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Tommy Carcetti

Tommy Carcetti's Journal
Tommy Carcetti's Journal
July 17, 2018

Today, I felt like we had been hit by a hurricane.

I don’t know if anyone else here has gone through a direct hit by a hurricane. I have. It’s a bizarre feeling, unique even among natural disasters.

Basically, beforehand you know what’s coming. And you know it’s bad. And you know it’s big. And you know what’s coming is going to create a big giant mess. And you know there’s no way to escape it at this point.

Still, even so, you’re not fully prepared on what to expect.

Then the hurricane hits, and it’s a rip roaring blur, with everything happening at a mile a minute, and you feel like you’re watching things happen out of your own body. It’s not quite real.

Finally the hurricane moves off, and you are left with a huge amount of damage from something that was just there but no longer there. And only then does it begin to sink in what you actually saw and lived through. And now you have the time to actually dwell on it.

We knew Trump would meet with Putin. We knew nothing good would come of it. We watched as Trump openly blamed President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the intelligence community for something Russia did. And once it was all over, the truth that the President of the United States is literally a traitor—and we witnessed his treasonous behavior live on TV—is beginning to sink further and further in.

I feel violated.

We should all feel violated.

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