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Sincere question about safety of airline travel and COVID-19

Yes, I know the topic is not strictly a " Florida " one (but then again we allow FloridaMan jokes). I am confident this topic applies to many of our Florida members, and it will get more visibility here rather than be buried quickly in GD.

I know the airlines are saying, in effect, that it is safe to travel. They cite their cleaning and HEPA filters, etc. I'm not sure of everything they are doing, so we can discuss that.

Like many of you, I am in a "higher risk group". I am 62, but thankfully I have no underlying conditions.

How safe is it, really, to travel now, by airplane ? I am thinking of going to the UK in 2022, and hopefully by then this won't even be a thought in my mind.

Thanks for your participation and thoughts

Florida group host
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