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Fun geography games here (my Africa score sucked)


Warning to CHaS DU'ers: "The Bizarro Streaming Site That Hackers Built From Scratch"

Note: There are no clickable links in my post of the article. If you go to that website, you bear 100% responsibility for all problems. In other words, do not go there !!


The latest entrant in the streaming wars doesn’t stock a deep library of classics, or buzzy original series. In fact, it won’t play movies at all, no matter how many times you tap or click. But the creative minds behind BravoMovies likely aren’t deterred by those gaffes. They’re criminal hackers, and their goal is not to deliver a rich home entertainment experience but to deposit malware on your computer.

The BravoMovies campaign, spotted by researchers at security firm ProofPoint, has been around since at least early May. While many of its elements seem absurd at a glance—the posters for nonexistent movies, the wince-inducing typos—it shows just how far hackers are willing to go to ensnare their victims.

When you think of phishing campaigns, to the extent that you do at all, you probably picture email attachments laced with malware. Trouble is just one click away. But as email services get better at keeping suspicious messages out of your inbox in the first place, pulling off those campaigns isn't quite as simple anymore. Sidestepping those defenses takes increasing creativity.

And effort, if the group behind BravoMovies is any indication. Their fake streaming service is just one part of a convoluted, seven-step process to deliver a so-called backdoor called BazaLoader. They start with an email, sure. But it contains no malicious links, no tainted attachments that Gmail's sensors could sniff out. Instead, it simply informs you that your free trial period on BravoMovies—“amongst the major streaming services on the planet!”—is coming to an end, and that your credit card is about to be charged for the “premium plan.” It helpfully provides a phone number to call if you’d like to cancel.

Much more at link above

"Chair Simulator" PC game on Steam....yes, for real



At least it's free I thought it was a joke at first. Some of the reviews are pretty funny.

Chair Simulator takes place over TWO exciting locations: your living room, and a sprawling blue and yellow chair store. Progress through an extensive unlock tree to attain ever more luxurious designer chairs. At the end of the day we all need to sit: chair simulator lets you sit in style.

Fun factoid: a loaf of bread was 5 cents in 1915

For comparison: $2.58 at Walmart

Yes, I know, the comparison is not apples to apples. I don't think any of the prices listed was for a 20 ounce loaf of bread. We also don't know what kind of bread they surveyed in 1915.

If the comparison was totally accurate, the price has risen 5160% in 106 years.

Loaf of bread price in 1915, TABLE B

That's really spectacular inflation in the cost of bread. I'd love to hear from farmers on this (not criticizing or blaming farmers, just curious on their take).

Tony Hawk is still a pro skateboarder at age 53

In case you don't know about Tony Hawk: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Hawk


I am sure he does skateboarding things at age 53 I could not even attempt at age 13 LOL

Only 35.9% in Florida are fully vaccinated....

per NBC News.

That percentage makes me hesitant to go anywhere indoors without a mask on.

Maine DU'ers can have some pride in this: 49.8% are fully vaccinated !

per NBC News.

My state, Florida, is only at 35.9% !

Your state must have more adequate health facilities and a more informed populace, in general.

Check out the Lincoln Project barge in the Atlantic Ocean near Mar-a-Lago (from 2020)



The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump group of Republicans, is set to release one more taunt over the airwaves before Trump leaves Florida for the season. In this photo, the group had an anti-Trump billboard on a barge that floated near Mar-a-Lago the weekend before the Nov. 3 election.

eta: from https://twitter.com/pbpost/status/1389193795795828751

"10:45 a.m...tornado is on the ground moving toward downtown Atlanta"

[10:45 a.m.]: Radar indicates that a tornado is on the ground moving toward downtown Atlanta, according to Channel 2 Action News meteorologist Brian Monahan.


Stay safe, Atlanta DU'ers.


[11 a.m.]: The storm continues to move through the North Druid Hills area headed toward Decatur in DeKalb County.
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