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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,171

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lots of news in tuolumne county

1: internet and cell phone outage in calaveras and tuolumne co
internet and phone service just came back on a bit a go.
2: power outage in calaveras co.
affected mostly san andreas ca . tree on line .


3: highwy patrol in tuolumne co county crack down on unsafe driving . also maximum enforcment weekend . gasp!!! a du with draw. eek.

seen this little video a # of years ago. never have i seen so many hummers

getting along with out fighting. the hummers seem to be enjoying themselves .

having issues with nws radar site . wont function or anything else . checked on 2 browsers ,

or maybe its just me.

11 am in ga and still no trump.?

i dare you to do this . run at all ahead full, play music and music without sheet music.

this made me cry.

i just downloaded a basic list of commands for linux.

its called 12 essential commands for linux . sorrry , but i dont have the url.
a good one they forgot is killall. $ killaall your app. i have a cranky app called sea monkey , when i goto the silver apple or go command q only a certain part of the app dissapears . then i have to goto the app icon on the bar i have to force quit. i found if i goto terminal and type killall. the app behaves nicely and quits .
a little hint and kink. i have a printer that gets naughty now and then . one time it got stuck in standby for 5 hours . i remembered a trick from long a go is to pull the plug and cout to ten by thousands , then plug it back in. its like throwing a real hard switch that used to be on the sides of things . after i plugged the printer back in, it behaved .

Grand entry Oglala Nation Wacipi Pow Wow 2023 Friday Aug 4th--

tuolumne county ca and environs on flash flood watch details below.


hihowdi all.

i have a few questions to ask the group, thanks in advance .
1: the old one season series time tunnel. in one of the episodes tony got frustrated and got married , yes , no
2 : in the tv series called super car , cast dr beaker , the professer , a kid called tim and a very annoying monkey called mitch
i definatly remember where in one epi where mitch met up with a tribe of his kind and left. thank goodness .
your help appriceated
1 d all the above .
2 e some of the above
3 g i dont know or remember . good answer.
thanks have a grand day.
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