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stage left

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I don't think black people have any reason to love white people. Long(ish) story for a short question. My mother-in-law in the past few years has had to hire people to work in her home to help her take care of herself. Many of these people were black people who she went through like kleenex, talked to like curs, and treated like dirt. Now she's in a nursing home. The suprising thing is, the thing that really shocks me, is that some of the black people who worked for her ask us about how she's doing and even go to see her. !!!! Now admittedly, she also treated many white people like dirt, including me, her son, and her granddaughter. The difference is I wouldn't walk two steps to see her, I don't care how she's doing. I really don't understand how they can care at all when she was so nasty to them.
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