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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,169

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this is a american foot player instrument. called the foot player used for silent movies .

what is a american foot player?

on edit: i saw my goof. i meant it to say photo player instead of a foot player.

wow.editing with analog tape. consider my head blown.

great respect.

yakety sax

amaiZing that it became the benny hill theme.

dear du members who are diabetic.

why do the drs remove limbs ? not that i have reached that stage and hope never to do, enquiring minds need input please . thanks in advance .

din for me on 8 12 23 is a steak , potato and carrot. yougurt for desert.

dang nabbit jim, im a doctor not a ,,, u insert your own retort here .

water music.

many moons aga my late aunt gave me a tape recording with this on it . the tape died instantly when i put it into the player . now i get to hear it in full as u can too.


power knocked out in tuolumne county last nite due to massive lighting storm/


my power went off @ 1700 hrs last evening and didnt come back on untill 0000 hours this am.

spot weather forecast for sonora ca . thunderstorm.

the gnomes are having a joly ole time at sat bowling league .

transparent aluminuium

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