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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,169

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found this film on youtube just now .called different from the others

silent 1919

have anyone of you seen this? done by queen

was in hospital with blown gall bladder and a stone about the size of an egg.

now home . very smokey here .
thanks to all who responded with their stories and good cheer.


was at a local supermarket doing shopping and was chatting w a lady in front of me and all of the sudden out of her mouth came this " the democrats are trying to steal the election, what a bunch of sick people ". after she left i said jokeingly to the casheer,: if i am a democrat i must be pretty sick." this one cant get too upset over things as i have a a-fib heart issues . upsetting ness also aggreivates is . i just rolled my eyes .

i cant stand fear for fear's sake . i cant stand stupidity for stupidity's sake .

sure lot of both going on to day.

breaking news

i went out to take out my kitchen trash to the dumpster @ our apartment complex . ( live a hour away from yosemite national park in sonora ca) the nasty fergusen fire has been raging. I SAW BLUE SKIES AND CLOUDS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 29 DAYS yabbba dabba dooo. kudos to the fire fighters .

does anyone watch or listen to democracy now?

what is it and what is your opinion of it . ill accept pros or cons . thanks in advance.

im back

have lifted my lent silence , (however i ducked in once in a great while and did see lolcats once . palm sunday is coming up and holy week is upon us and easter is on the first of april. i heard that the 2018 budget was passed , what did we loose this time?

breaking my lenten silence just for a bit

please note . have been doing this for several years now and also giving up face bok for lent .
a while back i had declaired californias winter over , but it sure fooled me . i wont eat my hat , ugh. nor will i eat crow . (too hard to catch, and cook) so i say " let the games begin" c u on the other side

i will be giving up du for lent . cu on the other side .

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