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Roy Rolling

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Member since: Fri Jun 18, 2010, 04:36 PM
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Give Peace a Chance

John Lennon said the first step to peace is believing peace can happen. In the depths of the Vietnam War he made millions of us believe there could be peace and no war. It happened.

Whenever peace happens, whether after military victory or mutual destruction, the first step is believing, envisioning, embracing peace.

We can do it if we try. We must do it. Who else will if not me?

Dow Jumps More Than 300 Points

Source: CNBC

Stock futures rose ahead of Friday’s session following a report that ceasefire talks could be gaining traction between Russia and Ukraine.

Reuters sent a brief report quoting Russian President Vladimir Putin saying that “certain positive shifts” have occurred in the talks.

The report coincided with a sharp acceleration in stock futures, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average futures up more than 300 points and the Nasdaq 100 jumping some 1.4%.

The moves came despite another day of higher energy prices as the Russia-Ukraine war showed little signs of letting up. West Texas Intermediate crude, the U.S. benchmark, rose 2.5% to $108.66 while international standard Brent crude moved 2.5% higher to $112.08.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/10/stock-market-futures-open-to-close-news.html

The first sign of significant news usually comes from world financial markets.

The Beatles Defeated the Soviet USSR

It was the love of jeans and the Beatles that helped topple the USSR. Kids were not agreeable with the government, and their love for Western—-world—-products and culture was irresistible.

Taking away the Internet and PlayStation for these now-adult Russian citizens will cripple Putin.

This documentary is superb recounting the real Russian revolution. A full hour, but you will understand how Putin has screwed the pooch.

To Amateur Insurrectionists: this ain't our first barbecue

Some of us remember the last time right-wing assholes ginned up the deplorables.


“Father and Son”

PR Battle

Every time we say “let me tell you what _________ did” we are reinforcing their narrative.

Always seize the subject when responding. My favorite response to right-wingers is “blah, blah, blah, But I don’t understand why that’s our government’s response to Putin and Russia paying $100,000 to kill an American in Afghanistan?”

It’s a PR battle, PR battles are fought in the mind. Trump knows that, that’s why an empty suit with no experience convinced people he was presidential and slithered into office. It’s the magic of TV and branding.

Long-winded, academic conversations to convert people are not enough. We have to give them only enough logical reasons to make an emotional decision to “buy”.

But whatever you do...don’t give him free publicity. Remember the mistakes of the media in 2016. But fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, you don’t want to fuck with the media you moron. We are the ones to blame for creating you.

New Orleans second line organizer arrested Monday; NOPD says he refused to disband large gathering

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune Advocate

A second line organizer accused of flouting the city's coronavirus control measures over the weekend by refusing to disband a large funeral repast has been arrested by the New Orleans Police Department.

New Orleans police say almost 100 people gathered in the 3000 block of Audubon Street Saturday afternoon as a brass band played as part of the repast.

Several viral videos shared on social media show the group laughing and dancing together. One person could be seen wearing a face mask.

State and local officials have banned gatherings of more than 10 people and issued a stay-at-home mandate that has been extended through April 30 in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Read more: https://www.nola.com/news/crime_police/article_8a1f8746-72d4-11ea-9200-bb05829353d1.html

Please, don’t bash New Orleans for not calling off Mardi Gras when visitors arrived for the first parade on February 8th.

If you were practicing social distancing, wearing gloves and a face mask, or frequently washing your hands on February 8th you were way ahead of the curve. Don’t expect the Democratic mayor of a large city to unilaterally call off Mardi Gras. It ended with a hard stop on February 25th, but started nearly three weeks earlier.

And since gatherings have been banned by the Democratic Governor and mayor, there have been enforcement efforts to protect the public health.

There is no bottom to Anger

Trump's followers are angry because they live in a fantasy world of excuses and reasons they blame their shortcomings in life on. They start angry.

Add to that, they're now angrier because they continue to fall behind economically because Trump can't make good on the promises he made to them. They believed him, but he and Republicans continue to fu*k them, and that makes them angrier and angrier.

Just saying.

Vote for your favorite:

Happy Thanksgiving

Media, Save Thyself

The first thing a paramedic is taught is "scene safety". You can't save anyone if you are a victim yourself. For the benefit of the group, save yourself first.

Commercial media is a cutthroat business. Trump, a business values guy, relies on media corporations to always put profits first and never act otherwise.

Surprise him. Media companies should act in unison to combat Trump's attacks. They cannot effectively get the message of transparency through an atmosphere poisoned by opposition to truth-telling and an anti-intellectual tribal joining of forces. And the last thing right-wing propagandists expect is for media companies to unite in opposition and not be the cutthroat business weasels they are. Media companies---NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, Comedy Central (ha ha)---must do this for the sake of survival, to ensure there exists a place in the free market for outlets that don't spout the president's bullshit, ANY president's bullshit.

Media companies at White House briefings and elsewhere should demonstrate that unity. They should protest with a joint action, whatever it may be. From not attending W.H. briefings, phony rallies, and obligatory events to attending those events and dominating the narrative. The story now is the attack on the free press, the media are not there to dutifully cover Trump and sycophants beating them to a pulp.

They are ethically free to respond defensively.

And the best defense is a good offense.
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