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Tommy Carcetti

Tommy Carcetti's Journal
Tommy Carcetti's Journal
March 23, 2017


Title card: POLICE DEPARTMENT, 9:12 AM


(Interior: Interview room. A woman, MARY ADAMS, sits at the table. She is the housekeeper of DANIEL TUTTLE, a man suspected by police of hacking another man to death with a three foot machete. Interviewing ADAMS is DETECTIVE DEVIN NUNES and the CAPTAIN.)

DETECTIVE NUNES: So you're telling me that you witnessed Mr. Tuttle bury the murder weapon in his back yard, just to the right of the big oak tree?

MARY ADAMS: Yes. Absolutely. I know what saw.

CAPTAIN (to DETECTIVE NUNES): This is great stuff. I think we've got this guy just where we want him. Now we just have to carefully make sure all our ducks are in a row, cross our Ts and dot our Is, and then make our move.

DETECTIVE NUNES: Gotcha, Captain.

Title Card: TUTTLE RESIDENCE, 9:47 am


(Exterior: DETECTIVE NUNES, alone, approaches DANIEL TUTTLE's front door and knocks on it. TUTTLE opens, wearing a robe with a cigarette in his mouth.)

DANIEL TUTTLE: Can I help you?

DETECTIVE NUNES (flashing badge): Detective Nunes, Homicide. I just want to tell you that your housekeeper has informed us that she witnessed you burying the murder weapon right over there in your backyard, just to the right of that oak tree....(pointing).....right, right over there. That tree. Riiiiiight under there.

DANIEL TUTTLE: So....you have a search warrant or something?


DANIEL TUTTLE: Well, are you here to arrest me?


DANIEL TUTTLE: I always knew Mary was no good. I feel....somewhat vindicated.

DETECTIVE NUNES: Well....see ya! (Walks away, whistling)

Title card: POLICE DEPARTMENT, 10:05 AM


(Interior: The CAPTAIN's office. The CAPTAIN sits at his desk, and DETECTIVE NUNES enters the office.)

DETECTIVE NUNES: So I went ahead and told Tuttle about where we know the murder weapon was buried.

CAPTAIN: You did what?

DETECTIVE NUNES: Yeah, just figured I'd give him a heads up on everything that's going on.


DETECTIVE NUNES (surprised): Wait, should I not have done that?


DETECTIVE NUNES: Oh, oh well. Sorry. My bad. Oops!


DETECTIVE NUNES: Anywho, I'm starving, so I'm going to call it a day and grab myself a bite to eat. Catch you tomorrow!

CAPTAIN: Ahh......

(Fade to Black)

March 16, 2017

Regarding the tea leaf reading of Diane Feinstein's body language after the Comey meeting yesterday.

Have you ever been in a situation in your life where you have a suspicion that something bad has gone on, that all signs and evidence point to something bad having gone on, but before you receive definitive proof of that bad thing, it's still just theoretical and out there in the ether?

And then you finally receive proof positive confirmation that what you've suspected all along is in fact the truth, and it just slams you like a huge blow? Even though you've been proven right, because of what has just been proven right is such a downer, instead of wanting to gloat, you just feel absolutely dejected because it proves the worst in people? That you'd rather be proven wrong because the truth is so much worse of a reflection of people?

I honestly think the Senators in that meeting received proof positive confirmation that the person who is the sitting President of the United States colluded with a foreign power in order to influence the US presidential election. And that is horrible and that is unprecedented in this country's history because it weakens us. Our national sovereignty and independence was compromised to the core.

There's no reason for Diane Feinstein to be smiling or feel smug about that. There's no reason for any of us to smile or feel smug about that. It's the truth, the utterly depressing truth.

When the US House committee began to vote to start impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon following Watergate, some of the members voting had tears in their eyes as they voted yes. The tears were not for Richard Nixon. The tears were due to the gravity of the situation and the sobering truth and undertaking they were being called to carry.

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