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stage left

stage left's Journal
stage left's Journal
August 22, 2015

It was very exciting to be there.

Especially so as it was my first ever political rally. I was kind of nervous, too, because crowds are not really my thing.

I got to the TD Convention center about 9:15 and they were already parking people in the parking lot across the street from the center and there was already a long line waiting to get into the ballroom. The doors were scheduled to open at 10 and the Senator was to begin speaking at 11:00.

Most everyone was lined up patiently with their Bernie signs and Bernie y'all buttons, talking and laughing with each other. Meanwhile I was looking for my sister and Bil who were coming from Piedmont. I'd planned to coordinate with my sister by cell phone, but, in my excitement, I'd managed to leave it at home. I though I could get there early and get a good place, but it was not to be.

While waiting for her and checking the front periodically, I checked out the crowd. There were many people my own age--sixty and over, but also a good many younger people. i have to admit we were mostly white, however there were a few people of color and many women and they all seemed as excited to be there as I was. We met a woman there from Ireland by way of Atlanta who was with her college age son. We also ran into a bouncy group of teenage girls, practicing their cheer leading moves. Not to mention the young guy from Columbia sporting a ball cap with an embroidered marijuana leaf foremost and brandishing a three sided sign lashed to an old flagpole. The sign featured a depiction of Princess Leia and said "Help us, Bernie Sanders, you're our only hope."

We got in a little after ten and we're a long way from the podium, right behind the platform where the press is set up. We have a great view of the cameramen, mostly from behind. My Bil strikes up a conversation with one of the press who asks him to say a few words on camera. My Bil turns shy and so does my sister. The reporter turns to me, "What about you?"

I say to myself what the hell. So I tell him why I'm there. What I like about Bernie. Why I prefer him to Hillary. Turns out the guy is from Al Jazeera. I'm afraid to go to the website in case he actually used the footage. Being bold is no more my thing than crowds.

The crowd is excited, waiting for Bernie. The press look glum. Symone Sanders, a member of the Campaign, speaks from the podium. She introduces a recent graduate of Furman University, a black girl, who, in turn introduces Bernie. There is a roar from the crowd and a flurry of Bernie signs. When the signs come down I can see the Senator. He tells us how much he appreciates us coming. I'm a little disappointed that his hair is so neatly combed.

As he makes each of his points, the crowd literally roars. I won't reiterate the points. I think we all know what they are. When he mentions Citizens United, the Koch brothers, our Republican "Colleagues", or the.1% the crowd groans. I was happy to see him address police violence, the militarization of the police, the privatization of prisons, and our broken criminal justice system. I was sorry there weren't more people of color there to hear him.

When it's over we rush toward the front hoping to get a clear picture of the Senator, or maybe even shake his hand. My sister comes close. If only she was a little taller.

August 17, 2015

Bernie Sanders is coming to Greenville, SC.

A rally is going to be held at the TD Exposition Center starting at 10:00 Am Friday, August 21. I'm so excited to able to go and hear the Sentaor speak. Go, Bernie!

August 17, 2015

Bernie Sanders is coming to Greenville, SC.

He'll be at the TD exposition center on August 21 beginning at 10 Am. ! My sister sent me an email forwarded to her by her son about the event. I am so excited about going. Here's the website for the event for anyone else who would like to attend. https://secure.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/rally/4jljw

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