy crisis

The Only Russian Official Angrier Than Putin at How Things Are Going in Ukraine

BTRTN: What Are We Going To Do About the Putin Within?

No Big Macs for Moscow. MacDonalds is shutting down in Russia.

Mitch McConnell is on a mission to end expanded free school lunches

Zelensky to UK Parliament: Recognize Russia as a 'terrorist state'

Florida Republicans revive deadly "queers recruit" myth with passage of "don't say gay" bill

Guy Reffitt guilty on all counts: 1st capital riot trial WAPO

Ex-Seahawk Richard Sherman: Guilty pleas to misdemeanor charges in 2021 domestic incident

MAGAstan Gas Price Chart Shows Gas Going Up *BEFORE* Biden took office

Ex-Seahawk Richard Sherman: Guilty pleas to misdemeanor charges in 2021 domestic incident

Jury finds first US Capitol riot defendant to go on trial guilty on all counts

Biden vs. Trump on Ukraine conflict - no contest here - Biden wins

Prince Andrew has never met me.

Analysis: Republicans prove they are their own worst enemy in 2022

BTRTN: What Are We Going To Do About the Putin Within?

Bill Barr speaks again!

Senators seek to freeze Russian gold reserves

War in Ukraine: Kharkiv's hospitals reveal the hideous cost of Putin's invasion

Anyone getting emergency alert system "Tests"?

Post Production Guild-NY (filed for CWA union shop today 3-8-22)

Americans need to stop boycotting Russian restaurants over here.

Poland gives all its MIG-29 planes to the US at Ramstein. Now we'll send them to Ukraine.

Billy Barr says liberals' reaction to Trump's election in 2016 was 'contemptible' and 'beyond the

Apparently, a Missouri mine owner had it with MSHA inspections.

Senior US Defense Official: Putin "still has 95 percent of the combat power that he started with"

U.S. Intel Officials Warn Putin 'Unlikely To Be Deterred' By Setbacks In Ukraine

If Evan McMullin is to win the 2022 UT US Senate Election,

How long before Russia asks to join NATO to protect them from Ukraine?

I was wondering how the Soviets settled southeastern Ukraine and southwest Russia after WWII.

Wonkette: Stupid Michael Flynn Bad At Bible, Bad At Constitution, Bad At America

The official "I'm an entitled rich jerk" smile.

Arizona GOP lawmaker calls for violence

Both men push old ladies

Troubling" details of how Trump probe broke down and led to resignation of prosecutors

Apple and Major League Baseball to offer "Friday Night Baseball"

Joan Baez outside her house with one of her recent painting portraits.

Poland just gave all their Mig 29s to Ukraine.

To those of you who have non-finicky cats, I envy you now.

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Middle Age Riot tweet:

In Virginia, abandoned coal mines are transformed into solar farms

Poland Agrees To Hand Over MiG-29 Fighter Jets To Aid Ukraine

In Virginia, abandoned coal mines are transformed into solar farms

Another Middle Age Riot tweet:

President Zelenskyy invokes Winston Churchill: 'We will not give up, and we will not lose'.

The Last Thing A Fox Reporter Sees ...

Extremists threaten to kill Colombia's constitutional judges

Vindman on Scalise - "a fool and a liar"

"Just a mama and baby manatee passing through."

Andy Murray has pledged to donate his prize money for the rest of the year to help children affected

Astronomers detect largest organic molecule ever found in a stellar 'dust trap'

IMO, a ray of hope

Dog kisses & baby giggles:

In the first Jan. 6 trial, a jury found Capitol riot defendant Guy Reffitt guilty

37 nations say Russia and Belarus should not be permitted to host any international sporting events

Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson said Republicans should try again to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

What we do in bomb shelters ...

U.S. judge dismisses most serious federal charge against Jan. 6 Capitol riot defendant

Ukrainian farmers are now unofficially the fifth-largest military in Europe

Bad news Newsweek Poll

Manchin and the GOP smear the poor to avoid helping them

Rescue baby manatees:

Recipe for Ukrainian Anti-Drone Pickled Tomatoes and Plums

Am I the only one who thinks an NFL player trade shouldn't deserve a top red banner on WAPO?

Puppy family portrait:

Connect the antisemitic dots

2nd tweet: A less chaotic puppy family portrait--

McDonald's bows to pressure and shutters more than 800 eateries in Russia

Ron Johnson: Repeal the Affordable Care Act!1! Meanwhile, health insurance execs are...

Pupper prancing on by:

"what kind of shithole party blocks aid to Ukraine during a humanitarian crisis"

Systemic Cyber Risk: A Primer

Apple holds its first product event of 2022

Photos: In Poltava, Ukraine, an Orthodox cathedral has become a depot for humanitarian aid.

