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JHB's Journal
JHB's Journal
March 20, 2015

Darth loves his lattes weirdly

Faking lattes for no good reason

by digby

Wait, what?

Dick Cheney likes lattes. Seated in his favorite brown-leather chair in the sunlit study of his home in McLean, Virginia, the former vice president of the United States can toss back two of the warm java blasts in an hour. They come from a stainless-steel machine in the kitchen and a slender, mustachioed housekeeper named Gus, who serves them in custom-ordered white Starbucks cups outfitted with cardboard Starbucks sleeves.

What the hell? Why would anyone want to pretend they're drinking Starbucks when they're drinking a latte made in their own kitchen? Does he want to pretend that he's some working stiff who picks up a cup on his way to work? Does he want people to think he has a Starbucks in the basement? I don't get it.

God Dick Cheney is a weirdo ...

That quote is from the Playboy Interview with Cheney. It's the very first paragraph. Should be fun.

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