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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,171

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this song ending of space cowboys .

who knew.

record store day.

official site .

cool train layout in a table . if some of u are heavy duty science fiction fans . you may realize

what is going on here . the whole thing is a pun . if evrything is ready on the dark side of the moon, play the five tones .


how often do u change them out of your lancet poker?


i had a nice dining experiance at a local eatery called the habit .

we went in to eat and i needed to use the restroom badly and they also let me do that . in the meantime all of their computer systems were down no ordering ,etc, but, they took our order as they know us quite well. us meaning myself and my healthcare worker . i am in process of planning a thankyou card to them as we were the only coustomers served at that time . i hope they were able to get i,t to get the systems back up and running. if it were my store id have old and new in place so that this wouldnt happen . wonder how much money they lost whilst down.

what does it mean by relocated items . every so often i find a folder with that title on desktop

thanks .

hhappy easter du.


sonora ca recived 1/2 inch of rain last nite and up to noon. mor coming on monday and tuesday.

shuffle off to buffalo

@ 1236 hours . snoora ca has rain.

sky :100 % cloudy.
temps :52 degrees f
winds : unk
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