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Journal Archives

Mueller Meets Trump, and Finally Puerto Rico Catches a Break

The Professional Left Podcast, with Driftglass and Blue Gal

Ep 420: (Blaze It!) Trump Wins The Very Easiest Thing

News of the week for 12/22/17 Great, Trump got tax cuts for the rich from a Republican Congress. Not exactly a miracle, but don't tell Mike Pence and Ben Carson that. Driftglass gets five minutes to rant about David Brooks, and hooray! J20 Protestors are found not guilty and Twitter proves that Both Sides Don't is really catching on! More at http://www.ProLeftPod.com, where we have a new Patreon and GoFundMe account in addition to our Paypal account.

(skip to the 6:00 mark to bypass opening banter)

The same "credible news outlet"s that "credibly" flacked every RW claim about Hillary?

The same "credible news outlet"s that were just dying for a claim about a Democrat so they could retreat to their "both sides do it" comfort zone?

The "credible news outlet"s that have long been so eager for salacious news about a Democrat that if you pointed over their shoulder and said "Holy shit! Is that Bill Clinton's penis?" their heads would whip around so fast they'd snap their own necks?

Those outlets?

Fiscal Vandal Republicans. Use it every time you use the "R" word.

Hammer it constantly the way they hammered "tax & spend".

The Professional Left Podcast, with Driftglass and Blue Gal

Episode 417: Burn the Lifeboats, It's Mueller Time

Michael Flynn and the GOP Tax Scam, plus holding the GOP accountable. NOTE: Blue Gal talks late in this podcast about why she's a #MeToo participant. It's not difficult to talk about and she doesn't cry, but people easily triggered by recollections of molestation might not want to listen. We talk Flynn, the terrible awful GOP Tax Scam, and the news of the week. More at http://www.ProLeftPod.com
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