US DOD briefing on Ukraine just now

Cuddling friends:

2nd tweet: pupper & cat best friends:

Fox News talking about BLM protests but make the footage the DC trucker convoy

Seattle Seahawks agree to trade QB Russell Wilson to Denver Broncos, get three players, picks

Poland has agreed to deploy *all* of its MiG-29 jets to the U.S. AB at Rammstein,

Effort to relieve encircled Ukrainian port put in jeopardy

Trump advised Barr not to lose weight because his jowls would get saggy

Grey wolf transforms into a good boy when he's visited by the people that helped raise their pack..

Michigan GOP Candidate Tells Daughters 'If Rape Is Inevitable, Lie Back And Enjoy It'

How it started vs. how it's going..

BREAKING: Poland to give all MiG29s to Ukraine through US

Cartoons 3/8/2022

Why are people driving around with Irish flags today?

Ukrainian farmers are now unofficially the fifth-largest military in Europe

Berliners open their hearts, homes to those fleeing Ukraine

Amazing talent:

A Well Planned Conspiracy - p. 50 -1/4/21 Tarrio posted a voice note "You want to storm the Capitol"

Biden Answered the 3 a.m. Call

Russian Shelling Halts Ukrainian Evacuation Effort

Ukraine war: BBC News journalists resume broadcasts from Russia

Big Majority Back Ban on Russia (oil)

Business Insider Ukraine says it successfully attacked Russian vehicles in Kyiv thanks to a Telegram

Husky mimics his human:

In the world I grew up in, a whole lot of things were not "nice".

Smile pretty:

Most Americans are willing to pay more at the pump for Ukraine

States Aren't Waiting for the Supreme Court to Tighten Abortion Laws

Tyranny doesn't start with invasions, bombings, or broken windows. It starts with things like "Four"

'The situation in Kyiv will be somewhat desperate in 10 days..'

President Biden is the "Savvy Genius" in Current Foreign Policy

Give it now!

Ambrosia - Drink Of Water (afternoon prog/rock break)

40-mile Russian convoy to face minus 20-degree temperatures, turning tanks into refrigerators.

Christo Aivalis: Donald Trump PRIVATE Records SEIZED by Authorities

Russia proposes nationalising foreign-owned factories that shut operations

Babies get glasses, and one boy gets glasses to correct color blindness:

my bad

Blow Up - 1966 - Yardbirds - Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio arrested this morning in his underwear

What Happened To...

A bowl full of wrinkled cuteness:

Starbucks shuts down business in Russia

The "Big Lie" worked for Trump and it seems to be working for Putin, also.

58% of Russians support the invasion. 23% disapprove

Daily Distraction 8/3/22

A bit of a tuff day

BREAKING: In the first Jan. 6 trial, a jury found Capitol riot defendant Guy Reffitt guilty

Russian Orthodox Church Leader Blames Invasion on Ukraine's 'Gay Pride'

GOP and RNC adopt new letters in support of Russian invasion: GZP and RNZ. Apparently the

Found two of my favorites at a bookstore today. Little Golden Books!

Russia might be preparing a false flag around chemical/bio weapons

Where I've been getting my news...

Ukraine today, is what Republicans have planned for America tomorrow

Georgia former defense minister joining International Legion

Biggs: "we've just taken the Capitol." Persons 1 and 2: "Push inside!"

David Rothkopf: The World Needs to Prepare for a Long Ukraine War

So, were the eighties and nineties great decades

Feds say Texas discriminated against communities of color when it denied Houston flood aid

The Coca-cola company Suspending Russian Operations

Kremlin's lack of planning and missing key details is not a new thing

Alexey Navalny thread

Terrifying dashcam video shows Florida trooper drive into path of drunk, wrong-way driver

First Jan. 6 Defendant To Stand Trial Found Guilty On All Charges

GOP candidate tells his daughters to "lie back and enjoy it" if raped

Poland To Send MIG-29 Jets To Ramstein Air Base

A new Missouri bill would prohibit women leaving the state to get an abortion.

The questionable power of Colombia's Char Clan

Beijing is re-writing the Ukraine narrative

Why Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine Has Touched Such A Raw Nerve

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and McDonald's suspend business in Russia


Republicans warn Justice Department probe of Trump would trigger political war

Mcdonald's opens in Russia 1990

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 8, 2022

Filling your gas tank? DON'T Top it Off

Two Days of Russian News Coverage: An Alternate Reality of War

Trump Supporters Struggle to Explain Point of Convoy Protest - The Damage Report

Please help me locate these flags for a Battle of the Flags

A bomb cyclone could slam eastern U.S. on Saturday with wintry blast.


Gov. Abbott mega-donor Kelcy Warren sues Democrat Beto O'Rourke for defamation

Gov. Abbott mega-donor Kelcy Warren sues Democrat Beto O'Rourke for defamation

The Extraordinary Life Cycle Of A Salamander

Punch Putin in the kidneys - Heat Pumps for Peace and Freedom

Waste: Page & Trey

Reaching the grand old age of 8 months has proven to be an exhausting experience

RonJon and Little Marco praise Rick Scott's GZP platform

Putin is today's Hitler...

