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Tommy Carcetti

Tommy Carcetti's Journal
Tommy Carcetti's Journal
August 23, 2023

BREAKING NEWS: Facing charges, Giuliani turns self in at Six Flags Over Georgia

After being indicted in Georgia for allegations of election interference in that state, former New York City Mayor and Donald Trump legal advisor Rudy Giuliani attempted to surrender himself today to officials at the security guard office for Six Flags Over Georgia, an amusement park located approximately 15 minutes outside of Atlanta.

“Hello? Hello?” Giuliani could be heard over the security office’s closed-circuit surveillance system. “I’m here to turn myself in.”

While Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis gave Giuliani and the 18 other defendants charged in the indictment until Friday, August 25th to surrender themselves to state law enforcement for processing, Giuliani jumped on the opportunity to attempt an alternate arrangement.

“They told me I had to turn myself into the authorities down here in Georgia,” Giuliani said. “Well, you guys have badges and s__t, right? Hell, I figured if I had to do this, might as well do it at some place fun.”

“I bought myself one of those fast passes to help speed things along,” he added. “Best $85 I ever spent. There’s that Batman stunt show I want to check out when this is all done. Don’t want to miss that!”

Six Flags security personnel were reportedly miffed at Giuliani’s request, but attempted to humor the former mayor as best as possible.

For example, when Giuliani asked whether he would have to pose for a mugshot, security enlisted the help of a nearby caricature artist, who promptly drew up a whimsical portrayal which featured Giuliani with a cartoonishly large head riding a unicycle and holding an ice cream cone.

Finally, after “processing” Giuliani, security personnel presented him with a Bugs Bunny plush toy and told him he was free to go.

Giuliani, however, had one more request.

“Can you tell me what place around here sells those soft pretzels?” he asked. “Because between you, me, and the moon here, I am famished!”


August 3, 2023

Sidney Powell

A story I remember regarding Sidney Powell.

Back in mid-to-late November 2020, after the election had been called for Joe Biden but when the Trump team was first making waves about the "stolen" election, I recall a post on my Facebook feed. It wasn't from a friend, but rather one of those friend-of-friends. Obviously a big Trump supporter. Also a really terrible person in general, but that seems to go hand-in-hand with the prior fact.

Anyways, the post contained a picture of Sidney Powell, who I wasn't very familiar with, and an accompanying story from some right-wing source containing Powell's claims of a stolen election.

The post read something to the effect of (paraphrasing): "This is Sidney Powell. She's a highly respected attorney. If the things she's saying about the 2020 election aren't true, she could not only lose her law license, she could actually go to jail. So you have to ask yourself why would she ever put that all on the line and lie?"

Obviously, the last part was meant to be a rhetorical and not literal question, intended to insinuate that Powell would never say anything so important unless it was the God's honest truth.

And yet, here we are two and a half years later and Sidney Powell has:

1. Been proven to have spread lies about the 2020 election
2. Referred for discipline and potential disbarment in numerous jurisdictions
3. Identified as "Co-Conspirator Number 3" in the criminal indictment of Donald Trump, meaning she is at risk of being indicted herself.

Now the final question being asked remains, but it's no longer loaded or rhetorical; why would she put her reputation, career and freedom on the line to lie for Donald Trump?

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