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stage left

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Member since: Wed Oct 2, 2013, 06:45 AM
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I get so Damned tired

of Trump supporter/Republican BS. You go out to breakfast and you can't even get away from it. A guy in the booth behind us this morning was telling this stupid "Joke" about Hillary very loudly like he was the only one in the place. And as if everyone in the place must agree with his evident take on Clinton. Of course, probably most everyone else does, the white people anyway. The most galling thing is they think, because you're white, you share their screwed up mindset. I really had this strong urge to turn to him and tell him to shut the hell up. As it was I was prepared to move away from him when he and his friend drank their final sip of coffee and left. Thank God!

Then, going into the grocery store there was this fellow expounding (again loudly) on the evils of socialism and Obama. Why can't these people speak quietly? At least. Don't they know Obama isn't running? He also hasn't come for their damned guns. So now it's Hillary who's coming for them. Way to pass the torch, BHO.

I'm really hoping that Republicans are defeated so badly on November 8 that it will shut these guys up for awhile. But I doubt it will help any. Trump will win hugely in SC no doubt. More than ever I understand Pettigru's famous line about South Carolina being too small for a republic and too big for an insane asylum. Though maybe he was wrong about the insane asylum part.
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