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Going to bed. What wacky highjinks will the Kremlin Don Show get into before I arise?

Evidently he bribed flunky #147 (a.k.a. Billy, no, the other Billy) into getting his phone back, so anything could happen.

Although the old childhood prayer of "If I should die before I wake..." has a note of immediacy that was always lacking in the past.

Even more than his pandering is their Play-Doh-like self-malleability...

They decry situational ethics, but bypass moral dilemmas by doing it one better: situational reality.

Need Kremlin Don to be "Godly"? Poof! Done! The barest, most blantant pandering is proof he has come to Jesus.

To people who swallowed every horseshit claim about Hillary and Obama that came down the pike like it was chocolate, this sort of mental and moral shape shifting is child's play. And reflexive.

The first letter of St. Don to the Plasticineians.
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