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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 13,169

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@ sonora ca the current outside temp is 103 degrees f.

ewww rikey !!!!!!!. i am indoors w ac on. going to shut down and take a siesta.
sky : 100 % clear
visibility 10 miles

poor urban planning , vs good urban planning with ppl and bicycles in mind .

id make that space into a huge park. what would u do?

a friend of mine no longer calls the us suprime court by that title .

she calls them a bunch of idiots
on edit: spelt to say supreme. lol . and they are still a bunch of idiots .

message from gov newsome.

hi du.

went to pick up meds . the credit card machine wouldnt take my card . swiped 3 times . a nice gentleman paid for my meds . went to bank and found my card had been comprimesed and not my account. an outfit from florida had snagged me for $46.00 round numbers a nice gentlman stepped up and paid for my meds . act of random kindess and i showed gratitude torwards the person. it can happen here .

aint got no home , ballad of old man trump

sonora long range forecast.

101 degrees f by friday. ewww rickey!!!!! . dang nabbit jim, supposed to be hot on the fourth. umbriago, my pooor body. its summ sum summ summ summer time .:sun:

help. i remember reading a story from a while back which

said that there was a general strike of sorts in the lbgtq community. was accross all industries and lasted one day but made quite an impact on us biz. am i dreaming or did this acctually happen.? thanks. all answers accepted including humurous and snarky ones .

hey fellow du utubers. a few questions if i may.

what is with:
1: these mixes ?
2: what is with these premires and live chat?
3 i cant stand shorts .
thanks .

re up date on tuolumne ca, first brush fire of the season,,,,

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