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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,169

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dinner is baked potato and steak w yogurt.

100 degrees f in sonora @ 0305 p.,w humidity. ewwwwww , rickey!!!!!!

toe tapping time

self described militias

got it into yet again on what is and is not a militia.. a" militia was sen handing out foood to survivors of the oak fire in california . chpd was made aware of the activity. there is a post on here about that , digressin, we all know what a well regulated militias are, THE NATIONAL GAURD with control of the state governor. the self appointed ones who think they are arnt

oppsies . i made a mistook. i put a earlier post that should have been in weather watchers

and not here . admins , sorry for any inconvenince .

have you seen the smoke from the oak fire via airnow .org

sonora ca is in the yellow zone .


to zoom in and out , use shift/ mouse wheel up or down. a bit clunky. for those with breathing problems or heart problems please wear a particle mask.

lets go marching. life on the ocean waves .

cme is here .

cme happened a few days ago on the sun and some places may get northern light activity

greening of detroit.

edit : webpage of farm mentioned in film

chicken noodle soup w veggies and yougurt for din.

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