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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,171

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im sick and tired of hearing about her emails and hunter bidens laptop.

arrrrrgggggghhhhh .

diamonds are for ever . james bond theme .

kukla , fran and ollie . childhood memories .

wii ballance board pairing w console

have had this wii console and not the wii u for years as part of my fitness training . i use wii fit ballance games with a wii board . isssue : we had a unanounced power outage took me almost a week to pair the wiimote . had to walk away from it for a while . issue : wii board wont pair even looked on the internet. no satisfaction on getting it reset, may have to threaten to throw it into a lake . friend of mine was lab tec at a local college and used that as a stress reducer . any idears welcome . steve wozniac once said , dont trust a computer that u cant throw out the window. thanks

live long and prosper mr spock

Salute to Leonard Nimoy, Raleigh 2015 Wizard World Comic Con

canals of england.

i have been following the resto of several canals including this one called the cotswold canals trust , they are now talking about linking this canal to the national canal network.

its groaner time !!!!!

I have a disease where I canít stop telling airport jokes.

My doctor says itís terminal.

I've got a Gal in Kalamazoo

are there any women model railroders at all or is it just men?

rich people and their bought and paid for politicians . isnt there a limit on dark money?

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