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Ex-Trump Aide Sics MAGA Lackeys on Alleged FBI Agents' Families


Just hours after a list began circulating among right-wing media of FBI agents who signed off on the search warrant for Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, a former Trump aide tried to sic MAGA fans on the family members of the purported agents.

Garrett Ziegler, who recently went on a sexist tear against former White House colleagues, took to Truth Social to post the personal information of men he identified as agents.

“This is one of the two feds who signed the ‘Receipt for Property’ form, which detailed—at a very high level—the fishing expedition that the FBI performed at Mar-a-Lago,” Ziegler said on both Truth Social and Telegram.

The former Trump administration staffer further listed out the FBI agents’ date of birth, work emails and linked to alleged family members’ social media accounts.

Total scum. If any of those agents are injured or killed, he needs to go to prison for a very long time.

One of Trump's lawyers: Don't run for President Donald, and it all goes away

Jesus, she must think we are all stupid.


Trump’s attorney says she has advised him that if he just says he won’t run for president, all these investigations and charges will go away and be dropped.

Her name is Alina Habba.


Alina has experience in many areas of litigation including, but not limited to, corporate litigation and formation, commercial real estate (transactional and litigation), family law, the financial services industry and construction-related matters. Alina is licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut, and the United States District Court for the Districts of the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.

Notice her LACK of criminal defense experience. Granted, she said "not limited to" but criminal defense is a major area of the law.

UK's Larry the cat: "One of the search dogs preparing to testify against Trump: "You're going to....

One of the search dogs preparing to testify against Trump: “You’re going to jail Donald”


Never seen Larry the Cat veer off into US politics lol


Larry the Cat
Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. 15 year old tabby. Seen off three Prime Ministers. Awaiting my fourth lodger. Unofficial.

Blast from the past: Mos Eisely Cantina scene in Star Wars (1977)

This came to mind, courtesy of Neil Katyal's description of the super unruly meeting at the White House 12-18-2020.

"Chain dogs", the German Army and the 1945 Battle of Berlin


In English ‘ringkragen’ means ‘ring collar’ and was originally a part of a military armoured suit that protected the throat. Over time, it became a symbol of status within an organization, i.e. a standard (flag) bearer or, in this case, a sign of police authority.

The duty gorget and readily identifiable badge of office of the World War II German Feldgendarmerie (military policeman) was only worn while on duty. It was known as "Kettenhunde", which translates to ‘chain dogs’. These officers were hated, feared and loathed by his own countrymen.


The Feldgendarmerie was reformed in 1939 when the German Army mobilized for war. The tasks the Feldgendarmerie were called upon to perform were much the same as military police do in any army: control of traffic to and from the front line, maintenance of order and discipline, rounding up stragglers, arresting deserters and looters, interrogation of suspects, anti-partisan patrols, escorts for prisoners, manning checkpoints and checking IDs and travel passes as well as general policing duties.

Although they did carry out some traffic control duties, these were the real "head hunters." In the closing stages of the war they were tasked with rounding up stragglers and any man, or boy, fit enough to hold a rifle or a Panzerfaust. They packed these unfortunates off to the front line to try and stem the unstoppable Russian advance. Their power was absolute and any man suspected of being a deserter could be summarily executed by shooting or hanging. A common scene in the crumbling Third Reich was that of a soldier hanging from a convenient lamp post with a sign around his neck proclaiming his desertion and disloyalty to Reich and Fuhrer. Authorized to settle any dispute at the point of a gun they often did. They held the power of life and death and used it as they saw fit.

I learned of "chain dogs" from this documentary: Real Time History — 16 Days in Berlin https://nebula.app/16daysinberlin (subscription required, sorry) or, go here and subscribe if you wish: https://curiositystream.com/ . The documentary is on the Nebula add-on. Basic CS is like $2 a month with no 4k, adding Nebula is another $9 a month, which I will be cancelling soon. It seems to be a good documentary service, but I need to save money.

The ringkragen

My entire life, I had seen these ringkragen in movies, films and documentaries but had no idea what it was or what they meant. "Chain dogs" was truly a new revelation to me.

Two lions raised by a Swiss woman happy to see her after 7 years


Ohio House Republicans are advancing a bill to teach BOTH SIDES OF THE HOLOCAUST


This is a friendly reminder that Ohio House Republicans are advancing a bill to teach BOTH SIDES OF THE HOLOCAUST.
12:34 PM · Jul 8, 2022 from Hudson, OH·Twitter for iPhone

I think he is referring to this ? If you are in OH and can correct me, please do.



this article is dated March 25th but the bill is still alive.

COLUMBUS— Today, State Reps. Brigid Kelly (D-Cincinnati) and Casey Weinstein (D-Hudson), demanded House Bill (HB) 327, the ‘Both Sides’ bill, be barred from any further consideration by the Ohio House after the Republican bill sponsor said in a recent interview that educators should teach “German soldiers’” perspective of the Holocaust. The bill sponsor then proceeded to make several inaccurate and anti-Semitic claims about the Holocaust during the interview.

“Claiming there are two neutral and legitimate sides to the Holocaust is nothing short of denial,” said Rep. Weinstein, a Jewish member of the Ohio House. “Trying to wipe out and ignore our history while imposing big government on school districts to limit First Amendment rights in an unconstitutionally broad and vague way is chilling and reminiscent of the ‘thought police.’”

The ‘Both Sides’ bill would make “failing to fairly present both sides of a political or ideological belief or position” conduct unbecoming of an Ohio educator, which prompted widespread alarm from teachers and concerned parents. Educators and potentially-impacted organizations across the state have asked how teachers would be expected to confront difficult subjects. How do you teach both sides of the Holocaust? Of 9/11? Of slavery? Of Ukraine?

“These comments are absolutely reprehensible, and reveal HB 327’s true intent: to force our educators to teach ‘both sides’ of topics like the Holocaust, slavery or 9/11 that unequivocally have only a right side and a wrong side. This is exactly why we must trust well informed educators, not partisan politicians, to determine what is taught in our classrooms so our children are best prepared for the future,” said Rep. Kelly.

ETA: Lurkers, if you need ANY reason in November to vote Democratic up and down the ballot, THIS ... is a reason, one of many. The Democratic Party would NEVER EVER allow such a piece of excrement to be introduced into any state legislature or Congress.

UK's Larry the Cat clarifies a few things


Time to clarify a few things:
1. I’m not “Boris Johnson’s cat”
2. Like all Prime Ministers, he’s only a temporary resident of Downing Street
3. I live here permanently. When he finally goes, I stay
4. Yes, it’s all very embarrassing but it will be over soon


A smile or a grimace ? "Alaska is ours" billboard in Russia


Kudos to you Brits, from a Yank

Yes, Boris should never have been elected (no fault of our DU Brits, of course)

Yes, Boris should have been gone a long time ago (I am sure our DU Brits can cite the reasons chapter and verse).

Yes, he lied his way through many things, including Brexit, and helped to get Brexit accomplished.

However...in contrast to my deeply dysfunctional government, he IS going, per multiple sources, at 710 AM EST.

Trump ? Psychopathic felon is STILL not in prison and will be running for President again, I am sure.

Kudos to the UK, your society, your government and you DU Brits.

eta: Oh, I see he is only resigning as Tory Party head ? Still...kudos. He's been damaged.

eta2: So he did resign as PM AND Tory Party Head, correct ?


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