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JHB's Journal
JHB's Journal
June 7, 2020

Any 2nd CC for the foreseeable future would quickly get highjacked by RWers

This is one of the items the Koch brothers, like-minded ideologues, and their corporate lobbyist allies have been quietly pushing for years. They would like nothing better than to rewrite the constitution to lock in their view of the way things ought to be and make reform impossible.

It would be a second Confederate Constitution, which did the same thing.

Don't think for a minute they don't have draft proposals that were written up years ago -- part contingency plan, part political wish list -- that can be dusted off and updated pretty damn quick.

Through money and connections they have the influence to be a huge or even dominant influence on a 2nd CC. No other group has anything like this kind of off-the-shelf game plan.

So what do we have to lose? Everything.

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