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Octafish's Journal
Octafish's Journal
October 19, 2013

It gets better...

Friday Agenda

Mark Lane: "The Secret Service and the Assassination of JFK"

Joan Mellen: "Clay Shaw Unmasked: The Garrison Case Corroborated"

Rex Bradford: "Politcal Assassinations Revealed: The Church Committee"

William E. Kelly, Jr.: "Forensic Analysis of the Air Force One Tapes"

Dan Hardway: "A View from the Trenches: The HSCA and the CIA"

Panel: Mark Lane, Joan Mellen, Rex Bradford, Robert K. Tanenbaum, James H. Lesar, Dan Hardway, moderator: Daniel S. Alcorn.

Oliver Stone: "Untold History"

Two sessions that I did not attend which ran concurrently:

Robert K. Tanenbaum: "An Analysis of Government Misconduct: The House Select Committee on Assassinations"

James H. Lesar: "Reviewing the Assassination Records Review Board: An Uncertain Legacy"

October 18, 2013

JFK Conference: Amazing Day of Information and Connecting with Good People

Thursday at "Passing the Torch: An International Symposium on the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy" concentrated on the evidence: medical and physical, including photograpic and acoustic information that matches up, despite what cable tee vee etc say. Speakers and their presentations included:

Larry J. Sabato: "Why the Study of the JFK Assassination Continues...and Should"

Josiah Thompson: "Last Second in Dallas: A Micro-Study of the Assassination"

Robert J. Groden: "Absolute Proof: A Photographic Analysis of the JFK Assassination"

Donald Thomas: "Double Talk: Synchronization of teh Acoustical Evidence and the JFK Assassination"

Cyril H. Wecht: "The President's Autopsy: A Forensice Pathological and Medical-Legal Critique"

Robert N. McClelland: "The View from Trauma Room One"

Two I was going to see at concercurrent times as some of the above, but a question from avaistheone reminded me of the importance of the acoustical evidence decided things for me.

Timothy A. Nicholson: "An Acoustic Analysis of Witness Reports in the JFK Assassination (A Gunman Near JFK?)"

Jeffrey Sundberg, "Imaging Properties of the Bell & Howell 414PD Camera and Impolications for Authenticity of the Zapruder Film"

The evening featured a special session at the Heinz History Center: "The JFK Assassination and the Media." Panelists included: Russ Baker, Jefferson Morley, Lisa Pease, Jerry Policoff, Oliver Stone, and David Talbot. Sally Wiggin was host.

I'll report in full when I can. Just want to say that Dr. McClelland spoke to us via computer linkup. He was one of the surgeons on duty at Parkland Memorial Hospital who treated President Kennedy.

Dr. McClelland walked into the ER a few moments after the ER physician had initially received the President. Dr. McClelland and several other surgeons and an anaesthesiologisgt tried to stabilize the President, but the head wounds were so severe -- the rear half of the right hemisphere of the cerebrum was missing. As he watched, part of the cerebullum fell out of the back of the President's skull.

The doctor was asked by a neurologist attending the conference if he had difficulty evaluating the president's wounds, seeing how the patient was facing up and the back of his head was where the worst wounds may have not been visible, or that he may have erred in his recollection based on his attention being elsewhere that day.

Dr. McClelland said: "I was about 18-inches over the President's head for about seven or eight minuts." I paid more attention to that than anything I've paid attention to in my life."

Sorry this is so bare bones. I've been going full-speed since 6 a.m. Thursday. Got to my room at 11:45 p.m. Will provide more details on this and Friday's agenda.

More than a few people I met -- panelists and attendees -- indicated the importance of DU as a Truth Machine.
October 15, 2013

Did you see this on plutonium?

Release of plutonium isotopes into the environment from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident: what is known and what needs to be known


Here's info in a form for non-scientist stupid people like me:

Study: High plutonium-241 activity detected over 30 kilometers from Fukushima plant — Additional research suggests “long-distance transport” of plutonium


Ha ha. It is to laugh at ignorants, eh, RobertEarl?
October 15, 2013

Funny how you never find anything wrong with the BFEE, SidDithers.

Bartcop coined the term "Bush Family Evil Empire" to denote the 60-year pre-eminence of one family in the formation of the political philosophy in the United States, that of the War Party. And, yes, personally, I have tried to chronicle their influence on the ascension of the national security state. At least three generations have held high national office, while also making big money off war and looting the public Treasury. The last president of the United States, a man who wasn't elected fair and square by any stretch of the imagination, actually said: "Money trumps peace" at a press conference. For some reason, not a single "journalist" had the guts to ask him what he meant by that.

