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Profile Information

Name: Melissa
Gender: Female
Hometown: Tucson/AZ
Member since: Sun Apr 16, 2017, 01:26 PM
Number of posts: 15,930

Journal Archives

Sweetness of children. Warning you might tear up.


Looking like Putin wrote a check his army can't cover.

I hope China doesnít quietly try to bail him out.

Can we do better to help a fellow DUer?


Iím reposting this go fund me from a couple of days ago on behalf of a fellow DUer. Letís reunite Alex with his wife he hasnít seen in 2 years! After donating a couple days ago, I havenít been able to get him and his wife out of my mind. If you arenít in a spot to kick in you can still help by sharing the gofundme link on Facebook and Twitter!

Thanks! MLAA


Or go straight to the GOFUNDME page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/reuniting-with-my-family-after-2yr-due-to-covid19?utm_campaign=p_lico+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer

UK sanction loophole of 30 day 'wind down period'

Note: Another DUer posted about this earlier today, but donít think it got enough notice. Thank you to that poster. I will try and find their post and the edit this post

UPDATE: I couldnít figure out how to search DU to try and find the original post on this topic.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last Thursday that the state-owned VTB Bank, which is the second-largest Russian bank and its largest investment bank, was the subject of a ďfull and immediateĒ asset freeze in the UK as part of the Governmentís attempts to help derail Vladimir Putinís invasion of Ukraine by targeting key finance houses.

But the following day the Treasury unit in charge of enforcing the UKís sanctions quietly issued a 30-day licence granting permission for any individual or entity to ďwind down any transactionsĒ with VTB until 27 March.


Our flag arrived today!


Thank you, thank you for sharing your hearts with me

DU is a big part of my day. I learn from you, I laugh with you and sometimes cry with you.

Thank you for the hearts ♥️

Thank you! 😻😍🥰😘

Thank you to everyone for the hearts. They really touched my ❤️.

Thank you, thank you.

The ❤️ a kind DUer gave me truly brought me joy!

US Strike kills leader of ISIS

Wait for repugs to complain about this


Social Media did the job.

Anti-Semitic Shit (Ass) identified and arrested.

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