Daily touch of France - Tuesday edition - Walking and talking

The google doodle today honours International Women's Day with an interactive slide

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 9 March 2022

The google doodle today honours International Women's Day with an interactive slide

Proud boys POS arrested in his underwear....

UK studio Foster + Partners and Swiss studio Herzog & de Meuron are the latest major practices to

The Semi-dumb caravan

Clear to Me That Trump's Support of Putin Has Destroyed His Chances of Being Elected to Anything

when I was a kid, in my dad's garage was hung a poem.

It's The Stupid Trucker Convoy

John Bolton: Trump Cared More About a "Spaghetti Bowl of Conspiracy Theories" Than Ukraine

Savannah Arts Academy English teacher creates little library filled with banned books

Xi got used by Putin...

Puttie destroyed the 11 days!

Starbucks, Mcdonald's, Coke, Pepsi all gone in a few days:

Missouri Republican pitches new law to stop women from traveling out of state to get abortions

Rebutting the assaults on gender equality

The Syrian White Helmets are ready to help Ukraine

Report: Minneapolis failed to follow emergency protocols during protests, riots in 2020

Covid-19 didn't cause the care crisis--privatisation did

40 years later and nothing has changed

What actually is happening militarily in Ukraine? Good piece from Josh Marshall

Spoiler: The Keystone Pipeline wouldn't be operational for years. (GOP ads)

Arizona lawmaker speaks to white nationalists, calls for violence -- and sets fundraising records

Free Brittney Griner

Should all those private citizens suing anyone who helps with abortions be paid in rubles?

If this keeps going, I believe we will have to ban all commodity trading soon.

Proud Boys Leader Tarrio Indicted; Guy Reffitt Convicted on All Counts. A Good Day for Justice - GK

When someone is bright and very strong in many ways, I think it is very hard to stop him or her.

so I see the Panhandle is burning

"THE TV EXEC, THE OLIGARCH & the Global Far Right" by Sian Norris and Heidi Siegmund Cuda

Poor Putin is "angry and frustrated"

Sunset, southern MD

Think about how many problems we wouldn't be dealing with if Carter hadn't been dismissed as a joke

Mitch McConnell is on a mission to end expanded free school lunches.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Poland, planes, and power in Ukraine....

Harris County election chief resigns as political parties demand answers over fumbled vote count

Stagflation or inflation...either way, raising rates is not prudent

One of Putin's Assets in the Senate Blocked Biden's Defense Nominees

Tip: easy hands-free news listening (in English) via major US and foreign networks

Russia default imminent!

Tarot reading re: Putin's health

He left the Democratic Party for a Trump endorsement, now watch Vernon Jones storm out of GOP event

Russians can no longer convert rubles!

Reuters Pictures: International Women's Day

"A ruble for your thoughts."

Coca-Cola suspending operations in Russia!

Use Google Home or Android phone for easy hands-free news listening (in English)

WZHF, the tiny radio station broadcasting Russian propaganda in D.C.

I remember.....

Today we observe International Women's Day, actually observed as a holiday in

The last time the Russian stock market was closed temporarily....

Putin's War: No Mercy for Civilians? - DW News

We Are One Woman

Toay, we observe International Women's Day, celebrated as a holiday in many

My latest video--California and "This Guy"

WTF Pentagon nixes Polish plan to give MiG's to Ukraine via Ramstein

Pentagon refuses Poland's offer to trade jets for Ukraine US -- updated now

Students in Texas Form Book Clubs to Counter Far Right Bans


Breaking Down Why Ukraine Needs A No-Fly Zone - MSNBC

We've heard from our Ukrainian friend. She's still alive.

Matthew Allison's CANKOR Fundrazr almost over...

Universal Music Suspends Business in Russia

TX State Bar files disciplinary action against fmr. Trump attorney Sidney Powell

Matthew Allison's CANKOR Fundrazr almost over...

Hawaii will drop its mask mandate, the last state to do so.

Yum! Brands Pausing Investment and Development in Russia

MSM news is hitting Putin where it hurts

Senate passes $107 billion overhaul of USPS, lauding mail agency's role in pandemic response

Seth Meyers - Lindsey Graham Calls for Assassination of Vladimir Putin on Fox News - Monologue 3/7/22

Break the Chain - International Women's Day

"Lucy and Desi" on Amazon Prime

US & RU dual national, Elena Branson, has been charged with acting illegally as an agent of RU Govt

They locked me in GD for this but...

California and "This Guy" -- cross-posting from the California group

On Beltway today early afternoon. No sign of 'Freedom Convoy."

Seth Meyers - Guest Chris Hayes on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine and Trump's Political Future

Florida: "Don't say gay"...

mtDNA shows how humans migrated across the World

There is no gas price that would make me miss Donald Trump.