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Major Nikon

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Member since: Tue Sep 13, 2011, 12:26 AM
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The word "consent" has one meaning to those who are fully literate

I've already explained this to you and provided a proof for my assertion, vis--vis Webster's dictionary. If you want to feign illiteracy, more power to you, but I'm not going there with you. So the answer to your question is yes, I'm pretty sure it is nonsense, by definition.

Coercion, age, and sobriety (at least when it reaches the point at which consent is incapable) are all valid reasons why consent does not apply. In the case of coercion, if someone where holding a gun to a person's head and compelling them to perform a sex act, then consent clearly does not apply. All of these things are already covered by applicable laws other than prostitution itself and someone in violation would almost certainly be prosecuted under those instead of prostitution as the penalties are considerably higher. However, that's not what you are talking about at least near as I can tell through the gibberish. You are trying to justify illegalizing consensual (using the fully literate meaning of that word) sexual activities. The simple rule I live by is that if sex is consensual between adults, it's none of my business. It's a pretty simple concept really and it applies in all sorts of situations other than prostitution. This doesn't mean I believe the activity shouldn't be regulated. I just believe in addressing problems directly, rather than addressing symptoms of problems or things that are only casually related to problems.

Your idea seems to be based on the idea that you are in a superior position to those involved in prostitution and therefore can and should make moral choices for them. I tend to think that there's already too many involved in that business. The reason I said I have more respect for the rad-fem argument on prostitution is at least they believe all prostitution is rape. I really don't see much difference between your position and hardcore social conservatives who oppose prostitution for puritanical reasons. Then again, at least those people have a book they can reference for legitimacy. You can't seem to even reference the dictionary for yours.

Just sayin'
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