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In 1980 I was still a little short of voting age...

I grew up in a conservative household (of the Bill Buckley fan variety), but that influence always ran up against my sense of fairness. And one of my first political epiphanies was that was that communists weren't the big threat to this country, because too many people couldn't get on board with it. The real danger was the fanatical anti-communists, because they lumped everything they didn't like into "communism". They were the ones who really had the ability to bait-and-switch people, to get them supporting an agenda that was a lot more radical than they realized.

I contend that the past 40 years have proven my youthful insight correct.

Plus, I was a complete science nerd. Once he played footsie with creationists, he'd burned any "charm" he might have had with me.

That's what puts it in the same category as George Will commenting on Reagan's...

...debate performance without disclosing that he had participated with Reagan's debate prep, taking the role of Carter in mock debates.

Well, maybe not same category. Will was worse by not mentioning that Reagan's people had gotten ahold of a copy of Carter's debate-prep book, so they knew what sort of arguments Carter would make.

Those are the sort of comments we need to record and use in ads against them...

...especially in areas of right-wing Catholics (especially including the Cubans and other conservative Hispanic groups).

Get Republicans on record being asked "Are Catholics Christians?" so they either say yes and piss off anti-Catholic evangelicals or say no (or just hedge) and piss off Catholics.

This is what conservatives did back in the 70s and 80s: Find a couple of hot-button issues to promote (e.g., guns and abortion) and get people to single-issue vote on them to pry apart Union and ethnic voting blocs. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

Rubin: Time to confront the right-wing myth-makers


Opinion by Jennifer Rubin
November 6, 2020 at 7:45 a.m. EST

Many in the right-wing media bubble are marooned in a weird time warp in which the “other side” is some Cold War-era Marxist caricature. (Hence, the infatuation with the word “socialist." ) But there is also a jaw-dropping, willful blindness about U.S. history and race that allows Trumpian media personalities to exempt anyone from the charge of white supremacy unless they don a robe and hood. These opinion-makers and politicians have imbibed an unhealthy dose of authoritarianism and self-satisfaction with the status quo to the exclusion of concern for social justice, tolerance, freedom, equality and inclusion. Wittingly or not, they are the quintessential defenders of white supremacy, in which challenges to authority are painted as extreme and dangerous.

Mix in a heap of White evangelical Christians’ sense of victimhood (for whom no legal accommodation of religious liberty is sufficient), and you get a writhing right-wing culture that feels justified in its intellectual dishonesty. It is more than willing to recklessly dispense whatever snippets of information advance its philosophy with little regard for the source’s credibility. The results are injurious to our democracy and often even to the right wing’s stated values (e.g., capitalism, family integrity).


What do we do about this phenomenon? Appealing to the better angels of their nature seems like weak tea. Instead, we need steady determination to rebuke falsehoods at every turn and drain the myth-makers of some of their effectiveness. Some public-spirited billionaires’ investment in media outlets — not to change their ideological outlook, but to insist on strict adherence to reality — would be welcome. A willingness to debunk right-wing dishonesty on its own turf (God bless former South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg for going on Fox News) might also help. (Disclosure: I’m a contributor for MSNBC.) And, sometimes, an intervention comes from within, as when numerous reporters and editors at the Wall Street Journal revolted against the editorial page’s proclivity to play fast and loose with facts. There are also heroic efforts among NeverTrumpers, such as the team at the Bulwark, to take on purveyors of right-wing lies and nonsense.


We have seen one painful consequence of this intellectual dishonesty: Millions of Americans are convinced to put themselves at risk of contracting a deadly disease rather than listen to fact-based “elites.” Many have died as a result, and self-governance has been weakened. The sooner we confront the right-wing myth-making industry, the better.

Although I do feel the need to point out that absolutely none of this is new to us liberals who saw these points coming together over the last several decades, but were dismissed as "too shrill" and "radical leftists" by people who needed Trump to yank the scales from their eyes.

Can we have some rich Democrats support an actually-liberal media?

He's A Loser

Original version by real band here:

Fingers crossed (Ann Telnaes' Mo is back)

Meidas Touch - Traffic Stop

Smirks and Snickers - Mitch is Hands Down the Worst

Amy McGrath as by Patriots for Change

I think you overestimate Putin's generosity to a now-useless asset...

I've got four words. Just four words. Are you listening?

Trump Paradise Severny Resort

tagline: Any place that's good enough for the biggest bomb in human history is good enough for Trump.

Irish Girl Watches MISTER ROGERS For The First Time

Just to Schlapp back at a certain Mercedes...

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