So, yes. I've noticed you never seem to post anything that adds to what we know about these treasonous warmongers. I also noticed you do like to post the photo of the grinning Joker.

While the BFEE and Fukushima, plutonium and nuclear power and their impact on the world may be funny to you, they aren't funy to me.

October 15, 2013

Fukushima branding choice world class Fukuppy

Gwynn Guilford of QZ.com brings our attention to a new mascot developed by Fukushima Industries, makers of major appliances.

What’s Fukuppy’s purpose? Ask him! “I fly around on my awesome wings, patrolling supermarket showcases and kitchen refrigerators,” explains Fukuppy on Fukushima Industries’ site (translation from RocketNews24). ”I can talk to vegetables, fruit, meat, and fish and can check on their health!”

Though Fukuppy does claim to be a “bit of a klutz,” his name probably doesn’t have anything to do with what it sounds like pronounced in English. For one, his name is actually pronounced “foo-koo-pee.”

But among English-speakers, Fukuppy probably seems like it would be a fitting name for a Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant mascot. The chief cause of the 2011 meltdown was human error, not the tsunami/earthquake, found a report commissioned by the Japanese government. In July, the head of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority admitted that the plant has been contaminating the ocean for two years since he and his staff have been unable to pinpoint the leak’s origin. As a result, as many as 80,000 people could get cancer, two nuclear experts told the Georgia Straight, a Canadian news weekly.

SOURCE: http://qz.com/135179/fukushima-industries-just-made-a-very-unfortunate-branding-choice/

For the Record: Unlike TEPCO, Fukuppy hasn't hurt anyone.

October 15, 2013

Justice demands one ex-Secret Service Agent and one ex-FBI Agent testify before Congress...

Thanks to the Internet, I got to learn about some new witnesses over the last ten years. People like FBI agent Don Adams, who interviewed Joseph Adams Milteer, a white supremacist who predicted the assassination less than a month before it happened, and was tape-recorded doing so by an FBI informant; and Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden, the first African American on the White House Secret Service detail who reported overt racism by his fellow agents and outright hostility toward the "n------loving president" and was railroaded after reporting what he saw to the Warren Commission.

Those two are living heroes. They should both be regular guests for dinner at the White House, IMFO. Because they haven't even been invited tospeak before Congress shows me the corrupt nature of things.

October 11, 2013

Show where I post BS, otherwise don't smear me.

Show where I've intentionally lied or presented information that was not true on DU.

Go through my Journal on DU3 or DU2.


October 10, 2013

Astronomers say they've spotted lonesome planet without a sun

Source: NBC News

Eighty light-years from Earth, there's a world that's just six times more massive than Jupiter, floating all alone without a sun to keep it warm, astronomers reported Wednesday.

Such free-floaters have been reported before, but in the past, it hasn't always been clear whether these were orphaned planets or failed stars. This time, the scientists say they're sure it's a planet.

"We have never before seen an object free-floating in space that that looks like this," team leader Michael Liu of the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa said in a news release. "It has all the characteristics of young planets found around other stars, but it is drifting out there all alone. I had often wondered if such solitary objects exist, and now we know they do."

The heat signature of the world, known as PSO J318.5-22, was identified by the Pan-STARRS 1 wide-field survey telescope on Haleakala, on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The light coming from the object is about 100 billion times fainter in optical wavelengths than the planet Venus. Most of its energy is emitted in infrared wavelengths.

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/science/astronomers-say-theyve-spotted-lonesome-planet-without-sun-8C11366309

October 10, 2013

You are most welcome, Sir!

I very much look forward to your analysis of the Air Force One Tape. I will do my best to share what I learn on DU.

A more complete recording of the the Air Force One communications recently was released:

Chilling tape from Air Force One on day JFK shot just released.

CBS News, Jan. 31, 2012

It's been nearly a half-century since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


The full audio of transmissions from White House Communications Agency (which captured the tapes) that day includes 42 minutes edited out of the original public version. It's likely to peak the interest of conspiracy theorists who are already asking why this material was cut out of the original.

Then-Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Curtis LeMay had been a frequent opponent of Kennedy's. His whereabouts on the day of the assassination has always been a mystery.

In the newly public audio, we learn that LeMay was airborne, even as JFK's body was being flown back to Washington. And an aide to LeMay tried urgently to reach his boss.

"General LeMay," the aide said, "is in a C 140. ... He's inbound. His code name is Grandson. And I wanna talk to him. ... If you can't work him now, it's gonna be too late, because he'll be on the ground in a half-hour."

Historian Robert Dallek suggests doubters will wonder if the aide's comments about not reaching LeMay within 30 minutes may be "too late" could have some sinister meaning. "I'd doubt these tapes will put the conspiracy theory to rest," he says. "They continue to believe it was a conspiracy and again, they just can't accept the proposition that a lone wolf, a single, and someone as dysfunctional as Lee Harvey Oswald, could have carried off this assassination of the president."



