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stage left

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Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Wed Oct 2, 2013, 06:45 AM
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It's really not us degenerate inbred hillbillies who are the biggest problem. Mainly we'uns lay out on our ramshackle porches with our lazy ole 'coon dogs, trying to get the rust off great great grand pappy's rifle what he carried in the Great War( and I don't mean World War I neither.) And we don't bother nobody. The ones causing the trouble would be those respectable church going, bible believing, evangelical fundamentalist Christian/Republicans who believe that Jesus was a blonde, blue-eyed Capitalist American Christian who believed exactly as they do and hated exactly the people they hate. Their only criteria for supporting a candidate is does he claim he's born again and is he against gay marriage and abortion.

Furthermore, this mindset is not confined to South Carolina. It is, obviously, nationwide. We have Niki Hayley, yeah, we unfortunately do, but Wisconsin, unfortunately, has Scott Walker.

Thank you to the one who gave me a heart.

I really appreciate it.
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