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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,171

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even though mr biden ended the covid emergency yesterday, i am still going

to wear mask in doors , other than my home or in large crowds . are u?

horse zoomies

went to firefox browser and did a blind test .

went to 3 search engines.
1: google
2: duckduckgo
3 : bing

the object of the test was to see which search engine would load democratic underground .
google and duckduckgo would not load du.
bing would . so if and when sea monkey totaly gives up the ghost i will use ff and bing to load du.

star wars bloopers.

that's what friends are for( jungle book)

my independant mac browser called seamonkey is nearing its end .

been getting little updates and still getting browser not supported .(whatever happened to the all browser intiative ?) ive tried others like flock , etc and they have gone by the wayside. do use firefox now and then but ff and google wont show du at all. wont do chrome as chrome is a memory hog and stomps on the os and other apps . steals memory. did try opera , but another m$ hack. any idears appriceated . thanks .

dog zoomies.

if i am old enough and survive long enough, when trump dies , i will be doing

my victory dance.

what is this fuss over m&ms during football games ? i dont get it.

mayby i shouldnt.

ive been watching this documentry service on youtube called

lost trades . the main language is spanish.
here is a little trick that i learned . in youtbe ,
goto the gear icon ( settings) . then goto the subtitle settings and select autodetect . choose english.

i gave them a sub. this documentary is on old style rope making.
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