For those new to Gen. Curtis LeMay and his relationship with President Kennedy:

JFK Cuba crisis tapes released

By Jon Marcus
A ssociated Press

BOSTON (AP) -117 ‹ At the height of the Cuban missile crisis, one of President John F. Kennedy's top military commanders warned him that failing to invade the island would be like backing down to Hitler's initial demands in Europe.

"This is almost as bad as the appeasement at Munich," Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Curtis LeMay told Kennedy on Oct. 19, 1962, according to newly declassified White House tape recordings released Thursday.

LeMay's comment "was an amazing thing to say to any president, but it was a particularly amazing thing to say to this president," said Sheldon Stern, historian at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, where the tape recordings were released. "It's a deep personal insult."

Kennedy's father, Joseph P. Kennedy, served as U.S. ambassador to Britain at the time of the 1938 Munich conference, where the British and French agreed to let Nazi Germany take land from Czechoslovakia in exch ange for a short-lived promise of peace. The elder Kennedy's support of appeasement later was strongly criticized and may have cost him any hope of running for national office.

LeMay, like other military leaders, advocated immediate military intervention to destroy the Soviet missiles and unfinished silos that had been detected by aerial reconnaissance in Cuba. He said blockading ships bound for Cuba, as other presidential advisers urged, would lead to war anyway.

President Kennedy, who privately called LeMay "field marshal," did not respond to the remark and the meeting went on to cover other military and diplomatic issues.



What Mr. Kelly found is that Gen. LeMay did not tell the truth about his whereabouts on Nov. 22, 1963:


Where was General Curtis LeMay at the time president Kennedy was assassinated?

by Bill Kelly
JFK Countercoup, June 4, 2012

Was he on vacation hunting and fishing in upstate Michigan, as his official biographies attest, or was he at Camp X or at a secret command & control bunker overseeing the Dealey Plaza operation?

An official biography of Air Force General Curtis LeMay reports that at the time President Kennedy was assassinated he was on vacation, hunting and fishing with family members in upstate Michigan.

"Iron Eagle: The Turbulent Life of General Curtis LeMay," by Thomas M. Coffey (p.430) reports that LeMay's wife was from Michigan and he had apparently told his biographer he was in Michigan on vacation and "hurried back to Washington in time for the funeral."

But an Andrews Air Force base log book, that was salvaged from the trash and almost destroyed, indicates that LeMay ordered a special Air Force jet to pick him up in Canada shortly after news of the assassination was widely broadcast, which indicated to some that he wasn’t hunting and fishing in Michigan.

Exploring the possibility that Gen. LeMay attended JFK’s autopsy at Bethesda, as Navy medical corpsman Paul O’Conner attests, Doug Horne, the Chief Analyst for Military Records for the Assassination Records Review Board, made note of LeMay’s presence in Canada rather than Michigan, as his official biography reports.

And Larry Hancock, author of “Someone Would Have Talked” and “Nexus,” also thought it significant and notes: "I was struck by the fact that it (LeMay’s bio) made a big deal of his being so remote that he was out of contact and was not even able to make it back to Washington until the funeral. I don't see that as a minor thing, the book definitely creates the impression that he was not back in Washington that weekend. This really is an important point, if Doug is right and can be verified it looks pretty certain that LeMay was handing out disinformation and there would need to be a good reason for that. After all, it would not be unusual for him to rush back to DC or to some other AF base where he could achieve command and control capability. What seems to me not at all understandable is why he would go to Bethesda, and then lie about it."

From the salvaged Andrews Air Force Base Log Book for 11/22/63, it is officially noted that a special order to pick up LeMay in Toronto was requested at 1:20 PM CST (2:20 PM EST, 1420 GMT) and a special SAM – Special Air Mission C-140 jet took off Andrews at 1446 (1:46 PM CST 2:46 PM EST) to pick him up in Toronto, but after the plane took off (1:50 PM CST 2:50 PM EST) it was redirected to Wiarton, a Canadian Air Force base north of Toronto.

The official internet web site for Wiarton includes a photo of the Air Force base, but also makes tantalizing references to Camp X, the secret training camp for spies used by the British and Americans during World War II, and used as a hideaway for a prominent Soviet defector during the Cold War.



Thank you for your great work you share through your blog. It is hard to imagine what the United States has become were it not for Dallas. It cannot be over stressed how important are the people who care about truth, justice and democracy to its future.

It would be my privilege and honor to meet you in Pittsburgh.

In the meantime, a most hearty welcome to DU!

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