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steve2470's Journal
steve2470's Journal
April 30, 2022

Putin tries weapons of mass destruction gaslighting on the world, about USA involvement in Ukraine


Sounds like Russia is up to no good with these ludicrous proclamations about WMDs. I hope this is nothing more than gaslighting and fearmongering, but Putin's history of prior atrocities can't be discounted.

I wonder who he learned that tactic from. Hmm. Also, I wonder when Tucker Carlson will echo this, or maybe he already has.


https://tass.ru/politika/14524323 (translated in the Google Chrome browser)

WASHINGTON, 30 April. /TASS/. The Russian embassy on Friday urged the United States to "think its head and refuse" to prepare provocations with the use of weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine.

“We drew attention to the next groundless accusations against us, voiced by the US Deputy Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Bonnie Jenkins. We are once again unreasonably credited with the presence of undeclared chemical weapons and their use. We would like to remind Bonnie Jenkins that during the special operation of the Ministry of Defense The Russian Federation received irrefutable information that the United States was preparing provocations to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of using weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine. among the civilian population, while the State Department has already determined the order of "investigation" and appointed officials,responsible for its implementation," the commentary published inTelegram channel of the embassy.

"We call on Washington to change its mind and refrain from provocations that could lead to the death of tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens and cause an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe," the Russian diplomatic mission stressed.

Jenkins, in an article published on the website of Newsweek magazine on Friday , made harsh statements against Russia, attributing to it the presence and use of undeclared chemical weapons. According to the deputy head of the State Department, the United States, in turn, "is moving towards the fact that by September 2023" to destroy all of its "fully declared stocks" of chemical weapons. Now this program is completed in the US by 97%, and in the world by almost 99%, she stressed.
April 28, 2022

Who IS this guy yelling at Jen Psaki at the news conference ??

Not yelling right now, but a minute ago he was.
April 27, 2022

Hitler faked his own death: video at conference GOP candidate for PA governor attended

A top GOP candidate for governor campaigned at an event promoting QAnon and conspiracy theories about 9/11



Last week in Gettysburg, a far-right Christian conference called “Patriots Arise for God and Country” drew State Sen. Doug Mastriano, a GOP front-runner for Pennsylvania governor; Teddy Daniels, a candidate for lieutenant governor; Maryland gubernatorial candidate Dan Cox; Liz Harrington, a spokesperson for former President Donald Trump; and former Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis.

About 25 minutes into the two-day conference, organizers played a video claiming the world is experiencing a “great awakening” that will expose “ritual child sacrifice” and a “global satanic blood cult.”

Followers of QAnon believe a global cabal of Democrats and elites are trafficking children for sex and engaged in other demonic activity — but that all of this will soon be exposed. Images associated with the conspiracy theory were on display during the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol attack.

The video showed Friday featured a kind of greatest hits of conspiracy theories that have circulated for decades. It showed images of the Twin Towers collapsing on 9/11 — with the label “false flags.” It claimed John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he “knew too much” and posed a “high risk of cabal exposure,” that vaccines amount to “genocide therapy,” and that Hitler faked his death (bolding mine). It offered other conspiracy theories about the atomic bomb, the Spanish flu, 5G, the 2008 financial crisis — and, of course, the 2020 election.

The Republicans just keep getting more and more scary. We have to keep the House and Senate in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024.
April 26, 2022

Putin meets the UN Secretary General at another long table

Putin meets UN secretary general António Guterres in the Kremlin. The long table is back!


Putin says Russia won't sign a peace deal with Ukraine unless it first agrees to "solve the issues of Crimea and Donbas" at least on the working level, meaning accepting losing those parts of its territory for good.

April 24, 2022

Russian pundit: "There won't be any protests, not economic protests, not mothers' protests..."


***behind paywall, interview by Julia Ioffe****

Julia Ioffe: So we shouldn’t expect any protests, even if more coffins come back from Ukraine?

(Olga Mutovina, one of the founders of Lyudi Baikala, or “The People of the Baikal,” a publication focused on the two Russian regions that sandwich Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world) Of course not. There won’t be any protests, not economic protests, not mothers’ protests, and the reason for this is very simple: the propaganda machine has been turned all the way up and it’s swallowing people whole. All the entertainment programs are gone. Now it’s either news of the war or talk shows about it, where the propagandists are methodically painting a picture for people that squelches any questions they might have: It’s all done by the Nazis, it’s all crisis actors, et cetera. It’s a very simple picture of the world. If you watch TV, you have no chance. Unfortunately, a lot of people watch TV here, even young people. It’s a very simple way to press a button and have everything explained to you.

So sad. Pervasive intense state propaganda works, just as in Nazi Germany.

Julia Ioffe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julia_Ioffe
April 24, 2022

Two suggestions for World War Two history buffs ( YouTube channels )

World War 2 TV


World War Two

There are some others, but I find these two the most informative so far. Enjoy !

April 24, 2022

My fellow Floridians, let us discuss Disney versus DeSantis

It seems the conventional wisdom, so far, is that DeSantis will pay a very high, probably catastrophic, price for enacting his vengeance against Disney into law.

What do you think will happen, and how soon ? I readily admit I am not totally up to snuff on Florida politics. Will DeSantis back down and repeal the Reedy Creek law ? Will we have to wait until an election to see the consequences ?

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful input !

63 year Florida resident and Florida host

April 22, 2022

This Ukrainian postage stamp shows a soldier giving Russian forces the finger--and it's selling like

This Ukrainian postage stamp shows a soldier giving Russian forces the finger—and it's selling like crazy


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