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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,169

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are there any ham radio operators and cbers on here without revealing your call sign or signal.

thanks . and to add codeless tech.

hihowdi. am looking for a article that included a study about mass murderers

bueng right wingers ? any help appreceated . the story got archived quickly yesterday. thanks in advance .

i understand that via youtube that there is a eruption in iceland going on right now.

tonites din.

homemade chili my healthcare worker shared with me .
3 lbs hamburger ,browned .
one can of pinto beans drained , large .
diced tomatos . drained , large .
one small can denisiens hot chili. want to see if i clear the tower.
1: tsp cumen,chili powder , thyme.
simmer till done .
also one soup bowl of frozen mixed veggies .
saves me another bowl. mmm.

im running sea monkey browser and have been having lots of issues with it crashin

and the viewing area of the browser collapsin. i am running it on a macbook air laptop with a 13 inch screen. early 2014. ( so the computer is fairly young.) im running seamonky version 2.53.6. is there a newer seamonkey version or is this it? i keep getting your browser is partialy supported or oh no it looks like you are running a older version of your brwoser . when the browser viewing area collapses it collapses into the icon and sometimes i use a hard restart when the beachball of death appers or i can just hit the shutdown button and restart that way. any help a ppreciated . silly answers included . thanks in advance .

had first maderna shot today @ 0930.

so far, no side effects . we shall see to mrrow.

i get my first shot to mrrow morning @ 0930

my county just went back into red . yay.

we were in purple for the longest time and 2 of our key numbers have been holding for a few weeks .

special beach monterey bay.

this is some drone footage that a friend of mine took. the gentleman driving the drone is a licensed drone captain under federal avation administration part 107 for drones ( if the drone is more tha 225 grams ( 55 pounds or to be used in any aspect of a businness, you need a license )

i just finished watching star trek discovery , season one .disc one . wow.wow.

anyone else watching it? that is all.
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